I won the 1st prize in the lottery and while on my way to find money, I got into an accident and ended up in a reverse harem game!

The only way out of the game is to kill the twin sister, the evil villain of the final quest!

I want go back!

I have to return within 1 year to claim my prize winnings!

But crazy people keep interfering with the game clearing!


As Clayton took off his coat, both Francis and Joshua began to take off their clothing as well.

“Let’s wash together.”

Clayton held out a big hand, but I didn’t hold it. He then took my hand and spoke into my ear again.

“Let’s wash up together.”

My heart was pounding as I saw the menacing and hard upper body revealed under the thin fabric.

“Your Majesty?”


Damn it! There are three guys here who are dressed like that!

“Master, why are you laughing?”

“Huh? Did I laugh?”

It was a big deal because the corners of her lips did not go down even while thinking that she shouldn’t laugh at Joshua’s smirk.

She quickly covered her mouth and bowed her head.

Let’s think of something negative!

Something negative… Clayton’s big chest… ! Damn it, I can’t!

Let’s think about something positive!!!

Fragrant and beautiful roses, rose scent, blue roses, and the appealing collarbones of Clayton!

Thick arms! Strong back muscles! Nice chest! Well-defined abs!

No!!! It’s hard to think!

“Let’s wash together, Master.”

” Quest! Choose the person you want to wash with.

▼ Choice 1. Choose Clayton

2. Choose Joshua

3. Francis ”

Are you crazy?!

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