I’m Obsessed With the Reverse Harem Male Leads! – Chapter 2.3

While staying in the palace, I learned about this world through the strategists and wise men. At night I heard about history from the Emperor. And during the day, I walked alongside him, learning this and that.

There was something that I wanted to tell him. But since we have been so busy lately, I was having a hard time finding the right moment.

“I want to attend the Victory Celebration with my dad,” I announced to him while having tea and snacks together. Initially, the plan was to attend the event with Adrian. But right now, I didn’t want to see him.

“Are you sick of Duke Russell?”

Since he seemed so surprised, I also added, “Yes, but I still plan to marry him. Because in order to become the Emperor, the power of the Russell Dukedom is necessary.”

“Then you’ll have to attend the Crown Princess coronation.”

“I just really don’t want to attend the Victory Ceremony with him. That’s why I want to go with my dad. Even if he doesn’t go with me, he’s probably going to come anyway.”

He offered me a slice of strawberry cake. I don’t know what kind of eating habits Gracie originally had. But I wasn’t used to this luxurious lifestyle.

The issue is that I’m getting too comfortable living surrounded by delicious cakes and beautiful decorations.

I guess that it won’t be an issue anymore when I finally get my 7 billion won.

“I’ve already prepared your attire.”

“Were you expecting this?”

“I just thought that there would be a possibility.”

I suddenly thought, ‘Should I give him my strawberry?’ Using my fork, I picked up the strawberry and then offered it to him.

“The strawberries are sweeter this year.”

The stress I had been struggling with gradually slipped away.

“My face has been getting better.”

“May I see?”

While residing in the imperial palace, I had exchanged my mask for a simpler one, which I took off to reveal my face.

The face that had melted was getting better. Now the skin is just a little bit red.

“You’re right. Maybe the curse is getting weaker?”

“Yes. I think that staying here in the royal palace has weakened the curse.”

“Then you’ll just have to keep staying here.”

I agreed and voiced my intentions to stay here. But I found it funny that he seemed happier than myself.

“Are you happy?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

I was still getting used to his weird habit of giving me head pats. He found it cute how I leaned towards him while expecting head pats. At the same time, this also made my stress melt away.



The slight movement of my bed woke me. It was midnight and I could see the moonlight drifting in through the window.


‘Why do you call me in such a way? Just how did Princess Gracie treat you?’ 

“Master, please don’t abandon me.”

The way he grabbed my waist, surprised me. But I was able to calm down thanks to the status window that popped up on the side.


Joshua Dayrid: Crown Prince of the Dayrid Kingdom. 

Special Ability: Infiltration.


“Why are you here?”

“I’m here because my master hasn’t looked for me.”

The unique thing about Joshua was that he had a very quiet and low voice. The gentle way in which he spoke went well with his handsome face.

“Why am I your master?”

“Because master owns me.”

‘Princess Gracie… Just how big is your harem?’

After touching his face, I noticed that his eyes were wet with tears. I softly stroked his blond hair. As if asking for me to continue patting his head, he grabbed my hand.

“After having an accident, my memories have become clouded.”


“That’s why I don’t remember anything related to you.”

I grabbed his hair a little bit more tightly.

‘Among those destined to be my sister’s men, you’re probably the easiest to manipulate.’

“Why is the crown prince here?”

“Once you became Empress, you promised to give me the control of my country as a vassal state if I gave myself to you.”


‘Princess Gracie was a crazy b*tch.’

‘How could she ask for the crown prince to submit and use his country as leverage?!’

“S… So… How many times did we do it?”


“I mean… Sleep together.”

“Ah, we…”

I thought that he wasn’t ashamed of anything. But it seems that he’s just as shy about this as me.

“We’ve done it many times.”

“How many?”

“Almost every single day.”

“Have the three of us done it together many times as well?”

“Yes, we’ve done it together frequently.”

So that’s why he didn’t care about Adrian.

“You, me, and Adrian?”


As a thanks for not hugging me as tightly, I messed up his hair.

“I’m sorry.”

It wasn’t me who did the wrongdoing. But right now, I’m Princess Gracie. I wanted to comfort him for sacrificing his innocence to save his country.

“I’m going to make Your Highness happy.”


Quest! Joshua Dayrid wants to be with you. Please select one of the options below! 

Option 1. Be with Joshua.

Option 2. Comfort Joshua.

Option 3. Do mischievous things with Joshua.

Option 4. Hug Joshua.


This is definitely an +18 game!

Option 4!

“How are you going to make me happy?”

“I’m going to do the things Your Highness enjoys the most.”


In order to block him from doing anything suspicious, I hugged him tightly. Despite that, he was able to put his hands behind my waist. I pat his back to calm him down. But that only made things worse. His breath started to accelerate.

“I’m only going to use Your Highness’ favorite positions.”

“Are you crazy? No!”


‘Damn it, my inner thoughts just leaked out.’

“It… It’s just that I still haven’t recovered all my memories yet. Before doing something like that, I feel like I have to get my feelings sorted first.”

“If I use Your Highness’ favorite positions, perhaps all of your memories will return. After all, Your Highness used to tell me that I was her favorite toy.”

His warm hands were sneaking into my negligée. He slowly swept her thighs. His face was getting closer and closer.


“Are you angry?”


“I’m sorry.”

Joshua’s hands stopped moving and he bowed his head. I could see the bright reflection of the moon through his tears.

‘Why are you so pretty even when you’re crying?’

“I really don’t remember how I used to talk to you. But, you’re not a toy.”

“… Eh?”

“You said that we shared very intimate moments.”


“That’s why it annoys me to hear how I used to treat you.”

He gazed at me in silence with a shocked expression.

‘But seriously, why does this game only have extremely hot guys?’

“Do you like me?” I asked quietly.



Joshua Dayrid: Crown Prince of the Dayrid Kingdom.

25% Affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian.


Big talk for someone with just 25% affection.

Although I don’t trust these numbers.

“I feel the same. That’s why I think that we should do it after our feelings for each other have become stronger.”

“Then everyone is going to call me useless.”

That makes sense. It’s as if he was sold to become a sex slave.

It will be hard for him if he can’t fulfill his role. It annoys me how he is being toyed around by my sister. But I’m glad he came here to find me. That means he chose me over my sister. If I can use him, I definitely should.

If the Dayrid Kingdom becomes a vassal state, and the people that were enslaved started to visit the Empire, the perfect strategy to improve Princess Gracie’s image would be to use Joshua.

“If possible, come here every single day. But until I say I’m ready, let’s not have relationships like we used to.”


Below his stomach, there was something thick and hard, but I did my best to ignore that and unbuttoned his shirt. I could see the veins in his neck.

I traced each one with a single finger.


“Stay still.”

When I breathed near his neck, his thickness grew bigger. I found it cute how he trembled. Once my lips touched his neck, he started to shake more.

When I bit and sucked on his neck, he started to breathe faster.

“Wouldn’t it be better if I left a mark?”


I stopped after leaving two marks.

“I think you’re right.”

After staying in that position for a while, he got on top of me. Although it was dark, I could see his eyes shining like emeralds.

“I want to leave a mark, too.”


After pulling down my negligée, he buried his face in my neck. He bit my neck after sucking it a little bit. The sensation tickled, but still made me tremble.

“Ah… Ug…”

“I like your voice, Princess Gracie.”

I stroke his hair as if asking him to stop. After that, he laid down next to me. He extended his arm, and I used it as a pillow.

“You’ve always enjoyed arm pillows.”

I started to think that maybe Joshua didn’t trust my words when I said that I’d lost my memories.

He probably thinks that this is a new type of game.

Maybe that’s why he’s so calm about this.

He smiled as if he loved me. But there’s no way that I would miss the darkness hidden in those eyes that I got a glimpse of for a brief moment.

“It’s very comfortable. Maybe because it’s your arm.”

“Please love me, master.”

I got closer and lay down near him. Even though your smiles are fake, you’re a very handsome one, aren’t you?


Quest Reward! 

You can proceed with the Quest to improve the image that the people of the Dayrid Kingdom have of you.


“Master, please take me as your concubine.”

‘You say some pretty dangerous things while in bed, don’t you?’

But I know you’re not being honest.



The chisel chest I saw the moment I opened my eyes was remarkable. Maybe it was due to the sunlight, but the clear view of his chest muscles grabbed my attention. But what shined even more, were his bright emerald-green eyes.

“Did you sleep well?”

‘This damn pretty boy!’ 

“Master! B… Blood!”

At first, I didn’t understand what he was saying. I was too busy looking at Joshua’s sculpture-like appearance, clad only in boxers.

“Woah… I’m bleeding.”

The blood had painted my white negligée red. Joshua was doing his best to clean my nose.

“Are you alright?”

“It’s your fault.”


“It’s because you’re very pretty so early in the morning.”

Maybe it was because I’d just woken up. But I sounded like an old man.

“Am I pretty?” He asked while wiping away the blood.

“Yes, you’re very pretty.”

“I’ll become even prettier. So please, love me more.”

Even though my nose had stopped bleeding, his hands were stained red. I was somewhat dizzy because of the smell of blood. But I couldn’t help to notice that it seemed like red flowers had blossomed on the white bedsheets.

“People are going to think that this was our first night.”


Since it was my first time seeing him laugh, I could only stare at him. I remembered that he also enjoyed receiving head pats. So just as the Emperor did with me, I pat his head while massaging a little bit.

“Your hair resembles golden threads. Your eyes are like precious gemstones. Your lips are also really soft, and your body is very well built.”

“Crown Princess, you have eyes that resemble rubellites.”


Joshua Dayrid: Crown Prince of the Dayrid Kingdom / Hostage

30% affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian.


It was all a lie. We just slept next to each other. Nothing happened. There’s no way his affection was raised just from doing that.

–Knock Knock–

I never said that they could come in. But still, the door opened anyway.

The servants saw me wearing only a negligée and Joshua in his underwear.

I wanted them to see us anyway, so I really didn’t care.

“Crown Princess…”

Francis had a grim expression on his face. It’s possible that he didn’t know who was inside the room. Or perhaps it was because he was unable to report to my sister.

“Princess Gracie, why is this guy in your room?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s mine, that’s why.”

I’m not going to play this game fairly or follow the original route.

If I succeeded in making Joshua, who has the weakest connection to my sister, my ally, I should be able to spy on my sister, right? Just as Keira spies on me.

Also, obtaining the support of the people of the Dayrid Kingdom would be a great bonus.


“Should we take a bath together?” I asked.

Of course, there’s no way I’d do that.

I only said it as a joke and because I feel sorry about getting my blood on you.

“I’d love to!”

“I was just kidding. I’m sorry, but I’m a bit tired.”


Francis Patella: Captain of the guard. 

38% affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian.


Yep, it’s definitely lie. Affection points going up in a situation like this is pure nonsense.

“Why did you open the door?”

“Didn’t you ask me to come and wake you up when it’s time to go to the gymnasium?”

Francis’ affections points rising must be a lie. If not, why would he speak to me in such a cold manner?

“Ah, yes. That’s right.”

I tried to cover up the mark that I’d left on his neck since Francis was staring intently. I just ignored him and spoke to Joshua.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”



The number of my maids had increased. By becoming a maid, Ripley had become a semi-noble. Even though her rank was lower compared to other maids, nobody made fun of her thanks to the fact that I was someone trustworthy. I grabbed the clothes and sword that they had prepared for me.

Handling a sword while wearing a mask was uncomfortable.

I found not wearing a dress to be a little bit awkward. But thanks to the memories of my previous life, it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

“You shouldn’t grab your sword like that.”

Even though it was just a wooden sword, I still tried to follow his instructions since it was my first time with it.

“Like this?”


“Your Majesty!”

Our father and daughter quality time was suddenly interrupted by one of the strategists, Balontia.

“The Queen Consort has fainted.”

“I won’t go.”

I had seen the Queen Consort previously in the audience room. The Emperor didn’t have any concubines. It was just the Queen and Queen Consort. The latter one didn’t have any children. Not only that, but the Emperor seemed to hate her a lot for some unknown reason. He ignored her every single time they crossed paths in the audience room.


Quest! Send the Emperor to see the Queen Consort and solidify your position as the Crown Princess!



“Yes, daddy is here. There’s no need to worry about anything.”

Judging from his reaction, it appears that something happened between Gracie and Queen Consort in the past.

“Dad, please go and see how the Queen Consort is doing.”

“Are you still suffering from memory loss?”

“Yes, but regardless of that, I’d like you to go and see her. After all, you’re always with me.”

I really didn’t understand what one thing had to do with the other thing. I only made the request because it’s a quest.

“Why are you being so kind-hearted?”

“I’ll be waiting here, so please tell me the details later.”

He sighed and looked at me with a concerned expression. I didn’t understand why, but that kind of hurt my feelings.

“Okay, I’ll go, but I will be back as soon as possible.”


Quest Completed! The amount of time that you can see the status window has increased!


Since he kept looking back as he walked away, I waved my hands. Suddenly I noticed that Francis was walking towards me.

“I’m going to teach you swordplay.”

“It’s an honor to be taught by the captain of the guard.”

I smiled at him, but he avoided meeting my gaze. He’s probably still angry with me because of what happened with Clayton.

But I thought that he was okay with that.

He sighed and taught me again how to hold a sword properly. Since I was wearing gloves, it was kind of slippery. Suddenly, I had the urge to see Francis’s hands. I also wanted to take off the gloves, of course.

“Show me your hands.”

“Why do you want to see my hands?”

“I just wanted to know what a hand that handles a sword every day looks like. Since I use a pen every single day, I developed some calluses between my middle and index finger.”

I took off my gloves and showed my hand to him and he relaxed his face a bit. That’s why I stared at his gray eyes. Then he slowly took off his gloves and showed me his hands.

His hands were full of calluses.

“Now that I remember, parts of your body have also hardened, right?” I asked that without thinking.

But after hearing my question, he accidentally dropped his sword.

“Didn’t you say that the sword is a knight’s life? How can you just drop it like that?”

“It’s because you’re saying weird things, Crown Princess.”

“You’re still angry about what happened that day, right?”

“… No.”

Was it because of Clayton? Or maybe it was because of me?

“Well, Keira is indeed beautiful.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

He picked up his sword. Behind his back, a shadow had appeared because of his height. This tame, he grabbed his sword more tightly.

“So, do you like my sister?”

“W… What?!”

I turned around to get a better view of his face but ended up bumping into him.


His chin collided with my temple, which hurt a lot. What bothered me the most was that only I seemed to be injured from this minor accident.

“Are you okay?”

“No, it hurts a lot,” I answered briskly to bother him a little bit. But seeing his hand floating in the air, not knowing what to do, was very entertaining.

“What are you doing? Can’t you see that I’m in pain?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I don’t know what I should do.”

“That’s obvious. You should check if I have a bump in my head.”

After hearing that, he took a deep breath and closed the distance between us. It was funny seeing him touching my head carefully. I don’t know if it was because the weather was hot outside, but his face was red.

“So, what do you like about her? The pretty face? Her sweet voice?”

“She’s not my type.”

‘Why is he lying?’

“Then, Sir Francis, what kind of girl do you like?”

I couldn’t help to notice that his windblown hair made him look very pretty. I wondered if, in the rain, the red color of his hair would look more intense.

“I like girls with silver hair and pink eyes.”

“What about the voice?”

“I like a clear and calm voice.”

Yes, that’s definitely Keira.

“I see… Well, good luck then.”

“Thanks, I’ll do my best.”

I don’t understand why, but I didn’t want him to pull his hand away from my head. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled by the Emperor.

I need to get out of this place.

I need to collect the 7 million won.

I need to pay back all the people that helped me throughout my life.

Yes, that’s my goal.

“Is your head okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay now.”

I was staring at him blankly. I came to my senses after hearing his voice. He stood there with the sun at his back to create some shadow for me. Maybe it was because of the backlight. But the tip of his hair seemed to be melding with the sun.



“Please give me some head pats.”

He bowed down until his hair was within my reach. I didn’t want to refuse.


“I’d like you to touch me, Crown Princess.”

I stroked his hair gently. It was very soft. I swept his hair to one side and then to the other. Since he remained still, I messed with his hair a little bit more.


Francis Patella: Captain of the guard. 

40% affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian.


Yes, this is definitely fake.

“Is that enough?”

“No, please continue.”

While he said that, his face was blushing.

“Why did you get angry?”

I felt that he’d answer my question if I asked him right now.

“Why do you think that I got angry?”

It seems like Francis is a pied piper. If he wasn’t, there’s no way he’d bring so much trouble.

“Why did you come here?”

Suddenly, Adrian approached me with an angered face and grabbed me by the arm.

“Because I’ve heard that yesterday you left me to climb into bed with the slave.”

‘Damn, now there’s two of my sister’s men here.’ 

“Who I get in bed with, it’s none of your concern. Oh wait, maybe it is…since you’re my fiancé.”

“You know this and yet you still do it?”

“Joshua will be my concubine. So, it’s none of your business.”

“Yesterday, it was the slave. Today, it’s the captain of the guard. How many more men do you need?”

“I’m not sure. Since my bed is so big, I’d like at least 5.”

‘I wasn’t planning to lose. After all, you need my support since I’m the crown princess.’

If I wait until my sister is no longer distracted by her love for Clayton, I probably won’t be able to go back.

‘I’m going to become the empress and complete this game. And to do that, I don’t need you.’ 

“Just stop.”

“I’ll decide when to stop.”

After he said that, he grabbed me by my arm. Something warm touched me. It was his lips.


Quest! While kissing with Adrian Russell, you will gain time to go back to your original body.


‘This damn guy!’ 

I couldn’t stop his tongue. I just had to accept his forceful kiss. I tried to react, but that made things worse. He bit my lips. I couldn’t get away from him.


Duration: 61 seconds, 62 seconds…


The time kept flowing.

After a while, he tried to stop. But I grabbed his chin and answered to his kiss. This body seemed to know how to kiss very well. It was as if it was moving on its own. I left a mark on him, but I needed to check the time more than that.


68 seconds, 69 seconds…


I thought that I was about to suffocate. But the kiss got more passionate. His tongue was moving through my mouth as if he was trying to memorize the layout of it. After I slipped my tongue under his tongue, his breath got more intense. His hands that were on my shoulders were now grabbing my waist. He was hugging me tightly.


The air he breathed mixed with mine. He moved his chin as if he wanted to get even closer to me. That made his saliva drop in my chest.

My chin hurt, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. As I tried to separate, he bit my lips. I moistened the part he had bitten and separated myself from him.

A large thread of saliva dropped to the ground.


You completed a total of 92 seconds!


‘After trying my best I only achieved 92 seconds? I thought an entire hour had passed!’

But still, the thought of going back to my original body made me smile.

I had to check the following things in 92 seconds.

  1. If I still have my lottery number.
  2. If my body is still okay.
  3. If G Company has paid my medical bills.


I closed my eyes and tried my best to memorize that list.


Your reward will start immediately.


‘Good! Let’s go!’


Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…

I saw an IV connected to the back of my hand. I could feel the fluids entering my body.


Time Limit: 92, 91, 90…


“Excuse me!”

“Eh? What? H, how…?”

“Where are my things?”


“My things! The stuff I had with me when I was brought here! Where are they!”


58… 57… 56…


While shaking, the nurse approached the desk.

“Nurse! Please, I need my stuff!”

“I’m calling from the NSICU! The patient has woken up!”

‘Damn it! She’s not even going to help me!’

I opened the desk drawer that was next to the bed. Inside there, I found the newspaper and bag that I was carrying the day of the accident.

The lottery ticket that I had stitched in my bag because of fear of being robbed was still there.

‘I still have it!’ 

I opened the newspaper. There was an article about me.

Corporation G has decided to take care of the unconscious employee. People are praising the noble act of this big company.

I laughed at the article. But still, I can’t believe they’re paying for my medical bills!


… 12, 11, 10…


I read through the article. It said that they would pay my medical bills until I regained consciousness.



You have used all of your available time. Returning to the game!



“What are you doing?”

‘Damn it, I had forgotten about this guy.’ 

I can’t believe that Adrian Russell is the first thing I’m forced to see the moment I come back.

“Weren’t you expecting something like this?” I asked while trying to remember what had occurred the past 100 seconds ago.

‘Calm down. You mustn’t laugh in his face.’ 

I tried to use a serious tone of voice. He didn’t seem to notice anything weird or different.

“Are you going to listen to any of my requests?”



Francis Patella: Captain of the guard. 

30% affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian.


This kind of bothers me. It’s not like his feelings are real in the first place! Why did it drop 10%!

“Please stop.”

Francis, who was calm before, now had a gloomy expression., I definitely couldn’t trust what the status window said.

“Sir Francis, do you want to do it too?”

“Excuse me?”

‘I want to kiss you too. Maybe if I do that, I’ll be able to return once more?’

If I said that, I’d probably get murdered once again.

“See? A kiss means nothing to me, Adrian.”


“I don’t care whether you get in bed with Joshua or even Francis. But if what you want is only a kiss, you can come to me anytime.”

‘What you want is my influence.’

‘And my sister’s love.’

‘I still can’t forget the expression you had when you saw my face. That’s why I know that at the end of the day everything you do is for my sister.’ 

“Why did you change so much? You used to act as if you couldn’t live without me.”

“Now that if you’re here, I feel like dying.”

“Without me, you’ll never become Empress. Clayton is using you. He wants revenge for what happened the other day.”

“Yes, I know.”

‘In my eyes, there is no difference between you and Clayton, you’re just like him.’

“Then why are you acting like this?”

“I’ve already told you, haven’t I? I’m going to marry you. Don’t worry. After all, you’re only after the position of King Consort.”

“I won’t deny it. But that’s not the only reason why I want to marry you.”

“Yeah, sure.”

‘After all, you want to get back with my sister.’ 

I hid behind Francis’s back. I grabbed his cape and buried my face in it.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t want to see you. I’m going to marry you, don’t worry. But let’s avoid seeing each other.”

“What about the Victory Celebration?”

“I’m going to go with someone else.”

“Be prepared for the worse if you attend the event with Clayton.”

“I’m going to attend accompanied by my dad.”

His angry expression relaxed after hearing my words.

“Have your feelings towards me changed?” Adrian asked with a calmer voice than before.



“Your reaction after seeing my face. It made me feel bad. To me, being by your side is too hard. I’m constantly reminded of the current state of my face.”

It’s a lie, of course.

Leaving my face aside, I’m still me. I just don’t want to be around such a superficial person. Also, I know now that I can revert my face back to its original state by completing a quest.

“It’s true that I was surprised. But that was because you were hiding it from me.”

He clenched his fist and sighed. Then he gazed at me with eyes as beautiful as black pearls.

“I’m not going to judge you because of that. If my actions hurt you, I’m sorry.”


“I made a mistake.”

After hearing his apologies, I lifted my head. When our eyes met, he just turned around and walked away.

Then he turned around once more, looked at me again, and finally walked away.

“Are you okay?”


Francis Patella: Captain of the guard. 

40% affection for Gracie Gabriela Bastian. 」


Why did the affection level rise by 10%? I know that the status window can’t be trusted, but it still bugs me.

“No. Do I seem okay?”

When our eyes met, my face brightened. I felt that he could read my inner thoughts. And that honestly made me feel weird.

“I asked you that because I’d like you to be okay.”

“Why? So you can kiss me?”

“Yes. Will you let me kiss you?”


This person, the captain of the guard, seems to care about my mood and is doing his best to cheer me up.

“Thank you. I’m feeling better.”


“It seems that my dad isn’t going to come for a while. Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

“Ah… Yes.”

The way he was bowing his head was cute. But remembering that he was a spy for my sister made me angry.

“Must be nice being my sister. After all, everyone that’s handsome or cute is hers.”

“Crown Princess, I want to be yours.”

“Do your best.”

‘Although it’s a shame that I’m not the princess you want.’



“C… Crown Princess!”

I returned to my room because I wanted to change clothes. There, I found Ripley. I wondered why she was so flustered and drenched in a cold sweat.


Ripley: Attendant of the Crown Princess / Semi Noble



Not even a maid, but a simple attendant, is alone in the room of the Crown Princess?

‘So, you’re hiding something from me, right?’

After reading the additional information about Ripley, I forgot about everything. The fact that my 7 million won is safe, my medical bills are being covered by G Corporation, and the happiness of knowing that my body is in good shape, everything.


She’s a supporter of Keira Gabriela Bastian.


‘Even you became a supporter of hers?’

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