I Fell Into the Arms Of A Mad Villain – Chapter 12

When I return to my room after bathing and getting dressed, I found Edwin waiting for me.

“Come here.”

Edwin was sitting on a sofa. He tapped the empty place next to him.

As I sat down, he combed his fingers through my hair.

“What color would you like?”

‘Just as I thought, he plans to use hair-dying products.’

I wanted to mention how unsafe those products were, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop him. So I chose to remain silent instead.

“I’d like my bride to have blonde hair like me,” Edwin stated after picking up the color and opening the glass bottle with his other hand.

Inside the glass bottle, there was a white liquid.

Raising the bottle above my head, Edwin tipped the bottle, and the white liquid shimmered like snow as it was poured over my hair.

I watched my hair turn blonde, just like Edwin.

I was told that if I dyed my hair, it would dry up like a broom. However, my hair looked healthier and shinier than a shampoo model.

‘What’s going on?’

I couldn’t hide the surprise on my face.  Edwin, on the other hand, admired my hair with a smile on his face.

“It’s pretty.”

He pressed his lips against the hair he held in his hand.

“I prefer your pure white hair, but this isn’t bad. I feel like this is just another way to show that you’re mine.”

Although I was drawn to those intense sparkling blue eyes, his gaze also felt suffocating.

“I think that you should stay like this for a while. I don’t like the thought of other men coveting your hair.”

“Even inside the residence?”

He simply nodded.

I couldn’t understand the reason behind Edwin’s request, so I decided to ask a few more questions.

“Isn’t this going to require a lot of hair-dying products?”

“We don’t need more.”

I frowned because his words only added to my confusion.

“The effect will remain until I say otherwise.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Yes, but only because of me. Please don’t tell anyone about this. It’s a secret product after all.”

Edwin winked while touching his index finger to his lips.

“Is it a family secret? Or maybe a magical product?”

Is the Crawford family able to use magic? I don’t remember that being in the original story.

Moreover, there’s no central organization in this world that regulates magicians. There are only a few of them and most work alone.

But the only thing that I am certain of is that a product like this didn’t exist.

Because if something like this did exist, Duke Shabini would’ve bought it for Lilyan.

“One more thing.”

Edwin presented a wooden box.

Inside it, there was something resembling contact lenses from my previous life.

I knew that they would be used to hide my Jueri eyes.

“This is an artifact. It’s a family treasure. You cannot use it without the permission of the head of the family.”

The lens Edwin carefully picked up seemed to be made from a hard material.

“Put this in your eyes. Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt you.”

He gently held open her eyelid and put it in place.

“It doesn’t hurt, right?”

“Did you really put it in?”

I couldn’t feel anything, even when I blinked.

“Look at it yourself.”

I looked at my reflection through the handheld mirror. My eye, which usually shone like a jewel, appeared normal.

The color of the eye hadn’t changed, so it remained purple.

“My eye has changed, but I can’t see the artifact.”

Usually, when you put on contact lenses, you should be able to see the outline of the lens. Right?

“That’s because your eye absorbed it.”

My eye absorbed that solid thing? Edwin chuckled at my reaction.

“Don’t worry. It won’t affect your body negatively. Here, let’s put in the other one too.”

Edwin carefully placed the other lens on my remaining eye.

“Perfect, right? This way, no one will be able to tell that my fiancée is a Jueri,” he said with a smile on his face while sweeping my golden hair behind my ears.

I looked in the mirror again. They indeed looked like normal eyes.

‘This wasn’t in the original novel.’

If I knew there were artifacts like these, I would’ve considered escaping earlier.

Now I was feeling regretful.

“I don’t think my bride will do something frivolous. But since you’re always so scared, I’m telling you this just in case.”

His voice was very friendly, but the cold eyes made me gulp.

“I can always revert the color of your hair and eyes back to its original state, so don’t think about doing anything silly.”

The words being whispered into my air made me have goosebumps.

‘Did it show on my face? I didn’t say anything out loud, right?’

Edwin’s words made it seem like he could read my mind and that made me instantly freeze.

“Since we’ve made a blood contract, you won’t be able to escape anyways.”

Edwin stepped back and smiled. His previous cold attitude was nowhere to be found.

“Do you like your new style? Because I really do.”

I nodded nervously.

“Then, let’s go out.”

While holding me in his arms like always, Edwin left the room.

Once we walked outside the building, Seth and the knights were waiting.

“Are the preparations ready?”

“Yes, I’m sure you’ll have a good time.”

Edwin exchanged some inaudible words with Seth, then made me enter the carriage first.

Usually, he would have me seated on his lap. But today, he asked me to sit next to him. Not only that, but I got to sit right by the window.

I found it strange, but I didn’t say anything since it would allow me to look outside.

After we left the Duke’s residence, the carriage followed the road for a while before buildings began to appear.

‘The roofs really are red.’

In the original novel, it stated that the buildings of each region had a different color. And among them, the roofs of the western region were red.

I found the stone-paved roads and the lack of high-rise buildings interesting as well.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

I was immersed in the outside scenery when I felt a warm body with a woodsy scent at my back.

I stiffened for a moment, but I slowly relaxed. It wasn’t like Edwin would listen to me or anything.

“Yes, it’s my first time outside, there are many things I find interesting.”

“I’m glad that my fiancée is enjoying herself. The West isn’t as fancy as the other regions, but there are plenty of interesting things worth seeing.”

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s take a look around the city first. It’s very crowded, which makes it the perfect place to show off my fiancée.”

‘Since day one, he has been desperate to hide me from the public eye. What’s with the sudden attitude change?’

I truly couldn’t comprehend him at all.

“I’m sure everyone will be surprised. After all, there’s no woman more beautiful than you.”

Edwin rubbed his face against my shoulders, which made me stiffen again.

‘You’re going to give me a heart attack.’

Although he always had me on his lap, this kind of touching made me uncomfortable, especially near my neck.

I mean, an injury there could end my life. So it creeped me out.

“We’ve arrived,” announced Berry (Really Berry and not Barry?), captain of the knights, after the carriage stopped.


Edwin checked my hair and eyes once more, and after he was satisfied, we exited the carriage.

Once I stepped down from the carriage, with the escort of Edwin, everyone began looking at us.

‘Did they recognize the Dragon of the West?’

No, that’s not possible.

In the original storyline, Edwin was almost always hunting demons with the Ravens and rarely showed himself outside the border.

That’s why most of the citizens didn’t know Edwin’s face.

“Why are they staring at me?”

I was tilting my head when Edwin suddenly lifted me up and hugged me.

Everyone’s attention was on us.

“I think they’re lovers.”

“It’s good to be young.”

“They’re both good-looking.”

Their comments made me blush.

“Ed, can you put me down? I want to look around,” I whispered to Ed. But rather than listening to me, he held me tighter.

“Just as I thought. No one can take their eyes off my bride.”

‘That’s because you’re hugging me!’

I glared at Edwin as he smiled.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t understand why he wanted to show me off.

If he wanted to brag, he should let everyone know he’s part of the Crawford family. But that wasn’t the case at all.

Neither the carriage nor the guards had the family’s crest.

‘What is he thinking?’

While I was doing my best to understand him, Edwin happily hummed and looked around.

“Is there anything that suits my fiancée?”

Edwin was looking around the town and suddenly stopped in front of a shop.

“There should be something here.”

The store located on the boulevard was more luxurious than the other shops around.

I lifted my head because I wondered what kind of shop he had taken me to. That’s when I saw a sign that said ‘Charlotte’.

‘Of all places…’

Of course, Charlotte was the number one jewelry brand in the industry. However, I couldn’t help but feel restless.

In the original novel, Edwin kidnapped the daughter of the family that owned the jewelry shop. But eventually, he ended up falling in love with her.

The only thing that made me feel a sense of relief is that Edwin still hadn’t met Lilyan.

‘If he kidnaps Lilyan, it will stir up trouble with the Crown Prince and Duke Shabini.’

If that happens, even if he has Sephiroth’s sword, things will get very complicated. And, of course, my life will be in even more danger.

‘Wait a second. Since Edwin has already found me, there’s no need for him to search for more people with white hair.’

But, what will happen if he learns about the truth regarding the death of the previous Duke?

If that happens, will he still leave Lilyan alone?

I couldn’t be too sure about that.

‘No matter what happens, I have to stop him from kidnapping Lilyan.’

But would I be able to do it?

I wasn’t so confident.

Edwin was in high spirits as he opened the door and entered the shop.

“Welcome. Do you have an appointment?”

“Seth Milian.”

“Wait for a moment, please. I’ll check for your name in the reservations list.”

The short-haired clerk walked toward the counter.

“Why didn’t you use your real name?” I whispered in Edwin’s ear to prevent anyone from overhearing.

“If I’d used my real name, everyone here would be shaking with fear. And thus, no one would be able to speak to us.”


“If I were alone, I wouldn’t mind. But I want my fiancée to shop comfortably.”

Perhaps my image of him being a crazy person is too strong?

I found it weird hearing that he did something like this for me.

I wasn’t sure what kind of expression I should make. At that moment, the short-haired employee came with another clerk.

“Welcome, Count Millian. My name is Sheila Ament, and I’m the shop’s manager,” the pink-haired manager politely greeted.

“This is your first time in Charlotte, correct? Allow me to guide you to the second floor.”

The manager led us to a separate room.

Just like he did when we were at his residence, Edwin made me sit on his lap. Everyone’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

The manager asked calmly with a business smile on her face, “Is there anything in particular that you’re looking for?”

“I’m looking for an engagement gift for my fiancée.”

“If there’s any particular stone you like, please tell us, and we will prepare an assortment to show you accordingly.”

“Do you have any favorite stones?”

I shook my head at Edwin’s question.

“I don’t know that much about jewelry… Ed, could you pick one for me?”

“What if you don’t like the one I choose for you?”

When he asked that question, his eyes were glittering. It seems like he’s testing me. Or at least that’s what the sixth sense, that I’d developed while staying with him, is telling me.

“There’s no way I would hate something you’ve chosen for me.”

Thankfully, it seems like he’s satisfied with my answer. The corners of his lips went up.

On the other hand, I was feeling relieved. Why is it that critical moments such as this one happen so frequently?

“How can you speak so beautifully? So cute.”

When Ed touched my nose, the eyes of all the female employees began glittering.

“Did you hear? She says that she’ll like anything I pick for her.”

“Then, what kind of gemstone should I bring you?”

“Bring me all your colored diamonds. Full sets, please.”


“Oh, and she likes to wear matching things. So, bring a ring for me, too.”

‘How long is he going to keep talking about matching couple items?’

The manager and the other employees smiled after seeing me blush out of embarrassment.

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