Chaotic Nights – Chapter 9

The door burst open.

Four servants entered the room and grabbed Eun Ha, who was sitting down while trying to calm herself.

“W… What’s wrong? Why are you doing this?”

“First of all, let’s go!”

“Um… Excuse me?!”

“Someone’s looking for you. We’ve received an order to bring you! So, there’s nothing we can do!”

“Why would a client look for me? I’m not a courtesan!”

“Ask that to them directly. We don’t know anything!”

The servants on duty were quite strong. Not only that, but the front door guards had joined the group to help forcefully drag Eun Ha away.

Eun Ha was very paranoid because of what Chun Hee had just told her. This is why she struggled and screamed, but a normal woman couldn’t go against six people.

They threw Eun Ha into a tub of hot water and poured water on top of her head. Due to the water entering her eyes, nose, and mouth, she couldn’t get a grasp of herself. All her clothes and undergarments had been torn off.

“Why are you doing this to me… Why is everyone doing this to me?!”

“If we don’t take you, they will kill us. So please, just go. Do it for your sister… Please, listen to us,” Chun Hee tearfully pleaded. She had her sleeves rolled up and was rubbing Eun Ha’s back.

After seeing Chun Hee’s tears, Eun Ha began to feel troubled. Just what kind of person was searching for her?

Chun Hee brushed Eun Ha’s black wet hair and then used oil to replace the previous dirty scent.

Eun Ha wore the skirt that Chun Hee brought her. The fabric was a pure white shade with a camellia embroidered into it. The coat they made her wear was as transparent as the wings of a dragonfly.

Eun Ha didn’t have any strength left in her body and couldn’t escape even if she wanted to. Chun Hee tried to show Eun Ha her appearance in the mirror, but she struck it instead, breaking it into many pieces.

The sound of the expensive mirror breaking brought everyone back to their senses.

“Tell me. Who’s the client? How do they know about me? Please, speak.”

Trembling in fear, Chun Hee swallowed hard and finally opened her mouth.

“It’s a blind man. T… That person ordered his knight to cut Shim Dok’s tongue. After hearing a commotion, two guards entered the room, only to have their heads cut off. That is the person calling for you. He will have us killed if we don’t take you there.”

‘A client that’s unable to see?’

Suddenly, Eun Ha came to her senses and gave Chun Hee a blank stare. Then she asked her, “Was it really a blind client?”

“Yes. So, let’s go, he’s currently waiting for you.”

There were many things she wanted to ask, but she was scared of things getting worse if they took any longer.

Eun Ha walked through the courtesan house, her hands fisted in her skirt. The clients that caught a glimpse of Eun Ha as she walked accompanied by Chun Hee went crazy. They were pointing at her while shouting, “Bring her to me!”

When she entered the building, the scent of blood suffocated her. Eun Ha and Chun Hee could see blood seeping through the bottom of the secret room door.

‘This is wrong… Even if he’s a person of high social standing, one shouldn’t recklessly take the lives of others. What happened? Why did he do this?’

“I… I brought Eun Ha!” Chun Hee said while kneeling on the floor.

“C… Come in,” Shim Dok answered with a trembling voice.

Both Eun Ha and Chun Hee felt a sense of relief after hearing her voice. It seemed like she still had her tongue.

Eun Ha opened the door in place of Chun Hee. Her body stiffened after catching sight of the horrific scene.

Shim Deok, with a pale expression, made a gesture with her hands. Eun Ha walked toward the man drinking alcohol. The man, dressed in a blue silk coat, put the cup down and raised his head.

The moment Eun Ha caught a glimpse of his black eyes, she froze in place.


It was the same voice she had heard yesterday.

With each step, the hem of the white skirt was slowly dyed a red color.


‘Is he doing this on purpose?’

Since he’s blind, there’s no way he could see how she’s dressed. He probably differentiated people by their tone of voice or smell.

Sim Dok looked at her as if she was seeing a ghost. When she was only one step away, she kneeled.

“If I get any closer, my knees will touch yours.”

The man laughed out loud.

“If our knees touch, then our lips would touch as well. And our stomachs would meet… What a shame. I also came here to put your hair up.”

He touched Eun Ha’s chin with his rough hands, lifting it so their eyes would meet. His cheek and nose brushed against her face.

He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent.

Then he brushed his thumb against her lips.

Eun Ha let the man touch her face. He touched her wet eyes, her eyebrows, which curved like a crescent moon, and her round forehead. Once his hands reached the back of her head, he finally opened his eyes.

“You’re definitely my Eun Ha.”

Even though he was speaking softly, he wasn’t smiling.

“I heard a strange rumor.”

“What rumor?”

“That someone was trying to hurt you. That they grabbed and locked you up, preventing you from coming to me.”

“I… I couldn’t go out because there was a misunderstanding… I was planning to come and see you tomorrow.”

“Really? But you told me that you planned to make this kid a courtesan, right?”

Ji Hak touched Eun Ha’s cheeks, who, despite being afraid, met his gaze.

“Y… Yes… I was planning to do that, “Shim Dok answered with a trembling voice.

“So you did, hmm? I promised this kid 4000 tael coins, so you will need to pay her at least the double. But that’s impossible for you, so…”

“F… Four thousand coins?”

“I think that it’s a fair price for her.”

Ji Hak looked at Eun Ha, who was trying her best to endure the humiliation.

She had straight shoulders and an unusually thin neck. It looked so fragile that he would be able to break it with just one hand.

“Yul Jae, come here.”

At Ji Hak’s orders Yul Jae, drenched in blood, approached him, kneeled, and bowed his head.

“Yes, my lord.”

“Check this girl’s face. Take note of any scratches on her face or bruises on her body. Remember her current state. And tomorrow, when she gets to my home, compare it with how she was today.”

Her eyes meet with Yul Jae’s. He looked like a demon covered in blood. However, she was more fearful of the lord, who didn’t have a single drop of blood on his clothes.

Yul Jae looked at Eun Ha carefully. And then turned his head around to Ji Hak.

“I’m done, my lord.”

“Good… Then, let’s get up. I thought the alcohol would taste sweet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Yul Jae helped Ji Hak stand up. Eun Ha immediately noticed his height as it was her first time seeing him standing up. There was more pressure coming from him than when he was seated.

“Eun Ha, tell this to the woman there. If she dares touch either your face or body, the flowers in this place will never blossom again.”

“Y… Yes, my lord.”

Ji Hak seemed satisfied with the answer. He extended the hand he was using to grab a stick. Yul Jae handed it to him and began walking.

That’s when she realized that he was indeed blind. Eun Ha watched as the guards outside saluted Ji Hak. She turned back around and saw Shim Dok sigh in relief.

She stared at the bodies of the guards that had lost their lives. Then she stood up, her body trembling.

Shim Dok looked at the ceiling and burst into laughter.

Eun Ha was glaring at Shin Dok when she was suddenly slapped.

The loud sound echoed in the room and her mouth began to bleed.

Eun Ha was so stunned that her mind went blank.

‘Was it because she just got slapped?’ 

Shim Dok got close to her face. Eun Ha could see the rage and anger boiling in her eyes.

“Rat me out if you dare. What a shameless girl… How dare you play with Young Master Yoon’s feelings…”


* * * * * * *


Shi Hoon suddenly closed the book he was reading.

A close associate had brought him surprising news. 

‘A bloody wind had blown inside the courtesan house. Two bodies were quietly taken out through the back door.’

His associate also described how people were having a hard time cleaning up all the blood.

“Get ready. I need to go see how my mother is doing.”

Shi Hoon hurriedly put on his coat and hat.

“Hurry up! I need to go see her, so get ready!” He shouted at his servant.

“Young Master… Your excellency is coming here soon. So, if you go to the courtesan house so late at night…”

“He’s coming here?”

His assistant, Mr. Kim, looked outside with a troubled look on his face. He had many things to prepare before his excellency arrived.

Shi Hoon told Mr. Kim that he could go out and do what he needed to do.

But he still took off his hat and sat on the floor. Even if his mind was already at the courtesan’s house, he had to stay here.

‘Is Eun Ha okay? A bloody wind has blown in? Just what happened…?’

No. Eun Ha isn’t a courtesan, so she wouldn’t be affected no matter what has happened inside.

Shi Hun went down to great his excellency while struggling to suppress his anxiety.

Then, the main door opened and the minister of defense entered, accompanied by his servants.

“Your excellency, have you been well?” Shi Hoon asked while bowing.

The minister approached him laughing, and patted him on his shoulders. After helping him stand upright, the minister hugged him.

“Yes. Shi Hoon, I’m happy to see you also seem to be doing well.”


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