Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Are the Shinsu common on the Western Continent?”

Dia immediately shook her head at Ronée’s words.

“It can’t be,” she answered in a slightly startled voice.

“The most recent Shinsu on the Western Continent belonged to Pell, who was an archmage in the imperial family about 10 years ago.”

“An archmage…?”

Ronée, who seemed a bit curious, nodded slowly.

As Nabel said, if the Shinsu was created from the love of the gods, it was understandable that he would also be a mage.

‘But I’m not a mage.’

“Yes. His Shinsu was a lion, and he defended the Iver family with powerful magic. If only there hadn’t been a problem with him…”

Dia suddenly went silent.

Ronée glanced back at her. She now understood why the Western people welcomed the gods so much.

“Did the Miltans revolt after his death?”

It made sense. It was about 10 years ago, so the timing was right. Dia nodded her head slightly, confirming what Ronée asked.

“That’s right. His Shinsu, the lion, was able to use really powerful magic.”

Dia did not say anything further, but it was clear what the people of The Western Continent were expecting from her.

Like the Archmage Pel, they want her to protect the Iver family with the Shinsu’s magic.

‘If it’s possible, I will…’ 

Ronée had no reason to refuse. The problem was that Bell didn’t seem to have that much power.

Ronée smiled in embarrassment. Perhaps it noticed Dia was telling its story, as it suddenly popped out of the shadow.

“Oh my!”

“The Shinsu…”

People were surprised and bowed when they saw the Shinsu. It wasn’t as polite as it was for the imperial figures, but it was evident that the Shinsu is well respected.

“Oh my god…!”

Bell yawned in Ronée’s arms, whether people noticed or not, Ronée smiled with embarrassment.

Expectations started to fill the eyes of people around her

An archmage who would defend the Iver family.

Those were their wishes.

“But I can’t use magic,” Ronée muttered. It would be better to cool down their expectations now before it swelled any bigger.

Ronée was terrified of being abandoned after experiencing happiness.

To be precise, she was afraid the people who approached her warmly would someday turn cold.

That was the case for everyone in the Eastern Continent.

‘I didn’t want to suffer the same thing here.’

“It doesn’t matter.”

However, the reaction from the head maid, Dia, was unexpected.

“…?” Ronée looked back at her.

“Before, the master of the Shinsu, Pell, was said to be an archmage…”

“Didn’t he protect the imperial family with that powerful magic?”

But her speculation was a bit inaccurate. Dia smiled warmly.

“Yes, Pel was the master of the divine beast.”

Dia laughed.

“Pell couldn’t use magic either. Instead, the Shinsu is the one who wields magic. Do you see that tower over there?”

Dia pointed out the window. Inside the palace, there was a tall tower with a long staircase wrapping around it.

“The 9th floor over there is the seat of Shinsu. It is the ninth step of the tower that reaches the gods.”

When Ronée’s eyes widened, Dia kindly explained to her.

“Hence, the Shinsu is the most powerful being in existence.”

For that alone, the master of the Shinsu deserves respect. You are the master of that mighty power.

Ronée’s eyes shook at her words.


* * * * * *


Nabel was in his office. The time he spent traveling to the Eastern Continent was about a month. That included the time he spent preparing as much as possible in advance and the time it took to bring Ronée back.

There were so many things that were pushed back. The palace was still not completely clean of the Miltan’s influence yet.

[There are still those who support the House of Miltan in the palace. In particular, Duke Lloyd, whom you have been told to keep an eye on, is slowly moving.]

He read through the report and muttered, “I should have brought her here only after making sure everything was safe….”

But he couldn’t delay it any longer.

The temple, which had been in chaos due to the attack of heretics, ended the civil war after 10 years.

And first, he tried to deal with Countess Rieda, who always labeled Ronée as the ‘devil’.

Nabel tilted his head slightly. In the first place, the ‘devil’ nickname doesn’t make sense at all.

No matter how ignorant the people of the Eastern Continent are, the high-ranking people in the temple would have known about the existence of Shinsu. They worship the same god, but how could they not have been completely unaware of their existence?

And then suddenly sending out heresy interrogators?

As soon as he heard the news, he set off for the Eastern Continent. It was strange for anyone to see, but he wouldn’t turn a blind eye to Ronée’s danger.

And in the end, his judgement was correct.

[And as for the results of the investigation, the heresy inquisitor mages, who were killed at that time, were not affiliated with the temple. Confirmed as unknown assassins.]

In other words, they were not from the temple. He had no choice but to think that someone had orchestrated this.

A heresy inquisitor’s job is to persecute and torture heretics.

The real purpose of the imposters must have been to kidnap Ronée and take her to an unknown location.

Nabel narrowed his eyes and continued reading the report.

[As His Majesty predicted, the temple has no knowledge of the heresy inquisitor mages.]

Those who were desperate for power were targeting her. That much was clear.

And, in the current situation, there was only one place where powerful magic was needed.


The knight, Nesha, was waiting outside. He immediately stepped inside upon being summoned.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Please give me your order.”

“Find out if there are any ties between the Temple of Thuna, the Miltans, and the Eastern Continent.”

It made sense that the House of Miltan would try to overthrow the House of Iver family by borrowing the power of the Shinsu’s master.

The problem is that the master would not have cooperated.

Nabel burned the report. It was an excellent choice to bring Ronée to the Iver Imperial Castle before it was too late.

‘I don’t want to be alone.’

And so, he fulfilled her wish. Nabel closed his eyes.

She was someone who trusted and followed him. He couldn’t put her in danger.


Nabel gave Nesha a few more orders.


* * * * * *


The story that a master of Shinsu had arrived at the Imperial Castle spread like wildfire.

With the assassination of Archmage Pell, the House of Iver gradually collapsed.

Everyone was aware of that. And so, the people of the castle cheered.

At least those who followed Emperor Nabel Iver did.

On the other hand, there were those who doubted the owner of Shinsu.

“Is it real?”

“Isn’t it possible that she was pretending to be the owner of the Shinsu after seeing Pell?”

“There is no way that the masters of the Shinsu would appear so often.”

In fact, the Archmage Pell was the master of the divine beast that appeared in the Western Continent for the first time in 400 years. It’s been about 10 years since Pell died. Even though there was a gap, it was too narrow.

“His Majesty brought her here. Watch your tongue if you don’t want your neck to fly off.”

The head maid, Dia, strictly disciplined such people. But she couldn’t completely stop them.

“Your Majesty, Duke Lloyd is asking for an audience.”

Nabel welcomed guests for the fourth time today. Even though he returned to work after a month-long absence, this was unusual.

And it’s obvious when it comes to Duke Lloyd. He narrowed his eyes.

Duke Lloyd was clearly related to the House of Miltan.

The House of Lloyd, a family that contributed to the founding of the Western Empire, did not lose the power they had before the fall of the House of Iver, when the Miltan family rose to power.

Rather, Duke Lloyd joined hands with the Miltans and sold information about the House of Iver.

In fact, before Nabel headed to the Eastern Continent, he had been chased by the Knights of Duke Lloyd.

It may have occurred when he was younger, but the crest of that family was something he clearly remembered.

“Tell him to come in.”

But there was still no evidence.

The first thing Nabel did when he took the throne was to find out the thoughts of those around him.

He was different from the previous emperors of Iver, who hated the ability to read thoughts when touched.

He recalled how the members of the Iver family abhorred this ability.

It was not only because there were some former emperors of Iver who blindly trusted this ability and died after being betrayed.

Those who could read human thoughts were aware that human thoughts were like reeds.

They hated this ability because of the filthy thoughts that flowed inside every time they touched a person.

They also wanted to live comfortably and trust people.

But there was no one in the world to trust.

The same is true for couples who share a bed together.

The previous emperors of Iver suffered from extreme human distrust.

Short-lived due to stress was basic.

The Iver family having mysophobia was a misunderstood fact.

The members of the Iver family simply no longer wanted to touch people and read their thoughts.

But Nabel was different.

Nabel actively used that ability. And because of that, traitors are dealt with, and evidence is found easily.

The method was simple.

Hold their hand and hear their thoughts.

It has been less than a year since the phrase “handshake of death” was coined. In the meantime, dozens of people have reached out to shake hands with him.

More than half of them died.

There was no longer anyone who ignored the young emperor who found out the allegations of betrayal like a ghost.

Because the Iver Family’s abilities were unknown, they simply thought he had great intelligence.

However, Duke Lloyd was one of those who escaped Nabel’s “death handshake.”

The Duke Lloyd was also clearly accused of betrayal.

But evidence against him is tightly hidden.

Like a sly serpent, who maintained power during the many shifts in power, he quickly wiped away his back and disposed of any evidence before Nabel’s side could even take action.

It was so cruel that even Nesha, who roamed around the battlefield with Nabel, had his tongue out.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Nabel watched as Duke Lloyd bowed.

Despite the action, He knew there was no respect in his actions.

Duke Lloyd seemed to ignore him as a young emperor.

The ability to read thoughts sometimes reveals even the smallest details.

“You have recently been to the Eastern Continent. You don’t know how anxious we were because you didn’t inform us.”

Well, if he gave him a heads up, even the assassins would come along, but he couldn’t tell him that. Nabel raised the corners of her lips and smiled.

“I appreciate the concern.”

“I am glad that you are safe.”

The Duke of Lloyd, now in his mid 60’s, bowed his grayish head once more. He opened his mouth with a smooth smile.

“I always believed that you were wise and that you would come back safely… Recently, I heard a rumor that you brought back an unknown woman from the Eastern Continent, so I came to see you with concerns.”

Nabel narrowed his eyes.

Rumors about Ronée being the master of the Shinsu had already spread throughout the castle. Those who wanted to reinstate the imperial power of the Miltans could not welcome it.

“The identity is unclear,” Duke Lloyd said with a low voice before pausing. But soon he continued with a gentle smile.

“…Yes. There are rumors that she is the owner of the Shinsu, but it can’t be proven until she climbs to the top of the tower. I am saying this out of concern for His Majesty’s safety because there still seems to be people with impure intentions around, so please do not be offended.”

The words rolled off as if he had oil on his tongue. Nabel narrowed his eyes.

Even without holding his hand, Duke Lloyd’s intentions were clear. The top of the Imperial Pagoda, the 9th floor, was the highest building in the Western Empire, where you could reach the gods.

And the masters of the divine beast were to be tested there. Nabel, the only direct member of the House of Iver, must have known about it.

Archmage Pel was also tested.

And the test was none other than jumping off the tower.



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