Eaten By the Tyrant I Raise – Chapter 22



Nabel responded as if he didn’t know why she was calling his name. Ronée couldn’t hold his gaze and turned her head to the side.

Nabel grabbed her chin again and turned her head so he could gaze into her eyes. It wasn’t a violent touch. It was a gentle gesture that was close to invitation.

“You don’t need to be so shy.”

His hand, which had been stroking her chest, suddenly slid underneath her thin chemise.

His fingertips lightly caressed her wet folds.

Ronée inhaled sharply as Nabel kissed her lips lightly.

“You’re so lovely.”

His fingers slipped between her folds and touched her entrance.

Sweeping the flowing liquid upward, he slowly teased her clit.

As the strong sensation swept through her body, she raised her hips toward his exploring fingers. Her head was spinning from the intense pleasure.

Nabel’s hand was wet from her juices.

“You’re very wet.”

Ronée heard a hint of mischief in his voice.

“I can’t leave these on you now.”

The blankets covering the two shifted as he pulled down Ronée’s underwear. She flinched as the cold air suddenly hit below.

Her bottom now rested against the bedsheet. The feeling of the dry fabric getting damp was very noticeable.  Startled, she grabbed Nabel’s arm.


“Yes, say my name just like that.”

With a small smile, Nabel lowered his head to her body. His lips slid down from her chest.

Ronée flinched at the soft touch, which contrasted drastically with the cool air against her naked skin.

Nabel pushed his knee between her legs.


The feeling of the fabric brushing against her was strange. His pants leg was growing damp from her wetness. Nabel didn’t seem to care at all and rubbed his knee against her core.

When the fabric grazed her clit, Ronée inhaled sharply and squirmed beneath him.

“The maid will need to prepare more clothes for me later,” Nabel laughed quietly.

‘You smell even more delectable now that I have gotten rid of that unnecessary piece of fabric.’

Nabel closed his eyes briefly and inhaled deeply.

He wanted to heat up her body even more. While her thighs were slick with her excitement, there were still many things he wanted Ronée to enjoy tonight.

With that in mind, Nabel left a trail of kisses as he moved lower. Settling between her legs, he pushed them further apart and buried his face between her thighs.

The thick blanket, which had been draped over them, now laid across Ronée’s midsection. To anyone entering the room, the bulge under the blanket made it seem as if she had propped up her knees.

But that wasn’t it. Beneath the duvet, Nabel had his face buried between her thighs.

A shuddering moan echoed through the room when the soft tip of his tongue slipped between her wet folds and lightly grazed her clit.

As his tongue circled her sensitive bud, Ronée arched her back at the strong stimulation.


An uncontrollable moan spilled from her lips. When the intense pleasure hit her, she tried to close her legs, but Nabel linked his arms around her thighs and smiled.

“I never imagined that you would cling to me like this.”

‘That’s…not it…’

Ronée tried to relax her legs, but Nabel didn’t leave her alone. She couldn’t help but tremble when his tongue brushed against her entrance. He coveted the liquid that flowed from her as if he was drinking sweet honey.

“Oh! Aaahh!”

Wet sounds and Ronée’s moans mixed in the air. Her thighs tightened around him again. Her hand went down unconsciously and swept her fingers through his hair.

“Keep stroking my head like that.”

His warm, whispering breath brushed against her skin. He raised his head and licked his fingers. Ronée shivered as she felt his fingers trail down to her entrance and push inside.

Ronée’s toes curled at the intoxicating pleasure sweeping over her body. As another moan fell from her lips, she tried to push Nabel away because the sensation was overwhelming.

Nabel took her hand unconsciously.


The hand that revealed the truth and allows him to reads thoughts.

The thoughts that were conveyed from Ronée’s hazy mind were abrupt and intense.

The first emotion Nabel felt was her pleasure, followed by her shame.

Nabel smiled slowly and tightened his grip on her hand.

Then he used his two fingers to push between her wet folds. The dark pink bushes receded, and his fingertips swept over her sensitive bud.


The way his fingertips moved against her wetness felt unreal. However, the exquisite feeling and heat rising from her clit were very real.

As her moan grew louder, Ronée became increasingly embarrassed. Nabel stroked her clit with his fingers once more.

Ronée writhe and arched her hips just as she reached her peak. Her juices glistened in the moonlight as it dripped down and soaked the sheets.

“Is this how much you miss me when I’m not here?” Nabel asked, entwining their fingers together.

With a slight tilt of his head, he rose above her with Ronée’s legs resting on his shoulders.

The blanket slowly slid off of her body. With her legs were spread apart, everything was clearly visible. Nabel’s clothes, damp with her excitement, were scattered around them.

Ronée wanted to hide her reddening face, but Nabel wouldn’t let her turn away. He held her chin in place and kissed her neck.

After loosening his underclothes with his other hand, his swollen member rubbed against Ronée’s inner thigh. It felt so thick and hard that it couldn’t be compared to the tongue or finger.


“Sister,” he answered in a  low, muffled voice.

When their gazes met, Nabel gave her a questioning look.

‘Can I vent my desires like this?’

But there would be no answer to his unspoken question.

“Can I hold your hand?” Nabel whispered

He had already experienced her emotions, now he wanted to hear her thoughts.

‘Can I release my lust in you?’

‘Will you be able to accept me as a man?’

Ronée lowered her hand from his arm. It wouldn’t be a lie to say she did feel strange.

Over the past 10 years, Ronée had imagined many reunions with him, but in each one, Nabel was always a child.

But now, Nabel was here and he was no longer a child.

For Nabel, his feelings have always been the same as before. Whenever he thought of Ronée, he had to restrain himself and suppress his desires.

He knew Ronée didn’t know what it meant for a man’s arousal to stand firm because she had never experienced sex before.

But, Nabel needed to know if he could release what he had suppressed for so long.

Ronée felt like they had reached the point of no return. If Nabel held her hand, he wouldn’t stop once he read her mind.

‘I like you.’

She couldn’t conceal her thoughts, but she didn’t need to hide her thoughts, because there was no reason to keep Nabel in the dark. He should hear her thoughts in its purest form.

Of course, refusing to hold his hand and rejecting him wouldn’t change Nabel. And Ronée didn’t need the Iver’s hands of truth to confirm his intentions.

Because she knew his earnest heart.

Ronée reached out and held his hand.

‘I like you, too.’

It was a more direct and sincere language than spoken words. Nabel smiled as he read her thoughts with their intertwined hands.

‘I want you.’

The two were the only ones who could save each other. That’s why they wanted each other.

Nabel firmly pressed their interlocked hands onto the bed as he settled between her thighs.

Nabel didn’t want to startle her and because of that, he slowly rubbed his throbbing member between her slick folds, pressing against her moist clit, drawing muffled moans from her lips.

When he pressed against her entrance, her cooling skin heated up again in an instant. After teasing her for a moment, he slowly eased himself inside her warm depths.


Although she tried to suppress her moans, the feeling of his thick hardness filling and stretching her was indescribable. Nabel paused just before he was halfway in.

It was as if he was melting inside of her tight depths.


Nabel coaxed her to relax, as he left a wet trail all over her pale neck, and planted kisses on every inch of her skin. His attempt to soothe her with kisses failed, as she was even more excited than before. Her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist as if urging him to go deeper. Her entrance seemed to be sucking him even deeper, swallowing him further.

‘I don’t want to hurt you.’

Because he cherished her more than anything in the world.

Ronée whimpered and wiggled beneath him. When he felt her relax around him, Nabel pressed into her heated core.


He couldn’t bury himself completely, but it was enough to give her the feeling of fullness. Ronée’s head fell back just as an intense pleasure engulf her.

Nabel bowed his head while tightly holding her hands.

“I love you, sister,” he whispered as he gazed down at her.

Nabel groaned when warm depths swallowed him completely. He sucked in a sharp breath at the feeling of her clenching around him. Her legs were so tense around his waist, like she was afraid to let go.

He released a harsh sigh and tried to suppress the urge to move.

It was too tight for him to move further. It was taking everything within him to not bury himself completely inside of her.

There was a metallic taste of blood on his bitten lips.


The sound of her cries and the feeling of her convulsing around him almost blew away Nabel’s reason.


He moved his hips and plunged inside of her.

“Ah, ahh, yes! Ah!”

Ronée was against the bed by the strong movement that shook the bed.


She reached out and grabbed his shoulder. Her trembling hand placed a minimal brake on Nabel’s mind again.

Her dark pink hair covered her flushed face, and when he swept it away Nabel place his forehead against hers.

“If I make you uncomfortable at any point, you have to push me away.”

‘Don’t let me hurt you with my greed.’

He had only one leash. And that leash tightened whenever Ronée used the name, ‘Nabel Iver.’ A name that no one else had permission to use.

Ronée shook her head. She couldn’t speak because it felt like Nabel was repeatedly driving her into a frenzy of pleasure. She grabbed Nabel’s hand again so he could hear her thoughts.

‘I won’t.’

‘If you’re not going to push me away…’ Nabel gripped the bedsheet instead of her hand, ripping it. Then he pushed her down.


Ronée’s moan sprang with pleasure. There was a low groan from Nabel’s teeth.

“Ah, yes!”

As his strokes increased, her hips rose to meet his urgent thrusts.

“Hold my hand tight,” Nabel whispered softly as he kissed her neck.

Their hands intertwined without hesitation. Nabel moved his waist a little rougher than before. The creaking sound of the bed reverberated through the bedroom.


Ronée hugged Nabel tightly, trembling uncontrollably as she reached her peak.


“Sister,” Nabel groaned harshly, shuddering as he poured himself into her.

‘Now, she has the scent of wet rose petals.’

Nabel coveted her deeply again.

It was a long and sweet temptation.

That night, Ronée didn’t get much sleep.



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