Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 31

The next day, Nabel came out of Ronée’s room as expected. After receiving acknowledgment as the Master of Shinsu and the announcement of their upcoming wedding, no one dared to utter any objections.

The only one who seemed distressed was Ronée since she had his scent all over her body.

Quickly recognizing her mistress’ discomfort, Ryne asked, “Shall I prepare a warm bath?”

Ronée nodded in response, her face slightly flushed from embarrassment.

Earlier, Nabel left with a promise to return after finishing his morning duties.

“Okay.” Ronée smiled awkwardly.

Although Dia, the chief maid, along with the maids, knew what had occurred last night, they did not mention it at all.


The sound of the water rang loud as she moved her hand in the spacious bathtub. She was finally able to relax. 

After the bath, Ryne applied a rose-scented balm on Ronée.

“When you’re done with your duties, let’s visit the knight’s hall together.”

Nabel had postponed his entire afternoon schedule for her.

It was of little importance to Nabel that the 0th Order Knights had to run around frantically because of his delayed schedule.

The most important thing was Ronée’s safety, and he planned to let Ronée choose her own escort knights.

‘They will move at her word as if they are her hands and feet.’

After all, the 0th and 1st Order Knights were the ones he had personally selected for their abilities on the battlefield.



Ronée recalled how Nabel kissed her fingertips last night and said, “You don’t have to use your soft hands to work anymore.”

Although Ronée had been treated with care since arriving in the Western Empire, her fingers were still rough.

As he spoke those words, his lips met each of her fingertips. Ronée blushed at the memory.


It was nearly lunchtime when Nabel returned for Ronée. Behind him was Nesha, the knight who always followed him. When their eyes met, Nesha greeted her with a deep bow.

“Are you busy?”

Ronée found it cute how he knocked on her door even though it was already open. 

 “No,” she answered with a smile.

“Then, shall I escort you to the Knights Hall?” Nabel asked as he offered his hand.

Ronée rose from her seat with a light shawl hanging over her shoulders, and happily accepted her escort.



The sun was especially bright that day. It was also Ronée’s first time leaving the palace since the Trial of the Tower.

A large banquet was scheduled to be held in honor of the new master of the Shinsu, which meant there were outsiders remaining in the castle.

Due to this, the castle was heavily guarded.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“Greetings, Master of the Shinsu.”

The knights, who had been guarding their post without a break, bowed deeply when they saw the two. Some of them greeted in a unique way.

“Greetings to the true master of the ninth step.”

Ronée checked the crest on the knight’s shoulder.

There was slightly different than the one Nesha wore. Unlike his armor, which was engraved with only a shield, this one was engraved with a shield and a drawn sword.

“He is a knight of the 1st Order,” Nabel spoke softly. Ronée turned to Nesha.

“Nesha is a knight of the 0th Order. They are the knights that personally serve the Imperial House.”

“You will also serve you as their first priority,” Nabel whispered and then narrowed his eyes.

“—Although they are a bit different than typical knights.”

Ronée’s eyes widened at his words. Nesha was desperately trying to control his expression as he stood behind them.

They certainly were a different bunch.

Unlike the knights of the 1st Order, who lived a life of discipline, the knights of the 0th Order looked no different than homeless mercenaries without their uniforms.

While they all hailed from families of nobility, they had lived on the battlefield for more than 10 years. They had no need for noble dignity on the battlefield.

Their only goal at the time was to survive.

Unaware of this, Ronée tilted her head in confusion at his words.

“Shall I head to the knight’s hall first and tell them to get ready?” Nesha asked carefully. 

By ‘get ready’, he meant making sure they acted like actual humans.

Nabel nodded eagerly. 

“…Go quickly and get them prepared. I want them to look their best for my sister.”

Nesha bowed deeply and then ran ahead. Two 1st Order knights replaced him as their escort.

“I hope it’s not too much of a burden,” Ronée said while smiling awkwardly.

She also understood what it meant for the superiors to stop by their subordinates’ quarters.

It would certainly be burdensome.

But Nabel knew. The 1st Order Knights may care, but the 0th Order knights didn’t care about such things. They needed to prepare a bit.

“Hey, lend me your ear.”

Deep in thought, Ronée did not hear what Nesha said as he robbed the servant of his horse, but it was definitely not something a usual knight would say.

“…What? Yes.”

The servant quickly unloaded the horse, which he was using to move luggage, with a brooding face.

The horse neighed.

Only the 0th and 1st Order Knights, who were directly managed by the emperor, were allowed to ride horses within the inner castle. The servants were startled by Nesha’s galloping pace and quickly scampered out of his way.

Soon, Nesha disappeared into the distance.

Ronée took a good look at the crests of the two knight orders, which she would soon see at the Knights Hall.



Forty minutes later, Nabel and Ronée arrived at the Knights Hall. Thanks to Nabel’s guided tour, she was able to see various new areas outside of the palace that she didn’t have the time to see before.

“We should have used a carriage,” Nabel said, with a troubled look. Ronée shook her head slightly.

“No, I need to build up on my stamina.”

She had spent her entire life inside a mansion. Therefore, she never had the chance to build any stamina.

As her steps gradually slowed down, Nabel suddenly stood in front of Ronée.


“Pardon me for a moment.”


While Ronée blinked in confusion, Nabel put his hand behind her knees and lifted her abruptly.


Flustered, Ronée tapped Nabel. Nabel teased her about her slow steps as they approached the Knights Hall.

“The knights are uncomfortable,” Ronée laughed in embarrassment.

Nabel narrowed his eyes. Surprised by his gaze, the knights quickly lowered their gazes from the two and looked at the ground.

“What could be more uncomfortable than your difficulties walking?”

Nabel kissed Ronée’s neck briefly. Then he closed his eyes, inhaling the rich scent of roses, which gave him a strange feeling.

She always had a nice scent. However, to have his scent, which covered her this morning, replaced by a different scent, felt almost bittersweet.  

He was feeling mischievous enough to covet Ronée’s lips. The knights’ eyes lowered even further.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

As the two approached, the door of the knight’s hall opened on its own. Waiting by the door were the 0th Order knights, in attire that seemed somewhat strange.


Ronée did not notice it until she stepped onto the floor of the hall, but the floor of the clean, shiny hall was still as if it had been recently mopped.

Then the knights of the 0th and 1st Order Knights lined up on either side of the hallway side by side.


One group was dressed in a brand-new uniform.

The other group was wearing a uniform of a similar shape but looked fairly worn. However, the uniforms were still in excellent condition, like any knight of the imperial family.

“Greetings, most precious one.”

The knights bowed their heads, one after another.



“They’re a little different than typical knights, but…”

When Nabel first mentioned this, she didn’t quite understand.

“Greetings, most precious one.”

The appearances of the two knights, who greeted them, were certainly neat. The same was true for both 0th and 1st Order knights, which were divided into two groups.

However, upon closer inspection, something seemed strange.

The 1st Order knights, with swords engraved on their shoulders, stood motionless.

However, those who had a shield pattern like Nesha were different.

There was no leader in front of the 0th Order knights, who were secretly glancing at each other.

Thead, the 1st Order Knights Commander, chuckled when he noticed the problem.


Anyone could step up and assume leadership. The 0th Order Knights didn’t have a commander since they were originally a group of informants, who operated on equal terms, and received their orders directly from the emperor himself.

When they noticed the problem, there was one question on the minds of the 0th Order Knights.

Who would take on such a responsibility?

They had all been on the battlefield, so they were painfully aware of the risks and troubles that came with a position of authority. There was nothing more foolish than claiming to be responsible for others in a place where it was difficult to survive.


Confused by the intensity in the air, Ronée tilted her head slightly, but eventually, Nesha reluctantly stood in the position of leader. Only then did the commotion among the rank 0th Order Knights subside.


Naturally, the oddities she had noticed before became more apparent. Ronée continued to carefully examine the uniforms of the 0th Order Knights.

Some of the knights in the first row hadn’t buttoned their sleeves. Their swords were also in various positions.

It was quite different from the 1st Order Knights, who each wore their swords on their left waist. Among the 0th Order Knights, some even had more than one sword.

It was like playing the ‘Spot the Difference’ game.


Perhaps noticing the problem, they quickly began to fasten their sleeves. Some even stealthily changed the position of their swords.


With a serious expression on his face, Thead turned his back towards Ronée and Nabel, and then looked at the 0th Order Knights.

‘Where is your dignity?’

Of course, the 0th Order Knights had plenty to say on the matter.

They were originally individuals who lacked both dignity and respect for rules.

They had put on their uniforms only after Nesha said, ‘You mustn’t show Lady Ronée such a dusty appearance.’

Eventually, Ronée burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry too much.”

Nabel stared at the 0th Order Knights, who were each struggling to organize themselves, and they quietly stopped moving.

“…They are not like your usual knights.”

Nabel nodded at the knight still wearing slippers. He would make sure that one was given special training at night.

“If you don’t like them, you can exclude them from the selection of escorts,” Nabel whispered. They were certainly not fit to serve a young lady from an aristocratic family.

Due to their excellent hearing, the knights overheard him, causing their expressions to be a mixture of joy and sorrow.

The 1st Order Knights could not hide their smirks as they knew this would happen to the other knights, and the 0th Order Knights were trying to control their facial expressions.

Although their individual reactions were different, all of them were curious about the master of the Shinsu since she rarely made an appearance.

But Ronée shook her head.

“I like their relaxed demeanor.”

She felt considerably more awkward with those who treated her too politely.

Her words reversed the knights’ expressions. The smirks disappeared from the faces of the 1st Order Knights, and the expressions of the 0th Order Knights brightened.

“…They all have excellent swordsmanship, so choose whichever one you prefer,” Nabel said with resignation.

After all, her happiness was all that mattered.

Ronée’s gaze fixated on the knights.


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