Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 14



Ronée felt the hold on her wrist tighten.

It’s like he was trying to restrain himself.

After gazing at each other for a while, he kissed the tip of Ronée’s nose. A sweet sound echoed through the room. Ronée closed her eyes slowly in response.

And in the meantime, Nabel lowered his head and engraved his mark on her collarbone.


Ronée inhaled sharply. To ensure her that she was okay, Nabel gently caressed her wrist.

“How much I…” he muttered with a raspy voice.

She could feel his heated breath all around her neck.

‘You don’t know how much I wanted you back.’

‘Did you know that during the years I was on the battlefield, I only thought of you?’

‘Did you yearn for me as much as I yearned for you?’


Ronée’s body shuddered when Nabel’s lips traced a path between her collarbones. He released the hand that held her wrist and placed it on her chest.

A soft mound greeted him. It was what he had always wanted.

She was once so far away that he couldn’t even reach out to touch her.

When he was younger, he only wanted her lips.

No, he thought his time with her was more than enough.

The hardened peaks were captured between his lips as his hand pulled down the collar of Ronée’s white chemise, exposing her shoulders. A tearing sound echoed through the room. It was the sound of the fabric struggling to keep its shape.

Nabel teased her as he grazed his teeth lightly against the tips of her breasts. Ronée’s body trembled as adrenaline rushed through her body.

He remembered their younger days.

From the moment he left the mansion, he never looked back.

Her sanctuary was also his sanctuary. It was a horrible mansion, but her room was a more comfortable space than the heaven which the gods and angels protected, as long as they’re together, alone.

So, he didn’t look back. Even as a child he knew himself well. If he looked back, his resolve would crumble.

He just wanted to stay in that heaven, with her and close his eyes comfortably.

But he couldn’t.

On the day he cleared the thorn bushes in front of her room, he made an irreversible decision.

‘I will save you.’

With such firm determination, he ran forward without looking back. A glimpse of your face, on the day we parted, the lips that could not be stolen, trembled.

‘How did you endure it?’

His heart boiled with worries. He wanted to personally check every little curve of her body.

Just like this.

Ronée sighed.

His tender lips slid between Ronée’s breasts.


The buttons on her chemise were unable to handle his strength, revealing the sweetly curved mounds that soon accepted his lips.


Ronée’s body trembled in pleasure. Her shallow breaths and the thick scent of roses enveloped Nabel.

‘You are now safe and sound by my side’

After leaving the mansion, he yearned for her. Like a little thief, who only craved her time and her lips, he longed for something more.

‘I want to bury myself in your heart.’

‘I want to be fully embraced within you.’

‘I wish I was the only one next to you.’

The desire was building up. It was the same now.

The fabric slid off Ronée’s shoulders and draped on her arms, barely covering her breasts. Her head fell back as his mouth captured each peak with a voracious sense of urgency. When his tongue swirled around each nipple, a rush of pleasure surged through her body.


She seemed surprised by the strong stimulus. Nabel’s hand gripped her wrist.

He drew each peak into his mouth. The tip of his tongue, which had been ravaging her nipples, pressed down on it.

‘So sweet.’

He caressed her back with his fingertips. Her clothes slipped down, revealing her back.

Nabel’s knees touched her thighs.

His lips swept downwards.


It felt like hot liquid had poured down her chest. The lips, which were cold at first, gradually became hotter and hotter. She didn’t know whether his body was hot, or it was hers.

Her body shook every time he touched it here and there with the tip of his tongue and left his marks. As her legs weakened, she leaned her body against the bed, his tight arms wrapped around her and pulled her closer. It’s like he can’t stand her leaning on anyone other than him.

Then, when Nabel’s lips slipped down to her lower belly, Ronée flinched in surprise.


Without realizing it, she began to call out to him repeatedly.

Now, Ronée’s white chemise was wrapped around her waist, losing its only purpose of covering its master’s body any longer.

Nabel’s arm was covered with the cloth, but the heat from his arm was passed on to Ronée. It’s like they’re directly in contact with each other without any barriers.

Nabel buried his face between her thighs. His lips brushed against her underwear and touched her pink honeypot.


Ronée flinched and her hands gripped the blanket tightly as his lips slowly slid downward.

“You can push me away.” Nabel whispered in a low voice. An exquisite sensation spread through her body as his hot breath touched her secret and most sensitive area.

It was similar to fear or goosebumps, but different. It was a kind of pleasure that Ronée had never felt before.

“With this hand.”

Nabel led her hand to his head. The hands holding her wrist were hot as it guided her hand and rested it on his head. Ronée felt his blonde hair softly tickling her hand.

It’s like stroking a child. But he was no longer a child.

“I don’t want to do anything my sister won’t like.”

‘So, follow the desires of your heart.’

He whispered and buried his lips between her thighs again. His lips pressed against her pink flower.

Fingertips caressed the fabric that covered her hips and then lowered her underwear down to her ankles. Ronée blushed as the cold air touched the secret she had revealed before.

But at the same time, it had a strange sensation to it. The feeling of getting wet.

Nabel tilted his head as he buried his tongue between her folds.


At that moment, Ronée’s body trembled from the intense sensation. It was because Nabel, who buried his lips in her most secret place, teased her swollen bud with the tip of his tongue.

The exhilarating pleasure spread through her whole body. In an instant, her legs trembled. Nabel wrapped his arms around her thighs and hugged her tightly. With her back buried deeply in the bed, Nabel continued his assault below.

Ronée twisted and squirmed. It wasn’t because she didn’t like it. It was to somehow withstand the strong stimulation. At this rate, it felt like she was going to collapse.

As her body shook, Nabel, who had taken her hand before, moved his hand under her.

Teasing her most secret bud with the tip of his tongue, a hot fingertip touched her entrance. Raising his index finger, he slipped his finger between her folds, which were already wet.


His finger pushed inside, moving past the entrance, and slid a little further in. It paused and began to rub at one particular spot.

“Ah… …!”

The feeling was strange. Ronée clenched her legs closed at the foreign sensation touching her inside. Nabel’s hand stayed tightly in between her legs, craving the inside of her more earnestly.

The sound of wetness filled the surroundings of the room.

‘Oh my gosh’, Ronée thought as her face burned fiercely.

But she didn’t have time to think about anything else.

Another finger joined the one inside of her.

The sounds of wetness increased as Nabel’s fingers slid in further, as if to widen the inside. A loud noise echoed through the room.


It was strange. She arched and writhe at the pleasure rising from her lower abdomen. She forgot about her attempt to cover up the pleasure she had been feeling since earlier and just drowned herself in it.

As the peak approached, her legs gradually lifted. Her underwear now hung from one of her ankles.

Nabel thrust his fingers inside and her legs lifted higher.


Somewhere inside, he touched a sensitive area that made Ronée’s body shake with a different intensity than before. Then a blinding, pulsing moment of release consumed her.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you…thinking about you.”

His lips gleamed in the light as he whispered in a low voice. He swept his tongue over her bud once more.


Her toes curled. Nabel draped her knee over his shoulder and slipped her clothes all the way down. The chemise sleeves that were pushed down her arms became a soft bondage accessory, and he tied her hands behind her back.

Nabel was seated between her spread thighs.


She called out his name with an exhilarating breath and a face flushed with excitement. Nabel leaned forward with her legs draped over his shoulders.

As her thighs spread further apart, a small moan echoed over the bed again. His breath touched her core, stimulating more of the sultry wetness. He could see the sweet liquid leaking from the inside of her small opening.

Of course, it was impossible for Ronée to not notice. Her face burned with embarrassment.

‘I’m ashamed,’ Ronée thought.

“I love you, sister.”

Nabel leaned his body towards her. He kissed her upper thigh and slowly moved down the inner side.

He bit the hem of the dress, which had not yet been fully removed from underneath, and slipped it off. The feeling of the hem of the dress that covers the lower abdomen is clear.

As he pulled the dress off completely, the trapped heat escaped, and her thighs cooled. But inside, a strange heat began to grow.

“I want to tease you a lot.”

‘Right here.’

Nabel moved two fingers towards her entrance. His fingertips were now hidden between her inner lips.

When his fingers slid inside, the thick flesh that had been hiding her bud receded, and his thumb grazed the bead.


Ronée arched in response to the piercing pleasure. Nabel whispered in a low voice.

“Here too.”

The fingers slipped inside more easily than before. Two fingers couldn’t reach her end. However, it was enough to stimulate.

For him and for her.

Ronée raised her hips again at the sensation of rubbing the sensitive place inside.

But that was the most he could do.

‘It’s too narrow.’

Nabel bit his lip. Even his two fingers couldn’t compare to shoving his member into the squeezing tightness inside. So, Nabel coveted her flower once more.

With his tainted thoughts buried deeply in his heart.

‘Not yet, not yet.’ He struggled to suppress his desires, which was so close to boiling over that he couldn’t stand it, so he buried his face between her thighs again.


Her legs widen to welcome him.

A canal, wet with love liquid, seduced him. But Nabel suppressed himself to the end.

Instead, he lay down next to her, who had turned to her side.


As his fingers thrust inside from different angles, Ronée’s voice lifted higher. It was a suffocatingly sweet sound. Nabel bit his lip until it bled and to suppress himself.

His stiff erect member was showing off its presence without him even lowering the buckle.

“Ah… …!”

Ronée flinched when Nabel gripped the sides of her hips.

“It’s okay, sister,” Nabel whispered in a raspy voice.

‘I want to be inside of you right now. I want to release my desires in you while thrusting into you as you writhe beneath me in pleasure.’

‘I want to fill you until our juices mix and seep out of you.’

His lips tasted of blood again. Ronée tightened and clenched around his fingers and her feverish moans multiplied.


A sticky liquid flowed from the inside of Ronée, who had reached her peak once again, and soaked his hands.



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