Judith was a war orphan from a defeated country, who concealed her identity and fled to the neutral Federal State of Baja. 

She has an anonymous sponsor, who does not know her name, age, or appearance. 

One summer day, five years after sending one of her monthly letters of gratitude to her anonymous sponsor, she received a reply from him.

“Miss Judith, how about spending this summer at the Curtis mansion in Waltz?”

She arrived in Waltz, the capital of Baja, with a heart full of happiness, after receiving the first ever reply from her sponsor. 

For a moment, she marveled at the skyscrapers and the assortment of newspapers found in the metropolitan city, things she had never seen before.

“Don’t trust your supporter too much, exiled girl.”

As soon as she steps off the train, she gets entangled with a notorious gangster.

“I didn’t know there would be a guest, that’s also a lady.”

At the mansion of her sponsor, which she had finally arrived at, there was a suspicious person occupying the house instead of the sponsor.

“I don’t share what comes into my hands with others.” The real owner of the mansion returns after a short time.

In the hot midsummer, a strange atmosphere spreads around her and the three men.  

Questions begin to gradually multiply.

“Have you ever found it strange? About the things you erased from your memory?”

A nobleman from a foreign country, a successful businessman in the military business, and the boss of a second-rate gang. 

Of the three men, who each have secrets, who is her true sponsor?

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