Chaotic Nights – Chapter 8

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Mr. Song waited outside for Eun Ha to come out, but once the guards closed and locked the gates, he gave up.

He was aware Eun Ha was thinking about making more money these days, but he never thought that something like this could happen.

‘Turn her into a courtesan?’

He felt disgusted by Shim Dok for wanting to force a kid, who clearly hates the courtesan profession, to become one.

Mr. Song wandered around his shop, thinking about what he should do. Then he suddenly remembered Eun Ha’s instructions to deliver a message to the Lord, informing him that she would try to escape as soon as possible.

A commoner asking a noble for a favor was something that wasn’t allowed.

Although it wasn’t her fault, she had broken the promise. In this situation, asking for consideration from the other party was ridiculous. There was no way that an intelligent kid Eun Ha didn’t know that.

Just in case, Song decided to deliver the message. If things didn’t work out, he might also be affected by it.

Then there was only one possible solution.

Those who saw him running while struggling to breathe, made fun of him. But he didn’t have time for that. Although he was out of breath and his legs hurt, Song just kept running towards Seo Ji Hak’s house.


* * * * * * *


“I really wasn’t trying to see Young Master Yoon! Why are you doing this to me?!”

It had been many hours since she was locked inside her room. Eun Ha kept banging the door while shouting, but there was no answer from the other side.

It wouldn’t feel so suffocating if there was any kind of response from the guards. Not only that, she had been locked in a room with lax security. It was as if Shim Dok was daring her to escape.

The moment Eun Ha escaped, that woman would probably hurt her sister. The owner of the courtesan house was that type of woman.

“Please listen to me! If I don’t go out now, things will get really bad! A very scary person is waiting for me!”

Eun Ha tried banging the door or hitting the wall with her head, but it was useless. The two shadows on the other side of the door did not move at all.

She sat down on the floor in confusion. She was having a hard time understanding Shim Dok’s actions. It wasn’t like she was going to become a courtesan.

Eun Ha laid on the floor and sighed while gazing up at the ceiling.

She was terrified of the Lord becoming angry and taking her life. Also, why is it that her neck was hurting so much?

She closed her eyes, hoping the time would pass quickly.

“Eun Ha? Are you there?”

She could hear Chun Hee’s voice coming from outside the door.

“The Owner has sent me. Open the door.”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Yes. I’m Chun Hee, her personal servant. If you have any doubts, go ask her directly.”

The guards looked at each other and then decided to open the door. Eun Ha blinked at the harshness of the light coming in from the other side of the door.

People were probably getting ready for that night’s work.

Chun He approached Eun Ha and slapped her on the back.

“Why were you trying to escape?”

“I wasn’t! I’d never escape and leave my sister behind.”

“Then why are all your things packed? You packed up everything the moment people began talking about making you a courtesan. It was obvious how she would react!”

“Huh? What? Making me a courtesan?”

“Didn’t you hear? The owner was doing her best to convince Young…”

“I’m sure she rejected such a ridiculous offer! Why would she even say yes to such a thing?”

Chun Hee quickly covered Eun Ha’s mouth before glancing outside, and then shook her head. Seeing how she wanted Eun Ha to lower her voice, it was obvious that the house owner hadn’t sent her.

“Eun Ha, prepare yourself for the worst. She has finished all the preparations to make you a courtesan.”

“I don’t even know the etiquette, and I have no intention of living a life of selling fake smiles!”

“I know, but think about it. How many of the girls here actually wanted to become a courtesan? No girl dreams of becoming a flower.”

When she saw Eun Ha was close to crying, Chun Hee grabbed her hand and tried to comfort her.

“First, they humiliate you in front of the nobles. Then, she lets the servants harass you. A low life will try to lift your skirt and touch you. Do you think the girls working here enjoy being treated this way? Every night before they go to bed, I’m sure there’s more than a few who want to bite their tongue and not wake up ever again. But they wake up the next morning to endure the same things over and over again. That’s the life of a courtesan. And the one that allows it to be so horrible is the house’s owner.”

Eun Ha’s face turned pale. Chun Hee was afraid Young would get hurt due to Eun Ha’s rebellious nature.

Eun Ha was the reason why Young had gotten sick in the first place. Also, if she had been a bit more mature, she would have never allowed Young Master Yoon to follow her around.

However, Eun Ha only thought of him as an older brother. That’s why they were always so close.

Nevertheless, Chun Hee knew that it had been only a matter of time before Shim Deok eventually exploded.

“I don’t want to… I really don’t…”

“If you really don’t want to, then you shouldn’t. But be prepared for the worst. She’s willing to do whatever is necessary to make you a courtesan.”

Eun Ha was visibly trembling as she closed her eyes. Although she was shaking, she still hadn’t given up hope.

Seeing this change in demenor, Chun Hee knew it was useless to continue trying to talk to Eun Ha as it only served to make her angrier than before.

When Chun Hee finally left Eun Ha’s room, something seemed off in the courtesan house, but she didn’t see anything strange. Just as always, there were men dressed in silk robes crossing the gate of the courtesan house with the courtesans running towards them while trying to look cute.

Chun Hee tilted her head and was about to walk toward Shim Deok’s room when Seo Hee, one of Young’s servants, came running towards her from a distance and grabbed her sleeves.

“S… Sister! She isn’t here. An important client came, and she went out to personally greet him.”

“What? She went out to personally greet him?”

‘Did the minister come to pay a visit?’

If he had come here, it would explain the current weird atmosphere. It wouldn’t even be necessary to ask which room was picked. She had probably taken him to the biggest and most luxurious one.

Although she supported Shim Dok, Chun Hee began feeling uneasy. Shim Dok was probably going to get mad at her for going out without saying a word.

Chun Hee left Seo Hee behind and walked toward the secret room, which was located in the deepest part of the courtesan house. From a distance, she could see the servants taking food and drinks there.

“Is the house owner here?” Chun Hee asked the servants serving the food and drinks.

The oldest of the house servants pointed at the room with her chin.

“An incredibly important person came. He seems to be blind. He came here accompanied by a knight and appears to be someone of higher status than the minister. Therefore, you need to be careful, Chun Hee. Understood?”

‘Someone blind and accompanied by a knight?’

“Is he someone young?”

“Very young. It’s also my first time seeing someone so pretty.”


“Yes. He’s way prettier than the average courtesan here.”

With a nervous expression on her face, she accompanied the people delivering the food and drinks.

Beyond the half-moon-shaped door, she saw Shim Dok sitting down with her face looking down. On the other side, there was a man sitting and smoking.

The moment the man looked at her with his eyes half-closed, she felt fear. She instinctively knew that she shouldn’t look him directly in the eyes and bowed immediately.

He was smiling. Was it because he saw Chun Hee bowing?

“There’s a courtesan here called Young, right?” The man asked with a low and grave voice. Shim Dok bit her lips.

“My Lord, I’m sorry, but Young is currently sick, and will be unable to attend you…”

“No, I’m not looking for her. The one I want is her little sister. She’s called Eun Ha, right?”

“Yes? How do you know Eun Ha?”

The man’s gaze was directed at the edge of the table as he took a sip of the alcohol offered by the knight.

“I don’t need to explain myself to you. Just bring her to me.”

The man’s neck moved up and down as he swallowed. Even the way he drank alcohol had dignity.

“My Lord, that kid hasn’t debuted yet. She still hasn’t put her hair up. But once she debuts, I will give you a call.”

She had seen many people who had fallen in love with Eun Ha at first sight. Every single one of them offered themselves to put her hair up.

‘Is this client also an admirer? But how could a blind person know about her?’

Chun Hee felt like something odd was going on. She glanced at Shim Dok and watched her fists turn pale.

“If she hadn’t put her hair up, I’ll do it myself.”

“My Lord…”

The man set his cup down, which caused the alcohol to overflow and wet his hand. Shim Dok reached over in an attempt to clean it up.

“Yul Jae.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Cut this woman’s tongue. She’s making me repeat myself.”

Shim Dok’s face became pale. The knight stood before her and drew his sword. If she made the wrong move, he would cut her tongue. 

“I… I’m sorry, my Lord. I’ll bring her right away. P… Please forgive me. I have sinned… Chun Hee! Bring her immediately!” She screamed in desperation.

Chun Hee got up and ran away from the room.

After seeing that, instead of a cup of alcohol, he picked up the cigarette. An intense smoke filled the room.

“Soon, the alcohol will taste sweeter.”



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