Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 2

Some time later Nabel exited the bathroom. He didn’t appear to be unfamiliar with the habit of washing as one would have expected of someone raised as a slave.


‘I could have sworn his hair was blonde before…” Ronée thought as she watched Nabel emerge from the bathroom. After bathing, his hair was ebony black, and now there was a strange necklace glittering around his neck that she hadn’t noticed before.

The reason Ronée could now see the necklace was because Nabel’s clothing was too big for his size. He was wearing a new bathrobe, one that Ryne usually prepared for her to wear.

“Nabel…” Ronée murmured to herself as she recalled his name.

After bathing, Nabel’s appearance was properly revealed. Without the dust or blood, he looked more like a child of nobility, not a slave.

Disregarding the wounds on his wrists and neck, his skin was pale and unblemished, as if he had been raised noble, without any discomfort or hardships.


Nabel was observing her quietly, he must have heard her murmuring his voice.

“My name is Ronée de Rieda.”

The cursed seventeen-year-old daughter of Count Rieda. A person anticipating the words of the temple’s Oracle. More precisely, a person who is waiting for the judgement that would determine the outcome of her life.

She had been reported to the temple by her stepmother as a person unaffected by divine magic, that she was someone who refused the touch of the gods. And she would one day receive an answer from the temple for her crime of forsaking the gods. What a unique being she was to be without magic.

“de Rieda…” Nabel murmured. It was a noble surname. He seemed to understand that even though he was young.

“…It’s a meaningless name. You saw it outside before.”

Ronée pointed towards the door. She was referring to the abuse she received from her parents earlier. Nabel glanced at the door and looked back at her again.


His silence made him seem less like a child. Ronée understood why as she is also a person who tried to not act childish. Her parents would never tolerate her pleading and crying like a child. She had to grow up quickly, living in this house, while waiting for the temple’s disposal of her.

“How old are you?”

“I am twelve years old this year,” Nabel answered.

‘Is this how kids his age behave?’ Ronée wondered as she tilted her head.

“I’m seventeen years old.” Of course, a seventeen year old wouldn’t be like her. The eyes of the two, who were not as old as they seemed, met.

“A five-year difference. You would be my older sister.” Ryne, who had been standing next to the two, was alarmed by Nabel’s words.

“Hey, you can’t call her that!” She immediately covered Nabel’s mouth and continued speaking at a rapid-fire speed.

“I’m glad you’re a merciful lady. How dare a slave call a noble- “

“It’s okay Ryne,” Ronée interrupted Ryne.

After all, everyone knew she was the daughter of Count Rieda in name only. Even the aristocrats of high society, who wont even recognise her in person, knew it.


Nabel looked up at her with confused eyes.

“Aren’t you going to ask me anything?” he asked stiffly. Ronée tilted her head slightly.


“How I became a slave.”

At Nabel’s words, Ronée shook her head. She already knew without having to ask. His parents must have been slaves. He couldn’t have committed a crime at such a young age.

“There’s no need to ask about such a painful past.” His life would not have been happy. Nabel’s eyes widened slightly at her words.

“Then, do you believe me?” he asked softly.

Before Ronée could reply, Nabel continued.

“What the slave trader said is true. I attacked people. The people who tried to buy me.”

‘Still, do you trust me? Why do you trust in me and allow me into your sanctuary?’ They were questions that he asked not with his lips but his eyes.

Ronée sanctuary. In this spacious mansion, her sanctuary was only this shabby room. A room where the door wasn’t oiled and made a squeaky noise. Even here, if something dangerous was bought in, her only sanctuary would disappear.

Even though it was Nabel’s first time here, he knew this right away. It was not because he was good-natured, but because he was accustomed to being surrounded by enemies.


Nabel looked up at Ronne silently. A person who gave kindness casually without seeking anything from it. He didn’t know if it was because she was young or for some other reason, but she seemed innocent. It was just pure kindness. It was wonderful and strange. Nabel had never met anyone like her.

“I’m a dangerous person, sister,” he was in a low voice, like the growl of a small beast.

Ronée was suddenly reminded of Nabel’s gaze when he saw her being treated roughly by the knight earlier. Just like then, he seemed like a wary young, wounded beast hiding its wounds, his bristling fur serving as a warning to those who dare come near.

“Dangerous people never warn you about how dangerous they are.”

The reason Ronée knew this was because there were real dangerous people residing in the mansion. Her stepmother, the Countess, who approached her with a smile, became hostile as soon as she learned Ronée was immune to her divine magic. That was when she was only six years old.

” Ronée-!” A cracked voice, like a banshee screeching, resounded through the hallway.

Frowning, Ronée looked back at the door. It was her stepmother calling.




Ronée could not ignore the Countess’s orders, If she didn’t appear when summoned, the knights would be mobilized to drag her out. Ronée knew why the Countess was calling for her. It was always the same reason.

What was different from usual was that Nabel followed behind Ronée this time. Even when she told him not to come, he stubbornly refused.

On her way to the Countess, Nabel handed her a handkerchief. It was a handkerchief from her room. No, looking back, it was like he was handing her his hand wrapped in a handkerchief. It was then that Ronée realized her hands were shaking.

“······Thank you,” Ronée said softly.

She always tried to never let it show, but she was afraid. Her stepmother, who was capable of anything, was a person who had the ability to hurt her. It was natural to be terrified. But strangely, today she was less afraid.

She wondered if it was because Nabel was holding her hand as he walked behind her, or because she wasn’t alone this time. Even though she knew nothing would change.

“Again! Because of you again!”

Even before reaching the Countess’ room, they could hear her loud, hysterical voice. Somewhere within the room three bracelets swayed side by side on the countess’ sleeve. It was a sign that she was a mage of the third rank.

The third steps of nine steps to the gods. It was a relatively low position, but it was certain that she was a mage. A person who borrows the power of God for their own usage.  Mages were absolute believers in the gods.

“You wicked thing! Whenever I talk to you I can’t reach the gods!”

In other words, it meant her magic wasn’t working. Her voice echoed through the hallway, causing all the nearby servants to pop out of every nook and cranny of the hallway to listen. The servants whispered.

“It started again.”

“I know, and with that cursed body, why did she even come close to the madam…”

They directed all the blame at Ronée. Nabel gazed directly at the gossiping servant and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Who is that boy?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you know?”

“I don’t know either.”

The servants were gossiping about Nabel and Ronée and didn’t care whether they heard it or not. Ronée’s steps quickened.

“Don’t come any closer!” the Countess suddenly screamed loudly from afar.

Ronée, who inadvertently raised her gaze, flinched. The magic circle the Countess had created was glowing. She had said her magic wasn’t working, but it seemed to have just recovered.


 A fireball full of flames suddenly flew at Ronée. Shocked, Ronée quickly wrapped her body around Nabel. Nabel, nestled in her arms, widened his eyes.


A ball of fire hit Ronée’s body. The scorching hot air was very real. Ronée closed her eyes tightly and endured the heat.

‘This won’t last long, this moment will be over shortly.’

The handkerchief between their hands fell to the floor. The moment their hands touched; a very hot white light flowed out. It was only visible to Nabel’s eyes, of course, Ronée didn’t see it. With her eyes tightly closed, Ronée’s body was visibly trembling as she held Nabel in her arms.


Surprised, Nabel tried to escape her arms. But Ronée didn’t let him go. The fire gradually spread around them. 


The servants of the House of Rieda, who were familiar with this sort of situation, brought buckets of water and poured them on and around the two people.

Only after Ronée’s dark pink hair became drenched in cold water did she open her eyes. As she began to shiver from cold, she let go of Nabel. She knew that the servants would pour water on her. 


Even though the fire was extinguished, the bucket of water baptism did not stop. It was as if they were trying to wash something dirty. Ryne, who had been dragged away by the knights, ran towards the two. 

“Are you okay?” Ronée asked. That was what Nabel wanted to ask. Ronée the one who got hit by magic. He looked her over, other than being soaked and cold, Ronée seemed fine. 

“Magic doesn’t work on me.” 

Ronée laughed as the water dripped down on her chin. Nabel looked at her eyes. Even though her eyes were not red, the water flowing down her cheeks were like tears. 

“Now you look clean.” 

The countess’s cheerful voice rang through the hallway. It almost sounded like she was laughing. 

“I mean… let’s go. I’ll have something sweet to eat in the garden.”

“Yes ma’am.” 

The maids, who removed the bucket of water, followed the Countess. They all glanced at Ronée once and then left.

‘Humiliation is temporary,’ Nabel thought of what Ronée said when she saved him. 

Those words were meant for Nabel, but it must have been meant for herself as well.

‘Humiliation is temporary.’ Nabel didn’t think he would ever be able to forget Ronée’s drenched face.


“Nabel’s gaze fell on Ronée’s dark shadow and his eyes suddenly widen. He could see something hiding in Ronée’s shadow.

Pointed ears and soft tail. The tail even looked fluffy. 

‘A fox…?’ 

The moment Nabel thought so, Ronée’s shadow fade away.

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