Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 28

The Mage’s Tower had great symbolic meaning.

If the tower had collapsed as their enemies had intended, various rumors would have spread within an instant.

‘The Master of the Shinsu has abandoned the Western Empire.’

‘The relationship between the Master of the Shinsu and the Imperial House of Iver is broken.’

Once the rumors start, they would spread like wildfire.

And that’s exactly what the Miltans wanted.

As their goal was to prevent the Ivers from having the Master of the Shinsu on their side again at all costs.

More than 20 years ago, the Iver Imperial family was under the protection of a Master of a Shinsu and had the strength of an impregnable fortress.

He had protected them until his last breath.

Nabel knew how the previous Master of the Shinsu, Archmage Pel, perished. He had personally witnessed the gruesome scene.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

The Western Empire’s Political Affairs Conference was convened frequently these days. Nevertheless, Nabel still called an emergency meeting as he did not have additional time to delay.

‘Before she awakens, I need to handle all these troublesome matters.’

This was his only desire.

‘I don’t want her to see anything that will traumatize her further.’

Hadn’t she already witnessed enough of that at the Rieda mansion?

After seeing Nabel’s blank expression, the nobles in the conference hall hardened their expressions as well. They assumed the mages would naturally be punished first, but then another political affairs meeting was suddenly assembled.

“My sister has asked me to become a saint.”

Silence befell the conference hall when he spoke out those words.

When he gestured towards Nesha, the door to the Conference Hall swung open and a man in a mage’s robe was dragged inside.

His mouth was gagged.

The mage may not have realized, but Nabel had discovered his malicious thoughts after touching him in the Mages’ Tower.

“I can’t erase the traces of evidence without the help of that person…”

The memory of a silver-haired young man, a symbol of the Miltan family, secretly engraving a magic circle on the side of the Mages’ tower during the night flowed into Nabel’s mind.

With his ability of ‘The Hand of Truth’, just that passing thought was enough reason for Nabel to be suspicious.

‘I should head back quickly and report this.’

When the mage turned to leave, he was instantly captured by Nesha, and later, brought into the conference hall.

Nabel recognized the faces of the individuals in the mage’s memory.

The first face belonged to Duke Lloyd and the other Countess Rieda.

The formation of this team was unexpected, but without the silver-haired Miltan involving himself, those two would have never gotten together.

“Your Majesty.”

At that time, a Knight of the ¹0th Knights Order approached and handed him a small report.

“I found the location of where the three planned to meet, but it was already burned to ashes by the time I arrived.”

The destruction of the evidence must have been the work of Duke Lloyd.

Nabel laughed as he rose from his seat, dismissing the knight of the 0th Knights Order with a gesture of his hand.

“My sister has asked me not to be a tyrant,” he repeated, rephrasing his previous words.

He said it earlier, but this time it was a bit different.

“As I mentioned before, I don’t want to doubt the Lords, but unfortunately…”

Following the pause in his words, Nabel’s gaze passed over Duke Lloyd as he continued to speak.

“There was evidence left behind on the tower.”

“You say there is evidence…?”

It was Thead, the ²1st Knights Order general, who asked this question. Nabel smiled in response.

“It’s on the Mages’ Tower. If you’re curious, you can ask the mages. It seems that every mage who entered the tower has seen it at least once.”

Nabel tilted his head slightly.

“Of course, they wouldn’t know what the magic circle looks like. Only the eyes of the Imperial family can see its exact shape.”


‘Who drew the magic circle?’ Thead nearly asked, but after a moment, he suddenly turned pale.

There was only one answer.

“….But Your Majesty, the vicious family of Miltan has already been decapitated by the guillotine.”

Those were the words of Duke Lloyd.

‘He’s quite shameless, too.’ Nabel laughed silently.

“I’m curious about that, too. The problem is that Miltan’s blood still remains, and they seem to feel quite uncomfortable with me sitting here instead of them.”

Nabel’s gaze fell upon his sword, which was leaning against his seat.

“Because they are familiar with the protection magic designated for the royal family.”

Nabel lifted the sword and spoke while staring at the sword in its sheath.

“Seeing as I cut their heads off myself, I don’t know how they’re still alive…”

Nabel dragged the tip of the sheath against the floor. The sound of the scabbard scratching the floor echoed throughout the conference hall, filling the room with an ominous sound.

“If there are still some of their underlings here, pass along this message. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to eradicate them twice.”


The gagged mage’s face became deadly pale at the sound of the sword being unsheathed.


Nabel looked into the eyes of the person who was about to die.

When he first started killing, he often avoided their gaze.

But when he began to stand alone, he couldn’t afford to act weak anymore.

So, he focused on their eyes.

He believed that if he stared straight into their eyes and memorized their gazes, he would get used to the act of killing, and feel fine.

Of course, that was pure nonsense.

“Make sure to tell the Miltans these words.”

After finishing his speech, Nabel held the sharp blade against the mage’s neck.

“And I hope you report his expression in detail.”

He raised the corners of his mouth and laughed while looking straight into those terror-filled eyes. Every time he saw an expression like this, something in his heart would break.

It was because he had the same expression when his family’s heads were severed by the guillotine when he was young.

Of course, it was not a good idea to think about that now. His sword slowly dug into the mage’s neck.

‘It would have been nice if Countess Rieda was here.’

She is also after his sister.

He didn’t want to keep her alive. He wanted to erase her from the world, through any method, even by assassination.

But it wasn’t the time yet.

He had no intention of stealing Ronée’s revenge.

As long as Ronée was the owner of a Shinsu, one word from her and the countess would be treated as a heretic by all the mages.

Which meant that she would be isolated from the world.

Because who would doubt the most beloved child of the Gods?


The mage shook his head violently as if to say it wasn’t him. Nabel figured he was reacting this way because he thought there was no evidence.

Nabel laughed.

“As far as I know, there are no mages in the Miltan family, so who made the magic circle?”

The answer was in the mage’s mind which Nabel was able to read. The blood completely drained from the mage’s face.

“If it’s not you, then tell me who.”

‘Tell me all about the people who conspired with you.’ 

“I’ll make sure you don’t feel wronged.” Nabel laughed.

All names who came out of the mage’s mouth would die.

Nabel’s blade dug into the mage’s neck a little more.


Blood splattered.

The nobles who were watching turned away as they couldn’t bear such a gruesome sight of a life slowly and painfully ending.

“Don’t look away,” Nable ordered the nobles in the conference hall.

It was a warning.


The sound of the mage’s body collapsing on the floor echoed throughout the conference hall.


Nabel threw his sword on the floor after killing the mage. His white gloves and uniform were drenched in the blood of the mage. The tips of his bright blonde hair were also coated with the thick liquid.

“Trace the source of the Miltan’s military power. Feel free to collect evidence in any manner you please. Catch him, so I can kill him here.”

Nabel stepped across the middle of the conference hall.


The empty gaze of the dead mage seemed to be following him. Nabel struggled to not look back at those eyes as he roughly opened the door to the conference hall.


The large door hit the wall before closing once again.


And Nabel’s voice was muffled by the sound of the door closing.

He stood still in front of the conference hall with his eyes wide open.


Ronée was standing right in front of the Conference Hall.

Her eyes immediately went to his white uniform, which was stained in blood.



It was sunset when Ronée finally awoke.


It was her first time seeing this room. The VIP room was spectacular and the second most precious place after the Imperial family’s room.

But it didn’t use the gold and red colors of the Imperial family.

However, this place was decorated in silver and navy.

“Are you awake?”

The mage Ruchel bowed his head in surprise. Eight bracelets shook from his wrist.


Ryne grabbed Ronée’s hand.


Her voice seemed to be a little hoarse. Recognizing her expression, Ryne immediately poured water into a glass and handed it to her.

“Tell His Majesty the news!”

Behind Ryne, the head maid Dia and the maids of Ronée’s Palace moved busily.

“Is there any part of your body that is difficult to move?”

Ruchel was busy scanning her. The reason all the other mages could be here, even though they were commanded to stay in the tower, was due to the need of a mage to look after Ronée.

Of course, he was also destined to be investigated when Ronée woke up.

Nabel never made an exception.

“I don’t think so.”

Ronée tried to move her hand. Ruchel let out a sigh of relief.

“The tower…”

Her gaze looked towards the tower.

‘The tower is safe.’ 

She could see the mages randomly sticking their heads out of the windows.

“The tower is safe and no one is injured, Milady.”

Ryne held her hand.

“You should worry about yourself first before worrying about others. Are you not sick anywhere?” Ryne asked anxiously, her gaze directed at Ronée.

“I’m okay,” Ronée laughed.

That had always been the case.

It felt like she was going back into a distinct time in the past.

Where Ryne carefully nursed her, after she lost her strength due to the magic of Countess Rieda.

Just like now.

“More than that, everyone is safe, Ronée. ”

Ruchel bowed his head in a troubled voice.

“Please address her properly as the Master of the Shinsu.”

Now that she had been recognized as the Master of the Shinsu, no mage was above her. Ronée found it very absurd to hear the honorifics.

“…Of course.”

For Ronée, these mages were still difficult to be around. She couldn’t help but feel complicated every time she saw the bracelets shaking on their wrists.

However, it was something she would have to adapt to gradually.

“How about Nabel?”


Ruchel was confused when the noblest name in the Western Empire suddenly popped up. But he quickly fixed his expression.

“The political affairs meeting will be ending soon. The maids left to personally deliver the news to His Majesty, so he will be here soon.”

‘That’s a relief.’

When Ronée collapsed, she saw how Nabel’s expression was distorted by anxiety and anger.

‘He must have been very shocked.’

Still, he seemed to be handling the situation calmly as the Emperor.

It was only then that Ronée allowed a small smile to form on her face.


‘I miss you, I want to see you.’

The moment she had such a thought, a fox with pointed ears popped up from the shadows.


Upon hearing her small wish, Bell glowed softly into her arms.


At that moment, the scenery in front of Ronée started to change. Ronée was so surprised, that she closed her eyes tightly.


Then, she opened her eyes at the loud sound of a huge door closing in front of her

It was dark brown doors, adorned with gold-rimmed decorations as if they were used only for important guests.

However, Ronée could not give pay any more attention to the door.


He was standing in front of the door with his white uniform and gloves drenched with red blood.


¹previously the 1st Order of Imperial Knights 
² previously the 1st Order of Guard Knights


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