I Fell Into the Arms Of a Mad Villain – Chapter 1

“Oh my god!”

Frightened by the sudden sensation of falling, I closed my eyes and awaited the terrible pain that was soon to come.

But after a while…


My eyes slowly fluttered open.

Rather than pain, I experienced a shock that wasn’t as big as I thought.

Soon my eyes met a sharp gaze and a face with a hardened expression.

The man’s gaze slowly lifted upwards at the sky and then fell upon me again.

“Did you just fall from the sky?”

‘Did I?’

While glancing up at the sky in bewilderment, I belatedly realized that my body was being held by this man.

“…Hey, can you put me down?”

“No,” he said with a wink as the corners of his lips rose into a gentle smile. “Now that I have found my bride if you run away, it will be a serious issue.”

“I’m your bride?”


The man’s smile was more dazzling than the morning sun, but that didn’t catch my eye at all.

‘Your bride…. What do you mean?’

“Excuse me, but who are you? Where are we now?”

My last memory was the feeling of tremendous shock and pain while riding an express bus…

Why is there a vast sandy desert spread out before my eyes?

“Oh my, God didn’t tell you who your groom is?”

The man was still smiling, but his sharp blue eyes expressed his desire to cut down God that very moment.

“Remember this well. Edwin Crawford, the master of this west, is your groom.”

‘Edwin? Edwin Crawford?’

A flicker of a memory aroused upon hearing the very familiar name.

‘Who is Edwin Crawford?’

Wasn’t he the psycho villain of the R-19 trash novel “Save Me” that I read a while ago?

There were many words to describe him.

The Wild Dragon of the West, The Deranged Killer of the Desert, The Psychotic Slaughterer, etc.

His basic principle was to mercilessly kill those he found irritating, and people with silver hair. His obsession with silver hair led him to kidnap, torture, and kill those with the hair shade regardless of their age or gender.

Lillian, the heroine, was also one of those kidnapped by him.

Silver hair in this world is rare, it’s difficult to find someone with the hair shade unless they had a disease or were elderly.

In Lilian’s case, her hair turned silvery-white as a result of a childhood illness.

While torturing Lillian, Edwin falls in love with her but he is eventually killed by the Crown Prince, the male protagonist.

‘No… What kind of madman falls in love while torturing someone?’

He found her beautiful when she was bleeding and groaning in pain.

That’s not all. He even fed Lilian his own blood and forced her into a.

Why are you such a madman! Why is he here?!

“My Lord.”

While I was silently panicking, a man clad in leather protective gear approached us.

For a moment, the ashen-haired man gazed at me with bewildered eyes and then spoke to Edwin.

“What should we do about the rest?”

“Beryl, you take care of it.”

While contemplating my predicament, I turned my head and saw a group of people kneeling in chains.

“Please spare us!”

Blood splattered around those who cried out in fear.

As I swallowed hard at the chilling scene, I could feel their gazes on me.

Unlike those who cried out, their crimson eyes were sharp and seemed animalistic.

The moment I met those gazes, goosebumps rose, and I quickly averted my eyes.

“My bride seems to be timid,” Edwin said with a grin. Then he shifted my body over his shoulder, concealing the gruesome scene from my sight.

The way I was being held felt no different than a piece of luggage. I begged him to put me down, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

Before I could adjust to the absurd situation, my eyes widened in shock the moment I saw the silver tresses.


My hair, which was swaying to and fro with every step Edwin took, was undeniably white.

Suddenly, a slight breeze wafted the heavy scent of blood past me, and I was reminded of those who were murdered in succession before my eyes.

“Oh my god.”

Feeling nauseous, I quickly covered my nose, but the urge to vomit increased due to Edwin’s jarring movements.


Noticing my condition, Edwin grasped me with one arm and changed my position.

“My bride also has a weak stomach.”

When his brow furrowed in displeasure, I was reluctant to lean against him, even for a moment.

After gradually regaining my composure, I was able to calmly grasp the situation.

‘Being possessed by a novel is already an insanely ridiculous situation. But to end up with silver hair as well…’

Did I commit some horrible sin in a past life?

‘God, Buddha, all those other unknown gods… Please save me.’

I clasped my hands together and prayed earnestly, but my situation did not show any sign of changing.

Meanwhile, Edwin draped a robe over my shoulders and fastened it with a few buttons. After carefully pulling up the hood, he placed me on his horse and then sat behind me.

We departed without delay and the landscape quickly changed as the desert gradually disappeared from view.

After traveling past an assortment of unfamiliar buildings, an antiquated mansion could be seen in the distance.

‘Isn’t he a duke as well?’

The taupe-brown mansion, imbued in the red sunset, seemed too tranquil for someone known as the ‘Wild Dragon of the West’.

“Have you returned from your travels?”

As I dismounted from his horse with Edwin’s help, a man approached and greeted him.

Considering that he was able to speak to Edwin without any fear, this man must be Seth, the butler of the duke.

Seth was of a similar age to Edwin and one of his closest aides.

According to the original novel, he was the only one to see Edwin off and greet him upon returning.

It was a measure that was implemented due to the number of servants who died whenever Edwin was in a foul mood.

Faced with the fact that I had been captured by a madman, anxiety and fear took root in my heart.

“Who is this?”

“My bride, God has finally sent me a gift.”

Unlike Edwin, who was full of excitement, Seth’s cold gaze was full of disdain as he stared at me.

Edwin chuckled when I moved to hide behind him.

“Seth, my bride is timid and has a weak stomach. You’ll have to be careful when tending to her needs,” Edwin stated as he gently embraced me.

“Yes, My Lord.”

Contrary to his dutiful response, Seth’s eyes were full of bitterness when he lowered his head.

Edwin looked pleased with himself as he hugged me snugly.

“…I can walk.”

Edwin smiled as I expressed my opinion apprehensively.

“But your face is so pale.”

His expression seemed genuinely concerned.

‘Don’t be fooled!’

Edwin often used his attractiveness to seduce his prey.

He had barely done anything, but I was already mesmerized by his gorgeous golden hair and his full reddish lips.

From his refined facial features to his slightly raised eyes and sharp nose, he was beautiful enough to be called a masterpiece of God.

Above all else, his striking eyes, which resembled aquamarine, were the pinnacle of beauty and fatally attractive.

Who wouldn’t be seduced by his beauty after experiencing his gentle smile and deep voice?

“Now I can see my bride properly.”

Edwin held me in his arms as he entered a large room and walked towards a sofa. When he took a seat on a sofa, he refused to release me and pulled me onto his lap instead.

“Please put me down.”

While perched on his lap, I was very aware of his hard thighs, the closeness of his face, and the sound of his breathing.

“No. After all this time, I have finally found my bride. I can’t allow you to run away.”

“I’m not going to run away.”

“Liar, you’re already trembling like this.” Edwin smirked and tapped my nose.

The touch was so terrifying that I flinched and cowered.

“I’m not a scary person.”

His expression resembled a wounded puppy.

I immediately wanted to soothe him, but I resisted and tried to get a hold of myself instead.

“Sir Edwin.”

“How can you call your groom ‘sir’? Call me Ed.”

The sweet voice that resonated in my ears and his finely curved eyes were enough to relax anyone’s heart.

However, when facing the crushing weight of that gaze, I could only shiver in fear.

I parted my lips and forced myself to speak because of this preconceived notion that I would die if I didn’t say his name immediately.

“Uh, Ed…”

“Good job.” Edwin smiled brightly as if he was satisfied.

“What is my bride’s name?”

As I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, I became nervous again at the ensuing question.

Since I wasn’t of this world, no one would know or have any memories of the owner of this body, so I had no way of knowing who I possessed.

And I didn’t want to tell him my real name.

His smile deepened at my hesitation.

‘He’s obviously smiling, but why are the hairs on the back of my neck standing up?’

In the end, I was overwhelmed by the pressure and spoke frankly.

“I don’t know.”

Edwin looked puzzled at my answer.

“I don’t know who I am.  I don’t know why I fell into Edw- into your arms”

I was going to say ‘Edwin’, but when confronted with that formidable gaze, I immediately decided against it.

The fierce look softened immediately.

“Is God testing me?”

Edwin tilted his head and gently grasped my chin.

Even with the soft touch, my body stiffened with tension.

“Hmm, the prophecy was correct,” Edwin muttered as he gazed into my eyes with a perplexed expression on his face.

“You even have silver hair, too.”

After twiddling a lock of my hair, he lean forward brushed his lips into it.

I wish my hair had been full of static when it came into contact with his red lips.

“You’re my bride, but why can’t you remember anything?”

When his hand began to gently stroke my back, I tried to move away, but he pulled me back and hugged me tightly.

To prevent me from running away.

“This is going to be fun. I will replace your lost memories with new experiences until I occupy every corner of your mind,” Edwin added with a wolfish grin.

I was suffocating on the possessive desire, a feeling I had never experienced in my life.

“Do you want me to give you a name?”

‘Do I have a choice in the matter?’

Swallowing a sigh, I nodded reluctantly.

“Well then, what would be a good name?”

After pondering for a moment, he slapped his knee in excitement.

“I think ‘Angelina’ is suitable since you’re my angel and gift from God. What do you think?”

‘What do you mean by, ‘my angel’?’

I wanted to hide my face in embarrassment, but I had no choice but to nod my head.

Because my life is precious

“Angelina Crawford, that sounds great.”

‘Don’t do as you please and attach Crawford to my name. I have no intention of marrying you.’

I wanted to shout it proudly, but I didn’t have the courage to risk my life in front of a predator.

So, I swallowed my words with tears in my eyes.



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