I’m Obsessed With the Reverse Harem Male Leads! – Chapter 2.1

It was completely dark in front of me, and I was suffocating.

Rather than suffocating because I was underwater, something else made it difficult to breathe.

My mouth was full of something soft, and there was a muffled sound. As I breathed in the hot air, it smelled like roses. My jaw was sore from moving my lips, but I tried to ignore it, but something was teasing my mouth violently.

The sensation of wriggling inside was clear, and I took a deep breath, laced with pleasure. I gently opened my eyes and there…

‘I love you, Gracie.’

There was Clayton de L’Evoire.

With more tidy hair, and a youthful appearance than before.

‘I love you.’

I was enjoying the hand that was stroking my cheek, so when I leaned into it, my face was dyed bright red to the tips of my ears.

“… time!”

The voice sounded strange like it was underwater, and it wasn’t Clayton’s voice.

“That… … time!”

At the urgent voice, Clayton’s face dissipated and dispersed in the water.


When I opened my eyes, I was in the arms of a man I had never seen before.


He was in his late thirties, and his face resembles Keira. His hair color was pinkish with a silver tint, and he had vivid pink eyes.


「Quest Completed! Check out the rewards below! ▼ 」

First, I had to check the quest reward.

「▼ Company G pays your hospital expenses!

In addition, we offer the following benefits: ▼ 」


Hey! Aren’t you supposed to let me see the other rewards?!


Startled by a strong slap on the cheek, I regained my consciousness. The man who slapped my cheek looked like he was about to cry, but like me, he was also drenched. Almost as if he was this person who rescued me from the river.

“How can you do this again?!”

Why does he sound like an old man?

He looked like he was in his late thirties, at most.

“Do you really want to see this father die?”

Drenched hair clung to his cheeks and water from the face of the man who said he was my father dripped onto my face. I thought it was water, but it turned out to be tears.

“I will definitely restore your face, didn’t I promise? How can you do this again!”

“Oh, Daddy?”

Damn, I should have called you by your title.

Perhaps the emperor was also startled by the familiar way I spoke, but he stopped crying and stared at me in surprise.

“Yes, it’s your Daddy. Are you okay, Gracie?”

Then he became teary-eyed and water dripped down on my face again. It didn’t logically make sense. How can he have a daughter in her twenties while being in his late thirties?

Seeing that he was also dressed as an emperor, he must be Gracie’s real father.

“Why am I here? Wasn’t I on the boat?”

First, I had to act. My older sister has a good reputation while my reputation is bad. No matter how much I insist that she pushed me, no one will believe me. No one would believe that my body was manipulated to look like I jumped off the boat.

“Oh, is my sister okay?”


“Yes! We were definitely together!”

She should be fine since I was the only one pushed.

I didn’t think you would try something like this, but you must have been pretty confident in your acting. Because I fell for it, and anyone watching would be convinced that I jumped in on my own.

“Do you think you are in a position to worry about anyone else?!”

Surprised by his anger, I immediately flinched. Regardless of him being Gracie’s father, he was still a member of the royal family.


Oddly enough, it’s a serious situation.

But I still wanted to say ‘Daddy’.

“Daddy, I am so sick.”

It wasn’t even the right situation to do this, but I still wanted to call him Daddy.

My chest felt weird.

“Let’s go to the main palace.”



I guess my prediction was right.

The emperor must be the one who protects Princess Gracie. For the first time since entering this body, I was being treated with proper respect.

The bear pelt that was draped over my shoulders was quite heavy, but it wasn’t the only thing. A tiger pelt also covered the bear pelt as I was escorted to the main palace. The combination was so heavy I could barely walk.

I pressed the arrow on the status window that I had forgotten earlier due to the rewards being minor.


「 ▼ For 10 minutes from now, you can check the affection level of all characters.

Time Limit… … 61… … 60… … 59… … . 」


Crazy! Hey! Have you been counting down from the moment I received the reward?!


「 Hendrix Gabriel Bastian

: Emperor

▼ 100% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian

▼ The Emperor prioritizes Princess Gracie’s life over his own.」


Behind me was the pensive face of Francis.

Come to think of it, don’t you know what the person who swore to rescue me did?


「 Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard

▼ 10% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian

▼ 0% Affection for Keira Gabriela Bastian

▼ 50% Affection for Duke Clayton de L’Evoire 」


Wow, Clayton hates him, but he has 50% affection for him?

They didn’t even look friendly towards each other… …Poor thing.

I guess the affection level doesn’t measure romantic attraction between opposite sexes.


「 10… … 9… 」


Finally, I saw Leonil Graham and my sister in the distance.


「 Leonil Graham

: Bookkeeper

▼ 50% Affection for Keira Gabriela Bastian

▼ –50% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian 」

Not bad. I thought it would be -100%!

「The time limit has expired. Thank you for using it! 」



It was my sister’s voice. I was so distracted by the status window that I didn’t realize she was so close, but she was gasping for air as if she had been running hard.

“Your Majesty!”

Oh. So, you address the emperor by title.

“Your Majesty, wait a minute! Is Gracie okay? Your Majesty!”

“Keep her away.”

In response, the knights standing behind the emperor blocked Keira and Leonil as he moved further away. Maybe I should feel comforted by his actions.

My sister and I were about twenty years old, so the emperor should be over forty if not more. Regardless of the reality of the situation, he looked younger than his actual age. Perhaps that’s why I thought I should call him Oppa rather than Daddy.

But I’ve never called anyone Daddy in my life.


“It’s okay. Daddy’s here.”

Maybe it was due to his kind voice that I forgot about punishing my sister.

“I’m getting nauseous.”

“Then hold on tight.”

When I asked to be let down, he euphemistically refused. I laughed in response and hugged his neck. He was shivering from the cold, pretending to be okay. I lifted my head to see Francis Patella close by, but when I looked closely, he looked wet as well.

He left behind wet footprints with each step; he must have jumped into the water as well.

“I think my escort guard is cold as well.”

“You should be glad you didn’t hit your head.”

His voice was very sweet, but he acted as if he hadn’t heard my words.

“Is Daddy on my side?”

My question caused him to pause and halt. So, I gently released my hold around his neck. Our eyes met, and they were so similar to the ones I saw in the mirror.

“Only this father is on your side, Gracie. So, never hang out with Keira again.”

This must be related to the subject of my face, which he mentioned earlier. I felt like it was something I should believe, but he and my sister had the same level of affection for me.

“That bad thing drove you to act like this again. How many times have you experienced something like this? Summon the royal physician. Apparently, it’s more serious than it looks.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

His gaze was filled with concern and his complexion had deteriorated.

It wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of this.

“I can’t remember what happened before I fell into the water.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry. This father will take care of everything.”

He patted my back and it strangely reminded me of Clayton. Maybe because I couldn’t tell whether the vision I saw before I opened my eyes was a dream or a memory.


「 Quest! 」


Oh! Just when I was starting to feel a little sentimental!


「 Francis Patella will lose his position as a knight if things continue this way!

Choose one of the options below so he can escape this crisis with your help! ▼ 」


What are you talking about? I’m not going to help him.

I hate people who hate me too!

If he gets kicked out right now, let’s pick a new guy and manipulate him…

It will take some time to tame the new guy. He won’t know anything about me, so it might be uncomfortable and there won’t be any information I can get from him.



「 ▼ Choice 1. Ask the emperor.

Option 2. Weep and ask the emperor.

Option 3. Threaten the emperor with your life and ask. 」


There’s no option to refuse in the first place.

I expected such.

Option 1.


“I’m listening.”

“I have a request.”

I could still feel the pats against my back through the thick layers of animal skin. I didn’t want the friendly touch to stop, but I couldn’t help it.

“Please don’t punish my escort.”

“… …”

“Didn’t you say you would never punish me?”

“… …”

“Are you trying to deprive me of my knights?”

“… … ”

“Sir Francis is someone I can trust. So, please don’t change my escort.”

Princess Gracie doesn’t trust the people around her. So, she had no personal maids, and the maid she had was a recent hire who had just entered the palace.

If such a princess has someone she believes in, then the emperor could not refuse her.

“Is that what you want?”


And if I help Francis, it will be easier to tame him since he’s a weak man.

“Well then, so be it.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

The friendly dullness of the pats on my back returned.

As if to reassure me.



I wasn’t aware because I didn’t vomit when I regained consciousness, but apparently, I ingested a considerable amount of river water.

“You must vomit it all out!”

The royal physician firmly patted me on the back as he made me throw up the river water. As I spewed out water like a stone statue in a fountain, it felt like an endless amount of water.

“Ugh! Waaah!”

Tears streamed down my face.

What annoyed me the most about this was that I was spewing water like a waterfall, and everyone was watching it live in real-time.

Please, turn it all off!


“Are you okay? Why are you throwing up so much water?!”

Stop, it’s embarrassing!


“Yes, Your Majesty, there is absolutely nothing else wrong with her. But don’t worry, she’s just vomiting up all the water she drank!”

The physician rubbed my hands, feet, and back. That’s why there seemed to be more.

This is the best game I’ve ever played.

“Your Highness!”

The woman in a maid’s uniform seemed to be whispering something into the emperor’s ear, but the emperor replied with a frown.

“Get rid of him discreetly.”

“That, that….”

She was whispering something again, but I couldn’t concentrate.

“Argh! Ugh! Ugh! Waah!”

I felt like a fish with this mouth…

Perhaps because of the loud vomiting noises, the emperor approached me with a serious expression. In response, I grabbed the bucket and motioned for him to step back. The emperor, visible through my hands, was weeping again.


「 Quest! 」


When I finish this game, the developer won’t get off easy.


「Greet the Duke of Clayton de L’Evoire, who awaits Princess Gracie outside the entrance door!

Reward: Fragment of Memory.



You want me to greet him looking like this?

“Argh… …Woo!”

I feel like I’m going to throw up my intestines, too!

I won’t do it!



Clayton walked out of the imperial palace after Princess Gracie turned him away.

“Why did you come to the flower shop?”

“Why did you think we’re at a flower shop? I’m here to buy flowers.”

“Aren’t there any blue roses?” He asked while looking down at the barrel containing roses.

“Yes. If you place an order, we can have it prepared by tomorrow.”

“Sir, there are plenty of roses in the mansion garden.”

“The distance between there and the palace is too far.”

The aide sighed and looked at him, but Clayton didn’t acknowledge the gaze and continued picking flowers without hesitation.

“Does Her Highness like blue roses?”

“… …”

“You don’t know, do you?”

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket, which contained a finely placed four-leaf clover.

“I’m going to start over.”

“After getting dumped like that again?”

“No, look at this.”

“It’s a four-leaf clover.”


As he carefully watched Clayton hold the four-leaf clover-like a priceless treasure, he suddenly felt pity for his master when he saw him wrap it in his handkerchief again and put it in his pocket.

“Sir, I’d rather say the First Princess…”

As the aide was about to speak, his secretary at the back spoke.

“You should buy chrysanthemum flowers.”


“Her Highness, Princess Gracie jumped into the water.”



Because the emperor refused to admit Clayton into the main palace, he was unable to enter. Still, he intended to stay at the entrance until he heard that Gracie was okay.

“Did Duke Clayton come because he was worried about Gracie?”

Since Princess Keira had arrived first, he had no choice but to stand with her. It must not have been easy for her to stand outside in the sunlight, but she stood as if it didn’t affect her at all.

Ignoring her words, Clayton spoke to the aide standing behind him.

“How long have you been standing out here?”

“It’s been about an hour.”

“What about your decision?”

“I’ve already decided.”

“It appears that Duke Clayton still only has eyes for Gracie,” Keira answered with a smile. Leonil, who was giving Keira side glances, was displeased with her conversation with Clayton but did not express it.

“I don’t think I have ever allowed you to call me by my first name.”

“Duke Clayton can call me by my first name as well.”

As he watched Keira smile brightly, her face reminded him of Gracie’s old one, which filled him with a strange feeling. They’re twins, so if Gracie’s face wasn’t currently disfigured, she would look incredibly similar.

“I permitted Gracie; I didn’t give you the same courtesy.”

“You seem to have forgotten that you were denied that permission.”

Clayton frowned at her and tried to repay the disregard.

‘If only I wasn’t constantly reminded of Gracie’s former appearance whenever I look at you.’

“Gracie is the fiancée of Duke Adrian Russell.”

“… …”

“So, Duke Clayton will marry me.”

“Don’t say such bullsh*t.”

When he averted his gaze, his tumult thoughts subsided. Clayton laughed at himself.

Because Keira, who looked so similar to Gracie, had a drastically different personality from hers. Even though their voices were the same, she just felt like a completely different person.

“You still get so embarrassed.”

“What can you do with someone as old-fashioned as me?”

The sneering voice was full of blades, but Keira still had a smile on her face.

“You’ll have to fix that if you want to marry me.”

“You have a huge imagination.”

“You will come with me to the victory ball, Duke Clayton.”

“Is that what happens in the end?” Adrian Russell interrupted as he approached the palace entrance. When Adrian suddenly intervened, an aide hurriedly stood next to Adrian. The aide was struggling to catch his breath as if he had been running to keep up.

“It suits you well. Congratulations, Duke de L’Evoire.”

“Shut up you little fox.”

Adrian Russell laughed at Clayton’s burning anger and passed by to enter the main palace. The emperor’s knights, who had blocked Clayton and Keira, opened a path when they saw Adrian’s face.

“Then I’ll get going.”



After eating something, I stopped vomiting water. Thanks to that, I found stability, but the status window was still floating.


「Greet the Duke of Clayton de L’Evoire, who awaits Princess Gracie outside the entrance!

Reward: A Fragment of Memory.

▼ 」


I pressed the arrow with exhaustion.


「▼ If you reject Clayton de L’Evoire, you will meet with Adrian Russell.

Reward: Fragment of Memory. 」


I wish they would both go away!

“Gracie, are you feeling okay?”


It felt strange to still be able to call him Daddy.


“I want to rest.”

He didn’t seem to want to leave. Even after seeing how much water I vomited into the bucket.

“I understand. Stay here instead. At least until you get better.”

“Yes, I will. So, you should rest as well. You were so busy because of me.”

It was disgraceful that my sister tried to drown me. Even the emperor said the same thing, and at first, he thought it was me who jumped.

I really don’t want to die. But on the surface, it must have seemed so. Didn’t my body jump in on its own?

Of course, if that’s the only way out of here, I’d be willing to die for 7 billion won!

I’ll come back anyway, so I don’t want to go through the pain again.

My real body already had a cracked skull.

“I won’t do anything to worry about now, so relax.”


It felt good to hold your hand, so much so that I was feeling a bit emotional from the contact. It was a strange feeling to come to a different world and experience emotions that I had never felt in my life.

“Okay, I will trust you. Gracie.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

There was a bad smell coming from my mouth that also tasted bitter because of the stomach acid. Perhaps that’s why the smell was severe, but the emperor acted as if his sense of smell had been paralyzed.

So, I stayed still while he stroked my head.

I wasn’t used to being loved this way, but I didn’t hate it.

“That feels good, please pat me more.”

“If you want, I can do it anytime.”

My hair was being snagged because it was still damp, nevertheless, it still felt good.

“Then Daddy, why don’t you go so you can rest.”


It wasn’t until the emperor left that I could see where this place was.

I came to the main palace, so it must be the palace where the emperor resides.

Judging by the personal objects inside, it seemed to be the emperor’s room. The emperor wouldn’t be limited to a single room, so he must have brought me to one of his several private rooms. Most importantly, the pattern embroidered on the canopy above the bed was familiar.

Knock. Knock. Knock.


“No, it’s me.”

It was the voice of an uninvited guest. I want to tell him to leave immediately.

“I am tired right now.”

“Then I’ll stay here until you’re no longer tired.”

“I’m joking, wait a minute.”

I picked up the mask and put it on. The smell in the room was so bad that I had to open the window.

“Do I still have to wait?”

“Didn’t you say you would wait?”

“Okay, then I’ll wait.”

I didn’t want the busy servants to see me, so I said it to give myself more time to properly clean up.

“Everyone get out.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

As soon as the servants were dismissed, a voice was heard again.

“I will go in.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

The door opened and he entered the room. The other servants greeted him as they left. After watching them leave, he crossed his arms and asked coldly.

“Why did you jump into the water?”

The rumors traveled fast.

I didn’t want to respond, so I pressed the status window.


「 Fragments of Memory: You can now read the prologue!

To execute the prologue, you must complete the following quest below. ▼ 」


“You said it was a quest reward! What do you mean ‘complete a quest’? You’re a bully!”


Adrian Russell’s face, seen through the status window, was unusual.

“Are you going crazy?”


I bowed my head in embarrassment as he was approached. I’ve ventilated enough, so it won’t smell. I rinsed my mouth in a hurry, but it should be fine. Maybe?

“I asked why you jumped into the water.”

“I didn’t jump in.”

Even as I spoke his expression hardened with disbelief. I should have checked the fiancée’s affection, but I’ve only seen a bunch of useless ones.

Anyways, the most important quest was to get an apology from my sister.

If I keep getting dragged into sub-quests, what will happen then? Is this a game where the male protagonist is essential? Aren’t I just the side character? The main character seemed to be my sister.

Above all else, the final quest was to receive an apology before this incident occurred, so it was clear that there would be more for her to apologize for.

“Did you think I would believe that?”

“You have to believe me, you’re my fiancé.”


「 ▼Sub-Quest: If you run the following dialogue, you can see the prologue.

→ You are heartless to me!

Duke Adrian Russell is usually indifferent to Princess Gracie! Should you punish him for that?

Choose one of the options below and punish him!

Option 1. Slap on the cheek.

Option 2. Kiss.

Option 3. Bite his lips.

Option 4. Push and knock him down. 」


No, why do you want me to kiss him?!

Hey! I’ve never kissed anyone before! The memories I had with Clayton are not mine either!

And what punishment is this!

Are you trying to punish me? Yes?

I fell into the water, almost drowned, and was miraculously saved. Is this a punishment for the way I cleared the last quest? Is that it?

However, I think I will understand the game only after watching the prologue. After watching the prologue, I’ll get an apology from my sister and end the game.

Let’s think about the 7 billion won.

Let’s think about Company G.

Let’s think about my life.

Option 4. Push and knock him down.

My body moved on its own and pushed him away. Compared to his sturdy size and tall height, he easily fell on the bed.

I thought he was going to be knocked down to the ground.

“I guess I’ve been indifferent these days.”


“Will you be okay if I do it now?”

No, what are you doing?!

No, no, don’t do this!

I’m going to change it!

Option 1!

Option 1!

Option 1!

Option 1!!!!!!!!

The status window turned off despite my desperate attempts to change my selection. But it never turned it off when I wanted it to!

This is a really sh**ty game!

It felt like our lips were touching. He skillfully took off his outerwear, but the cloak he was wearing fell off his shoulder and touched the tip of my toes. I trembled in response because it tickled, but he twisted his lips and smiled beautifully.

“Now I can do it without the mask.” (TL: Sir, excuse me?!)

“Do you enjoy wearing a mask?”

“Whether you wear it or not, it doesn’t matter. Either way is fine.”

Hey! It’s my body, why don’t you ask me what I want?!

He took off his black uniform without hesitation, revealing his broad, muscled chest. Frowning, I looked more closely and realized it was a phenomenal upper body.

A long scar was visible over his bare chest. Then, when our eyes met, he twisted his bright red lips beautifully and swept his hand over the scar as if he was proud of it.

Then he opened his luscious lips and said:

“Your eyes have always been so pretty.”

As he caressed the corners of my eyes, my body moved my fingers to his lips. Adrian bit my finger, it didn’t hurt, but there was a little pressure. Something soft and wet touched it.

“Hurry up and do it.” (Tl: Gracie was forced to say this)

I hate it! No! Stop it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


「 You can read the prologue while the game is in auto-mode.

⚝ The prologue can only be viewed once, so please watch it carefully! 」


I don’t have a choice, do I?!


「Then Start! 」


The screen went dark instantly, like a monitor that had suddenly lost power.

Then it suddenly brightened, but this time it felt like I was in someone else’s body.



Keira, despite being the daughter of the emperor, lived a life of disrespect.

Keira was envious of her younger twin sister, Gracie.

“Daddy, why do you hate me?”

Even if she clung to the emperor with a tearful face, the only thing she received was coldness.

“Go to the Empress.”


“When I see you, I think of the Empress, which is terrible.”

The emperor hated Keira despite her being Gracie’s twin sister. For Keira, the emperor’s disregard was the only thing she knew.

“Are you an idiot? It’s no wonder our father hates you. You’re so stupid.”

Keira even forgives her younger sister for treating her harshly.

Gracie, who grew up under the protection of such an emperor, was a princess who played all kinds of evil games.

“Hey Clayton, we’re just having fun. It was fun playing with you. But it’s a bit boring now.”

Even the Duke of Clayton de L’Evoire, whom Keira loved, was just a toy Gracie played with and threw away.

“I’ll do my best, Gracie. If I did anything wrong, please tell me. How can I live without you?”

However, Clayton couldn’t let Gracie go and clung to her. Keira watched and secretly endured the pain with a broken heart.

“Please, Gracie. Please look at me.”

Keira stood weeping behind Clayton as he cried.

Men would fall in love with her like that.

“I broke off the engagement for you. Because you’re in love with Clayton.”

Adrian Russell, who had let her go because she couldn’t forget Clayton.

“Give me back my country. Then I’m yours. For that, I will do anything.”

Joshua Dayrid made excuses for his country, but refused to leave because of his love for Keira.

“I will keep an eye on you. So, give me just one piece of the princess’ heart.”

Francis Patella admired Clayton and wanted him to be happy with a perfect woman like Keira. However, he realized that his heart was hers.

“I will take care of everything. We will find both the Emperor’s and the Empress’s love. I will take back what should be completely yours. So, please accept me.”

Leonil Graham, the emperor’s bookkeeper. His feelings sprouted into love while helping Keira, who had been trampled on before his eyes…

“It’s my fault. So please forgive me… … Just give me one more chance.”

Even Clayton de L’Evoire, who later regrets it and approaches in the future.

Let’s see if Keira…

Defeats Gracie, the villainess who harms her!

Who will she find happiness with?!




「 Prologue is over!

The prologue will never play again!

Thanks for watching! 」


The scene changed again.


When I woke up, my surroundings were cloaked in darkness, and I couldn’t move. I looked to my side wondering why I couldn’t and found Adrian Russell to be the cause.

You bastard, what? You let go of Keira because of Clayton?

Damn, am I the villain?

I can’t even get out of this annoying game, and now I’m the villain? Not a sub-protagonist, but a villain?!


「P.S. You are not a legitimate player. ▼ 」


I pressed the arrow with my barely free hand, and Adrian Russell’s brow twitched as if he was about to wake up.


「▼ Because of that, it is not possible to proceed according to the original game.」


“What kind of bullshit is this?!”

Adrian Russell’s eyes fluttered open.

When he sat up, his firm, muscular chest was revealed because he was not wearing a top. The rock-hard muscles of his biceps looked well-defined and picturesque! An exquisite chest! A prominent collarbone!

No way. Am I naked as well?

Startled by the thought I glanced down at my body.

Fortunately, I was wearing a negligee. Just in case, I checked my underwear with my free hand.

I’m wearing it!

“Are you awake?”

You bastard, are you doing this to me because of my sister?



“Get out, the bed is too small.”

This sh**ty game!

I have to clear it and escape!

When I found out that all the men, who caused me to be shaken for a moment, were all my sister’s men, all the remnants of emotions that remained in my heart vanished completely.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

After all, the final quest is to be solved with my sister! I don’t need these guys for anything!

Ignoring Adrian’s words, I took a few moments to recall the quest objectives that were listed in the status window in my head.


「You can survive if you achieve one of the three things below.

  1. Kill Keira Gabriela Bastian.
  2. Gracie Gabriela Bastian deposes Keira Gabriela Bastian, and Gracie Gabriela Bastian becomes emperor.
  3. Keira Gabriela Bastian sincerely apologizes to you. 」


I’ll give you one chance to apologize, sister.

Whether you grab it or miss it, it’s your choice.

Because you pushed me into the river first.



The emperor’s actions toward me are sincere. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten up in the morning and rushed to see me walking around.



“It’s early morning, why aren’t you sleeping? What if you get hurt again?”

It was because of his affection that Princess Gracie grew up to be that way.

But I couldn’t say that. In fact, I wondered how I could hate receiving this type of love and affection from someone.

“I’m here to see you because I missed my dad.”


The concern on his face melted away and he smiled. Gracie’s face in the prologue resembled his, which convinced me that they are indeed family.


「 Quest! Take a stroll through the garden with the Emperor!

Quest Reward: You can receive O / X answers to one question from the status window. 」


“Daddy, Let’s walk together in the garden.”

“Let’s do that.”

When he beckoned, the attendants behind him placed thick furs on my shoulders. It wasn’t that cold, but because of his worrying attitude, I couldn’t protest. This time, it was the pelt of a white tiger.

The feeling of wearing something that I’ve never touched in my life was definitely nice!


「 Quest complete!

Just ask a question and it will be answered. 」


‘Question! Does the status window want me to win this game?’


「 O 」


“What does that mean?”

Hey! You need to explain!

“It feels so nice to walk with Daddy!”

“I feel the same way.”

It felt good when he gently rubbed my head, perhaps because of what I said yesterday. Then, I suddenly remembered Adrian who was in the room, and my mood was ruined.



“What happened to my face? I fell into the water and when I came out, pieces of my memories resurfaced.”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

“How can I understand the meaning of my memory? Daddy, please help me. And it’s better to be with my Daddy than with my sister.”

It wasn’t a lie. The emperor was more comfortable.

“Your face was disfigured by Keira.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, but there was no physical evidence, however, I’m sure she did it.”

“Why do you think Daddy?”

When I faced the emperor, I almost got tripped by a stone and I faltered for a moment. My eyes widened in surprise when he familiarly opened his arms. I was held like yesterday and lifted easily. Maybe this is a common occurrence for Princess Gracie

“She must have thought that if she disfigured your face that Duke L’Evoire would give up on you.”

“I’m not interested in Clayton.”

“I know.”

“I’m tired of Adrian, too.”

‘I broke off the engagement for you. Because you’re in love with Clayton.’

Adrian’s voice came to mind, making it even more annoying.

But Keira’s affection for me is 100%.

Are the values ​​for affection and hate measured the same?

Or do you hate me as much as you love me? Then it’s a love-hate relationship.

I’m a fool for being swayed by those guys for a while.!

“I want you to become emperor.”

“I hope so too.”

If I couldn’t achieve Option 3, I’ll have to go with Option 2. I will dethrone my twin sister and become emperor. Killing is disgusting, so I won’t even consider Option 1. Option 2 will be the next best thing.

“You will have to get rid of Duke Russell after you become emperor. However, if you wish, we can take care of that in advance. Instead, you should borrow the power of another country. Just say the word and I’ll make all your wishes come true. Your father will always keep the best path open for you to become emperor.”

The fact that he smiles with a deep smile while saying such things makes me feel like I’m the only real child in the emperor’s head.

There were strange conflicting emotions stirring in my heart.

“Your face seems to have been cursed.”


“Yes, the wise men say the cause must be an item hidden somewhere.”

“Then, if I find the item, my face will return it to its original state, right?”

“Right. But don’t worry. I am searching for it.”

It was strange to have someone focus only on my words during a conversation, so I gazed into his eyes as he spoke and gave him a big smile.

The reason Princess Gracie is so spoiled is because of the emperor.

“There is one positive thing about you falling into the river…”

“What? Is there such a thing?”

“You don’t address me by my title anymore.”

“What do you like about that? I’m ashamed to be addressing you too casually.”

My face blushed out of shame, but I have already called him ‘Daddy’ too much to revert to calling him by his title now. Damn it!

“It’s much better for you to call me Daddy like you did when you were little.”

“Then I’ll keep calling you like that.”

“Will you do that for me?”



「 Quest! When you go back to the room alone, the next quest will proceed! 」


The status window wants me to win.

The emperor wants me to ascend the throne.

For now, I had to keep these two things in mind.

“I will go to the room alone. Daddy, go ahead with your training.”

“You remembered that I go training at this hour.”

No, I knew because of your attire and the sword you’re holding.

“Of course, I am my father’s daughter.”

I expected the game to be difficult to clear. If so, then I’ll have to use what’s available to me.

If possible, I should work it out with my sister.

But I won’t do anything stupid to jeopardize the next best option.

‘Orphan Girl.’

‘What kind of college do orphans attend?’

‘You should just work part-time. That suits someone like you.’

I will create a place that suits me.

This place would be perfect for just that.

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