Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 12

A Shinsu must protect its master.

They would do it even when no orders were given.

So, if you were the true master of the divine beast, there would be no harm in jumping off the tower…

It was such an ignorant and simple principle.

In fact, all those who impersonated the masters of Shinsu were filtered out there. No matter how high level a mage was, there was no one who could properly perform flight magic around the high 9-story tower where the wind blew fiercely.

All the fakes fell and died.

There was no way Ronée would die if she jumped. From its ability to hide in the shadows to the way it protected its master, Bell was clearly Shinsu.

The problem is that you must go to the top of the tower by yourself. It was dangerous if there was outside interference.

The duke continued in a graceful voice.

“In addition, I heard that she is from the Eastern Continent. Your Majesty must have known about the Eastern Continent.”

This was what Nabel had expected. The talk of the tower’s test came a bit early. But he must’ve deliberately mentioned the fact that Ronée came from the Eastern Continent and their ignorance of the Shinsu

Westerners do not believe in Easterners.

“—Isn’t it a place where liars who don’t even know of the existence of Shinsu and don’t believe that the gods live among humans reside?”

Yes, and for that reason. Nabel laughed.

“You know that I spent my childhood in the Eastern Continent.”

“I heard it was a very brief moment.”

It was brief, but it was the happiest moment of his life.

Nabel briefly recalled his childhood days with Ronée. Then he beckoned.

“I understand that there are people who think like you. We’ll take action soon.”

He didn’t bring her as the master of Shinsu. The Shinsu was just an additional bonus.

Of course, there was nothing better than that if the Shinsu protected the Iver family. But above anything else, he would respect Ronée’s wishes.

Would she want to do something that hurts people?

The Ronée he knew was far from brutal, one that had never even held a blade, and she was far from a bloodthirsty person.

Being the master of a Shinsu was not the only way to put her in The Imperial Castle.

Of course, the choice was Ronée’s.

“Get out.”

Let’s think about it deeply. He beckoned once again.


* * * * * *


That night.

Ronée was on the third floor of the palace named after her. The room prepared for her was ready in no time despite her sudden arrival today.

As if waiting for the owner for a long time.

“His Majesty has told us to prepare to greet the owner of the palace.”

That seemed to be the correct answer. Ronée looked at his face when she heard the name Ronée Palace. She thought of Nabel’s blushing as he smiled slightly.

“Then, rest well.”

The head maid, Dia, wished her goodnight and softly closed the door.

There was no light in the room, and when the door was closed, Ronée was left in the darkness.

At that moment, someone from behind Dia knocked on the door. Dia looked back and bowed her head in surprise.

“Your Maj-!”


A commotion wouldn’t be good. Nabel knew Ronée was sensitive even to any presence at her door.

It was for that reason that he purposely hit the knights guarding her room in the past.



Nabel looked a little tired. Even though he was only dealing with urgent tasks, the time was already so late. He smiled.

“Can I come in?”

Nabel once again thought of his childhood.

Those days when it wasn’t awkward for the two to get into the same bed.

Ronée widened her eyes.


* * * * * *


Nabel was wearing a light shirt.

When he was in the office, he wore a colorful gold-decorated uniform, but now it was just a shirt, as if it was his private time.

He had washed up a while ago, and a fresh smell tickled her nose.

It smells like a hug.

He gently sat down on Ronée’s bedside. It was a place not far from where Ronée was sitting.

At that moment the moon was bright. Just like the night he left 10 years ago.

“Do you remember when we were young?” Nabel asked suddenly. Ronée looked back at him.


“At that time, you asked me to sleep with you.”

Ronée’s cheeks reddened at those words. Nabel used to refuse when they were young.

His cheeks were aflame back then. He declined and slept on a mattress on the floor.

“Wasn’t it very uncomfortable?”

Thinking about it now, it must have been very uncomfortable for him, who was from the imperial family, to sleep on the floor. Besides, the floor in her room was a wooden floor that hasn’t been repaired for such a long time.

“It was good enough.”

Nabel turned to Ronée. Their eyes met.

He had grown into a new person.

The blue eyes glistening and staring at her were the same as when they were young.

The difference was that he looked down at her rather than looking up at her.

He grew really fast.

His childlike shoulders were now broad and firm, and his hands were much larger than hers.

And what changed the most was the area around the back of his hand.


Even in the moonlight, the back of his hand was clearly visible thanks to his slightly rolled up sleeves. He had numerous wounds on the back of his hand.

As if he had blocked swords with his bare hand, there were countless scars and new skin sprouting, and there were traces of scars on it again.

Ronée grabbed the back of his hand. It was cold.

“You suffered so much.”

She knew when Nabel left, he would be alone. He had the ability to read thoughts, but would that be useful on the battlefield?

Rumors of the Western Continent traveled all the way to the Eastern Continent. The House of Miltan was ruined, and the House of Iver took its place again.

He was a young blonde child who waded through the battlefield and led the people who would follow only him.

He had been on the battlefield for nearly 10 years. From such a young age until now.

“You have suffered so much.”

Nabel shook his head.

“I was just like when I was with you.”

Ronée laughed. She was just in the room. It was always the same to her.

When she was younger, she wanted something more, even before she met Nabel. She wanted to grow up precious like other noble girls, to hold everything she wanted in her hand, and to grow up while whining.

There would always be maids around waiting to give her dolls and soft things, and she would spend time chatting with young girls of her age.

But she couldn’t have that. Having lost everything, she had because she was cursed, the first thing she learned was to give up.

If she wanted or expected something, she would only end up disappointed.

So, at some point, she got into the habit of thinking about the worst that can happen.

And in those ten years, the worst thing she could think of was that she would be dragged to a temple and die. But that didn’t happen, she was now fine. She smiled.

Nabel knew her heart better than anyone.

He knew that she had always lived by giving up her desires.

“This palace is called Ronée Palace,” Ronée said as if to change the subject. Her small voice filled the room.

Nabel glowed under the bright moonlight.

Yes, one more thing has changed. Now, he didn’t hide his bright blonde hair. Although, he always had dark hair to hide his identity when he was young.

‘I like you.

Ronée suddenly recalled his young voice the day he left.

He promised to come back and save her.

And he kept that promise.

She suddenly gazed into Nabel’s ocean-blue eyes.

‘Do you still feel the same way?’ Is what she wanted to ask. But both of them had grown too much to speak of the memories of their childhood.

Above all, the position of the emperor was not a place where one could say such things lightly.

“I hope you like the palace,” Nabel said while grinning.

Ronée looked out the window.

“There were a lot of people.”

It was a much bigger place than the mansion. It is a natural thing because it’s the Western Continent where everything was built big. But even knowing that, the sounds of the knights clamoring, and the people’s politeness surprised her.

Because they were always enemies in the Rieda mansion.

“I’ve only brought in trustworthy people, so you can rest assured.”

Nabel held up her hand.

“My ability… you know.”

“Reading thoughts…” Ronée nodded her head.

‘I wanted to tell you the secret that will hold and shake me.’

“Yeah, this is how I confirmed it, ”Nabel said gently.

He raised his hand which was bare without gloves.

“They are all deeply loyal to the Iver family. I could swear by it.”

To read their thoughts, it doesn’t have to be a handshake. Just the touch of a hand was enough to read their thoughts.

“I’m glad there are so many people like that.”

Ronée was genuinely relieved. Even Count Rieda was worried that someone would covet his wealth and power. Moreover, Nabel is an emperor, how many people are aiming for it?

It’s good to have a lot of people you can trust.

Nabel closed his eyes slightly.

Otherwise, he couldn’t suppress it anymore.

‘I want to hold your hand.’

‘The one I want to read the most is you.’

But he couldn’t out of fear.

He thought it was fortunate that Ronée didn’t have his ability. Really fortunate.

‘If you look at this tainted mind, you wouldn’t be able to sit next to me like this.’ 

‘In 10 years, I haven’t forgotten you even for a moment while I’ve been away from you. I was afraid that the people that were targeting me would dare to harm you, so I didn’t dare approach you, I just looked ahead and ran.’ 

‘It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t have any desire during that time. I wanted to touch your delicate fingertips one more time.’

‘I wanted to be allowed to have the lips I couldn’t covet when I was younger.’

‘I wanted to cry and bury myself in you. To tell you how hard these past 10 years have been, and how I ran only for you.’


Ronée’s cautious voice lifted him from his desire. Nabel laughed softly.


Ronée looked at his soft smile.

“I don’t know the laws of the Western Empire…”

Ronée looked out of the window again.

“Can guests remain in the castle for a long time?”


‘Does she know my impure thoughts?’ Nabel wondered for a moment.

Did she see the ink-like thoughts he had buried in his fingertips at all?

‘Is that why you’re asking such a question at this moment?’

“You can stay forever.”

His childhood heart and desires had remained the same.

Ronée’s eyes widened.

“Is it okay though? The Eastern-“

‘It’s a place with restricted access, and I’m not from the Western Continent.’ It was a thought she had while being served by the maids all day long.

She was a guest of Emperor Nabel Iver. But she was only a guest. A mere guest could not stay here forever.

“-Sister. I am here.”

Her thoughts and words were interrupted by Nabel’s deep voice. He had a relaxed expression on his face.

“Please stay. Otherwise, I can’t do it.”

Ronée paused. His whispering voice was closer to a plea.

“The closer we get, the more so.”

‘I’m so close that I can taste it.’

“I can’t take my eyes off you, sister,” Nabel whispered.

‘Since I met you, until now.’

‘I like you.’

His eyes are much deeper now than when he confessed when they were young. Ronée then spoke.

“…Thank you for liking me.”

Maybe it was because she remembered that time, the words she once said came out. Ronée stopped talking without realizing it.



It was still difficult.

Above all, he was the emperor of the Western Empire. His marriage wasn’t just about love.

It’s difficult…

Her slightly closed eyes fluttered open.

Nabel reached out with his hand. He couldn’t touch Ronée’s cheeks, and his fingertips that touched her hair trembled.

“Sister, still…. Can’t you and I be together?”

Ronée was speechless.

Nabel’s sparkling eyes met hers.



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