I’m Obsessed With the Reverse Harem Male Leads! – Chapter 1.1

I was truly a very unlucky person.

Abandoned by my parents at a young age, I was placed in an orphanage and had to leave as soon as I turned 19. I barely managed to pay for tuition with the part-timer money I saved while attending high school, and with excellent grades, I received a full scholarship and graduated from college.

Thanks to growing up with various sponsorships, there were no student loans, and at 23-years-old, I was excited about the prospect of being able to live freely.

Life, which had been suffocating, has finally stabilized.

I joined G, a large company, without any special connections.

The tension during the interview was indescribable. I felt like I would vomit my heart out if I breathed. It was through such bloody efforts and winning through hundreds of competitive rates.

What a joy it was to have made it completely with my own hands!


‘The winning numbers for this round, the 929th round, are 7, 9, 12, 15, 19, 23 + 4.’

It wasn’t a single digit different from my number!

Joining a conglomerate and winning the lottery!

Even if it was a life without parents, and I was underprivileged, thanks to the orphanage director who cared about me and the nun who taught me the piano from time to time, it was a good life.

Because I believed that one day it would bloom.

But I didn’t know the flower would crumble like this.

Life is a flower

Maybe my flower is a dog flower.


“Oh my god!”

“Are you okay, lady?”

“Oh my, what’s going on!?”

I hit my head hard, but it didn’t hurt at all. My body was strangely motionless, but the sound was gradually receding away, causing me to fall into a strange sensation as if I were dreaming.

I felt drowsy as if I had taken a sleeping pill.

“That girl must have fallen from above!”

It must have been a person who fell on top of me.

Yeah, I’ve lived a terrible life for 23 years, but it’s funny that I’ve lived a long time.

It wasn’t a car, it was a human.

Seriously. What a terrible life.




I had such a bad dream!

However, it was strange where I was lying down. I don’t have a bed.

– Master’s Park

The house provided by the state was always full of sounds. Mr. Bar, who used to be packed into the house, did not make such a sound. It was the sound of human footsteps. Strange patterns were embroidered on the ceiling of the bed. It is also luxurious red silk with golden thread! What the hell is this?!

“Uh? what?”

As I looked around, it wasn’t just the space that was wide, but also the bed where I was lying.

The bed was very big. It was so big that I thought I could play on it like a trampoline if I jumped and moved.

“What is this.”

Did you pick it up at the girl’s house, who knocked me down, to compensate me?

If so, the IV should be plugged in, but my left hand had no needle marks.

Let’s calm down…

“Uh, what was my name?”

My head was throbbing, and I couldn’t remember my name.


Hello! ‘Player 2’ who participated in The Princess’s Men!


I felt distracted by the blue window that appeared in front of me. What do you mean, ‘The Princess’s Men’?

Have I heard that name somewhere?

Seeing such an embarrassing name, I couldn’t have forgotten it.


「‘Player 2’ is the second princess of the Bastian Empire!


The throbbing was getting worse and worse, whether it was because my head was once cracked, or my memory was impaired. I didn’t click on the blue status window, but it was showing the next thing.


▼ However, since you are not a legitimate player, you cannot fully open the target information.


What is this? Is this a dream?


「You were curious about why I appeared, right?


What is this…


「If you win this game, you can make one wish. Whatever it may be. For example, if you wished, “Make me richer than Bill Gates!” If you win, that’s possible. In addition, ‘Player 2’ can use the status window as ☆My ☆First ☆Enemy☆, so I hope you will use it well and survive.


“You said this is ‘The Princess’s Men’. Is this a survival game? And who’s the unfair player?”


「You can win the game when you achieve one of the following three things below.


Wow, I got ignored


「1. Gracie Gabriela Bastian Kills Keira Gabriela Bastian.

  1. Gracie Gabriela Bastian dethrones Keira Gabriela Bastian and Gracie Gabriela Bastian becomes empress.
  2. Keira Gabriela Bastian sincerely apologizes to Gracie Gabriela Bastian.


“Who is Keira and who is Gracie?”


「Bonus! The status window is weak! (Tears!)

Although originally unacceptable! Since ‘Player 2’ doesn’t know anything, we will do our best to be generous.

▼ You can use the status window when you have the ‘Luck of the Beginner’ status. (Applause!)

But that’s only for a week!

If you want to extend the deadline, continue accepting the quests!

Then I’ll wish you good luck!




▼ P.S. All quests are subjected to a strong penalty if not executed!

Also, rewards for quests may not be available at times.


Maybe it’s because it’s written in Korean, but it seems like its trying to casually extort passion pay. (TL: Passion pay refers to employers who hope that the workers’ “passion” will somehow compensate for the lack of a livable wage. LOL)

The blue status window disappeared.

I was wondering if I was still dreaming, so I slapped myself on the cheek.

Slap, slap!

It’s amazingly painful.

I felt my cheeks swell, so I held my cheeks and got up from the bed. It can’t be real. It had to be a dream anyway. They say you sometimes see a vision in a coma, and that seems to be it.

“When I go back, I hope I can return to my body and work properly.”

I’ve been working for a large company, so I can’t work if I get hurt somewhere.

No, even if the limbs and body are not intact, the winnings are 7 billion won! I don’t want as much as Bill Gates! I just need to ride the 7 billion well!

Knock. Knock.

“Did you cough? Princess?”

I have never received such precious treatment in my life, so this seems like a dream come true.



: Semi-noble / Maid of Princess Gracie

▼ Caroline is afraid of your hideous melted face.


It was very ominous to see the status window turn red.

As I read it slowly, Caroline silently approached and began to tremble.

“Your Highness, I brought washing water…”

“Game over!”

Wow, there’s no response.

I looked at the woman in front of me calmly.

Why are you trembling like this?

But why did she come in when it said she wasn’t my maid?

Did you come in mistakenly? Then, why is the status window red? It was blue before.

Oh, do I have to live a life of worries like this again?

It’s a dream anyway. Should I act like an idiot?

No, if it was a dream or a meaningless vision, I could drag it out as if I was paralyzed. But, what if I don’t wake up?


「Tip! Service of the kind-hearted status window

‘Player 2’’s wash water contains the following impurities!

Mercury, lead, cadmium… If you want to check more details, please press▼!


It doesn’t need to be pressed.

I was staring at what she was carrying, and when I saw my face, I frowned as if I had seen something ugly. My mind that had been shaken for a while was completely gone.



“So that.”

“What’s wrong with you, Princess?”


Why is there only one maid? If I’m a princess, shouldn’t I have several?


“Yes, yes?”

“Drink this.”


Even if it was a dream, I had no intention of losing. My life up until now has been a battlefield. In that warlike life, I had never given up. So, there’s no reason to lose just because it’s a dream.

“Drink. Did you not hear me?”

Why did you bring water filled with heavy metals as washing water? Are you going to kill me with mercury poisoning? Minamata disease, Itai-Itai disease, or something like that? (TL: Those are real diseases.)


I screamed, but no one came into the room.

Damn. You said you were a bloody princess, but you’re insignificant even in your dreams.

“What? Oh no! Why would I drink this?!”

“Why? Isn’t it water anyway?”

“It’s water!”

“Then why can’t you drink it?”

I rolled my eyes, she seemed to be able to read what I’m thinking. I saw earlier that she wasn’t my maid. Then there must be someone else behind it.

Why do I have to do this to the poor maid even in my dreams? But I feel sorrier for myself who almost got killed by this maid!

“Then shall I drink it? After I drink this, will I be okay or not?”

“Uh… No… that…!”

Most of the time, when I read novels or movies, people wake up from their dreams when they die.

Then let’s die!

Rather than being absorbed into the skin, drinking would be a direct hit. If it was a dream anyway, I should wake up right away when I die.

Please, when I wake up, please let me go to work with all my limbs intact!

“Oh my god!”

Here comes Kangjŏng! (TL: A place in Kyonggi, South Korea)

I drank what was in the washbasin without hesitation.


「Warning! Warning!


An ominous bright red system window popped up, it filled the entire room and covered the front of me.

My body trembled as if the concentration in the water was too high compared to what I was trying to absorb through my skin.

Wasn’t this crazy enough to kill me?



I felt dizzy again, but I was wearing a patient’s uniform. I couldn’t move my body at all, but it was freezing cold that I couldn’t even blink. The feeling of fluid coming through the needle in my arm was chilling.

“Who’s the patient’s guardian?”

“I don’t have any.”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Start CPR. Please prepare a defibrillator!”

“What? Why all of a sudden?”

I saw a sticker attached to my bare chest. The electric current coming through it was not transmitted to me, even though it was my body.

“Hey, can’t you all hear me?”


As they started to operate the machine, my body lifted as the electricity came on again, and then fell. The doctor applied gel to the two iron-like objects he was holding, rubbed it, and then pressed it to my chest again; it sent another electric current.


After doing that a few times, the erratic beeping sound that was ringing in my ear changed to a regular-paced one. It was a truly horrifying sight to look down at my collapsed body as a third person.



What’s this?

My vision was red again, and I could see the large letters in front of me.


「Penalties are imposed because of the situation of trying to illegally forfeit the game has been discovered.

☆The difficulty of the game has slightly increased!

If you don’t clear the game, your body will die.

→ Visit Duke Clayton de L’Evoire and complete the quest below.

Quest! Give flowers to congratulate them on their return.


It said something difficult, but the quest is easy!

Is this a dream too?

No, the dream couldn’t have been this vivid. I had an accident, and my body was definitely about to die.

Even if I’m not sure yet, I should be open to any options.

What if this is real and the state of my real body is threatened?

If so, I shouldn’t do anything against the status window.

In a cold sweat, I pressed the ▼ sign when the status window returned to blue.


Duke Clayton de L’Evoire returns tomorrow. Find clues in the room about what type of flowers he likes.

I didn’t know at this time.

How X-like this game is.

If you do not clear the first quest, your body will die.



I was asked to find a clue in the room, but the clue was too vague to be found. And if you’re going to make me look for something, give me a hint!

“Did you cough? Princess?”

I rolled my eyes.

When I tried to search for some clues, the maid I saw earlier appeared again. Her brown hair and her brown eyes were what the same as earlier, but she wasn’t very friendly.

“I brought what Your Highness commanded…!”

I can’t go through the same thing twice.

“Okay. So, leave it there. Otherwise, I’ll feed you everything.”

Her wide-open eyes were looking at me, but it appears like I’m a princess who is ignored by her maid. Otherwise, they’re semi-nobles and I am of imperial blood, so I can’t watch them openly.

However, I wanted to avoid drinking the washing water after clearing it without knowing anything.


「Quest! Find flowers for the Duke of Clayton de L’Evoire!


It was absurd that the status window appeared in this situation, but it was also unreasonable to search this spacious room alone. I glanced at the maid for a moment, then looked around the room. There were bookshelves full of books, two tables, chairs, two sofas, and the bed was king-sized.

There was also a terrace in the distance.

Frames of portraits and artwork were from place to place on the walls, it would be faster to just complete the quest than to search the room.


▼ Caroline is a bad maid! Then, should we punish the maid?

You can find clues about the quest by selecting one of the suggestions below and executing it.

Option 1. Slap on the cheek.

Option 2. Cut her hands.

Option 3. Feed the wash water.

Option 4. Call in other servants to search.


There’s nothing normal.

After selecting ‘Option 4.’, I waited, and somehow servants started to come in.

“Did you call me, Your Highness?”

“What? Oh, yes.”

I was surprised to see an older man approaching, so I lowered my head in respect until I realized he was a servant. He approached me with a puzzled look, but I folded my arms and raised my head arrogantly to avoid being caught looking embarrassed.

“I think the maid touched my stuff.”

“Your Highness, what are you talking about!?”

“All right.”

The servant glanced at the maid, then beckoned to those standing behind him. After tying Caroline’s arms behind her back, women in the same maid’s uniform began to search Caroline’s body.

Caroline had a worried expression on her face; she may have really stolen something from me.

“Oh, no!”

She twisted her body to prevent it from being discovered, but it appeared that she had hidden something in her thigh garter.

The maid behind Caroline glanced at me, bowed her head, and brought me what was in her hand.

What was held in the palms of her hands was beautiful.

“You have touched my belongings.”

It was clear that the sapphire earrings, which looked expensive, did not belong to the maid.


「 Congratulations!

First Quest Completed!

Press below to view your rewards.


While trying to confirm the reward, I found out that the sapphire earrings held by the maid were unique. Upon closer inspection, there was something inside the jewel. Turning it over carefully, I realized that there was a rose petal inside. Heart-shaped petals.


▼ Reward.

  1. Your body is safe.
  2. Sapphire Earrings.

P.S. Make sure to carry it when you go to see the Duke of Clayton de L’Evoire.


“Why did you steal it?”

“… I do not know about this!”

Surprised by the sudden breakdown, I backed away, and the servant blocked me.


☆ One of the three unselected options is randomly executed.

Option 1. Slap on the cheek.

Option 2. Cut her hands.

Option 3. Feed the wash water.


The selection button changed so that the button could not be pressed, and the status window turned off.

“Oh, no!”


“Please save me! Your Highness! I really do not know anything about this!”

She was begging until her hands were worn out, and the low voice of the servant, with his gray hair and cold eyes, reached me.

“I’ll take care of it on my own.”


Because I didn’t know what was going to happen.



What I got from the uproar that morning was that I was not treated like royalty even though I was a member of the royal family. That I am a princess who is okay with the ugly rumors that say she spends the afternoon without care after cutting off the poor maid’s hand from the morning.

I will need my wits to adjust to this place. I must adapt in order to escape quickly. In a worst-case scenario, I should also consider clearing the game.

It’s a bit disappointing to think that maybe I could have gotten more out of the maid from earlier.

Suddenly, I looked in the mirror.

There was a hideously distorted face. My face was so awful that I could see why Caroline was so terrified and hated to come near me.

Did the princess have an accident before I entered this body?

I touched my face and suddenly the status window popped up, so I looked at it in confusion.


「 Quest! Mirror of Truth


The thought of Snow White made me laugh out loud. It must be only the white skin that resembles Snow White.


▼You cannot proceed with the quest because the requirements have not been met.


Significant words. The issue must be with the face.

Knock. Knock.

“Come in.”

A different maid came in from before, but it was difficult to distinguish them because they all had similar hair colors and hairstyles. I think the place I used to work part-time even gave me a name tag. Since this is a royal palace, it probably wouldn’t be the same.

“Greetings, Your Highness. My name is Ripley, and I will be serving Your Highness from today.”


「 Ripley

: Semi-noble / She has been a maid for a month.


I guess it’s true that the treatment of this princess was not good. Isn’t it like throwing a month-old child here?

At first glance, she was delicate to look at, trembling with her head bowed as if she would faint if looked at me directly.


“Yes, Your highness.”

The closer she gets, the more she trembles. In the past, my cell phone vibrated like that every morning.

“What is my name?”

There seemed to be no separate quest for this kid. I checked the information on her status window and saw there were no additional options. Her hair color and eye color were similar to that of the washroom maid. But she was a little more delicate.

“Your Highness is Princess Gracie Gabriela Bastian.”

So, the name I saw at the beginning was my name.

What I had to do was related to someone named Keira. Seeing that everything besides our first names was similar, it may be a relative like a brother or sister, or, if unlucky, my mother or a father.

“Who is Keira?”

I only asked about the name, but the maid began to tremble even more, like a really annoying cell phone notification every morning. I wanted to press a button to stop it.

“Your twin sister, Your Highness.”

“Am I not on good terms with my sister?”

“That, that…”

It’s not good.

“Never mind. What kind of person is my sister?”

I can kill, dethrone, or accept an apology from the sister I don’t get along with. Option 1 and 2 seem to be too difficult, so I’ll have to try option 3, which seems easier.

Still, if we’re sisters, wouldn’t there be a certain degree of intimacy?

I don’t know because I don’t have a family.

But the families I’ve seen were like that.

“Her Highness, Princess Keira Gabriela Bastian, is the most benevolent person in the Empire.”

Then it would be easy to reconcile.

“To what extent?”

“She was the one who sponsored the orphanage I came from. And she builds and operates consignment facilities, academies, and health centers for the commoners with her own personal funds.”

She is a member of the royal family and an older sister to the commoners.

When I heard that the maid in front of me was from an orphanage, I somehow lost the urge to be grumpy. If my sister is kind, clearing the game will be easy. Should I be pleasant to her while I’m here?

“Please dress me up.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

She was still shivering, but it didn’t look as funny as before. Because I knew what it felt like to have no one to lean on.

And Keira Gabriela Bastian.

Keira Gabriela Bastian.

Keira Gabriela Bastian.

Where have I heard this name before?



“What are you doing?”

I ran to the garden without paying any attention to what was going on behind me, and a man in a navy-blue uniform, an escort knight, spoke to me.


「 Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard / Unable to check affection ▼ 」


His hair is red, but is his eyes blue? No, it’s gray. The game is called ‘The Princess’s Men’, but seeing that he has affection, he must be a man related to the game.

Suddenly, the mask I was wearing felt uncomfortable, so I fixed it.

“I’m going to pick some flowers.”

“Aren’t you going to let the gardeners do it?”

“I’m going to do it myself.” I pressed the arrow on the screen.


「 ▼ I hate Princess Gracie enough to kill her.」


Despite the blunt tone of voice, he hates me even though his face doesn’t show it. That’s incredible!


“I have someone to give them to.”

The roses were growing on vines, the gardeners had meticulously trimmed them, so they were kept at a constant height but not obstructing the path.

“Who are you going to give them to?”

The captain of the guards protects the emperor, I don’t know why he’s protecting me.

Perhaps because it was in the game, the blue roses were blooming beautifully. I didn’t want to reply to his question, so instead, I chose a rose and tried to pull it from the vine. But I let down my guard because of the lack of thorns and my palm was scraped.

I flinched in pain, but didn’t show it. Everyone here hates me anyway, so what’s the point of making it obvious that I’m in pain?

“Who are you going to give it to?”

His voice was low. If he had asked kindly, I might have been a little more shaken.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I grabbed the stem of the flower again and tried to pluck it, but it was not easy.

“Lend me your blade.”

“… …”

“What are you doing? Give me a knife.”

He looked at me with a frown, but apparently, he didn’t like me very much. Don’t pretend to not hear me. So, out of embarrassment, I reached out to the knight behind me, and he was looking at Francis Patella as if he was troubled.

“Don’t you know what it means to ask a knight for a blade?”

“I do not know. I just want to cut flowers well.”

It seems that I had become annoyed with my thoughtless act. Come to think of it, a sword is a life for a knight. Maybe he was angry because he thought I was asking for his life. That’s why respectful words flowed out randomly.

Whew, I don’t even know what this game is!

“I will cut it for you.”


“Please tell us who you’re going to give it to.”

I didn’t know why they were curious about it. However, it would be uncomfortable to hold a pen if my palms hurt as if the skin was being scraped away.

Anyway, if you’re a princess, you would have a lot of work that requires the need for pens. My original body had gripped enough pens to form calluses.

His bright red hair was blown back by the wind; if it wasn’t for the cold facial expression, his good looks would have made my heart flutter.

“I’m going to give it to Duke Clayton L’Evoire.”


Francis drew his sword. The problem was that it was aimed directly at my neck, not at the flower.

“Is this the flower you’re going to give me?”

This guy hates me enough to kill me. Then, since I can’t forfeit the game with my own hands, shall I try it with someone else’s hand?

Damn it, if you can win the 1st prize of the lottery, you can die one more time.

My hesitation flew away because the eyes staring at me curiously, were quite beautiful.

There was a penalty when I tried to forcibly quit after drinking the washing water.

But what if someone else kills me?

It’s not my fault, so it’ll end as it is.

When I closed my eyes, I remembered the wrinkled hands of the director. He even gave me candy without telling the other orphanage children.

If I get out of here, I will receive the prize money and visit the orphanage director. I will also visit the nun who took good care of me again.

“That’s right.”

His smile disappeared, but he looked more handsome than before. Since he’s one of the male protagonists, it’s natural to have a face like this.

It’s going to be over anyway. The male lead’s face isn’t a big deal!

“What are you doing? Hurry up and cut it.”

The wrinkles on his forehead deepened. At this rate, it would only end with provocation and the sword would be lowered, so I had to add more fuel to the fire.

“I think your XX is also small, but your ambition is even smaller than your XX? Why? Are you scared?” (TL: LMAO XX = d*ck)


Yes! Get angry! Get angrier!

“Am I wrong? You’re so small, aren’t you? That’s why you always pull out your sword like this.”

His face looked ridiculous, but I could hear him grinding his teeth, probably because he was furious. His jaw was so tense, it looked unbearable.

“Do you wish to die?”



Perhaps the last word was what pushed him over the edge, the sword immediately pierced me.

There was a loud cutting sound, a sharp pain arose in my chest.


With my unsteady hands, I grabbed the sword that pierced my chest, and the mask fell off. Perhaps he let go of the sword he was holding, but he faltered and backed away. I crouched in agony and gripped the sword.

“What the heck, what the heck, what the heck…!”

It hurt like hell; however, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.



Maybe it worked, I can see my body again!

The nurse sitting between the beds was wearing a pink cardigan. She was writing something in a journal. Seeing that everyone else was lying in the same position as me, it seemed that only unconscious patients were here.

Then this is the ICU!

Damn it!

I couldn’t figure out why I still looked like the princess.

I was floating in the air outside of my body. I tried to lie down the same way in order to return to my original body, but it floated on top of it, instead of merging.


No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t merge with my original body.

The oxygen mask on my original body turned cloudy and then cleared, a sign that I was still breathing. I looked closely and could see my chest rising and falling.

– Beep, beep, beep.

It’s very regular.

When I glanced at the side table next to my hospital bed, I saw flowers.

“Are those mine?”

I inched closer and saw there was a card. When I tried to touch the card, my hand passed through.

Crap, nothing is easy! How!?

I got closer to peek between the slightly opened card gap and saw the flowers were not for me. There was a man’s name was written inside.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!!!!

The nurse who was filling out paperwork jumped up and ran over. Then, after checking my condition, she hurriedly started calling out.

“CPR, Code Blue, NSICU!”

“Is it me again?”

Then the scene quickly faded away.



When I opened my eyes again, I was in a flower garden full of blue rose vines. The wind was still swaying lovingly as if nothing had happened, and my white hair was flying about like a ghost.

“Quickly CPR!”

I can’t force myself!

Don’t let others force you!

So, my only option is to clear the game?



Do I really have to do that?

I’ve died twice since arriving here.

I almost died here three times!

“Don’t you feel sorry for me!?”

It was no use shouting into the air.

“What are you doing?”

Damn, I guess it’s a rollback again.


「 Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard / Unable to check affection


This time the arrow was not pressed. I didn’t want to reaffirm that he hated me.

“I’m going to pick some flowers.”

I had to hold back my sigh and rolled my eyes.

“Aren’t you going to let the gardeners do it?”

“Yes, I think the recipient will be happy if I did it myself.”

Alright then, let’s be nice!

I’ll be nice, get an apology from my sister, and clear this horrible game!

After I finish the flower quest, I’ll immediately run to Keira.

Wait, sister! I love you, sister!

Apologize to me!


Let it go!

“Who are you going to give it to?”

“I want to give it to Sir Francis.”

You hurt my heart, but I am a generous person.

I said that as an apology for my prior harsh words. Then he stared at me without saying a word. Wherever his curiously mocking gaze go? He was supremely calm.

“Why do you want to give it to me?”

“Sir Francis is my escort. I’m just thankful.”

“… … .”

He had a confused expression; I could see his lips twitching.

“Do you not like it?”

When I looked up with the mask on, the black space between the eye sockets was very uncomfortable. Our eyes met, I looked at his face blankly, then dropped my gaze.

But it seemed to be working.

“I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry.”

I let go of the stem I was about to break, but the wound on my palm did not go away. It still hurt as if the skin had been torn away, but when I glanced at it, Francis caught it.

“I will call the court physician.”

“Are you worried?”


I gave him a forced smile, but he avoided my gaze. The saying, ‘You can’t spit on a smiling person,’ seems to apply to him.

Remember Francis Patella is weak to smiles. (Note)

“I hope you give it to someone other than me.”

His hands felt warm as he tied his handkerchief to my palm. As a knight, I thought it would smell like sweat, but it had a light freesia scent.


“Your Highness, the Duke of L’Evoire.”

As I wiggled my fingers, he was observing me with eyes that matched the scent. (TL: Freesias smell like sweet fruits)



I picked up the bundle of blue roses and held them in my arms and headed to the quest location. The roses weren’t difficult to collect since Francis used his sword to cut the stems. On the contrary, there were more than enough thanks to Francis.

There was a refreshing scent from the blue roses that were thick enough to penetrate the mask. It filled my lungs with each breath and made my heart pound.


「 Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard / Unable to check affection


Francis was still behind me, but I pressed the arrow with my fingertip, hoping that maybe the condition below had changed.


▼ I hate Princess Gracie enough to kill her.


Yeah, it’s not easy to like the people you once hated!

Yeah. That’s right.

“Where did the Duke of L’Evoire go?”

Francis sighed heavily and looked into my eyes. He looked at me with an unknown expression and then opened his mouth.

“Weren’t we victorious in the North Korean War?”

“I See. Did he suffer any injuries?”

“Why? Did you want him to get hurt?”

You bastard. You were so kind before. Why are you being so mean and fussy again?

“No. I’m just worried about him being hurt.”

When I answered with a hesitant smile, he frowned and turned his head away.

Princess Gracie. Why did you live your life like this? What the hell did you do? Is there no one who likes Princess Gracie?

“Is this the palace where the Duke of L’Evoire will stay?”


“Then he’ll appear if we wait, right?”


His red hair matched his navy-blue uniform; it looked good on him. He’s so tall that he can’t be covered completely with a normal blanket. As I stood by the open door to greet the duke, my legs began to ache.

The scent of freesia from the handkerchief tied to my hand was drowned in the scent of roses. I was also wearing the earrings Caroline attempted to steal.

“What if he doesn’t like it?”

A sudden thought occurred to me, and I asked Francis. Then, with a somewhat relaxed expression on his face, he licked his lips.

It was starting to feel more ominous.

“Do you think he will like it?”

Yeah, there’s no way a quest could be this easy.

“I hope he likes it.”

A slightly higher difficulty quest couldn’t be easy. But life had worked out so well in my previous days that I was careless.

Nothing was easy in my life.

“I hope you can at least accept it.”

As I spoke, his lips twitched. The large masculine body appeared awkward because he didn’t know what to say.

I took a deep breath and stood at the door properly. The duke, who traveled through the castle gate, would see the emperor by now and then come to the palace assigned to him.

I chose this place because the quest didn’t have instructions on where to put it.

I closed my eyes and prayed I could deliver the flowers well and finish the quest safely.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a crowd in the distance.

“Your Excellency has arrived!”

My heart was pounding, it reminded me of the day I had the interview. Even then, I was so nervous that I felt like I was going to vomit my heart out.

Wow, is this the Duke Clayton de L’Evoire?

Oh my. He’s so handsome!

Perhaps because the sun was giving him a backlight effect, his features were highlighted. His black hair fluttered in the wind, creating a mysterious atmosphere. The cool blue eyes were as clear as the sky and contained the splendor of all the natural colors.

“What’s that?”

Only then did I come to my senses and shake my head, the duke was staring at me.

Staring at me.

He’s insanely handsome

Maybe he’s the main character?


「 At Last! ‘Player 2’ has met Duke Clayton de L’Evoire!

Please choose one of the options below to execute.

Option 1. Gift the flowers.

Option 2. Throw the flowers on the floor.

Option 3. Weep with the flowers.

Option 4. Run away.


Option 4 is the most appealing to me, but if I choose such a crazy option, I’m sure I’ll have a quest to fix it again.

If it’s a game, I used to be a crane…

If I had known this would happen, I would have paid attention to the mobile games my friends used to play in college.

I chose Option 1 and handed him an armful of blue roses.

But he didn’t want to receive it, and his expression was so cold that even ice would freeze.

If you’re going to shoot lasers, shoot them.

Shoot me, kill me, and give me a break!

So, is it CPR time again?

Shall we test it one more time?

No, that’s enough for the test. Let’s just clear it! I have to clear it within a year!


My lottery prize is valid for 1 year! 1 year!

“Did you suffer any injuries?”

I spoke quite affectionately, but he was still staring at me. Then he hit a rose with his hand. I was watching the green leaves fall to the ground, and it was beautiful. Then he suddenly grabbed my shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

He was staring at me. To be exact, the earrings on my ears.

It told me to wear them, but there must have been a reason.

“Are you going to make me miserable again?”

At the end of the words, my arms slackened, and I dropped the flowers I was holding. The loosely tied roses collapsed to the floor. Clayton released my arm and his large body approached me, trampling the flowers in the process.

“What is this…!”

“I want another flower.”

Is this knight your friend? Why are your words similar?

Surprised by his attempt to take off my mask, I grabbed his wrist. I didn’t want to show anyone the ugly face beneath. I’m sure everyone knows anyway.

“How can a terrible-looking face be a flower?” I said this mostly to myself.

The hand that was trying to remove the mask stopped. I glanced at him, thinking that I was lucky, but his face got closer and closer. I felt like I was becoming intoxicated by the scent of the roses beneath my feet.

“Did you reject me for that reason?”

“… … .”

“Then why now?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Why are you doing such a thing now?”


「Choose an answer from the options below.

☆ The Duke of L’Evoire is the person you need to complete your next quest. Keep that in mind and choose!

Option 1. “Can’t I turn it back?”

Option 2. “Why? Do you hate my jokes now?”

Option 3. “I need you.”

Option 4. Kiss.


Wow, there’s nothing sane, there really isn’t one.

What does option 1 mean by I’m going to turn back? Option 2… is a line that goes well with the character of the princess. Everyone hates her. Option 3… …? Is it the most normal choice? Option 4 is not even considered. Pass.


▼ There is a time limit. 3… 2… 1… .


A timer was counting down while I was reading.

Option 3! Option 3!

I hit it 3 times and took a step back. It must have been a big deal!

“I need you.”


“I need you.”

Only then did I see those standing behind him. I thought there was no way I could stand alone in front of this palace, but quite a few people were glancing this way without properly entering.


Perhaps because I suddenly realized that there were so many people, I felt more ashamed about what I had just done. It was annoying to be rejected in front of so many people, but it was more shame than an annoyance.

“I just came from winning the war that almost cost me my life. Now you need me?”


“If I had lost, would you have still said that?”

I could see why he was angry. So, even if I had ten mouths, I would still have nothing to say

No, it’s not my fault either… Why do I have to suffer like this!

I was lost in my thoughts for a moment, then came back to reality.

He grabbed my chin, as his face inched closer.

This is a dream. Then kissing in a dream doesn’t have to be a reality. If my first kiss was with this handsome guy, it wouldn’t be too bad.

But I didn’t know there would be a crazy guy trying to kiss me in this situation!

I tried to be cool, but I couldn’t, so I slapped him on the cheek without realizing it.

He turned his head and looked down at me coldly again.



 Clayton de L’Evoire

: Duke / Unable to check affection


I sighed and pressed the arrow.


▼ Weak to tears.


So, do you want me to cry? I’m good at crying.

A long time ago, pretending to cry in an unfavorable situation was what I was best at. There were many situations I couldn’t escape without crying.

“Ugh… You’re so mean…”


「 Event! Duke Clayton de L’Evoire was weakened by your tears! You can now check the affection

☆ However, if you check it, the deferred payment system quest will proceed.

Option 1. Check.

Option 2. Do not check.


The final quest is related to my sister. Why do I need to check his level of affection? I don’t need it.

When I pressed Option 2, it didn’t work.


「Wrong approach.


Option 2!


「Wrong approach.


Option 2!!!


「Wrong approach.


What is this? Punishment? Then just give me Option 1!

Option 1.


「 Clayton de L’Evoire

: Peacock / Affection


Phew. Yeah, it’s helpful. I’ll hold it in.


▼ 99%

P.S. Once checked, rechecking is not possible until certain conditions are met.


With a bewildered face, I left the status window as it was, and looked at his blank face.

With a face as absurd as mine.

“Someone like you, it’s terrible.”

“… … .”

“Everyone, leave now.”

He covered his mouth with a large hand and shouted the order.

Still, I’m a princess, a higher rank than the duke, so I was wondering if it’s okay to be kicked out like this.

I guess so. There were a bunch of knights standing next to me, so I took Francis went out.

As I left, I turned around and our eyes met.

I was the one being kicked out, but Clayton was the one with the hurt expression on his face.

I’m going to have to deal with all sorts of crazy people.

But if I can go back within a year, I can be even crazier.



「 Quest complete!

Since you have completed the quest, the duration of the status window will be extended by another week.

▼ D-Day –13 days till you have to say goodbye to the status window!


I couldn’t figure out why I had to give Clayton flowers. But losing the status window was even more terrifying, so it worked out better.

“Are you okay?”

Francis was looking at me with a worried face. This guy probably doesn’t know that it’s a quest. He may be feeling a sense of remorse, considering I’m in a tough situation after following his suggestion.


「Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard / Unable to check affection


“Yes. It’s okay.”

What would you do if I said it wasn’t okay? I’ll get some comfort from someone who doesn’t like me, huh?

The period for receiving the 1st prize in the lottery is one year.

If I can’t clear the game, 7 billion won will vanish into thin air.

I must end this game within one year.

Penalty if I die, rollbacks if someone else kills me.

If there is no other way but clear it. You can clear it. It said you can make a wish when you complete the game, so let’s think positively and break the game step by step!

I inhaled deeply and pressed the arrow. The same thing will come out anyway, but I have to keep checking the status window.


▼ I hate Princess Gracie.


Do you feel guilty? Yes? ‘Enough to kill’ is missing!

Getting my sister to sincerely apologize to me is the final quest because it’s not easy. If so, I should use whatever is available.

Don’t be reckless.

Let’s be calm.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

There is no person better to use than a guilty person.

“Ugh… No…”

Crying is my specialty. Because there were many situations where I had to cry to avoid it.

‘I don’t have parents either.’

‘It smells.’

‘You really don’t have any new clothes?’

‘No one will be sad when you die.’

“Princess Gracie?”

Thoughts that I normally restrained passed through me like a flash of lightning, and thanks to that, I cried more easily. It was shameful to weep, but there was no need to build up pride in a necessary situation.

He did something wrong to me.

I have to clear this game.

“Ugh… Can you come closer? Won’t you come closer?”

He couldn’t see my face because it was covered by a mask, but I kept my head down and kept sniffing. Then Francis, at a loss for what to do, hung around nearby.

It was cute that he was embarrassed because didn’t fit in with his large frame.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that…”

“Oh, no. Sir Francis, it’s not your fault. You don’t have to… Ugh…”

I lifted the underside of the mask and wiped away the tears; the gloves were soaked.


Additional Quest! ‘Player 2’, who has confirmed the affection of Duke Clayton de L’Evoire, must proceed with the following quest:

▼ Get comfort from Francis Patella.

Quest time: 5 minutes


Francis patted me on the shoulder and handed him his handkerchief. I was considering on whether to take it or not. Our eyes met, and he could see that my eyes were wet with tears, so I took the handkerchief.

I just have to hold out for 5 minutes, right?

“I must have done something to be hated.”

As I spoke softly, Francis moistened his lips.

Come on, for 5 minutes! Give me information about me!


Give a longer explanation, please.

“What did I do wrong the most, Sir Francis?”

“… I’m sure you already know.”


Princess Gracie. Why did you live your life like this?

“Well, still… …Please tell me!”

Francis bit his lip, sighing as if he had made up his mind, and tried to answer. I looked into his eyes again, frustrated, I wanted to hit him.

“The worst thing was your refusal of Duke L’Evoire’s proposal the Day of the Founding.”

“How did I refuse?”

“You humiliated him.”

It wasn’t even his memory, but he distorted his expression a lot as if it was painful to think about. The two may be friends.


Wait a minute.

“Then why did you suggest I give him flowers?”

“Because I thought you wouldn’t.”


Really! What kind of life did you lead!?




I thought I was going to get sick because of how badly I wanted to return to my original body.

Then, the past, moments I thought I had almost forgotten, came to me like a dream.

‘You’re not going?’


The apartment near the orphanage was equipped with a small playground. The person who stayed there the longest was always me.

It was a time when I didn’t want my friends to know that I was from an orphanage.

‘Then I’ll go first. See you tomorrow!’

‘Yeah, bye!’

One or two of her friends were led away by the hand of their mothers, who had come to pick them up. The sandcastle had a short shadow when it was first built, but when the sun set, it had long shadows.

While watching it, I stood up because I felt that the playground with no one around me was huge.

The slow sunset seemed to lengthen even my shadow.

Looking back at the elongated shadow, suddenly it seemed like my parents were next to me.

I thought it would be similar to this shadow.

Because the school allowed me to take the broken chalk, I was able to bring white, yellow, blue, and red chalk. It was an old bag, but I couldn’t ruin the precious books in it, so I had to wrap the chalk in tissue paper and put them in my pencil case.

I took out one of those colorful pieces of chalk and drew a figure as large as the size of my shadow.

Maybe because I was moving, the shadow kept running away, but I was able to draw a very large, human figure.

I laid down without even thinking about the dirty ground and colored in the figure.

This made me feel like I’m with my parents.

Because the feeling of being left alone in the world didn’t feel miserable at that time.

It was cold and the ground was cold, but this was enough to make me feel warm.

It was erased every time it rained, but I couldn’t let it go.




“Yes, Your Highness.”

The maid, who previously introduced herself as Ripley, was still afraid of me. For that reason, even when asked to come closer, she never made eye contact.

“Why don’t I have a personal maid?”

There was only one maid and no personal maids. If she was a princess, shouldn’t she have at least five personal maids and at least twenty maids attending her?

“That, that…”

“I won’t punish you. So, answer my questions.”

“I heard that Your Highness rejected the maids.”

“Me? Why?”

It was obvious that she was reading the room, but she seemed to be thinking about what to say.

“Oh my, I can’t believe it, uh, you don’t have…”

“So, you mean I rejected all but one maid?”


So that’s how Caroline was.


「Quest ☆ Keira Gabriela Bastian is hosting a tea party!

An invitation was also sent to ‘Player 2’. Choose one of the options below.

Option 1. Go.

Option 2. Don’t go.


Option 2 of course. If I went to a place like that for nothing and the quest develops, I would be the one to apologize.

Let’s make a place for myself and talk about it well!

Option 2.


「Wrong approach.


Come on.


「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.

「Wrong approach.


As I was about to fill up the status window 100 times. I touched my forehead, reminding myself that I would lose if I lost my temper like this. Taking a breath, I thought about the money.

Breathe in.

The first prize amount allocated to me was 7 billion won.


7 billion won to buy a house with.

Breathe in.

Sponsor an orphanage.


I can also send donations to the church.

Breathe in.

It gave me the opportunity to pay off the debts of those who have been nice to me.


Company G will also be waiting for me. Because it is a company with very good welfare.

Breathe in.

As long as I go back, my life will be a flower path.


White flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, yellow freesias, roses in the fragrance of freesias, and blue roses.

Blue Roses, Clayton!


Option 1. Here we go.


「You chose Option 1! Get an invitation!


“Oh, Your Highness. Her Highness, Princess Keira sent this.”

After receiving the invitation, the status window appeared. The white text on the blue window really hurts my eyes. You bastard!


「Invitation: We invite you to the secret garden of Princess Keira, where only invited people can come.

P.S. You must not take off your mask at the tea party.

If you take off the mask, the difficulty of play will increase significantly, so be careful.


Just wait, sister. You’re finally seeing me.

Let’s get this resolved through conversation. Yes?

I’m going to listen to everything!

You feel the same way, right, sister?

Family is like that!

Maybe it was because I had never had a family, it was a terrifying feeling, but it was strange to be excited at the same time. I guess I’m in a crazy game, and I’m probably crazy already.



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