A saint is summoned from another world for the purpose of giving birth to a holy knight.

Legria, a saint, is appointed as the Crown Princess.

Then, four men approached Legria.

“If you’re going to run away, make sure to hide well. If I catch you, I’ll crush my ankles and lock you up so you can never escape my side.”

– Rahik Barakiel Beligreum, the Crown Prince of Beligreum.

“Pretty girl, you have to make a fuss. Let the entire world know.”

– Ewha Sinuel Mosgrato, the leader of the assassination gang ‘Queze’ that control the dark district.

“Do you have any idea how I feel when I look at you? You stole her body.”

– Fyodor Ian Sevirake, the Commander of the Holy Knights.

“I don’t mind if you limp when you run around. It’s good enough for me. All I have to do is match your every step.”

– Bikan, the highest warrior of the ‘Tuak’ tribe of the Grassland Alliance.

In their eyes, I was a pet, a replacement for a dead prospective wife, a nuisance, or simply entertainment.

But, I could only be me.

From the beginning, I could only be myself.

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