Ronée happened to save a young boy. Despite the rarity of his golden hair, she had thought it was nothing more than a coincidence.

“Sister, love you. I want to be with you forever.”

“Thank you for loving me.”

But the boy had been twelve at that time, and she was seventeen.

“But we can’t be together.”

The age gap was difficult enough, but her father would want to hand her off to a suitable marriage candidate. He was sure to oppose it.

Therefore, she rejected him.

She thought they would never see each other again.


“There is no other woman in my eyes, but you.”

Ten years later, he appeared before Ronée again, as an emperor.

“Thank you for loving me. But…”

‘You, as emperor, and I cannot be together.’ Ronée made up her mind to give him a realistic answer.

“We still can’t be together?” He whispered quietly to her, his eyes flashing dangerously.

The very young and feeble child had become the ruler of a continent; his soft and frail hands had become the strong and rough hands of a man.

Nabel, the emperor, slowly moved on top of Ronée and wrapping himself around her like a vine.

“Where did you learn a thing like this?”

She realized the childlike Nabel no longer existed.


He was dangerous; no, even more than that.

“If it’s for you… I can learn even these sorts of things,” Nabel smiled sleepily.

At those words coming from the lips of the man with the noblest blood on the continent, Ronée’s eyes widened in surprise.

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