Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 30

****Warning! Smut Lies Ahead****


“I will make you the most powerful emperor to ever exist by protecting you as the Master of Shinsu.”

She caressed Nabel’s face with her hands.

“But I need you to promise that you will never leave my side again.”

It was okay to be greedy.

And yearn for the things they wanted, as much as they wanted, no matter what it was.

But they had to stay next to each other forever.

That is what Nabel wanted the most, even more than Ronée.

“I promise.”

Nabel closed his eyes, his lips brushing against her forehead briefly before going lower.

He couldn’t bear to touch Ronée with his bloodstained hands. Instead, he tilted his body and pressed his lips against her eyes once more. Her tears wet his lips and then trailed down her cheeks.

Nabel slowly went lower as she leaned on the headboard.


He did not dare to touch Ronee.

Sweeping away the tears with a careful kiss, he moved down to her neck.

His love bites, which had almost faded, were placed on her once again.


Ronée’s hand lightly hit the bed. With a small laugh, Nabel looked at her hand.

His hands were still confined in his white gloves.

Ronee saw his hand move to hold hers several times.

So, she reached out and grabbed his hand.


Momentarily surprised, Nabel flinched, but did not dare to reject her.

Ronée smiled, feeling his warmth through the white gloves.

“Hold my hand, Nabel.”

The smell on Nabel lingered in the air around them.

“It smells like blood, sister.”

‘And it’s coming from me.’ He smiled sadly.

Ronée shook her head.

Only then did she realize why the smell hung thick in the air, making her choke.


“It doesn’t matter,” Ronee lightly whispered. “I still want you to hold my hand.”

“It’s not like you enjoy the smell of blood either.”

‘As you stood in front of the door to the conference hall, I could see you were hurt, too.’


With his head hung low, Nabel took off the gloves. His hand was hesitant at first, but slowly moved toward Ronée.

She grabbed his hand, placing it on her cheek before finally closing her eyes.

Then her thoughts flowed into Nabel.

[I like being like this.]

How could somebody be this pure?

The moment Nabel touched her; his mind was cleansed.

Unlike other impure people.


Ronée smiled as Nabel raised her hand and briefly kissed her fingertips.

The white gloves only served as a wall between them.

This was so much better.

Nabel gently laid her on the bed.

Beyond the thick scent that covered him, Ronée could smell his light natural scent. The scent that reassured her was being overpowered.

She could not smell the blood he was talking about. But his natural scent was quite faint.

As if he would leave soon.

She knew that wouldn’t.

Thus, she buried her face in Nabel’s arm and his scent grew stronger.


‘She is so lovely.’

The only light he has been waiting for.

Nabel leaned towards Ronée, who shined brightly in his eyes, and knelt beside her on the bed after a short kiss.

When he leaned over her, their eyes met.

Ronée was looking up as Nabel was gazing down at her.

Smiles bloomed on their faces at the exact same time.

“The smell is too strong,” Nabel said, with a distressed look on his face. He wasn’t referring to the smell of blood from earlier. It was a scent that permeated to the point where they felt dizzy.

A strong musky scent filled the air. The residual scent of blood only remained on his arms.

“It’s still fine.”

Ronée closed her eyes as Nabel touched her lovely face. Then he put a hand under her shoulder, hugging her as he lifted her up.

When she opened her eyes in surprise, he kissed the corners of her round eyes.

“I wish you could be engraved with my scent alone.”

Unlike the light smile on his face, there was a deep desire in his voice as he spoke. Ronée held Nabel’s hand without saying a word.

[Your scent is too light.]

When she conveyed her previous thoughts, he leaned closer.

“If you don’t like it…”

While his scent may fade in time, he wouldn’t disappear.

Ronée knew that now.

Nabel buried his face in her neck, inhaling the light rose scent.

Her face became flushed when she felt the warmth of his breath through her thin clothes. Nabel pulled her close, his powerful arms supporting her body.

“…Could you help me?” He asked seductively. Ronée turned to look at him.


“Like this.”

He grabbed Ronée’s wrist lightly and placed it on his chest. Her hand sat atop his white shirt.

“There’s more of that scent on my shirt.”

Ronée blushed at his words, realizing what he wanted.


She couldn’t overcome the temptation. She wanted to bury herself in his arms more than anything.

Ronée lowered her head and slowly unfastened several buttons. Then she discovered that his kneeling position made his erection very apparent.


When her cheeks became flushed, Nabel smiled.

“Please help me.”

It was just as he said. His wrist and neck, as well as his shirt, were potent with his natural smell.

Ronée pushed his shirt back with a slightly clumsy motion. Once his body was revealed, she found herself at a loss for words.

She hadn’t properly seen him undress since the room was usually dark during those times, but now, there was nothing obscuring her vision.

Nabel carried the marks of the past 10 years. There was a long diagonal scar from his shoulder to his chest and then to the bottom of his ribs. The other scars seemed quite small in comparison.

“This is…”

Without realizing it, Ronée placed a hand on the scar and traced her fingertips over the rough skin.


Ronée couldn’t bear to speak. Even Ronée, who was not familiar with injuries, knew this was a life-threatening wound.

The fact that there were several wounds overlapping the same spot meant he went out and fought again, even after receiving such an injury.

She knew there must have been continuous amounts of bloodshed for someone like Nabel, a runaway royal with no foothold, to be able to return to his rightful position. Nevertheless, it filled her with sorrow to see the scars.

Nabel noticed and smiled reassuringly. “These scars are in the past.”

‘Isn’t it fate that I was able to see you again after this wound?’ Nabel lowered his head and kissed her.

He would not hesitate to go back to the battlefield, even at the risk of his life, if it was the only way to see Ronée again.

Therefore, these old wounds did not matter to him.

“Don’t cry.”

Suddenly, tears cascaded down her face. Nabel lightly kissed her cheek, stopping the tears with his lips.

The long sleeves of his shirt had only been pushed down to his elbows, preventing him from moving his arms. Thus, he had to bend down to kiss her.

Once the trembling of her lips stopped, Nabel sat back once again and whispered, “Are you going to leave me like this?”

For a moment she almost said, ‘This works, too.’ Ronée shook her head and hugged him.


[Don’t get hurt anymore.]

He read her thoughts, soothed by her peaceful emotions. The hand that always revealed disgusting thoughts now seemed to be cleansed by her.

Nabel closed his eyes.

It was time to comfort his weary heart.

“Okay, Sister.” His low whisper filled the room. Ronée finished removing his shirt and pulled it down his arms. Afterward, his scent seemed a bit stronger.

With both arms free, Nabel embraced her. When their bodies overlapped, his erection brushed against her legs.


Ronée’s face turned red, which made Nabel smile widely.

“Please help me.”

It was the same words as before, but this time, his voice was mixed with playfulness.


Ronée’s eyes widened, and Nabel laughed.

‘You don’t know how many times you cross my mind.’

‘I want to color you a little black. Then you won’t avoid me, even if you find me in this state again.’

“Yes. Like this.”

Nabel guided her hand to his throbbing arousal.

She couldn’t fully grasp his length since it was straining beneath the fabric of his pants. The moment Ronée felt his heat, she was surprised and tried to let go.

However, Nabel gently pressed her wrist down, trapping her hand against his cock. Ronée didn’t know what to do.

“Sister,” Nabel called her name tenderly.

“It hurts.” His whisper was more devilish than any other.

“Help me,” he pleaded.

Even if he didn’t look so desperate, Ronée wouldn’t refuse.

‘Her red ears are cute,’ the dark-minded devil thought.

“Please hurry.”

Ronée’s hands moved clumsily.

He wondered if she had ever unfastened a man’s buckle before.

‘Probably not,’ Nabel quickly realized.

Her inexperienced hands fumbled about as she attempted to free his cock. The awkward touch was enough to draw a groan from Nabel.


Exhaling a shaky breath, Nabel had a feeling that he would come soon.

However, unless one was a fool, it was unlikely that someone couldn’t figure out how to undo a buckle. Eventually, Ronée was able to unfasten it.

Once his pants slid down, his cock was fully visible, which caused her face to turn red once more.

“Thank you.”

‘You saved me.’

‘In the past and now.’

Nabel moved towards her and Ronée’s back met the bed.


Beneath her bottom was a soft cushion. As she slid a little lower, her gown lifted, exposing the wetness between her thighs to Nabel. He whispered while gazing down at her, “You’re beautiful.”


Nabel kissed her fingers, moving his cock to her soft, wet entrance.

He gently pressed into her.


However, his alarming size was too much for Ronée to take at once. He lowered his head and went for her lips.

The deep kiss was enough to relax her. Nabel took advantage of the moment and buried himself deep inside her.


Ronée cried out with pleasure, trembling each time he filled her completely.


The way she tightened around his length, caused his mind to go blank, and it took a moment to fully recover.

Every time Nabel moved, his cock stimulated all her most sensitive places, and the sensation was so intense, that she saw flashes of light.


Ronée arched towards him, gasping and whimpering with need. Nabel lost all rationality, his hips slamming into hers with each powerful thrust.


He moved his hips quickly, driving his cock inside her. There was a mixture of squelching sounds and moans, their tightly pressed bodies moving at a feverish pace.

“H-Hng! Ah…!”

Ronée released sharp, heated gasps. Her entire body was trembling in ecstasy, and it felt like time was moving slowly. Nabel leaned down, his tongue catching the tears that fell down her face. Then he thrust into her once again.


Ronée cried out and arched against him, her body shuddering as she reached her peak. Nabel buried his cock deep within her depths and groaned in bliss. Her breath stopped for a moment as she felt his hot desire release inside.

‘She is so lovely.’

Nabel deeply lusted for her.

The long, sweet night was only just beginning.


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