Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 19

Ronée Palace was peaceful. It was more private than any other space in the inner castle.

For Ronée, who was easily startled by the sound of people outside, Nabel had specifically ordered it.

And in the tunnels beneath that quiet palace, something covered with a white cloth was being dragged out.

He was originally the chef of Ronée Palace.

Covering his face with a cloth, Nesha silently removed him.

It was around dawn when Ronée and Nabel spent time together.

And that morning, the new chef was particularly nervous.

“Once again, one more time…”

He double-checked whether anything he didn’t recognized was added to the sauce, as if it was a compulsion.

He had a deathly pale expression on his face. Everyone in the kitchen did.


* * * * * * * *


“Your Majesty, this is the information on the matter you ordered to be investigated earlier.”

Nabel received a bundle of reports from his office. It wasn’t long before Ronée Palace became a place almost completely filled with his forces.

After the assassination attempt, he inspected the safety of Ronée Palace, he increased the security and ordered an investigation into the matter.

Nabel opened the first report.

[Count Rieda.]

Count Rieda wasn’t a very meticulous man.

If he had been more meticulous and smarter, he wouldn’t have been so swayed by his wife.

Nabel turned the page.

[Current Countess: Her real name is Sonnette, an orphan from a temple.]

Nabel’s eyes narrowed as he flipped through the documents.

[It is unclear how, Ronée’s biological mother, the former Countess Rieda, died. More manpower is necessary to investigate this. However, it seems certain that it is related to the current Countess of Rieda.]

His eyes follow the words on the documents.

[The current Countess of Rieda approached the Count even before the death of the former Countess. It was confirmed that she learned chess first after finding out the Count’s hobby was chess. She has no connections to anywhere other than the temple.]

“… …”

[It seems clear that the temple sent her out for some kind of purpose.]

He remembered Countess Rieda, whom he had seen as a child.

Considering her aggressive actions towards Ronée, she seemed far from being a mage of the temple.

As if to strengthen her standing in the mansion, she treated Ronée harshly and yelled at her.

“… …”

Nabel’s lips twisted.

In fact, it was Countess Rieda who isolated Ronée from others inside the mansion.

[Count Rieda originally tried to hide the rumors about Ronée in order to benefit from marrying her to another family. In fact, when Ronée was eight years old, there was a marriage arrangement with a family in the Southern Continent.]

The more he read about them, the more worthless they seem.

[However, it seems that rumors spread out outside the mansion because the current Countess Rieda kept getting angry whenever she saw Ronée.]

That would have been thoroughly calculated.

First, she isolates her from others in the mansion, making sure no one seeks her out by claiming that she is cursed.

Then, when the opportunity arrives, Countess Rieda, would use the heresy inquisitors to have Ronée kidnapped and taken to some other location and not the temple.

“… …”

Nabel’s expression froze.

[And the connection between the temples in the Eastern Continent and the Miltans, which you previously ordered to be investigated, has been confirmed. They seem to be related with the recent heretic attacks on the Eastern Continent’s temples.]

In other words, the heretics and Miltans have joined forces.

The words that followed did not improve his expression either.

[And recently, Count Rieda released an article searching for Ronée. The temple said that they would hold Ronée, but since she ran away, so it seems that he is being held responsible.]

[…… Rumors are circulating that Count Rieda’s daughter ran away with a slave.]

Nabel raised the corners of his lips and smiled.

‘I knew he would act dirty.’

However, Count Rieda was filthier than he had ever imagined.

“… …”

‘Should I tell my sister about this?’

This matter did concern her.

‘Do you intend for me to simply exist at your side as an ornament?

That couldn’t happen.

It wouldn’t make sense that she, who was supposed to be her own hands and feet, didn’t know about herself.

She wanted to establish her position; it didn’t make sense for her to not know about a situation that concerned her.

But now is not the time.

She has yet to recover properly.

She has already erased her family from her mind.

Nabel clearly remembered her desire to erase the surname, Rieda.

Soon they will clearly see the power of the Shinsu, which they neglected, scorned, and refused to recognize.

From Ronée de Rieda, the cursed woman, whom they treated so insignificantly.

No, from Ronée von Iver.

Nabel laughed quietly to himself.


* * * * * * *


The preparation for the tower’s trial was going smoothly. Meanwhile, Ronée’s health had also improved a lot.


‘When did Bell grow this big?’

Ronée looked at Bell, who had grown significantly in size. If Bell grew a little bit more, it would’ve been big enough to ride.

“You’re healthy enough.”

The mages were greatly pleased to see the growth and health of the Shinsu.

Having managed to keep their necks attached while being under Nabel’s cold gaze, they were more careful than ever to not startle Ronée.

Before the tower’s trial, the mages needed to learn about the owner of the Shinsu.

They were so taken aback when they saw the information that came in yesterday.

Information from the Eastern continent, about Ronée’s past.

If they had known that she had been repeatedly attacked with magic before, they would not have used magic recklessly in front of her.

The eyes of the mages shifted to Ronée.

The owner of the Shinsu had an unhappy childhood.

“…As the owner of a Shinsu regains her health, the Shinsu will grow in size and power”

The mages nodded as they looked at Bell, the fox, whose tail was almost the size of the arm of an adult man.

After they left, a medical examination was conducted by the imperial physician, Domelo.

Her health has noticeably improved with the care and diet arranged by the friendly maids.

“Now, even in the West, it seems that you only need to be careful with foods that have a strong flavor. Unlike the Eastern Continent, there are some things that have a strong of a flavor in the Western Continent. If you eat it, your digestive system could be paralyzed.” (TL: This is a real thing! It means that her stomach will can’t digest food because the nerves connected to the muscles in her stomach are damaged.)

Domelo was a man who could say scary things with a calm face. Ronée nodded her head with her an awkward expression.

“…I’ll be careful.”

“Yes. I will also send a message to the chef.”

And after receiving the doctor’s message, the chef of Ronée Palace looked like he was about to faint.

“What is wrong with the recipe?”

The former chef was no longer in the world, so it was natural for him to be nervous.

And with that, the tower’s trial was coming all smoothly.


* * * * * * *


“I think everything in the Western Continent is generally big.”

Ronée reached out her hand and picked up one of the leaves that had fallen on the ground.

It was a large leaf that stretched out toward the sky, as if trying to catch all the warm sunlight all for itself.

Ronée looked around as she tapped on a leaf several times larger than her hand.

She was in the garden of the Ronée Palace.

Even in the garden, she could see the mage’s tower, which she would have to climb during the trial.

The ninth stairway was barely visible from where she was, as if to indicate the difficulty of the trial.

It was just a blur, covered by the fog.

“There are so many things I’m greedy about.”

Nabel was sitting next to her.

Taking a brief break from his work, he came to Ronée wearing a black robe.

“By the way, won’t you be caught if you’re only disguised in this robe?”

Ronée glanced at him.

Nabel pulled down the hood of the black robe and pulled it back down again.

His hair had turned black.

Just like when they were together during their childhood.

“The hair color, it’s magic, isn’t it?” The memories were buried in her words.

Nabel laughed.

“That’s right. The Emperor of Iver has golden hair, so if I do this, I won’t be found out.”

‘Really?’ Ronée gave him with a suspicious look.

There was no pattern on his black robe, but she wondered if the knights guarding him would leave them alone like this.

The situation was still chaotic and there were enemies scattered throughout the Imperial Castle.

‘It’s not that the guards don’t recognize him because he’s wearing a black robe, aren’t they just pretending not to see him?’

Sure enough, Nesha, a knight, ran to the corner where they sat in the garden.

Nesha had not seen Nabel until a while ago.

“Your Majesty!”

“… … .”

Ronée looked at Nabel and narrowed her eyes. Nabel looked disappointed.

“You found me.”

Even though he was the one wearing only a robe instead of a disguise, he still gave Nesha a cold glare for finding him.

“Is it urgent?”

When the hood of the robe was pulled up and back again, his blond hair, the symbol of The Iver Family was revealed.

Nesha quickly kneeled before Nabel.

“It is urgent. I just received a report that temples from the Eastern Continent will also participate in the tower’s trial.”

Nabel narrowed his eyes. A cold expression passed over his face for a moment.

The trial of the tower is a test that determines the legitimacy of the master of the Shinsu. Most people on the Eastern continent didn’t know of the Shinsu’s existence, so they had never served Shinsu properly. Even if they worship the same god, the method was different.

‘Still, you’re going to come to watch the tower’s trial?’

“How many requested to participate?”

“The temples from all over the Eastern Continent. And…”

Nesha glanced at Ronée.

“… …?”

Ronée made eye contact with him and tilted her head slightly.

Nesha spoke timidly, as if he was a bit scared.

“—The current Countess Rieda is also attending… As a representative of the Southern Temple of the Eastern Continent.”



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