Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 24

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Startled by his actions, Ronée tried to keep him from raising her gown by pushing his head away with her hands. However, Nabel ignored her weak protests and dug his fingers into her thighs.

The hem of the sheer chemise was lifted, revealing her white underwear. After tying the gown into a knot at her waist, he pulled down the flimsy fabric, and her glistening folds came into view.

Ronée shivered at the feeling of Nabel’s warm lips kissing her inner thigh. When he began to gently bite and suck, she gasped and grabbed hold of his shoulders to steady herself.

His thirst grew after seeing his mark on her flushed skin, so his lips moved upwards

And soon, her underwear was pulled down to her knees. Nabel’s lips touched the hem of her chemise instead of her soft skin, annoyed by the barrier it caused, he rolled it up to her stomach.


Nabel’s lips brushed against the deep pink bushes. His skillful lips slowly descended, his tongue barely grazing her sensitive bud.


It was such an intense stimulus that her knees buckled, and she lost the strength in her legs almost immediately. Nabel grabbed her by the waist with one hand while lifting her leg and resting it over his shoulder. With her weight completely supported Nabel, once again, swept his tongue over the swollen bud.


When Ronée wove her fingers through his golden hair, Nabel grasped her hips and pulled her closer as his tongue continued to tease her. Completely overwhelmed by the waves of ecstasy sweeping over her body, Ronée shivered and tightened her gripped his hair tightly. Soon after, the silence in the room was interrupted by her breathy moans and the wet sounds of Nabel lapping at her wetness.

Sensing her approaching climax, Nabel gently sucked on her clit, while stoking the swollen bud with the tip of his tongue. Ronée cried out as she reached her peak, her body shuddering uncontrollably from the intense pleasure.

Nabel didn’t stop even after she came down from her peak. He was intoxicated by, the way she responded to his touch and the expressions she made as he pushed her to the height of pleasure. Since the day had just begun, he couldn’t drag her to bed, so he was satisfied with a taste.

Ronée wiggled her hips as she attempted to escape the intense sensations that left her body feeling feverish. Nabel grasped her thigh tightly, preventing her from escaping, and holding her in place.

Just when Ronée felt like she couldn’t handle it anymore, Nabel’s fingers slid into her sopping wet core, causing her to gasp in response. He curled his fingers upwards to stroke the place that seemed to make her the most desperate for release, as he slowly thrust his fingers into her again and again.

The combined pleasure from Nabel steadily sucking her bud and his fingers pushing inside had Ronée shivering and whimpering in need. When she began to plead and desperately rock her hips against him, his fingers plunged into her wetness with a quickened pace.

Soon, a delicious sensation quickly began to claim her and the moment Ronée reached her peak again, she was a trembling, sobbing mess without a coherent thought.

Nabel’s hand was drenched in her juices when he finally withdrew his fingers from her quivering depths. The warm liquid of love slowly flowed down his fingers to his wrist. He tilted his head back and smiled gently

“Aren’t you a little too excited?” Nabel asked while lifting the hand coated in her juices for Ronée to see.

Before she could say a word, Nabel bowed his head again, lapping up the overflow, drawing an unsteady sigh from her lips. After a few moments, he kissed her inner thigh before pulling out a handkerchief, wiping his hands, and dropping the damp cloth on the floor.

Nabel rose to his feet and caressed Ronée’s flushed cheek. He couldn’t help but think that she didn’t need any makeup.

Surprisingly, her hands and feet were no longer cold or trembling as before, instead, her entire body was full of vigor.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

He kissed the tip of her nose and took a few steps away to wash his hands.

Then a slightly cold hand tidied up Ronée’s outfit.

Her ample breasts were hidden behind her clothes, and when her chemise and dress were properly adjusted, all the red traces on her body were covered.

On her shoulders was the red cape that Ryne had brought earlier.

“Now I’m done,” Nabel chuckled.

As for the shoes, they must have been prepared by the maids waiting outside the door since the slippers matched her outfit.

Nabel stood behind Ronée as she faced the mirror.

She was a head shorter than him. Ronée found herself easily falling into his arms once again.


Her body was gradually getting warmer. And it wasn’t only from his touch.

It was also from the sense of stability Nabel gave her.

“You can always lean on me like this.”

Nabel embraced her and pulled her closer to him.

In his warm embrace, Ronée took a deep breath and then exhaled. Her head was no longer throbbing from the tension and anxiety she felt earlier.

Nabel hugged her tightly and whispered, “One moment, I’ll be right back…”

He disappeared briefly, but when he returned, she never expected him to return with cosmetics. Nabel was holding a makeup brush coated with red powder and smiling at her reaction.

“Can you close your eyes?”

He was a man of many talents.

‘When did he learn this?’

Ronée gladly closed her eyes.

She felt the feathery soft touch of the brush against her cheek. The brush swept across her cheek a few times and then withdrew.

“I can’t even touch you in front of priests, so I need just a little more…”

Something soft and warm thing touched her cheek once again.

His lips.

Nabel stole a kiss like a thief and laughed in embarrassment when Ronée’s eyes fluttered open.

“You caught me.”

Ronée also laughed in the end. The tension had dissipated in the air like magic.

“Don’t forget, you are the most precious person here,” Nabel whispered slowly.

There wasn’t a mage in existence that was more valuable than the Master of a Shinsu.

‘Of course, she is valuable in other ways as well.’

“If you’re still nervous, think about all the strength you’ll have soon.”

Nabel hugged her one last time.

“Countess Rieda is a trivial third rank mage. What can she do?”

‘My sister will be the greatest mage, the Master of the Shinsu, she’s truly beloved by the gods.’

‘And she has the emperor of the Western Empire supporting and standing by her side.’

That’s how the Trial of the Tower began.


* * * * * * *


A large number of temple mages were gathered in front of Ronée, on the large square of the imperial castle.

“Miss Ronée has arrived!”

She wasn’t the master of the Shinsu yet, so she was simply known as Ronée.

But the wizards were only paying attention to the red fox walking beside her.

“That one is…”

“Indeed, it has no shadows.”

Even in the bright sunlight, Bell didn’t have a shadow. This was proof that Bell was a Shinsu, a divine beast created with pure divine magic.

The wizards cheered.

Ronée looked livelier than ever.

Bell shrank in size before jumping up and settling on her shoulder,

Her dark pink hair, which usually cascaded down her shoulders, was neatly styled on top of her head. The little jewels and the gold embellishments on her cape were dazzling under the sunlight.

Although her gaze was a little shaky, it was still confident as she looked straight ahead.

As the cheering wizards quieted down, the chiming sound of swaying bracelets pierced her ears.

Ronée took a deep breath, held it in for a moment and then exhaled.

What reassured her at that moment was Nabel’s warmth.

And in a split second, a slightly more confident gaze looked ahead.

Then, she locked eyes with Countess Rieda standing in the third row of the crowd.


* * * * * * *


Countess Rieda was in a very difficult situation now.

“I will go as the representative of the Southern Eastern Continent Temple.”

It felt good to speak to the temple head priest arrogantly.

The head priest ordered her to immediately report to the Western Continent and contact their ‘helper’ from the Eastern Continent. The plan was to capture the Master of the Shinsu.

The Countess’ gaze focused on Ronée in the distance.

She had no idea how Ronée managed to escape to the Western Continent and catch the eyes of the emperor.

“Running away like a mouse…”

If Countess Rieda had been sharper and more attentive in the past, she would have known that Nabel was the young slave Ronée kept in her room.

But she had no interest in the identity of a lowly slave.

As a result, she discovered Nabel’s identity only after she arrived in the Western Empire.

“… … ?”

At first Countess Rieda thought she was mistaken.

Those features, gorgeous blonde hair and white gloves were all trademarks of the Imperial House of Iver.

The young emperor was so breathtaking, especially under the bright sunlight, that she could only admire him from a distance.

However, his face looked awfully familiar.

“… … !”

The moment she recognized him, Countess Rieda forgot her noble dignity and her jaw dropped.

“I, I…!”

‘Why is that slave here?’

She quickly closed her mouth and didn’t utter another word. At that moment, a black-haired knight guarding the emperor made eye contact with her.

The knight eyed Countess Rieda suspiciously, as if he knew exactly what she was planning to do.

‘A Shinsu will only obey its master’s orders.’

Countess Rieda tried to calm herself as she contemplated the temple priest’s words.

In actuality, the ‘helper’ was a spy from the Eastern Continent, who revealed everything he knew about the Shinsu and its master. While Countess Rieda didn’t know his true identity, she trusted that he had investigated well.

‘If the Master of the Shinsu lacks the will to harm people, the Shinsu is also unable to harm people.’

Countess Rieda had laughed gleefully at his words. According to the spy, the Shinsu had yet to killed anyone, so it would be easy to kidnap the owner.

‘In any case, you haven’t passed the Trial of the Tower, so your security should be lax.’

With that in mind, Countess Rieda grew more confident and proceeded with the preparations for the plan.

But somehow things turned chaotic.

The spy reported that Ronée’s security would be weak, but her surroundings were already covered with strict boundaries. Countess Rieda arrived a few days ago and tried to find an opening, but never had a chance.

There was no time to use sedatives or poisons, and it was even more difficult to approach and use items that neutralized magic power.

Before long the Trial of the Tower began .

‘……I can’t believe this.’

Countess Rieda struggled to accept the reality of the situation.

The emperor, Nabel Iver, met her gaze and clearly threw a mocking smile in her direction.


‘How the hell did that slave become an emperor of an entire continent?!’

Did he somehow discover that Ronée was the owner of a Shinsu and approached her from the beginning?

Did the Iver family even know about the existence of such creatures?

Didn’t the spy mention that the Iver family hadn’t noticed the existence of the Shinsu yet?

Her thoughts were complicated.

“—Then, let’s begin the Trial of the Tower,” Ronée’s dignified voice rang out.

The Countess’ gaze reluctantly shifted to the figure at the podium.

Ronée did not avoid her gaze.

And for some reason, her eyes were devoid of any warmth as she stared at the Countess.


* * * * * * *



The door of the tower opened.

‘There will be no one in or around the tower. You only need to climb the stairs until you reach the top.’

Ronée recalled Nabel’s words.

‘The last portion of the trial may be the scariest, but…’

The trial required her to jump off the roof of the nine-story tower.

The ground would barely be visible from the top of a tower.

‘-I’ll be watching you from below.’

Nabel promised he wouldn’t leave the front of the tower and would wait for her below, which gave Ronée a bit of courage.

For a place with a lot of foot traffic, the inside of the tower was neatly organized.

If there was one thing that disappointed her, then it certainly was that all the lights were out, and it was pitch black inside.

But that changed once she started moving forward.


As if welcoming the owner of the Shinsu, the first floor of the tower lit up brightly.

At first, Ronée was slightly startled, but then she exhaled slowly.

“…Do I have to walk up?”

After she finished recalling the instructions, Ronée soon ran into her first real problem.

Second to her jumping off the ninth floor, the tower was too high.


Bell suddenly appeared, his tail swaying gently as he approached while his form morphed into a larger size.

In an instant, Bell was large enough for Ronée to ride on his back. He even bowed down, signaling for her to get on.

“Then, please take us to the 9th floor.”

Bell nodded his head.

Bell had always been a precious companion, who knew what she wanted, since the day they met, 10 years ago.

Ronée smiled softly at Bell.


Bell bolted the moment his passenger was on board.

Despite Bell’s large body, his speed was still fast.

‘If this keeps up, we will soon arrive at the ninth floor.’

Bell wasn’t simply running, he was climbing the tower at a incredible speed.

[4th floor.]

They had already arrived on the 4th floor. Ronée looked around cautiously. The Mages’ Tower was taller than the highest floor of other buildings, so she could see father into the distance than usual.

The forest was also visible from there.

“It’s like an endless sea of trees…”

Ronée had only seen the sea in pictures, but she heard it was a place where the blue water seemed to stretch out infinitely, and the calm waves would gently swirl at your feet.

Just like the forest below.


Bell slowed down, as if he knew she was appreciating the scenery. Thanks to this, Ronée was able to spot an oddity at the edge of the forest.

The boundary between the forest and the field was clear, like two separate sheets of color paper had been cut and pasted together.

That couldn’t have occurred naturally. Regardless of how rarely she left the mansion, she knew at least that much.

‘It’s as if someone has carved out the field.’

She tilted her head slightly and looked down at Bell again.

“Let’s go.”

There would be plenty of opportunities to take a closer look at the forest. She didn’t have the time to look at everything now.

‘I know of a forest that’s like the sea.’

Nabel’s words came to mind.

In addition, she wanted to see the forest, where the rustling leaves resembled the ocean waves, with him.


Bell darted forward once again. his pace grew increasingly faster.

It was when they passed the 5th floor and a light flickered on.


Ronée heard a mechanical clicking sound form somewhere nearby.


Ronée glanced around, searching for the source of the sound.

While Bell had a translucent form when Ronée rode him, his form was still very much physical.

Therefore, when Bell went around a corner, the moment his front feet touched the ground, something emitted a strange light.

“What is-”

Before Ronée even had the chance to react the ominous light suddenly engulfed her.


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