Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 26

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“It’s the master of the Shinsu!”

From below, Ronée could be seen standing on the roof of the tower.

The black smoke that had covered her surroundings was lifted in an instant, revealing her figure. It seemed to be the power of the divine.

She was still wearing the white dress and red cape, which Nabel had chosen and dressed her in. It was only after catching sight of the red fabric fluttering in the wind that Nabel finally released the breath he had been holding back.

‘She is safe. She is still unharmed.’

Then, Ronée climbed back on Bell again.

“It looks like she’s about to jump!”

Nabel knew what was going to happen next, even before Nesha shouted it. Before he realized it, he found himself running forward.

“Your Majesty!”

And Ronée flew into the sky.

It was an unbelievable sight to see her riding upon Bell while he descended from great heights with ease as if he was walking down a set of stairs.

Then, Ronée landed on the ground in an instant.


Nabel’s pace slowed as he took a few steps forward. As the distance between them shortened, he could see that her face had a little bit of soot, but other than that, she was unharmed.

Ronée was gazing at Nabel like the world around them did not exist. Perceiving his master’s desires, Bell let Ronée down in front of him.

Using flight magic in calm winds was an easy feat.

But it was extremely difficult to use flight magic in the midst of violent winds. On the ninth floor, there was a magical wind that was so powerful that it was well known to those who visited the Mages’ Tower.

The mages were solely focused on the Master of the Shinsu, who just landed in front of them in a casual manner.


When Ronée hugged Nabel tightly, he could feel the touch of her cold hands through his clothes.

Nabel wanted to crush her against his chest and hug her tightly. He embraced her gently and sighed in relief.

He clenched his fists as he suppressed his desire.

And Ronée was surprised by how gently he hugged her.

“It’s okay now.”

Her heart was beating too fast. Nabel stroked her cheek and tried to calm her anxious heart with comforting words.

And then, a loud cracking sound interrupted their reunion.

The fire was still burning fiercely, the flames quickly enveloping the entirety of the tower.

“Oh, god!”

“How is this possible?!”

The mages were unable to celebrate the birth of the new Master of the Shinsu. They were too busy trying to extinguish the flames that had weakened the pillars of the tower after reaching the ninth floor.

There was an ominous cracking sound as the tower tilted sideways. The force of the original explosion had weakened the burning structure to the point that it was completely unstable.

“That is…”

“It’s falling towards the palace!”

The mages desperately cast various forms of magic to stabilize the tower, but it was all in vain. Of course, their divine magic alone could not support something as immense as a tower.

A few white magic circles appeared under the collapsing tower and then shattered.

The magic could not withstand the weight of the tower.

“…Oh my god.”

Ronée’s complexion paled the moment she saw the state of the tower. Observing the tilting direction of the tower, she quickly realized that the burning structure would soon collapse.

Although she had never been to that area of the Imperial Castle before, she knew it was a densely populated place.

There would be unimaginable human casualties.

“The knights…,” Nabel uttered while hugging Ronée.

The desire to kiss Ronée disappeared as a new disaster reared its head.

Turning around quickly, Nabel shouted, “Evacuate all the knights in the barracks and surrounding area! Disregard any standing guard post orders!”

If Nabel didn’t issue the command, the fiercely loyal knights would stay in place until the tower collapsed and killed them.

When Nesha heard the urgency in Nabel’s voice, his face turned ashen as he looked back at the building belatedly.

He ran to the nearest horse and quickly mounted it.

Directing his horse into a swift gallop, Nesha headed towards the Inner Palace.


* * * * * * *


There were two knights corps living in the barracks of the Western Empire Imperial Castle.

The 1st Order of Imperial Knights directly served and supported Emperor Nabel von Iver. The 1st Order of Knight Guards was responsible for guarding the entirety of the Inner Palace in the Imperial Castle.

The two knights corps did not communicate well in the first place. The main issue was a difference in backgrounds. The Knight Guards’ dislike for the Imperial Knights was due to their battle-hardened character and undignified behavior.

But today, the two knight corps were of one mind as they gazed upon the burning tower.

While it was an unexpected situation, the knights were still shocked to see the Mages’ Tower leaning towards their quarters.

“I can’t believe it’s actually falling this way!”

Thead, the 1st Knight Guards Commander, observed the situation with a pale face.

The tower was gradually leaning toward the barracks and other buildings within the Inner Palace.

Ronée Palace was unlikely to be damaged since it was a detached palace.

“Maintain your position! A new order hasn’t been issued yet!” Thead said with a strained expression.

The maids and servants of the nearby palace had already avoided and were evacuating the area.

But the knights didn’t move. It was their duty to maintain their current position in case of an emergency until they were deployed elsewhere.

“Yes, Commander!”

The Knight Guards didn’t take a single step from their positions, instead, they watch the tower with expressions similar to those of Thead.

They were determined to follow their orders, even if they died in a trivial way.

Because that was the iron rule of the Knight Guards.

And the Imperial Knights hated them for it.

“The tower is collapsing, what position are you holding?”

“Are you crazy!”

The Imperial Knights tried to convince the Knight Guards to leave their posts.

But, the Knight Guards remained in place.

“His Majesty’s orders have yet to come…!”

“Move now!” Nesha shouted as he approached from afar. The seal of the 1st Order of Imperial Knights fluttered on his shoulder.

“His Majesty has ordered all knights to evacuate! If you don’t want to be crushed to death, abandon your position and escape!”

‘Fortunately, I arrived before it was too late.’

Nesha quickly beckoned towards an escape route. Several white magic circles flashed over their heads and shattered.

It was a sign that the mages were still working to prevent the collapse of the tower.

“Move out now!”

Only after Nesha’s second order did the knights begin to leave while watching the tower inch closer.

Nesha glared at the leaning tower and grit his teeth.

He had a bad feeling.

Regardless of remote the Mages’ Tower location was, the building was most definitely within the outer wall in the Imperial Castle of the Western Empire.

‘And they chose to cast explosive magic in that building?’

‘This is nothing short than a declaration of war against the Western Empire and the Master of the Shinsu.’

Coming to the same conclusion, the knights exiting the knight hall with hardened expressions.


* * * * * * *


“What is the status of the evacuation?”

“Upon arriving on the scene, all the maids and servants from the nearby palaces have evacuated, but the Knight Guards had not abandoned their post. They remained in position until the order was delivered.”

Giving the report was another Imperial Knight, who was standing in for Nesha. Ronée held Nabel’s hand tightly with a pale face.

She had never seen something burning so fiercely.


The ominous sound rang out louder, signaling that the tower wouldn’t last much longer.

“Prevent the tower from collapsing by any means necessary!” Nabel ordered. The mages of the Imperial Palace moved forward at his command.

In the center, Ruchel, the strongest Imperial Mage Ruchel, raised his staff and their white magic circle shone once again.


A few huge magic circles flew towards the collapsing structure and supported its weight. But that also seemed to not be enough.


The magic circles could not withstand the weight of the tower and began to shatter again. The magic spell that lasted the longest was cast by Ruchel, which shattered within 30 seconds.

“There are still a number of knights that haven’t been evacuated yet!”

“The tower…” Ronée grabbed Nabel’s hand after hearing the new report.

She could see the tower gradually tilt towards the ground.

“These knights are well-trained, so there won’t be any significant casualties,” Nabel reassured her.

Even if it wasn’t significant, there would still be casualties. Ronée closed her mouth tightly.

‘I don’t want the tower to collapse. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.’

Bell stood in front of her with his tail swaying and stared at the tower.


A strange vibration spread out around Bell. It wasn’t just the mages, who were preparing to cast another round of magic, but also the knights, who escaped from the Inner Palace, looked back at Bell.

Bell was glowing white.

“The Shinsu!”

All eyes were focused on Bell.

The Shinsu, a sacred animal, whose body was made up of divine magic, was the closest to the gods.

He possessed a magical strength and abilities that could not be compared to humans.


A large magic circle spread under the tower. It was such a powerful magic circle that the light was bright enough tot blind you.


“Oh, my….”

The mages flinched at the sudden loud noise coming from the tower. They thought that the tower would collapse before the divine beast could properly use his magic.

“This catastrophe…”

On the other hand, there was a mage openly sobbing as he watched the tower burn. It was only natural that he shed tears when all the research materials he studied throughout his life were burning in the Mage’s Tower.

Of course, the mages were shaken. The Mage’s Tower, which is a significant symbol for the mages of the Western Empire, was now collapsing. It was unbelievable that tallest structure in the Imperial Castle and the only building high enough to reach the gods could be destroyed in such a way.


The white magic circle created by Bell grew brighter and brighter. And then, everyone in the surrounding area witnessed a miracle.

“The fire…”

The flames were gradually suppressed. The tower began to move back to its previous position with a loud creaking sound.

Bell’s magic was gradually reverting the tower back to its original shape.


The wreckage of the structure, caused by the explosions, floated among the crowd, and as if attracted by a magnet, the floating debris returned to the top of the tower.

And the charred marks and smoke gradually faded away until finally disappearing without a trace.

The tower looked exactly as it did before the start of the trial.

As if nothing had happened.

As if there had never been a fire from the beginning.

Nabel was struck speechless by the sight and immediately turned to look at Ronée.

Because what determined the strength of Bell’s power was the Master of the Shinsu.

Ronée was also looking at the tower in surprise.

She had only wished that the tower didn’t collapse and for no one to get hurt, however Bell was able to completely restore the crumbling tower.

“The Master of the Shinsu…!”

The mages were so surprised that they were unable to speak.

It was the same for the mages of the Eastern Continent Temple. Unlike the Western Continent, where the owner of the Shinsu had appeared several times throughout their history, the owner of the Shinsu had never made an appearance In the Eastern Continent.

No, it was something that they had never considered to be possible.


Joy and sorrow crossed the faces of the mages from the Eastern Continent Temple. It was the joy of being able to witness a miracle of the gods and the sorrow of missing the chance to see the gods’ miracle in the Eastern Continent.

The owner of this Shinsu was from the Eastern Continent.

Of course, the expressions of the mages from the southern temples of the Eastern Continent were especially sour because they have known about the existence of the Shinsu from an early age.

Countess Reida, in particular, had bit her lip to the point of bleeding.

‘Is she really that strong?’

After some time, Bell’s glowing body, slowly returned to its original form. Both the mages and the knights from the Inner Palace were staring at Ronée.

Ronée was undoubtedly the Master of the Shinsu, the most powerful mage in existence, and the most beloved by the gods.

No other proof was needed.


Suddenly, Bell began to stagger. His body had shrunk down to the point that he was as small as a baby, the same size when he first met Ronée.

Ronée felt dizzy, it was as if the world had tilted to the side.


She could hear Nabel shouting as everything faded into darkness.



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