Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 8


The hands covering her ears were gentle and warm. The clashing sounds of violence surrounding her were muffled.

“Close your eyes.” It was a man’s voice whispering gently. The voice reminded Ronée of old memories from the past.

“Don’t look at harsh things,” he continued to softly whisper.

But Ronée finally opened her eyes. The black robe that covered her was large and obscured her vision. When she lifted the hood slightly, the sunlight that had been hidden, came pouring in at once.


Ronée and the man came face to face.

Gorgeous blonde hair was the first thing she noticed.

And then the dark blue eyes.

Ronée recognized those eyes that held darkness as vast as the deep sea.

It felt like all the sounds of the world around her were muted, apart from one voice.

The man, who was breathing heavily as if he was tired from running too fast, was the person she had wanted to see for 10 years.

“…Nabel.” She recognized him at first glance.

Nabel hugged Ronée, the tension in her body left and she relaxed. It was the reunion they had been waiting for 10 years. Ronée’s heart was beating wildly. Nabel, could feel it, but remained speechless.

He pondered on what to say, but he only had one thing to say as he looked at Ronée’s visibly pale and emaciated state.

“It’s been too long, sister.”

A deep voice, that was much softer than the young voice she was used to, resonated in Ronée’s ears.




Nabel did not allow Ronée to witness the horrific scene. His followers had long since slaughtered the Inquisitor mages. He used a robe worn by the temple mages to cover a body.

The clothes his followers wore were all black so their affiliation could not be identified.

“They are…!”

“You will be punished!” sputtered the stunned knights

Nabel glanced at Ronée, he thought it was only natural the Inquisitor mages were killed by him.

“Wait a minute, please wait a little longer,” he whispered.

He turned away and pulled back the hood of his blue robe, revealing black hair. Until a moment ago, his hair had been bright gold.

It looked like magic had changed his hair color. It was more familiar to her. She had wondered how it could have grown from black to blonde.

Appearing after 10 years, Nabel had become a man much taller than Ronée. There were many scratches on the strong hands, like he had held a sword for a long time. It appears that he’s been working hard these past 10 years.

“A heresy inquisitor?”

Nabel looked back at the mages. They wore sword medallions around their necks, indicating that they were heresy inquisitors of the god Thuna.

He could hear a buzzing sound as he breathed. Someone was going to die soon.

“Those who can’t even recognize a Shinsu?”

Nabel laughed at them with no regard. Then someone who recognized him spoke up.

“Isn’t that the slave who ran away long time ago?” someone yelled.

“You’re a slave?”

Nabel laughed.

“Slave.” His voice was chilling to hear, very different from the voice he used when speaking to Ronée.

“-If I was a slave, I wouldn’t be your slave.”

Nabel lifted Ronée’s hand. Her hand, which had become cold, slowly heated up in Nabel’s grasp.


Nabel kissed the back of her hand. Slaves did not dare look up at their masters, so it was polite to kiss the back of their hand when expressing their admiration.

This meant he had only one owner, Ronée. Even the black clad swordsmen widened their eyes in surprised at his actions.

“Because the surroundings are so unpleasant, I don’t dare show them to my sister…”

Nabel raised his hand and slowly rearranged Ronée’s robes. Bright sunlight was once again hidden by the black hood of the robe.

“Would you like to rest for a while, Sister?”

There was a sense of strength in his low voice. Nabel stroked her cheek with a sad face.

“If you wish, I will dispose of them later.”

It was still too chilly to be outside wet. Ronée nodded her head briefly.

“I have prepared a place for you to rest in advance,” a quiet voice reassured Ronée. He readily escorted Ronée away.

“Catch them!”

Devant, the knight commander who had not yet come to his senses, was blocked by the swordsmen in black. Their faces were covered with masks, and all he could see was their blue eyes.

“Even if you don’t want to see it, you will soon, do you really need to follow me?” Nabel spoke with a cool voice.

Taking off one of his white gloves, he took Ronée’s hand, and kissed the back of her hand again.

The black-clad men made a sound of surprise.

“You will soon find out what kind of person I am.”

With those last words, he led Ronée away with perfect courtesy. Bell hid within Ronée’s shadow and followed.




The place Nabel took Ronée, was a small mansion near the Count’s estate. It looked like someone’s villa. Although Ronée wasn’t aware, the mansion had changed owners a week ago.

Ronée, who was drenched in salt water, would be able to bathe there. There were people already waiting to serve her at the mansion.

“My Lady!”

Ryne, who was rescued by the swordsmen sent by Nabel, also arrived shortly afterwards. Much to her surprise, the maids prepared by Nabel helped Ronée take a bath.

“… ”

‘I can hear the sound of the water. My sister is on the other side of this wall.’

He endured as how he had done for 10 years.

Her appearance, which he had not seen for a long time, had blossomed more beautifully than he had ever imagined.

Nabel stood by and waited for her to come out the of room. He wanted to see her as soon as possible.

Click. The door opened and Ronée entered the room, taking a deep breath


A firm voice rang out. Her wet, dark pink hair was twisted up in a white towel.

The few strands of hair that escaped the towel smelled of perfumed bathroom oil. What stirred Nabel the most was the scent of roses, which was stronger than 10 years ago.

Nabel was watching her, he had only been able to dream of her during the long time apart from her.

Ronée was safe. Even though he was so late, she was unharmed. Nabel closed his eyes. The darkness that had grown within him during those10 years, faded away.

“Thank you for waiting,” he whispered gently.

‘Thank you so much.’

It was time for him to return the kindness he received 10 years ago with something bigger.


It was a decade of living for only that purpose, for only this moment. He hid his internal wounds and hugged Ronée.


A strong scent aroused him, his heartbeat quickened. With trembling hands, he gently embraced Ronée.

His powerful hands, which had cut through people countless times, were gentle with her. After quelling his raging desire to run wild like a tyrant, he kissed Ronée’s forehead,

‘Just like the day I left.’

Now the two were not alone.

Then, someone knocked on the door.

“My Lord, it’s Nesha.”

Nabel’s eyes narrowed at the voice interrupting their sweet reunion.




Nesha was a loyal knight. He was the person who would go a long way to serve his master, a person of great skill that was promoted before anyone else.

He was quick-witted and understood Nabel’s vague commands. Upon arrival at the mansion, Nabel gave two orders.

‘Do not interrupt our time in the mansion.’

‘And if you notice anything strange about the Inquisitor mages, report it separately.’

Why the Heretic Inquisitors? But no one had the courage to ask. The knights who followed him only engraved his orders deeply in their minds.

Nabel had clearly given the order not to disturb him when he came here, but this was a matter of urgency. Eventually, Nesha had no choice but to knock on the door, even if he disobeyed his master’s orders.

“My Lord, it’s Nesha.”

“…I have told you not to disturb me,” a cold voice resounded from behind the door.

Nesha was nervous.

As a lord who first appeared on the battlefield and made a name for himself, there would be no mercy for mistakes.

Nabel, whom he knew, did not kill without cause. But once he was convinced, he pushed forward without hesitation.

The traitors from before were made into a cruel example that made those with disrespectful hearts tremble.

This meant that Nesha, who disobeyed the order to not to disturb him, could become an example and be hung up on the wall.

Nesha bowed his head nervously.

“I’m sorry. But-“


The door opened. Nabel opened the door with narrowed eyes. Those darkened eyes stared at Nesha.

“Is it an urgent issue?”

He had come to report that the bodies of the Inquisitor mages had turned into black powder and dispersed. It was a strange thing, so he had to report it.

Originally, the followers of the gods, after death their bodies were kept intact until burial. It was also divine consideration for mages who followed the gods their entire life.

However, the bodies of the Inquisitor mages had disappeared without a trace.

It was absurd. Unless they were fake Inquisitors.


Nesha was speechless. The Lord had a face that was uncomfortable for anyone to see. Nesha knew that he had no mercy in his hands at times like this. He was a lord who had survived on the battlefield for a long time. There was no way he didn’t know.


A small voice could be heard from inside the room. Of course it was Nesha’s first time hearing the voice.

‘Is she crazy?’

Nesha was startled by the voice that dared to call out the most precious name on the western continent.

He didn’t realize it, but it was the wisest decision of his life, that he didn’t verbalize his thoughts

“If you’re busy, you can go for a while.”

Intuition told Nesha that the first time he saw that woman’s face, it would be on the wall tomorrow morning.

‘No, this is the eastern continent, so there’s no need to hang her on the wall.’

At least it was clear that he would not see the neck and head attached.

“-I don’t want to leave you alone anymore.”

However, his expectations were splendidly wrong. Nesha opened his mouth involuntarily. It wasn’t the cold voice of the Lord he knew.

A softer voice was directed towards the woman. So soft that even he was sad at not being on the receiving end of it.

“You’re not going too far. I’ll be waiting here.”

Nabel finally nodded his head at the small voice. And when he saw that, Nesha could not believe the sight before his eyes.

‘Who the hell is that woman?’

Nabel was not a person who said a lot to his subordinates.

Thanks to the opinions of his knights, Nabel’s words could have many different meanings. ‘Take care of yourself,’ could be interpreted multiple ways.

Nesha thought, ‘She must be a woman of high status on the eastern continent.’

‘She must be the one who was needed to maintain the relationship for exchanges between the Eastern and Western empires.’

All his thoughts seemed to be wrong. Either way, all the knights had gathered and came to the decision that they needed to treat her as important as the guests of the Imperial palace.

‘No, absolutely not.’

Nesha realized something very important. He should never go against that woman.




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