I’m Obsessed With the Reverse Harem Male Leads! – Chapter 3.1

Ripley is a maid, who has been here for a month. Despite that fact, this is still a questionable situation. She’s now my maid since she’s won my trust. Until this morning, she was the one who helped me get ready.

Her status window had never mentioned my sister’s name before now.

“Wh-why? Why did you come back so early? Weren’t you in the training hall with His Majesty?”

“Yes, I was.”

I attempted to see what she was trying to cover up with her body, but there was nothing I could see at this angle.

“This is suspicious.”


I almost fell over in shock, as I had no idea Francis would approach so close. I didn’t fall because he supported my back with his hands to keep me from falling.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“You’re right, Sir Francis. How could this not be suspicious?”

His doubts are quite legitimate. To be in my room without reason, acting surprised the moment we walked in, and then hiding something behind her back?

‘She doesn’t seem to have anything in her hands, but why is she here?’

“I trust Sir Francis’ judgment.”


Francis Patella

: Captain of the Guard

41% Affection for Gracie Gabriella Bastian

“I’ll call a servant to investigate.”

“Wait a moment.”

I stopped him before he had a chance to summon someone outside.

‘The only people on my side in this game are the emperor and his entourage.’

I still can’t fully believe it.

“Ripley. You’re someone I want to trust. Tell me now. Then, I’ll forget all about it.”

She didn’t stick out among the other maids because of her brown hair and brown eyes. Nonetheless, I had a strong desire to trust her, perhaps due to her circumstances.

She was from an orphanage, just like me.

“No- nothing happened. I mean it! Believe me, Your Highness!”

I sighed inwardly. I could clearly see that she was trembling.

Therefore, I clicked the floating arrow next to Ripley’s status window and checked it again without any hesitation.



: Second Princess’ Maid / Semi Noble

She works for Keira Gabriela Bastian.

“Let me ask you one last time.”

“You-Your highness!”

“Ripley. What are you doing in my room?”

I observed Francis gesturing outside the bedroom door as he glanced in my direction.

‘But Francis, how can you do this to Ripley when you’re on my sister’s side?’

“Oh- I did nothing! I mean it! Your Highness, please believe me!”

“Who are you working for, Ripley?”

“We- Well, I work for you, Your Highness Gracie Gabriela Bastian!”


Ripley’s arms were bound and she was forced to lie down by the knights who came in from behind. Other maids walked in as well and even the maids outside the door started to murmur as they tried to figure out the situation.

“Find it.”

‘You are really amazing, Sister.’

‘You convinced my maid to work for you, right, Sister?’

This is so annoying.

“Your Highness.”

The maids and servants searched Ripley, but found nothing.

“Your Majesty, I apologize!”

No one was able to find anything suspicious.

In this game, I am a villain, who unfairly harasses and slanders other women.

“Your Highness is at it again…”

“She’s been quiet lately…”

“…I feel sorry for her, too.”

Their chattering irritated me.

“What if she suspected someone without reason?”

I know I shouldn’t do that.

“Which maid was in charge of cleaning my room today?”

“It… It was us!” Stammered a maid with freckles and darker brown hair than Ripley. Next to her, was a girl in the same attire, with the same hair color and a red ribbon around her hair, and three maids with ponytails.

“Are you in charge of Ripley?”

“No! We’re managed by the Head maid!”

“Are there any other maids assigned to attend my room?”

“His Majesty ordered us to pay special attention to Your Highness’ room! No one else can clean it except us!”

I’m the villainess of this game.

But, I really hope I win.

Even if winning means ruining my sister in order to become the next emperor.

The Emperor wants me to become the Crown Princess. In this situation, the reasoning behind the actions of those against it was to expose me as a princess, who was only pretending to have changed.

The game hasn’t even started yet.


Ripley was lying on the floor, so I stepped on her hand. I didn’t step on it with the entirety of my weight, just a little pressure.

“It hurts!”

“Don’t you know you could be beheaded for entering my room without permission?”

“Sa- Save me! Your Highness!”

The atmosphere grew increasingly heavy.

As if killing maids is something I typically do.

‘Then, I should act accordingly.’


“Yes, Your Highness.”

I had specifically ordered a servant to prepare a tonic for the occasion.

“Bring it here.”

As I waited for him, I kept my foot on Ripley’s hand. She was trembling, so I stayed still, hoping she would speak up before the servant returned. However, I grew impatient and spoke first.

“You have to drink what the servant brought.”

“Oh, no! Y- You- Your Majesty! Please… Please! Save me!”

Francis frowned and signaled more knights to enter and hold Ripley down. He was looking at me, probably trying to figure out what I’m up to.

Since I would be ending this game soon, I decided to move as I wish.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Are you disappointed in me?”

Francis did not avert his eyes. His gray eyes were dazzlingly clear like the beautiful shade was being reflected through glass.

“No. There must be a reason.”

It was funny to see him clench his fists as if he was doubting his own words.

“Your Highness, I have brought what requested.”

As I looked at the liquid he had put in the bottle, Ripley was contemplating her next move.

“I guess they didn’t clean my room properly, seeing as you had to clean my room,” I said with a bored expression on my face

“Oh, no! I- Your Highness!”

Ripley was lifted and her arms were pulled behind her back. The two knights were expressionless as they held Ripley’s head still and forced her mouth open.

“I’m doing this for your own good. You don’t need to thank me.”

“No! Ple- Please!”

I could see her cheeks were wet with tears as she cried pitifully. Francis looked at me once again, with a reproachful expression as if questioning whether I was really going to kill my maid.


‘Here you are, the main character.’


Next to Keira, were Maid 1 and Maid 2, who had previously claimed to be assigned as my maids by the emperor. I didn’t bother to memorize their names, so this was the way I chose to remember them.

“What are you doing, Gracie!”

“I’m taking care of my maid. Why does it concern you?”

“I heard you were trying to kill your maid because you’re suspicious of her actions. ”

‘What are you talking about? I knew it! This is a trap you set up!’

“Is this fun for you?”

“What are you talking about, Gracie? Please have mercy on that poor girl. If you’re mad at Ripley, I will apologize in her place. So, please…”

I was more annoyed because she was trying to look like a saint.

“Your Highness… Please save me!” Ripley begged Keira.

What’s more hilarious is that Keira looks like she actually pities her.

“Why do you think I’m going to kill my maid?”

“I know that’s what you were going to do. You ordered your servant to fetch poison.”

“Is that so?”

“You have done that each time. You punished any of the servants I speak to. Do you really hate me that much?”

“That’s my line.”

I didn’t want to respond anymore, so I gestured toward the servant. The knights who were restraining Ripley forced her mouth open again. She was trembling with fear because my act was so believable.



“I would rather let you kill me! It’s me that you hate! So…”

“Okay, then.”


I took what the servant was holding. It was a long, transparent bottle filled with a red solution and it was as beautiful as the stone that belonged to the wise man I spoke to the other day.

I almost laughed because it looked like my sister had grown another head.

“Drink it.”

“Your Highness! No!”

Ripley’s loyalty seems to run quite deep.

“I’ll drink it for you.”

‘Oh, Leonil. Are you trying to score some extra points with her?’

“No, Neil. Don’t do that!”

‘Oh My God, drop the bullshit.’

“Drink it, then.”


He has a nickname and I’m just Gracie? That’s so annoying.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and drink it.”

I didn’t think he would really do it, but he glared at me and grabbed the glass bottle.

‘You’re so handsome, even when you stare at me like that. I think it’s because I’m as pretty as my sister. Just like a fairy with my pink hair and blue eyes.’

“Drink it quickly if you’re going to do it. Her whining is quite annoying.”

Francis looked disappointed when he heard those words of encouragement.

‘In the end, both of you are on the same side.’

“Your Highness, may you be well,” Leonil said before squeezing his eyes shut and pouring the liquid into his mouth.


It was so funny that I couldn’t help but laugh.


I laughed while holding my stomach until tears welled up in my eyes. I wiped the corners of my eyes and took a deep breath. It was nice to see the startled glances directed this way.

“Ah really. Sister, you are so boring.”


“Sister, it took you 10 minutes to get here from your palace, but no matter how hard you’ve run, it would be an impossible feat, considering the distance. Does it even make sense that you came all the way here to save my maid?”

“Wh… What!”

She was shouting at me while checking Leonil’s condition. Francis was also glancing in his direction rather than at me.

“I’m wondering if you arrived so quickly because you rode a horse.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

As Leonil stared at her with his mouth covered in embarrassment and then he gazed at me.

“I believe you planned for me to attack you by using Ripley as bait. You think I’m going to kill people like I used to.”


“Ripley, I knew you were on my sister’s side from the beginning, but I allowed you to stay by my side because I thought you still believed in me.”

“O- Oh, no. Your Highness…!”

For a moment, the maids remained silent as if dead, and then they began to murmur among themselves. The servant I sent to fetch the liquid had a cold expression. A loyal dog ​​sent in by the emperor. The only guarantee that things would remain in check here.

“I didn’t know when pomegranate juice was a poison. Right, Verdine?”

“Yes, Your Highness. ”

With a bored grimace on his face, Verdin ruffled his gray hair impatiently while watching the situation.

“You did this to try and show everyone that I don’t have the qualifications to be the Crown Princess, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about, Gracie? Your sister has never thought you lacked the ability to become the Crown Princess.”

“Really? Then why did you assume it was poison I was going to give my maid the moment you arrived?”

“We- Well, that’s…”

“You claim to care about me, but you doubted me almost immediately. You stopped me without even asking me properly.”


I licked my dry lips. I don’t know if it’s resentment or sadness, but I was feeling bitter.

“I thought about who would benefit the most in this situation and I came to the conclusion that no one but my sister would benefit from dirty rumors about me.”

“It’s a misunderstanding, Gracie.”

“Misunderstandings are not solved by words, but by actions. This situation is not a misunderstanding. What you do is an excuse.”

For some reason, I felt close to crying, but it was probably because of the lingering regrets.

‘We’re not even a family! Who are you to make me sad?!’

“I’ll ask you one last time.”


“Don’t you want to admit your wrongs and apologize for my face, my ruined reputation, and for trying to drown me in the lake?”

“…You’re saying that again. You’re paranoid that I’m trying to frame you when it’s you who has done wrong.”

‘I better wrap this up quickly.’

“It’s no use talking about it anymore.”


The Final Quest Options have changed. Only the following two options remain.

Option 1. Kill Keira Gabriela Bastian.

Option 2. Dispose of Keira Gabriela Bastian and Gracie Gabriela Bastian becomes emperor.


‘Don’t leave me with Option 1 as the only way.’

“If you don’t disappear right now, I will tell His Majesty.”


“Everyone, get out.”

Even in this situation, she was smiling softly.

I would make it my goal to remove that smile of hers.




Joshua was kind enough to visit first. When I opened the door, I felt a little apprehensive, perhaps due to his statue, so I stepped outside my bedroom.

“Are you back?”


Before the door could shut, I heard an annoying voice. When I glanced behind Joshua, I caught sight of Clayton.

“Get lost, Clayton.”

He pushed Joshua into the room as he entered. I didn’t want to go into the room for that reason alone, but I followed him inside.

“Who do you think you are to enter someone’s room without the owner’s permission?” I demanded while glaring.

“I have something to tell you. Did you get rid of the maid?” Clayton responded, refusing to leave.

I felt a presence behind me and was surprised to see it was Francis this time, along with a group of knights, who had their hands on their swords.

This situation was becoming very annoying.

“Be careful of how you speak to me. You said you needed to talk to me?”

“Why are you lurking around?” Clayton directed his question towards Francis, completely ignoring my question.

“He’s mine, which is why I keep him around. Sir Francis, come here”

Joshua was standing nearby contemplating whether to leave, grabbed my hand, and then grabbed Francis’ hand and pulled us further inside.

“I’m afraid to be alone with you. With the four of us here, I’ll hear you out.” I said, sighing heavily.

“What do you think I’m going to do?”

“What do you think I’m going to do with Joshua?”

I reacted to what he said as if I was hurt by his words. I knew that eventually, the affection held for me would be given to Keira.

“It doesn’t matter what you do. His head will be cut off.”

“If you cut off Joshua’s head, will you do the same to me as well?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Do you see me that way too?”

To give the appearance of calmness, I shut my mouth and sat on the sofa in the room. When I sat down, Joshua sat right next to me.

“Hey, don’t sit there,” Clayton demanded.

“Yeah, Joshua. You should sit here instead.” I patted my lap and he immediately moved to sit on me.

‘This is crazy. You’re really heavy!’

Since I couldn’t express it with words, I simply laughed and Francis frowned as he stood behind the sofa.

“Hurry up and just tell me what it is you want.”

‘Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk again!’

Conscious of my trembling legs due to his heavyweight, Joshua moved to sit at my side once again with a smile, which I found to be a relief.

“I’m here because I was worried about you.”


“I just found out what happened earlier.”


“That’s why I came. I don’t know if you were going to be okay.”

His words reminded me of something I had forgotten for a while and left me feeling a little depressed.

“I don’t think it’s the first time I’ve been abused by my maid.”

“The maid must have made an error.”

Clayton is dangerous.

He is the one who will eventually go to my sister, but I will be in trouble if he keeps trying to shake my resolve like this.

‘What’s the use of having you when you’re going to leave me for someone else anyway?’

“Why do you believe me?”

“You’re not the kind of person to do something like that.”

“How do you know?”

“I don’t…. I still don’t know…. But, being by your side and placing my trust in you, regardless of the situation… That’s all I can give you right now.”

I held Joshua’s hand because I was starting to feel anxious. I lifted my gaze as I wanted to check Clayton’s current expression. It was very hard to make eye contact with him, but I could see that he was frowning.

“Why are you so stupid?”

“I don’t know. When it comes to you… It’s hard to think rationally.”

“So, that’s the reason you came this late at night?”

“Yes. I didn’t know if you would be okay, so I couldn’t go back.”

I wish I could read his thoughts.

“Even if you hadn’t come, I have many people who can comfort me. I also have a fiance.”

“You’re not even married yet. And if you really have many people to comfort you, you wouldn’t have such an expression.”

“Do you know everything just by looking at my expression?”

“Yes. I only see you.”

‘It’s so uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have said that so casually.’




‘Oh, please. Come on!’


If Duke Clayton de L’Evoire is in this room until tomorrow, you can initiate the quest to form friendly relations with the people of the Dayrid Kingdom.


‘No, thanks. I won’t do it.’


P.S. If the support of the people of the Kingdom of Dayrid is weak, there may be a setback in becoming an emperor.


‘Is this really a rated 19 game? Please, say no, please.’


“Are you angry?”

“Not at all.”

I’ve been walking on eggshells because I didn’t want Joshua to read my mind.

“Hey, Clayton.”


“You should sleep here tonight.”


It was difficult to continue speaking because his face was red. He really had a gorgeous face that could only exist in a fantasy game. His silver hair, blue eyes, and the way he smiled happily gave him the appearance of an angel.

“Sir Francis will sleep here, as well.”


“Let’s sleep together tonight.”


Clayton’s disappointed expression was very annoying, but it was too dangerous to spend the night alone with him. I also didn’t want to let Joshua leave. I didn’t want him to regret abandoning my sister and choosing me.

And, apparently, it seemed that he was absolutely necessary for my plan to become an emperor.

If so, he is a card I couldn’t afford to discard.

He may look the weakest, but he could also help build the strongest hand.

“You don’t like it??”

“…Wasn’t it usually just the two of us?”

“If you don’t like it, you can go.”

Clayton looked at me with a worried expression. I knew he wouldn’t refuse, so I asked out of curiosity. Perhaps it didn’t bother him as much since he sighed in resignation.

“I’ll stay here.”

“Yes, of course.”

‘Damn it.’

‘I haven’t even been able to hold a man’s hand back in my original world, but here I am, lying in a bed with three men.’

‘I don’t know if I’m in luck or not!’

The maids filled the bath with fresh hot water and left, but there was a problem.

I didn’t think I should go wash up.

When Clayton took off his jacket, Francis and Joshua began to take off their clothes as well, until they were only dressed in their log undershirts.

“Let’s bathe together.”

Clayton held out his large hand, but I didn’t take it. Then he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear.

“Let’s wash together, all of us.”

My heart began pounding the moment I caught sight of his muscular chest beneath the thin fabric.

“Your Highness?”


‘What the heck! Why are these three dressed like that?!’

“Master, why are you laughing?”

“Huh? Did I laugh?”

I hadn’t realized that my lips had curved into a smile or that a soft laugh had escaped.

I quickly covered my mouth and bowed my head.

‘I must distract myself! Let’s think about something negative!’

Something bad… Clayton’s big… Chest…! Oh, my. I can’t!’

‘Let’s think about something nice!’

‘Beautiful roses, the scent of roses, blue roses, and Clayton’s exquisite collarbone!’

‘Strong arms! Magnificent back muscles! Large chest! Hard abs!’

‘No!!! It’s too hard to think about anything else!’

“Let’s bathe together, Master.”

Quest! Choose the person you want to bathe with.

Option 1. Clayton

Option 2. Joshua

Option  3. Francis


‘Am I going crazy?!’


I couldn’t make a choice and left my finger in the air, which caused Joshua to look worried.

‘I would have to wear revealing clothes!’


“What’s wrong? You look pale.”

“Yes, what’s wrong, Gracie?”

‘This is your fault, Clayton!’

‘I can’t choose the first option! Not Clayton! His chest is so threatening! His physique is like Captain America!’

“No… There isn’t…!”


‘I have to pick the least threatening person for this quest!’

Option 2! Joshua!


Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

The answer has already been decided!

‘You can’t do that! Not Clayton! Look at that dazzling chest!’

I grabbed my hand, which was moving towards Option 1 on its own, and started spamming Option 2 again.


Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.

Wrong Approach.


“Do- Don’t come near me!”

The other two were also wearing thin clothes.

‘What kind of confidence do you have? No, I’m sure you have confidence in your body!’

‘Why did you take your shirt off!’

“Hey! Put something on!”

“Why? I’m going to bathe. ”

Clayton looked at me with a strange expression and squeezed my hand. I knew I had to shake it off, but I couldn’t take my eyes off his chest. I swore I could hear my heart pounding.



“You’ll wash up with me, right?”

My heart almost popped out of my chest when he grasped my hand and swept my cheek in the other. I felt my mind go blank. He was tempting me with his handsome face, beautiful smile, low voice that matches his friendly tone, and his pitifully wet eyes.

‘Option 3! Yes, I’ll bathe with him!’

Option 3!

“I- I will bathe with Sir Francis.”


I didn’t choose to speak, the words just came out on their own.

“No,” Clayton said while shaking his head.


“Absolutely not.”

Until now, this man had been smiling at me affectionately, but now his grip on my hands tightened.

It was interesting how Clayton held my hands tightly, but not enough to hurt. As if he’s controlling himself.

‘That’s even scarier!’

‘I don’t know what will happen the moment he loosens his control.’

“The four of us should bathe together.”

“Are you out of your mind?”


‘Wow. I didn’t even choose you to bathe with. Why are you still so confident?’

I had to say no, but his chest kept coming into view. My ears were hot and my face was burning. I was short of breath and I kept having intrusive thoughts.


There is no additional option that includes four people bathing together. If you initiate this, you will need to proceed with an additional quest.


I’m not very happy with that.

“I’d rather kill him than let in another guy.”

“Who? Me?” I asked, not fully comprehending the conversation.


He looked behind without saying who, while Joshua and Francis stood by with nervous expressions.

“Just go,” I said after a long pause.

“I don’t want to.”

“Then can’t you be a little nice?”

“You’re too mean. You were going to leave me and bathe with another guy?”

‘Yes. That would be the case, Clayton.’

‘Perhaps you still like Princess Gracie?’

‘But aren’t those feelings going to disappear someday?’

Whenever I don’t see Clayton, the events are always normal.

However, I have to stay with him until morning to complete the quest. But the thought of bathing together is scary.

‘I’m not like the original Princess Gracie!’

I swallowed hard and pressed the arrow.


Additional quests will be carried out tomorrow morning.


“Haa, I don’t know either.”

I remained still in Clayton’s grip. Since he was close enough to touch, I could see his eyes were turning bright red, perhaps because he was crying.

“Are you crying?”


“Are you upset?”



The additional quest will be carried out with Adrian Russell, who is very angry.


‘Shit. This is why I couldn’t choose Option 2 or 3.’

“Can I hug you?”

I stood still without answering his question. Then I looked at him directly and hugged him. His breath on my shoulder tickled and yet it felt so strange.

“Can you promise that you won’t do anything?”

“What are you talking about?”

“If I agree to bathe with you, would you be able to restrain yourself?”


‘Please tell me you will, even if it’ll be a lie, and I’ll choose you.’

“If you don’t like it, I will bathe with Francis instead.”

“…I’ will.”


“I’ll even wear a blindfold.”

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