Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 21

“Tell me to kill her. Say you want me to erase her existence from this world. Tell me you hate Countess Rieda,” he whispered seductively.

“Then I will kill her for you.”

Ronée knew those weren’t empty words.

Nabel’s voice was light, but each word held weight.

If she were to say the word, Countess Rieda would somehow be found dead.


But she couldn’t say that.

In the Western Empire, there was also a temple of Thuna.

And no good would come from hurting a mage who served God.

The Countess, as she remembers, was also a regular donor to the temple.

It was more accurate to say that the money she paid to the temple came from the Count.

There was no telling what the temple would do if something happened to Countess Rieda.

In addition, Ronée remembered the day when Nabel’s knights killed heretic interrogators.

Even if Nabel covered her eyes and ears, she couldn’t have known it.

“… No,” Ronée responded.

Nabel tilted his head slightly.


“When you dealt with the heretic interrogators, no one discovered your connection to the Western Empire because you were in disguise. But this time—”

“I told you not to worry about that.”

Nabel contemplated whether he should tell her about the Count.

The concern was very brief.

“Does Countess Rieda have frequent contact with the temple?”

Ronée nodded her head briefly at Nabel’s sudden question.

“She donated a lot, and often visited the temple.”

“That’s strange. Regardless of how much time she spent as a devoted member of the temple, the moment she became a wife of a noble family, she could no longer serve as a temple mage.”

That was the unwritten rule of the Eastern continent.

Although the temple of Thuna encourages temple mages to marry, there was an unwritten rule that if a temple mage married into a noble family, they could no longer serve in the temple.

This was to prevent the power of the nobility from spreading too far in the temple.

But Countess Rieda broke it lightly. While no one openly protested, it was very frowned upon.

“Would you be angry if I investigated Count Rieda?” Nabel asked.

Ronée looked into Nabel’s eyes.

Her eyes widened slightly, and Nabel let out a mischievous laugh.

“What should I do? I’ve already looked into it.”

He licked Ronée’s lower lip again, then whispered slowly.

“Even if you don’t like it, I’ve already moved against him. What should I do?”

Ronée smiled at the question.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Her affection for Count Rieda had long since been abandoned.

Ryne was the only one from that place whom she still had affection for, and Ryne, by now, will be sleeping in the maid’s room outside without a worry in the world.

“That’s a relief,” Nabel said with a smile.

Then he hardened his expression a little.

“I heard Count Rieda’s hobby is playing chess… So he regularly attends chess meetings. You probably didn’t know much about it.”

Nabel watched Ronée’s expression as he continued.

“The current Countess of Rieda spent her whole life in the temple. Until she met Count Rieda, she knew nothing of chess. One day she suddenly started learning chess, and only attended the chess meetings when Count Rieda came to play chess.”

Ronée paused. Then she realized what he was talking about.

“…Do you think Countess Rieda approached my family with a purpose?”

“What were you aiming for?” Having said that, Ronée hesitated.

It was because the words ‘my family’ felt bitter in her mouth.

“Yes. Considering the timing, I’m sure of it. Then, as soon as she moved in, she acted horribly toward my sister.”

He brushed the corners of Ronée’s eyes once more.

“It made me sick,” he said after a little silence.

“The temple to which Countess Rieda belonged is the Southern Temple of the Eastern Continent. I’ll have to investigate it a bit more, but there is evidence that they have ties to the Miltans. Perhaps they had the Countess approach your family because they were aiming for my sister and her Shinsu.”

“It’s probably certain.” Nabel narrowed his eyes.

“They targeted my sister the moment the heretic attacks on the temple ended. In fact, the Inquisitors who came for you that time were fake.”


Ronée opened her eyes wide. Nabel reached for her hand.

“The investigation is already over. I thought it was strange that there were no bodies left. Did you know that mages whose bodies vanish before they can be buried are traitors to the Gods?”

“Then, they were not heretic inquisitors, they were just heretics.”

Ronée opened her mouth slightly.

“So even if they find out who I am, the Western Empire and the Southern Temple of the Eastern Continent will not be enemies. We can leave all the work to the Inquisitor mages.” He laughed.

“They will take care of the Countess. All you have to do is wait. She’s a heretic, and I can provide the proof.”


Ronée opened her mouth slightly.

In Nabel’s eyes, Countess Rieda was a very insignificant person.

She wasn’t the one who bullied her in the Rieda mansion.

She was just a heretic.

“Tell me what you want,” Nabel whispered. “To be honest… I want revenge.”

‘Against those who did not recognize you.’

At his words, Ronée recalled the past.

She remembered the woman who created fear and drove her into the corner of the Rieda mansion.

“If it weren’t for that, my sister’s childhood would have been a little happier,” Nabel whispered again.

Ronée shook her head slowly.

It was a habitual abandonment of her desires.

Killing people will only bring harm to the Western Empire.

“Even if you secretly harm the Countess…”

‘She’s trying to sacrifice her desires again.’ Nabel grabbed her wrist.

“Sister, don’t make me a bad person.” It was a sad whisper.

“Don’t sacrifice anything for me.”

The way he spoke made Ronée want to hold onto her desires instead.

“Order me. Let’s punish her for disregarding you and making you miserable. If you really want, you can do it. If killing is on my sister’s tender heart.”

He touched Ronée’s chest slightly and said.

“First, we spread the rumor that she is a heretic.”

‘It’s to make her feel the same sense of isolation that she forced upon my sister in the mansion.’

So that Countess Rieda may be isolated from the temples.

“It’s not as difficult as you think, if you want, you can get revenge on her little by little.”


His gentle voice tempted her.

Nabel whispered sinful things into Ronée’s ear like a devil.

A devil who convinces you to seize your desires into your hands.

A devil who encourages you to do as you please and not hold back anymore.

But Ronée couldn’t resist him.

No, she knew it deep down.

She didn’t want to be afraid anymore.



Nabel chuckled lightly, brushing Ronée’s cheek and kissing her forehead briefly.

“Don’t be afraid of anything anymore.”

‘That’s why I endured 10 years without you.’

Her revenge would begin after she became the master of her Shinsu.

The trial of her tower is just around the corner, so there’s not much time left.

Nabel kissed the tip of her nose and then captured her lips. A moan resonated through the bedroom and then subsided.

As the sounds of their breathing mixed, a wet sound echoed through the room.


Nabel coveted Ronée’s breath as if he wouldn’t miss a single gasp she sent out into the world.

It was a kiss so dense that the strength in her arms which embraced him was released. Nabel grabbed her wrist as it slid down.

He kissed her fingertips. Holding her hand was what he wanted most.

‘I want to know your thoughts more than anything else.’

‘At this moment, are you accepting me without any discomfort?’

‘Just as my heart is full of you, do I reside in your heart as well?’

‘If I’m away from your side for even a day, is it as painful and unbearable for you as it is for me?’

But he did not dare hold her hand.

Because he didn’t want to read Ronée’s mind without permission.

However, it only made him crave her more.

Nabel kissed Ronée so deeply that she felt dizzy, then he buried his face in her chest.

“Your heart is still beating fast,” he whispered.

His hot breath reached through her white chemise, and Ronée’s face flushed red. Nabel put his ear against her chest, then he kissed her hand again. From her white fingertips to the back of her hand, there was no place that was not cold.

‘Do you even get hot enough to sweat?’

The same was true for the palms. He kissed each finger and every joint of her hand as if there wasn’t an inch of her skin that he didn’t cherish. A sweet sound rang through the room.


Ronée shrugged her shoulders slightly at her tickling. Nabel smiled low and kissed her round shoulder.

‘Her shoulders are cold too.’ 

With a worried expression, Nabel pulled up the blanket that covered them both.

The blanket was so thick that even the moonlight couldn’t pass through. Underneath the blanket was dark and warm.

A soft and warm smile bloomed on Ronée’s sweet face.

‘She’s so lovely.’

Nabel kissed her cheek and bowed his head again.


Ronée flinched at the sharp sensation of his teeth. Nabel grabbed her wrists and pressed them against the bed.

“Don’t be scared, sister.”

‘I would never hurt you.’

Nabel loosened the laces of her chemise with his teeth as he pushed the gown upward.

The laces of her chemise slipped down her shoulders and tucked under her elbows, exposing her shoulders and her damp underwear.

It was the last piece of fabric preventing Nabel’s invasion. Nabel licked her bare shoulder briefly with his tongue.


The sound, scent, and sweetness were just as good.

Nabel left a deep mark between her shoulder and chest. Then he released her wrists and wrapped an arm around her back.

While in his arms, Ronée blushed at the rustling sound of his underwear being lowered, then she turned her gaze away in shame.

“Please look at me.”

Nabel whispered in a voice that she couldn’t resist because he sounded so sad and desperate.

Ronée looked up at him again.

“Are you shy?” Nabel teased quietly. Ronée’s face flushed red. It was enough for Nabel to see it even in the darkness.

Nabel lifted her chin slightly with a finger as she was about to bow her head.

“Stay like this…”

A low whisper of breath scattered around her neck, the heat between them intensifying.

“…Just like this.”

Nabel kissed her neck.

“You’re lovely, sister.”

‘What are you so shy about?’

Nabel’s hands slipped from around her back and reached her waist. Then, he gently squeezed her chest, which he coveted every day.


Her nipples were already hardened.

“Look at what happens when I touch you.”

Nabel’s fingers brushed gently across her nipples. As he rolled the stiff peaks between his fingertips, Ronée shivered from the sensation.

Nabel pressed closer, while his knee pushed between her thighs.

‘So hot…’

Nabel rubbed his knee against her core.

“This place…”

Nabel pressed her wrists down to the soft bed, whispering in her ear.

“…Is so wet.”

At those words, Ronée’s face flushed even more.



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