Eaten by the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 13

‘Thank you for liking me.’

‘But you and I… … No way.’

These were the words of 17-year-old Ronée. Nabel, of course, had not forgotten those words.

He wanted to steal those exquisite lips.

He had the urge, but he was not allowed, so he kissed her forehead and ran away like a thief that night.

“You and I still can’t be together?” A low voice echoed through the room.

Nabel tilted his head in confusion.

‘Still… can’t we?’

Is it because I’m younger than you? Or is it because I’m no good for you?

If not….

Ronée then spoke.

“There will be a lot of people against it.”

The emperor’s marriage is essential to the country’s development.

Her thoughts flowed like rough waves.

Nabel shook his head.

“I don’t care what those people think.”

‘Because I want you.’

‘If you want me too.’

The gap between the two narrowed.

Nabel looked at her hand on her bed.

‘I will hear the answer the moment I hold that hand.’

Regardless of the emperor, national marriage, or anything like that, her thoughts were pure.

‘Do you want to stay here, by my side?’

‘Or do you want to leave?’

“Your hand…. Can I hold it?”

Still, he dared not read her thoughts at will. He didn’t put his hands on hers, instead, he put it beside hers

His body leaned in more towards Ronée.

He moved as if he wanted to hold her hands but soon stopped and let out a breath.

“If not, if you won’t allow it, tell me.”

‘With these lips.’

His trembling fingers caressed her soft lower lip.

It was such a cautious touch, as if touching the thin ice in a shallow puddle of water that can break with the slightest touch.

“Still, can’t you and I?”

“.… No,” Ronée’s answer was rather impulsively and quick.

Nabel laughed softly. Rather than being late, it was a much more positive answer.

Because he could see that Ronée had the same heart as him, even without holding her hand.


Nabel gently touched Ronée’s wrist. His fingers brushed the inside of her wrist.

As if taking a pulse, he lifted her two fingers and placed them on her wrist, then gently stroked the pulse with his thumb.

Then, he suddenly grabbed her slender wrist.

“… … .”

‘I want to hug you tightly.’

‘I want to engrave my traces all over.’

Dangerous desires engulfed his mind.

But not yet, not yet.

Most of all, she was tired from the long trip. Doctor Domelo said her body was too weak. She couldn’t even eat a meal normally and had to eat just rice.

He couldn’t bother someone like that. No matter how sweet the honey was, he didn’t want her to suffer and get sick.


Nabel took Ronée’s hand gently. His lips touched her fingertips, which he took as if borrowing from her.

Her nails were not well-maintained like other young girls of the noble family. Rather, it is the worn-out nails of a person who suffered a lot.

In addition, her hands are pale. She must have not seen the sun that much.

He gave her a short comforting kiss on her fingertips.

Through the slightly protruding finger bones, his soft tongue touched and fell between her fingers.


It was a moment that tickled. Ronée’s face blushed slightly at the strange feeling that came up from her hand.

“Sister,” Nabel called her in a low voice.

“.… Yes.”

Ronée’s breathing was a little rough. There was no way she didn’t know what he wanted.

The one that she thought of as her younger brother, was now a man.

And his eyes were saying, ‘Don’t just look at me as a little brother anymore.’

“Do you want me to be a tyrant, or do you want me to be a saint?”

It was a sweet voice.

As if one word from her would determine everything.

Ronée looked at him.

“… Of course, it’s good to be a saint.”


He raised the back of Ronée’s hand and kissed it once more.

“…I don’t want you to be hated by other people.”

‘I don’t want you to be hated by others like me.’

Her heart was conveyed through her fingertips, which he lightly touched, and Nabel closed his eyes.

“Even long ago, you were my only one.”

Once more, a sound filled the room. This time, his lips touched the soft skin on the inside of her wrist. As he pulled her hand back, he felt the palpitating, fragile pulse. Nabel pressed his lips firmly against it. A small trace was left.

“It is still the same now.”

Nabel gazed at the faint mark and continued to talk.

“-I don’t mind being hated by other people. Still?” Nabel tilted his head slightly.

“But you still want me to be a saint?”

‘Do you want me to become a saint who is loved by everyone?’

At Nabel’s question, Ronée looked into his blue eyes.

The choice was hers.

As a tyrant, he would be able to control everything to his heart’s content.

His marriage to her would not be a problem either. The House of Iver of the Western Empire was a family that had wielded formidable imperial power for generations.

He must have inherited Iver’s blood, so it would be possible.

“… … .”

Nabel didn’t rush her for an answer. Instead, He kissed Ronée’s wrist once more.

With the ‘hands of truth’, he has already built a strong ally from the battlefield. With the legitimacy of the imperial family and his abilities, he could rule as a tyrant.

But if Ronée didn’t want that, he didn’t want to.

Nabel’s eyes sparkled dangerously. Ronée nodded her head slightly. The long thought is over.

“… … Yes, please become a saint.”

The atmosphere of the Western Empire was already familiar to tyranny.

Ronée knew only by looking into his eyes.

The eyes of people who have been watching since daytime. The fear that lurked within.

It was clearly directed towards Nabel.

The gentle look will only be here.

The appearance of a tyrant must have been necessary to stand alone.

Ronée hugged him. He must have been lonely.

“Then, will you stay by my side?” Nabel asked in a low whisper.

His fingers slid a little further down from Ronée’s wrist. His hand, which ran down her smooth skin, supported Ronée’s arm.

Her elbow was rounded in one of his hands. His hand slid further above her arm. This time, the place his lips touched were Ronée’s shoulders.

Her shoulders were small and slender enough to contrast with his shoulders, which had been robust by holding the sword for a long time.

“…Yes.” Ronée nodded her head slightly.

Nabel’s eyes were filled with her red cheeks. She could also feel his slightly heated breath.

They were very close.

“To become a saint… There must be a reason between us.”

As a tyrant he could do everything he wanted, but as a holy man he probably couldn’t.

“How dare you, you have to understand that every demand needs a reason. If not, what do we tell them when I suddenly become a saint?”

He argues like he doesn’t like it.

Ronée looked back at him.

He, who was grumbling a little, met Ronée’s eyes very closely.

“.… Reason?”

Nabel nodded his head slowly at her words.


The hand holding Ronée was already hot.

“For example, I need something to satisfy my greed.”

It was then when Ronée’s eyes widened.

Nabel kissed her on the forehead.

It was a kiss as light as the night they separated when they were young.

It was like knocking.

Into a room for more of her

Ronée, who opened her eyes wide, looked at him. She opened the door for him.

“… … .”

Nabel smiled softly and kissed her on the tip of her nose.

Then, he carefully coveted her upper lip. As if knocking again, He touched her lower lip and Ronée let out a short breath.


Their eyes met for a brief moment.

Nabel was no longer a child.

His hands, which firmly bound her hands, pushed her gently.

“Yes, this greed.”

His lips rested on Ronée’s again. This time, it wasn’t a soft kiss like before. He coveted Ronée’s breath to the point that it was somewhat rough.


Deep enough to make Ronée dizzy. It was so intense that the body’s strength was released.

The two of them leaned forward slightly, they were so close that their eyelashes were touching.

“It’s a greed that I want my sister to be hot rather than warm to me.”

Nabel’s breathing, which was slightly heated, was rough.

“If you don’t want to, you can push me away.” His voice was muffled. As if something was boiling at the tip of his neck. His gaze did not depart from Ronée.

“Then I will step down.”

He never forgot his childhood promise.

‘I won’t do anything that harms you.’

‘But if you want me…’

Nabel kissed the tip of her nose again. Ronée didn’t push him away.

She couldn’t move. It wasn’t because he held her wrist and pushed her hard. He treated her rather dearly.

As if not a single scratch would be permitted on her. Like she was the most precious gift in the world.

He wasn’t lying when he said he wouldn’t do anything that harms her.

She could tell even without having a hand to read the truth.

So Ronée did not get out of his hand.

“… Look at me.”

Ronée met his eyes as if led by him.

Their lips met with each other.

Ronée’s body then leaned on the bed.



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