I’m Obsessed With the Reverse Harem Male Leads! – Chapter 2.2

The quest is now in progress!


Upon opening the door of my bedroom, Adrian Russell was still half-naked in bed. He must have been waiting for me since he sat up immediately and looked at me.

“Why did you leave? Tell me what made you so angry.”

Standing in the doorway, I folded my arms across my chest and said, “I’m not angry at all. Come to think of it, you’re right, I don’t think it’s necessary to have a relationship like this.”

He arched an eyebrow and stood up. Then, he strode over, quickly reaching the entrance of the spacious room with his long legs.

“We’re engaged because we want something from each other, right?” I asked.

“ … …”

“You want to be the emperor’s concubine, and I want to be the emperor.”

Judging by his expression, I guessed correctly.

“So, you can stop pretending to be in love with me. Instead, let’s simply be comfortable with each other,” I said with a smile. But honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to smile.

“What do you mean? Weren’t you the one who came clinging to me, saying how much you like me?”

“I guess that’s how I felt in the past. But not anymore.”

When I heard footsteps behind me, I turned around to see who was approaching.

“I heard you called for me, Master.”


A status window appeared above the person who was beaming with excitement.


Joshua Dayrid

: Crown Prince of the Dayrid Kingdom / Unable to check affection

Taken hostage by the Bastian Empire.


“Are the three of us going to play together again?” Adrian asked.

When Adrian casually acted as if it was something that occurred often, it made me even angrier.

Princess Gracie’s life is so chaotic! This is insane!

“We are not playing together. Get lost!”

I stood directly in front of the room and made no effort to move or go in.

Then the status window appeared again.


No quest orders have been issued, but you will still receive the following reward because the quest has been initiated.


Are you really on my side?


For the next week, the status window restrictions will be lifted.


“Did you lose your mind after falling into the river?”

“Actually, I have finally come to my senses. I don’t want to live like this anymore.”

“What kind of whim is this…? Oh, hello Joshua. It’s nice to finally see you with some clothes on,” said Adrian.

At the very least, he could have been polite.

Joshua is a handsome man with blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. He’s one of five male protagonists, so of course, he’s attractive.

“So, why did you summon him?” Adrian asked.

Joshua glanced at him, and, with a scheming smile, as he went inside, and began to undress. For a moment, my gaze shifted to the exposed muscles on his back.

His back is perfect too! This is very dangerous; I have to make them leave before something happens!

“If you both don’t leave, I will make you leave.”

And I meant it.

I had no need for men who didn’t love me or were in love with my sister. I have happily lived without a man my entire 24 years of life.

So, leave and stop bothering me!

Knowing that it was going to take more than just my words, I grabbed the sword of the escort knight stationed at the entrance. When I drew the sword, I saw Francis come running from afar.

“Get lost,” I ordered with the blade pointed at Adrian and Joshua.

My mind became sober the moment I realized what I had just done. Then another thought suddenly crossed my mind.

Who sent them here? Who would have the most to gain by causing a scene at this very moment? It’s probably not Francis because he wouldn’t have shown himself. Neither Adrian nor Joshua would have come to see me on their own accord. The only one who wants to see me is Clayton.

And if the one my sister loves is Clayton…


Yeah. Of course, you would come as well. You are the main character of this game and Clayton is the male lead that you love.

My sister must really love Clayton.

You set this up because you wanted to show him, right? You wanted to show Clayton that I was playing around with other guys.

You’re the reason why my face is like this.

You also tried to kill me by forcing me to jump into the river so I would drown.

Now that I know what you need to apologize for, I felt like I had a clear answer.

“Why are you doing such a childish thing?” I asked.

At those words, the mask Keira wore slipped for a moment, revealing an expression of disdain. But then her elegant features intentionally softened until she had a pitiful expression.

“Gracie, what’s wrong with you?”

Am I really the villain?

“No, what’s wrong with you? You tried to kill me by drowning me.”


“How did you feel when you saw I didn’t die? Oh my, unfortunately, I’m still alive. I’m so sorry.”

Yeah, you little sh*t, I’ll show you what a real villain looks like.

She looked surprised, but I knew better because I remembered the expression on her face when she watched me drown.

I was blindsided because I didn’t realize I was so thirsty for affection. I thought I could finally have a close relationship with a sibling, but I was wrong.

I thought that my sister would continue with her act, but she hesitated for a moment before speaking again.

“What are you talking about, Gracie?”

“You forced me to jump from that boat.”

Leonil Graham stepped from behind Keira. Perhaps he came closer so he could hear my words, but his expression looked serious.

Now that I think about it, you get along really well with my sister.

Weren’t you supposed to take care of everything and help my sister take back everything that belongs to her? I hope you try your best!

“Hey, Clayton.”

Clayton has been looking my way for a while now. You’re always looking at me.

That mindset will change soon.

“What do you think? Do you really believe I was suicidal?”

He looked at me without saying a word. He bit his lip as if he wanted to say something but stayed silent.

I really thought Clayton would say no.

“Sir Francis? Do you believe I tried to kill myself?”

“… …”

“Not to mention Adrian, what about you, Joshua?”

As if they had glue between their lips, everyone just looked at me and said nothing.

Well, considering Princess Gracie’s past behavior, I could understand why they were doing this. But I still felt bad.

“Wow, my sister is amazing. You have manipulated everyone into believing you.”


“You owe me an apology, sister.”

This is your last chance. If you’re going to take it, now is the time, Keira.

“Apologize for everything. For my face, and for trying to kill me over and over again”

“… …”

“Please sincerely apologize.”

She wet her lips and sighed. Because of her pale complexion and dark expression, I foolishly expected it.


Keira Gabriela Bastian.

: First Princess

100% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian


My sister and the emperor’s affection levels were the same, but her actions were different. Then I should believe her actions rather than her affection level.

“How can I apologize for what I didn’t do, Gracie?”

“… …”

“I’m your sister, of course, I tried to understand you. Even when you humiliated me in front of others. When you got engaged to Duke Adrian Russell, I tried to understand.”

“But I will never understand why you also had to take Clayton from me when you were just going to throw him away anyway.”

For the first time, I feel like I’m properly seeing her face.

Her eyes are now a more vibrant crimson shade than mine. Now that she isn’t acting like the good-natured heroine, it matched her well.

She had eyes blazing with anger, clenched fists, and a face full of contempt.

Unlike my first impression of Keira Gabriela Bastian, I had a strange feeling that it wasn’t me who wore a mask, but my sister.

“I gave you a chance. I don’t know anymore,” I said regretfully.

‘Option 3. Keira Gabriela Bastian sincerely apologizes to you.’

There is no longer an Option 3, sister.



After what happened, I did not return to my palace.


Quest! ‘Win the hearts of bookkeepers!’


Maybe this game is really on my side. However, which of the options would keep the status window on my side?


To become an emperor, you need to have a close relationship with the bookkeepers! When you have an audience with the emperor today, you can proceed with the quest.


“Eat this.”

The emperor cut my steak and handed back my plate. Then, while cutting his own steak, he would look my way with an affectionate gaze. I have really become a beloved daughter, and it warmed my heart.

“I want to meet the bookkeepers.”

“Shall we attend the court meeting together?”

“Yes, I have a lot to learn since I’m still missing part of my memory.”

Before the emperor could bring up the drowning incident again, I quickly spoke again.

“I enjoy being with you, Daddy, so can I stay with you until we leave for the capital city to meet the bookkeepers?”


I slowly chewed the sliced ​​meat in delight, I had never tasted such tender meat. It was a veal steak, smothered in a delicious sauce.

“You must have come to your senses now.”

“Yes, because now I have to take the throne.”

I told him exactly what he wanted to hear, so I wonder why he’s crying again. He wiped the corners of his eyes with a slightly curled finger and spoke in a voice thick with emotion.

“Then, are you determined to become the Crown Princess now?”

That’s right. I must become the Crown Princess before I can become the emperor.


“Okay, I will quickly make some preparations. We will make an announcement on the last day of the victory ceremony.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Would you like to drink tea together before you go?”

Even though we’ve been together often these days, he didn’t seem to be tired of it. Perhaps Princess Gracie truly loved the emperor but never expressed it properly?

“Yes, I would like that.”

“The head maid will bring you another list. Replace the palace staff with whoever you want.”

“I like the maid I’m using now. I will have her trained to become my handmaiden. Also, assign someone other than the guard captain for my escort.”


Francis and I kept running into each other, even though he didn’t want to see me, and it was uncomfortable every time. I didn’t say a word because I also didn’t want to see him.

“Please summon the tutors, so I can begin studying again.”

“I will personally select trustworthy tutors for you.”

“And let’s train together every morning, my body is too weak.”

“I will prepare everything.”

“And teach me how to ride a horse.”

“I will have a riding instructor ready.”

“I want to learn horseback riding from my dad.”

He stopped issuing orders to his aide and smiled at me. I was very happy, so I gave him my prettiest smile.

“Yes, this father will teach you everything from start to finish.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”



I had other business to attend to, so I had to stop by my personal library. My sister probably has a private library as well since she is a member of the royal family.

My dedicated library was connected to the emperor’s private library, which was a four-story building.

The escort was left at the door, so I could privately prepare for the court meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to relieve the resentment of the commoners serving the kingdom.

It’s also a way to measure the emperor’s interest and commitment in the common people.

That’s why the bookkeepers worked together to establish and maintain the emperor’s position.

The bookkeepers were entirely made up of the imperial faction, with the exception of one. Leonil Graham.

“Why did you follow me?”


Francis Patella.

: Captain of the Guard.

25% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian

35% Affection for Clayton de L’Evoire.

-5% Affection for Keira Gabriela Bastian


I didn’t even do anything, so why is my affection level rising? Are you crazy like Clayton?

“I came because I was worried.”

“Don’t worry, this is a safe place, so get out.”

I came in here to escape the intrusive gazes around, but now I feel even more uncomfortable.

The book I was looking for wasn’t located on the first floor, so I ignored him and brushed past him to head up to the next floor. But then he grabbed my hand, pulling me backward and preventing me from moving forward.

“I believe in Your Highness.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

I tried to shake off his hand, but considering he’s a knight, his strength was greater than mine. I couldn’t shake him off easily, so I had no choice but to turn around and face him. Even though Francis was standing a step below me, we were the same height, which emphasized his large statue.

“That day, when you asked who believed you…”

“Oh, you mean the day you stood there silently?”

This bastard is lying.

You’re here to spy on me, aren’t you?

Why? Are you trying to impress my sister? Yes? Is that why you’re here?

“What should I do? I simply can’t trust Sir Francis.”

I need to learn about the ways of the emperor, but I didn’t need to get that information from you. If my goal is to clear the game, it would be best not to get involved with you.

To become emperor, I don’t think I need you that much.

“What can I do to earn your trust?”




Hey! You said you were on my side!

Why are you trying to get me involved with him? I don’t understand!


Francis Patella wants to prove his loyalty to you! Please choose one of the options below!


Oh, I know! I want him to wear tights and do some flips and tricks like a performer in a circus!

Right… There won’t be any creative options like that.

I should lower my expectations.


Option 1. Ask him to kiss you.

Option 2. Ask him to take off his clothes.

Option 3. Ask him to cover his eyes for 5 minutes. (It will be automatically executed upon selection.)

Option 4. Ask him to give you a kiss mark.


I’m beginning to think this game is R-19.

I should have known since it’s obsessed with kissing!

And what’s up with option 3? It looks the most ominous!

I’m going with Option 2.



Option 2. Ask him to take off his clothes.


This is not for my benefit! It’s the quest! The quest is making me choose! It’s the safest option!

“Then take it off.”

Wow, that sounded so smooth…


“Take it off.”

“… …”

“If you’re not going to do it, let me go. I’m busy.”


Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard

30% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian


You are a pervert… Why is the affection level rising? Are you crazy…?

“Okay, I’ll take it off….”

Francis’ face and ears were as red as his hair. His voice sounded small and seemed to represent his current state, but his gaze felt strangely intense.

Why is your neck so red?

I was so captivated by his gray eyes, which reflected the light from the chandelier twinkled like glass beads, that I couldn’t look away. As we stood gazing at each other, he grabbed his cape.

“You want me to be humiliated. Regardless, I’ll still prove it.”

Firmly grasping my hand, he led me down the stairs. Then, his cape was removed and placed on the floor. After removing the pin from the cravat around his neck, he untied it and placed it on top of his cloak.

His hands were trembling.


  Francis Patella is a virgin.


Wow, I see. That’s why you got so angry when I said it was small down there.

If this continues, I will definitely see it. I’m really looking forward to seeing if it’s small or big.

He took off his jacket and added it to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Before I knew it, only a thin shirt and pants remained.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt until it was loose at his waist.

It said he’s a virgin, but considering his reaction, I don’t think so. Seeing that his pants are about to burst, he probably isn’t small.

After his white shirt was completely unbuttoned and added to the pile of clothes on the floor, his scarred chest, perfectly positioned muscles, solid chest, defined abs, and lean arms were revealed.

It was a beautiful sight. I stared at him as if possessed, and our eyes met. He swallowed hard and quickly looked away.

After pulling off his gloves, the only clothing that remained was his pants.

He removed the sword at his waist and put it down. He undid his belt, but then his hands paused on the button for his pants. After a moment, he started to unbutton his pants.


Who told him to stop?

Full of anger and bewilderment, I looked around and found Clayton standing nearby.

Couldn’t you have come a minute later?! Why are you here?! You shouldn’t have come!

“Um, this is…”

Confused and ashamed, Francis looked at me. He seemed to be contemplating whether or not he should put his clothes back on.

“That’s enough proof…. Put your clothes back on.”

Although I regretted saying those words, I was also very embarrassed. My ears and cheeks were hot, and I was too shy to make eye contact, so I was concerned that he was still looking.

“What are you doing? Were you going to play with that bastard in the library?”

“No, that’s not it! This is my… I… I did this because I wanted to,” Francis said pathetically.

But if he was going to side with me instead of my sister, he didn’t seem as pathetic as before.

Since my sister’s affection level is 100%, I couldn’t rely on affection to determine anything.


Francis Patella.

: Captain of the Guard.

35% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian



“Get lost.”

Of course, Clayton had something to say.

“What makes you think my escort will listen to you?”

“When did it become okay to play with an escort?”

“We haven’t played together yet, and whether we play together or not, it’s none of your business.”


Suddenly my vision darkened due to this madman covering my eyes. While my vision through the gap between his fingers was not perfect, I could clearly see that this crazy man was angry.

“Are you crazy? Move your hands!”

“You, hurry up and get dressed quickly,” Clayton ordered.

“Oh, yes!” Francis answered quickly.

This is annoying! So annoying! So very annoying!

“Just tell me what you want. Why did you come all the way here?”

“I don’t know. I can’t seem to forget about you.”

You’re too shameless to be called a duke.

When Clayton’s hands fell, Francis was more disheveled than before, but he was dressed to the point where I couldn’t see anything except his face.

I hate to admit it, but I’m disappointed.

Honestly, it’s so unfortunate that we were interrupted.

But I’m not sorry. I am a human with desires too.

“Go away,” I said with a sigh.

“I don’t want to.”

“If you don’t leave, I’ll play with the escort. So go away.”

“Then I’ll kill him and leave afterward.”


Clayton de L’Evoire

: Duke

99% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian

–99% Affection for Francis Patella


I had to remind myself that the affection level was not reliable.

I’m just being pestered by both of my sister’s men, there’s nothing more to it.

“If you’re going to kill Sir Francis, why don’t you kill me, too?”

“How can you ask me to kill you?”

“Then don’t threaten to kill Sir Francis either.”

When I looked closely, Francis seemed very big, but Clayton is taller. How tall are you? 190 cm?

“I’m here to attend the Victory Ceremony”.

Seeing that he changed the subject, it was clear that he had no intention of leaving.

“But why are you here?”

“We’re going to attend it together.”

“I’m not going with you.”

“Then who are you going with?”

“Why would I go with you when I have a fiancé?”

Of course, I wasn’t going with him since I had already decided to go alone.

“I told you not to talk about that bastard in front of me….”

“I’m not going with him,” I blurted out.

Because of the hurt expression on his face, the words spilled out of my mouth before I realized it.

I guess I’m an idiot with no real answers. Why is my heart so weak? What am I going to do with a guy who’s going to end up in a relationship with my sister anyway?

“Then go with me.”

“I don’t want to.”


His expression started to seem more wistful as he grabbed my hands and held it tightly. I didn’t have the heart to shake it off because his hand was trembling.

Princess Gracie, what did you do to make him like you this much? I’m genuinely curious.

“There’s someone else I want to go with.”

“Do whatever you like. Regardless of who you bring, I won’t let you go.”

He spoke in a voice that seemed to contain his anger, but I wasn’t afraid at all. Rather, it was obvious that he didn’t know how to react because he was so hurt by my words.

“I’m going with my dad, are you going to threaten to kill him, too? Wouldn’t that make you a traitor?”


“Let go of my hand, you’re hurting me.”


“I’m tired. Please go.”

It’s getting harder and harder to refuse Clayton because of how handsome he is.

“Even if you come with His Majesty, you have to dance with me first.”


“Because the ceremony is being thrown in my honor.”

Yes, that’s right. You did just win the war.

“Dance with your partner. You have my sister.”

“You are my only partner.”

“And my only dance partner is my dad.”


Quest reward

The expiration date of the status window will be extended



During their audience with the emperor, the people from the capital came forward with their grievances. It was the bookkeepers who initially addressed these issues. This was because the emperor, who was surrounded by nobility all day long, could not properly comprehend the lives of commoners.

“Go ahead.”

Next to the emperor’s throne was a seat reserved for the empress, but now I occupied that seat. The empress had long since been unable to come out of her palace due to her illness, and my twin sister, Keira, was extremely disliked by the emperor.

Looking closely, sitting below me was a queen I had once encountered in a portrait. She was quite beautiful, but she was very thin, and her pale complexion was so sickly that it seemed like she would collapse soon.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Then I heard the high-pitched voice of the person I didn’t want to see.

“Where did you come from and why are you here?”

It was strange to hear the emperor speak in a completely different tone than the one he used with me. The tenderness he showed each time we ate or sat together, was a type of affection that Keira had never received.

“Mother sent me as a proxy.”

Keira handed a document stamped with the empress’ seal to his aide.

I wasn’t sure whether I should stand or not, so I looked at the emperor for guidance. When he motioned for me to stay seated, I simply nodded and remained sitting.

“You can sit there, next to the queen.”

“But, Your Majesty, I’m here on behalf of my mother.”

“Do you want to get kicked out?”

Threatening to issue such an order meant Keira was already on thin ice. In the prologue, the reason given for the emperor’s hatred toward Keira was because she resembled the empress. But that couldn’t be true since Gracie’s original face is almost identical to Keira’s face.

Then, what is it? How can he love Gracie while fiercely hating Keira?

I was curious about how it began and wondered if the only reason I could ascend the throne was due to the emperor’s favoritism.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Keira also had Joshua Dayrid at her side.

“The Crown Princess has yet to be decided, since Princess Gracie is here, it shouldn’t be difficult for Princess Keira to attend as well,” Leonil interjected.

I really didn’t want to hear what Leonil had to say since he was clearly pretending to be unaware of what his actions meant.


  Leonil Graham.

: Bookkeeper.

50% Affection for Keira Gabriela Bastian

-50% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian


Well, I expected as much.

“Don’t worry, Gracie. Your father is here.”

Ignoring Leonil’s words, the emperor rubbed my shoulder reassuringly. I had to take a moment to get a hold of myself because I was close to being overwhelmed with bitterness.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized why Keira brought Joshua.




At the emperor’s words, one of the bookkeepers unfolded the document he was holding. When he started reading, it seemed to be related to a case he investigated.

“Bring him forward.”


Anders Biles.

: Bookkeeper

50% Affection for the Emperor

Member of the Dayrid Royal Family


If he’s from the Dayrid royal family, he’s probably related to Joshua. But if you managed to come to another kingdom and rise to the position of bookkeeper, aren’t you also a traitor?

From what I have seen so far, the emperor was kind to me, but also thorough in his work.

If this man betrayed his own country, there’s no way he should be trusted around the emperor.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Said the group of people who stepped forward.

It was annoying to hear five people repeat the same thing.


“We caught the real culprit who caused the collapse of the Ber River dam. But isn’t it unfair to let him escape without any punishment?”

I didn’t know his name but seeing that he had a goatee, I decided his name was Goat.

“I have done no such thing. How do you even collapse a dam by yourself?”

This man resembled a crying sheep, so I will call him Sheep.

“What about the other three?” asked the emperor.

“They were brought in as witnesses, Your Majesty,” the bookkeeper replied.

“Whose witnesses?”

“The plaintiff, Your Majesty.”

Since they were individuals brought in by Goat, I decided to refer to them as Goat Friend 1-3.

“I will now hear the witnesses’ testimony.”

Upon closer observation, Goat and his friends appeared to be quite rich, considering that their clothes were luxurious. Compared to the nobles that visited the imperial palace, there was no difference, even their accessories were expensive.

The fact that Goat and his friends were rich, meant they were less likely to bully Sheep for money.

On account of Sheep’s appearance, it was clear that he had no money for them to rip it off in the first place. Above all else, the cuffs of his shirt were ragged, the sleeves had holes, and his shirt was stretched to point that one side was longer than the other.

“Soin and I came here together because the defendant stole bread from Soin’s shop! He also stole bread from my shop, even after Soin took pity and released him, he didn’t reflect and committed another theft!”

Sheep got caught stealing bread from Goat Friend 1’s store. Goat friend 1 let it slide, but another theft got caught.

“I bought the defendant as a bedroom slave for my wife! But he rejected my wife and refused to please her! So, I tried beating and disciplining him, but he ran away without being grateful for the food and clothes we gave him! After my wife was rejected by this guy, do you know how hard it was for her…to…. Anyway, that’s why I’m here today!”

So, Sheep was the bedroom slave of Goat 2 wife. He refused to listen and ran away.

“Which country is the defendant from?” I asked abruptly.

I wanted to know because I was curious. It seems certain that the Bastian Empire is open to relations.

“The defendant is from the Kingdom of Dayrid”.

Sheep wore a blank expression. Perhaps, he was prepared to die. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t help but pay attention. The resignation on his face faintly reminded me of someone.

“Allow me to provide you with another testimony,” began the bookkeeper. “This man informed the Plaintiff that the Defendant had broken the dam.”

“Did the dam collapse?” Leonil Graham asked with a frown.

“Yes. Because of that, the Ber River overflowed and there was a flood.”

I see.

“He couldn’t have broken the dam alone! So, we must capture the remnants of the Kingdom of Dayrid!”

“What are your occupations?” I asked

“I run a small shop.”

“I’m a baker.”

“I’m a healer.”

“I’m a ship navigator.”

I pressed the arrow on Goat’s status window, which I hadn’t previously pressed because I was too lazy to be bothered.


  Slave Trade is illegal in the Empire.


“Your Majesty, I thought slave trade was illegal in the empire?

“Yes. However, the slaves from the Dayrid Kingdom were only pardoned this year.”

The status window wants me to win. This is definitely a clue related to the case.

What do a shop owner, a slave, a healer, a ship navigator, and a baker have in common?

“Do the plaintiff and the witnesses work in the same building?”


I think I know what this is.

“When did the Dayrid Kingdom become a vassal of the Kingdom of Bastian?”

“It was 5 years ago, the same year Prince Joshua Dayrid arrived.”

Leonil gave Joshua a taunting look that said, “It’s annoying to see him standing next to her.”

“Is there anything the defendant wants to say?”

Leonil stood alone on the left side of the emperor, and the other four bookkeepers stood to his right. Did their positions indicate their differences in opinion?

“I’m innocent, but what’s the use of speaking when my words have no meaning? I am a slave from a vassal kingdom and have lost my purity, which is sacred in the Dayrid Kingdom. There’s no place to welcome me from either side, and I lived while forgetting that I was a human being.”

The Dayrid Kingdom values ​​chastity? Didn’t Joshua strip in front of me the other day….

“Your Majesty, in the opinion-”

“Who gave you permission to speak?”

The emperor didn’t say anything to me when I spoke, but when Keira tried to say something, he immediately shut her down. I wanted to laugh a little, but I held it in and continued.

“Did you steal the bread out of hunger?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

This case must be the reason my sister brought Joshua. But how did she know? Did Leonil guide her?

“Does the ship navigator also have any work related to the plaintiff’s shop?”

“…We run into each other every now and then.”

The emperor wasn’t even listening, and it was clear that bookkeepers would side with the people of the Bastian Kingdom. Now I can see why Keira had Joshua at her side.

In the prologue, I remembered Joshua saying, ‘Give me back my country.’

Keira must be dangling the possibility of Joshua getting his country back and showing her support to the people of the Dayrid Kingdom in order to influence them to side with her.

“Then the plaintiff and the three witnesses are related to each other. It’s unfair for the defendant’s fate to be decided by the testimony of these people. Right, Daddy?”

In order to appeal to the emperor, addressing him familiarly rather than his title seemed like a good tactic.

“I see.”

“In this Princess’ lackluster view, their testimonies are meaningless. How can it be a sin to steal when you’re starving? In that case, I think the best course of action is to enact a law that can help provide relief,” I added.

“You are right. The law should account for, and pardon crimes of thefts caused by poverty.”

The emperor really respects me. Still, what I want to gain is the qualities of an emperor. If so, I shouldn’t stop at being loved. I have to show my competence and confidence.

“Even while knowing that the defendant is at a disadvantage, they still decided to testify against him. Therefore, in this Princess’ opinion, the validity of the testimony should be questioned.”

“You are right.”

“Also, the plaintiff’s intent to adopt the words of those working in his building as testimony is suspicious. Has the shop owner ever been a slave trader before?”

Goat rolled his eyes and looked toward Leonil.

Leonil said he would do anything for Keira. He must have set up this self-composed drama, too.

“No, I was a slave.”

“Your intentions are too obvious.”

“Tell me your thoughts,” said the emperor.

I took a deep breath as he gently removed a hair from my cheek and smiled at me affectionately. I was able to calm down and continue without being nervous.

“How would he be able to collapse the dam alone? It must have been the work of those who are dissatisfied with the fact that the Dayrid’s slaves were pardoned and given the opportunity to rise to the status of a bookkeeper. A status that a former slave of the Bastian Kingdom could never dream of reaching.”

“That makes sense.”

“So, in my opinion, this crime was committed by the plaintiff. Just look at the defendant. In that state, he’s so weak that if he tried his strength against a girl, he would lose.”

“If I said I would try my strength against you, would I be strangled by the neck?”

“Daddy, that’s not what I mean.”

I wanted to laugh at his playful remark, but I tried hard to hold it in.

“So, I think this was done in order to demote the current statuses of the pardoned people of the Kingdom of Dayrid to slaves.”

“But the dam has really collapsed. What do you think about this?”

“I don’t think the former slaves gathered together and collapsed the dam. Rather, it must have been done by wealthy and powerful people.”

The emperor was smiling. It was not his usual smile, but a full smile.  I knew the meaning of that smile.

It was the smile of a sponsor who had just received a return on his investment.

“I earnestly request that you investigate this case again.”

“At your request, it will be done,” the emperor said firmly.

“Bookkeeper Anders Biles.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“You are the most competent, so you’re in charge.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When the emperor got up from his seat as if he was bored, he stretched out his hand to me. I gently placed my hand in his and allowed him to lead me out of the room. Before we left the room, I could see that Joshua’s green eyes were full of surprise.


Joshua Dayrid.

: Crown Prince of the Dayrid Kingdom / Hostage

20% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian

0% Affection for Keira Gabriela Bastian


Does it make sense for it to go up 20% at once?

It’s unbelievable.


Quest Complete! You have won the hearts of bookkeepers!


Take a good look, sister.

I will become the Crown Princess and then the Emperor.


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