Eaten By the Tyrant I Raised – Chapter 9

The time Nabel kept Ronée waiting was not very long. After issuing urgent orders, he immediately returned to her side.



Ronée was gazing out the window. Even just a few hours ago, she never imagined things would turn out this way.

Bell seemed to have regained her strength a little, but she was still in Ronée’s arms with her tail hanging down.

After glancing at Bell, Nabel opened his mouth.

“Do you remember the forest that was like the sea?”

Ronée widened her eyes. Ryne, who was busy combing her hair, also had the same reaction. Only the maid of the mansion, who was still unfamiliar to the two, bowed her head deeply and did not move while standing next to.

“They say it’s a place where the leaves stretch out endlessly, and that when the wind blows, the leaves sway like the motion of the ocean’s waves.”

Nabel’s gaze slightly touched Ryne and then fell. It was a story that Ryne once told them when they were young.

For Ronée, who was born in the inland region, it was hard to visualize such a landscape. A forest that spreads out endlessly like the sea… it was too grandiose to imagine by simply multiplying the few trees visible outside the window of her room.

“I know of a place like that. I want to go together,” Nabel whispered quietly.

Ronée had no reason to refuse. She could never return to the Rieda mansion, nor could she venture to any other place on the Eastern Continent.

At least not within the reach of the temple. What’s more, they had even killed an Inquisitor mage…

Ronée’s expression darkened.

‘Will it be okay?’

Already branded as a demon, no matter where she went, she would be an enemy of the temple and their believers. She may have to be on the lookout for the mages for the rest of her life.

But, what about Nabel?

“You have a lot of worries.” Nabel approached her and gently placed his hand on her cheek. His white gloves touched her cheeks.

“Ah.” As if realizing something about her, Nabel lightly pulled off the white gloves with his teeth. Soon, the gloves fell to the floor.

The maid of the mansion widened her eyes at the action. She knew her master wore his gloves wherever he went.

Now barehanded, Nabel touched Ronée again. This time he tried to smooth the worry creases forming at the edges of her eyes.

“If you’re worried about the incident with the Inquisitor mages, there’s no need. Did I not promise you?”

It was so long ago, the days of their childhood.

“I won’t do anything that brings harm to my sister. So…” He spoke softly but his voice quavered slightly.

“Would you like to go see the ocean of trees with me?”

His question held implications that he wanted her to follow him wherever he went. Ronée clearly recalled their childhood conversation.

“Is that on the Western Continent?”


That meant they had to leave the Eastern Continent. A completely new land. An unfamiliar place she had never been to or imagined she would ever set foot in.

It would be a very different place from here. Initially, there was very little interaction between the people of the Eastern and Western Continents, so their cultures must be very different as well.

“It’s where you’ve been for 10 years.”


Nabel did not deny it.

Although nothing good would come from revealing his identity on the Eastern Continent, at the very least he wouldn’t it in front of Ronée.

“…Your homeland.” He didn’t deny that either.

“You knew.”

Ronée nodded her head slowly.

“Rather than knowing, I wondered where someone who knew so much about the Shinsu came from.”

It was the conclusion she had reached during the time she was separated from him. The people of the Eastern Continent knew nothing about the divine beasts. Ronée had never even heard of Shinsu. However, Nabel seemed to know all about them.

A place where even a child as young as Nabel could identify the divine beasts. The only conclusion could be that it was a completely different part of the world.

“Every time I thought of you, I would think, ‘So he was from the Western Continent, after all.”

Nabel laughed. “I should have come a little sooner.”

His sad gaze touched Ronée’s pale face.

‘Because I was afraid that those looking for me would come for you, my thoughts were haunted by you’

He swallowed those words back down.

“You look exactly as I remembered.”

‘Sister.’ He wanted to call out to her like he did before.

Nabel smiled. This person with her profound scent of roses. He would not be separated from her.

He didn’t want to be separated from her.

‘Just as I’ve only thought of you for 10 years, did you think of me as well?’

Nabel had never wanted to hold Ronée’s hand as much as he did now. If he held her hand, all her thoughts would be revealed to him. However, it was more respectful for him to wait for her to reveal them herself.

He suppressed his desires.

“But, if you go to the Western Continent like this, you may never be able to return to the Eastern Continent again.”

The Western Continent and the Eastern Continent were far apart. It would be a rough journey, but the timing was perfect. Finnely’s Bridge, a land bridge that connected the two continents, was only safely passable once a month due to receding waters.

all. Now was a good time. It was time to cross the Pinelle Bridge safely. Since it was a difficult place to reach, they weren’t sure if they would be able to ever return to the Eastern Continent.


That’s what he was saying. That she had a choice to make because she may never return.

Did she truly want to leave this place? Was it really okay for her to come with him to such a foreign land?

” As you know, The Western Continent is very different from the Eastern Continent…” he said slowly.

He parted his lips, there were words he was hesitant to say.

‘Come with me. Let’s be together forever, like the wish I made when I was young.’

 ‘I want to be with you forever.’

That’s what he really wanted to say, but it was just his selfish desires.

Nabel did his best to restrain himself as much as possible. He didn’t come to bind Ronée. He hadn’t forgotten how Ronée had shared her small sanctuary with him. He hadn’t forgotten how great that kindness was. So, he suppressed his desires.

He did not forget how great the favor was. Therefore, he was able to quell his desires. He didn’t dare push his will upon Ronée.

The people in the West, who were accustomed to the ways of the young tyrant of the Western Empire, would have been shocked to see him now.

“The lands of the Western Continent are vast,” Nabel finally said as he suppressed his desires.

“Because it’s large, the monsters there are also large and vicious. It’s dangerous. The people of the Western Continent are also unfamiliar with people from the Eastern Continent. There will be a lot of inconveniences.”

Nabel’s fingertips gently touched Ronée’s pink hair.

“The people of the West regard the people of the East as outsiders, you may find it difficult to adapt there.”

‘You will be the most brightly shining person on the Western Continent.’

“I don’t want you to have a hard time. If you want to remain on the Eastern Continent, you can,” Nabel said quietly.

Ronée chuckled as he listed all the negative things about the Western Continent. It was like he was trying to warn her before taking to a scary place. But contrary to his words, his face was desperately saying: ‘Let’s go together.’ For Ronée, that alone was enough to convince her.

“Is it scarier than that mansion?”

Nabel’s mouth closed at Ronée’s words. His gaze moved towards the window. Their distance from Rieda Mansion was not far as it was still vaguely visible.

“It will be scarier than a place like that.”

Ronée’s eyes widened slightly at his words.

“It will be a place filled with even more ignorant petty people. But it will also have more good people than that mansion.”

Ronée smiled at his words.

“Nabel, that’s enough for me.” She took his hand and her sincere thoughts started flowing.

‘More than anything else, I hate the thought of being alone again.’

“I had already decided to leave that place. If you hadn’t come; I would have escaped.”

Then it must have been very dangerous…Nabel inhaled deeply, and then exhaled. He released a tense breath that as he was still trying to restrain himself.

“Well then, let’s go.”

‘To the Western Continent. To the place I spent 10 years preparing just for you.’

“My sister has given me permission,” he concluded in a very small voice.

Inside his mind, the last remaining string of reason broke.


* * * * * * *


Nabel escorted Ronée to a carriage waiting for them behind the mansion. The carriage was prepared with the minimum number of items in order to not impede them from traveling as fast as possible.

There were two carriages, Ryne got into the rear carriage with the others.

It was an inevitable choice. She understood that it was to help Ronée travel more comfortably. The wagon shook as it sped off.

Ronée rarely had the opportunity to ride a carriage in her life.

Those opportunities occurred only when she was younger, but once her stepmother arrived on the scene, those occasions diminished. As an adult, riding a carriage was an unfamiliar experience for her.

Ronée watched the black-clad men on horseback that followed beside the carriage.

“They’re all people we can trust,” Nabel said with a subdued smile.

“You must have met a lot of good people, while we were apart.”

It was fortunate. She had worried so much about whether he faced difficulties while venturing out alone. A slightly warmer smile appeared on Ronée’s face.

Of course, it would have been difficult. But she was relieved that he was unharmed.

“Nothing is more meaningful than the beginning.”

Nabel smiled. The first good person he had ever met in his life was gazing out of her window, radiating in the rays of the warm sun.

The carriage trip was long. Fortunately, there was no need to sail across the rough seas. It was her childhood dream to see the open sea, but Nabel decided to postpone it for now. Ronée’s body was too weak. It was unreasonable to make the trip longer.

The Western Continent, where they arrived after traveling for ten days, was undeniably different from the Eastern Continent.

Outside her window, Ronée saw a tree that towered so high that it was impossible to see it in its entirety in a single glance. The trunk of the tree could not be encircled even ten people linked arms.

As they drew closer, the tree enveloped the carriage in its shadow for close to a minute by completely obscuring the sun.


It was just as Nabel had said. This place was completely different from the Eastern Continent.

If such an enormous tree could exist here, the monsters must also be as big as Nabel had mentioned. That’s how dangerous this strange place would be.

At that moment, the carriage shook violently. The black-clad horseman outside must have seen her expression pale as she bowed her head. He was one guarding the area surrounding the carriage.

Ronée nodded her head slightly to signify that it was okay, but the man was clearly looking past her to meet Nabel’s eyes.

Eyes which warned that a second mistake would not be tolerated. The man spoke to the coachman with a nervous expression on his face.

The carriage sped onwards more carefully, but quickly. Ronée’s gaze moved past the large trees and further into the distance.

On top of a hill, animals Ronée had never seen before were chasing each other.

They howled.

She quickly realized they were monsters, not animals. At the end of the chase, the brown monster leading the chase, pounced on the other monster and into its neck.

At that moment, Nabel gently covered her eyes with his warm hands.

“I don’t think you want to see what happens next.”

“I don’t think so either,” Ronée nodded as she turned her gaze to the inside of the carriage. The structure of the carriage was also very different from what she remembered from her childhood.

Ronée had to admit it. The Western Continent is certainly a strange and dangerous place. But she wasn’t worried. She felt much more liberated than when she was in the Rieda Mansion.

It felt like she was breathing for the first time. She inhaled deeply and exhaled with a smile.

Her heart was racing. Nabel kissed the back of her hand once more.

It was a delicate hand, he thought it might break if squeezed too hard.

Nabel closed his eyes. He needed patience.

He wanted to ask what had happened. He wanted to know if the people who caused her harm remained unscathed.

Because he didn’t want to leave them to remain in the world.

But he didn’t want to dig up Ronée’s painful memories.

She had once told him, ‘There is no need to ask about the painful past.’

He agreed and would do just as the young Ronée had done.

Nabel exhaled a short, quiet breath. He already had many plans made in his head.

Among them, was a plan to drive the detestable House of Rieda into ruin. He already had the methods needed within his grasp.

He placed a hand over Ronée’s once more as he contemplated the report Nesha had posted.


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