The moment I was possessed by an R-19 trash novel, I fell from the sky and into the arms of a mad villain known as ‘The Wild Dragon of the West’ and ‘The Deranged Killer of the Desert.’ 

Before I could even begin to understand the situation…

“I’m your bride?”

“You fell from the sky, so you are my bride.”

Why is this madman calling me his bride and hugging me so tightly?!

Why does he keep muttering about the ‘prophecy’ being correct?

Edwin Crawford received a prophecy that foretold he would only survive if he married a bride who fell from the sky.

As a result, I was destined to live as his bride, ‘Angelina.’​ 


“I’m a Jueri?”

To make matters worse, I’m a descendant of a race of fairies, who were hunted down and killed by the royal family.

If I wanted to survive the royal family, I must join hands with Edwin.

Starting today, I will live my life ‘according to the will of the villain!’

* * * * * * 

“My bride is easily frightened, so close your eyes for a moment.”

After closing my eyes, he gently placed his hands over my ears.

I think I just heard a scream… I’m just hearing things, right?

“Thank you…. Ed.”

“Do you think your gratitude will be enough? I hate when people don’t even try to make an effort.”

“What the hell do you want?”

Edwin leaned down with a charming smile on his face.

Our lips touched.

Soon after, a frighteningly sweet voice was heard.

“Lina is my bride. Now, in the future, and forever.”

Life will be difficult and dangerous in the arms of the mad villain.

ShyGurls TLS