I Fell Into the Arms of a Mad Villain – Chapter 7

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“Madam’s mind and body are quite weak. She seems to have suffered a great psychological shock.”

After the examination, Henson stepped away from the bed and mumbled a diagnosis.

“And her heart?”


Startled by the sudden question, Henson reluctantly raised his head.

But faced with Edwin’s strong expression of displeasure, he quickly bowed his head again.

“She complained about chest pains and had difficulty breathing properly.”

“That…would require a more precise examin-.”

“You are incompetent.”

Henson inhaled sharply at the cold words that were thrown his way.

He really wanted to cry.

‘With the Duke holding her so closely, is it even possible to conduct a more thorough examination?’

But Henson knew if he didn’t provide a proper explanation at that very moment, he would soon find himself in the afterlife.

“Yes, she seems to have experienced a tremendous shock. Her pulse is weak, however, there is no damage to her heart. She will be fine after resting and taking the prescribed medication.”

Fortunately, the Duke seemed satisfied with his answer and didn’t make any further remarks against his credibility. Instead, another question was directed towards him.

“When will she wake up?”

‘How exactly am I supposed to know that? I don’t even know what the hell happened to her!’

However, if he answered vaguely, the Duke might be killed for being incompetent.

On the other hand, it would also be dangerous to answer with an exact time.

If the Madam didn’t wake up at the time he stated, he would surely die.

Henson instantly broke out in a cold sweat and forcibly bowed his head.

“She can make a quick recovery if you allow her to sleep as much as possible.”

After he answered in a way that he barely considered to be safe, the Duke waved his hand to indicate the end of the conversation.

Hoping that was his cue to leave, Henson glanced at the butler, who nodded and led him to the door.

Once they exited the room, the butler quietly closed the door behind them and then gave Henson a look of indifference.

“Please prepare the medicine right away,” the butler ordered coolly.

“Yes…yes. I will go down now and prepare it,” Henson nodded with a pale face. He was visibly shaken if he had just narrowly escaped a meeting with the angel of death.

“There is one thing you must keep in mind.”

Henson swallowed hard as he listened to the butler’s eerie tone.

“Everything about the Madam is to be kept confidential, especially her appearance. You know what will happen if you disclose anything, right? Do you need me to remind you?”

The dimly shining brown eyes were inferior to the Duke’s terrifying glare, but it was enough to send you his heart racing in fear.

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.” Henson managed to suppress the urge to cry and nodded earnestly.

‘I should have never accepted this job.’

Henson never expected that he would end up endangering his life for a salary that was several times greater than anywhere else.

In fact, when signing the work contract, he never expected to face someone as fearsome as the Duke.

Unlike his usual timid demeanor, Henson gave the butler a look of resentment, but was immediately put in his place with one chilling look.

“In case you have forgotten, I would like to remind you that you leave your position until the master dismisses you.”

Henson, who was thinking of writing a resignation letter, looked at the butler in surprise.

He should have read the contract more carefully before signing it.

Henson’s expression darkened.

“It would be for the best if you rid yourself of any thoughts of running away. The rumors about my master are far more accurate than you can imagine.”

“I wouldn’t dare have such thoughts! Absolutely, not at all.” Henson was visibly trembling as he shook his head desperately.

Seeing this, Seth gave a look of satisfaction.


* * * * * * *


“I gave the physician a firm warning,” Seth reported to Edwin in a curt manner, while under the impression that his actions were not perceived as threatening at all.

Edwin nodded in response, his gaze solely fixed on Angelina.

“Why don’t you put Madam in the bed? You must rest as well, Master.”

“I am resting.”

“Haven’t you been skipping your meals?”

“It’s fine.”

When Edwin raised his head slowly met his gaze, Seth’s face crumpled the moment he observed his master’s dark circles and bloodshot eyes.

“Leave before I physically remove you myself.”

Seth took one last look at Edwin before bowing and quietly leaving the room.

Once he heard the door close, Edwin took a deep breath and buried his face in Angelina’s head.

He couldn’t calm down or suppress his anger.

Despite the fact that the Raven had been handled swiftly, and Angelina was unharmed, he couldn’t subdue the violent rage seething inside of him no matter how hard he tried.

‘What is wrong with me? Why do I feel so angry?’

For a moment, his head felt hot, so he took another deep breath.

The madness within him was close to reaching a boiling point until his nose caught the scent of something so tantalizingly sweet, that it left him with a sense of calmness.


‘This is why I can’t let you go. I thought I would lose my mind the moment you collapsed’

Edwin gently caressed Angelina’s face.

‘Why did it feel so awful to see her struggling to breathe while stuck to the guardian tree?’

That wasn’t the only thing.

The moment Angelina’s eyes widened in terror in reaction to the Ravens, his mood plummeted and left him feeling so low that it was no different than rolling around in the mud.

‘I think it’s so cute that her expression resembles a frightened rabbit whenever she looks at me.’

But, it was quite unpleasant to see her terrified of someone other than himself.

And that was enough to make him angry.

‘In addition, it infuriates me whenever someone attempts to touch what’s mine.’

Regardless of how much time Edwin spent mulling over the possible reasons for his anger, there was only one correct answer.

It was a terrible idea to use the Ravens in the first place.

“I have reflected on my actions. I will never endanger your life in the future.”

“You belong to me and no one else. I’m the only one who is allowed to touch you.”

‘It’s only a matter of time before she realizes this too.’

“I will destroy that tree, by any means necessary.”

Edwin never considered the possibility that a dead tree could nearly kill his bride.

He had no need for a useless guardian tree that couldn’t recognize or even protect its own people.

His blue eyes were vibrant and full of murderous intent.

“So, hurry and wake up.”

‘Unless Angelina awakens, this seething anger and madness will never fade.’

Edwin held Angelina tightly, barely suppressing the urge to immediately grab his sword and run out.

Suddenly he heard her groan painfully in her sleep and then her body began to twitch slightly.

Edwin monitored her carefully, wondering if his constant desire to keep her close was too much, and sighed deeply.

‘Well, I guess it can’t be helped. The doctor says she needs plenty of rest to get well, which means she needs to be comfortable.’

After gently laying Angelina on the bed, Edwin climbed in next to her and pulled her into his arms.

“Good night, my bride.”

He kissed her forehead lightly and closed his eyes.

Then, the memory of Angelina’s voice, as she cried out his name, resonated in his ears.

‘It was such an intoxicating sound.’

She shouted his name as if he was the only person in her world.

And that thrilled him.

The corners of Edwin’s lips curled into a smile.

‘Has my mood improved because I found the source of my anger?’

The raging storm within himself was gradually subdued.

Edwin slowly fell into a deep slumber with Angelina’s cry as a lullaby.

The ambiance in the bedroom was calmer than ever.


* * * * * * *


Not long after Edwin and Angelina left Ambria, someone appeared in front of the guardian tree.

A man wearing an ordinary brown robe, with the hood pulled forward until his face was obscured, bowed deeply toward the guardian tree.

After raising his head, he pressed his hand against the trunk of the guardian tree with a touch full of longing.

“Finally, the time has come,” said a voice soaked with emotion.

“It has been a long time indeed.”

There was a feeling of melancholy in his violet eyes as he gazed upon the old tree.

The looked around Ambria for a long time and then disappeared without a trace.

Strangely enough, no one noticed his arrival or departure.

Even though there were more than one or two guards watching over Ambria.


* * * * * * *


I woke up abruptly and slowly lifted my heavy eyelids.

Once my hazy vision returned to normal, the first thing I saw was something akin to a white wall.


Frowning, I lean forward to take a closer look, and then I heard a chuckle of laughter above my head.

I looked up in surprise to find Edwin smiling brightly with one hand supporting his head.

“Um, Ed?”

‘Why are you here? In particular, the same bed as me?’

I immediately pulled the blanket up, the remnants of sleepiness were chased away by Edwin’s presence.

“Are you finally awake? Fortunately, you woke up before my patience ran out.”

“What happened? Start from the beginning.”

“Did you lose your memory again? Is it because you were really sick yesterday?” Edwin muttered with his brows furrowed, which gave him a very serious expression.

It was only then that I remembered what happened yesterday.

The memory of the throbbing pain that left me gasping for air and the crimson eyes that were filled with violence and hunger flooded my mind.

For a moment, my body trembled with fear.


Edwin clicked his tongue in displeasure, but quickly embraced me and rubbed my back in a soothing manner.

The tremors gradually subsided as his arm wrapped around me tightly and his hand gave me regular pats.

‘I survived.’

When the realization set in, a deep sense of relief came over me.

Then, the thoughts in my head slowly began to spin.

“Why did the guardian tree react in such a way? Did I do something wrong?”

“You did nothing wrong. The guardian tree is the problem,” Edwin swiftly answered while narrowing his eyes in irritation. “Now, tell me in detail what happened yesterday.”

I calmly explained how my hand came to be stuck to the trunk of the old tree and the pain I felt.

As the story progressed, Edwin’s eyes grew more fierce and when my explanation was complete, he suddenly spoke.

“I will definitely avenge you.”

‘Wait, how do you even get revenge on a dead tree? Are you going to start a bonfire for me?’

It was an absurd claim, but his serious expression said otherwise.

“Isn’t that tree already dead?”

“That’s right, since a long time ago.”

“Then how……?”

“I guess my bride is special. I see even dead trees can be greedy.”

Although he spoke playfully, his eyes shone sharply. As if he’s facing a thief who was attempting to steal his possession.

“I will investigate, so don’t worry about it.”

Edwin’s intelligence would probably be better than mine, seeing as I don’t know much about this world.

Only one problem remained.

“Who were the ones trying to kill me yesterday?”

When I asked about the Ravens, the smile faded from Edwin’s face.

He gently cupped my cheek as he gazed into my eyes.

“Don’t be afraid and listen carefully.”

Once I nodded in response, he slowly began to explain the Ravens.

He also revealed details about the Emperor’s conquest 15 years ago and their search for the Jueri.

Despite having prior knowledge of the story, my hands were trembling.

“Tsk, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you.”

Sensing my distress, Edwin embraced me and gently stroked my back.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. They will never be able to threaten you.”

As Edwin continued to comfort me, the corners of my eyes suddenly became damp.

Even when I feared for my life while stuck to Jueri’s guardian tree, or when the Ravens’ sword was pointed at me…

Edwin was the only one that came to mind.

When I saw Edwin cut down the Raven before it could kill me, I had a sudden realization.

As much a I didn’t want to admit it, I had no one but Edwin to protect me, and I hated that so much.

It was pitiful, but also a relief.

‘There is no safe place for me anywhere.’

With that much confirmed, a dark mood fell over me.

In addition, the terror and pain I experienced yesterday had returned, and before I knew it, tears flowed down my cheeks.

Confused by my tears, his hand paused for a moment, and when he caressed my back again, it was with a gentler touch.

“My bride requires a lot of care.”

Normally, I would have been cautious of how I acted in his presence, but in that moment I couldn’t hold back.

The fear and loneliness that I had endured to survive after possessing this body, burst forth like a collapsed dam.

‘How much time did I spend crying?’

Once the crying and sobbing came to an end, apprehension and fear were all that remained.

In particular, the fear that he would kill me for inconveniencing him and dirtying his clothes.


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