Swallow One’s Breath – Chapter 5

Se-eun felt horrible.

Despite knowing that Kang Do-won was such a man, she was so angry that she could barely contain herself.

This time, he probably was meeting with the woman he was set to be engaged to. And now, he’s trying to use her to relieve his sexual desires again.

What gave him the right to get angry and  drag her out of the bar? Or the right to cause a scene in front of Joo-hyun and Myeong-ah?

Se-eun was so angry that she didn’t care to know where Do-won was taking her.

‘Alright, let’s go somewhere and talk properly! Do you think I’m still the same naive Jeong Se-eun from 5 years ago? I’m not going to allow you to treat me like that again. I don’t want to have anything to do with a man who already has another woman!’

As Se-eun silently fumed, a completely different thought popped into her head.

‘No, if you want my body so much, I’ll let you have it, Kang Do-won. Instead, I’ll stick to the same principles you mocked me for. One person at a time. So as long as you have my body, you can’t have another woman. I won’t allow it.’

Se-eun clenched her teeth and silently vowed to stand her ground.

‘Just as Charles suggested, I will take this opportunity to throw away any lingering feelings for you. I want you as well, so there’s nothing to lose. But this time, I won’t be swayed by you. I will decide when this begins and I will decide when this ends. I’ll have just as much fun as you, and then I will throw you away!’

As she repeated that promise to herself, the car stopped. Do-won got out first, opened the passenger door, and held out his hand. When Se-eun saw his hand, she recalled the times when his outstretched hand would send  her heart pounding. She deliberately ignored his hand and got out of the car on her own. Do-won simply smiled and guided her with  hand on her lower back.

“Go ahead.”

As she stepped onto the elevator, she felt slightly apprehensive because it seemed like Do-won had brought her to his house. A place where she had never been invited to after the first night they met.

The living room was 3 times the size of her studio and the night view outside the main window was just as splendid as the view at the K Hotel’s bar. Seeing this, Se-eun couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Yeah, it’s ridiculous that a man living in a place like this would date a girl who had nothing.’

“Why don’t you have a seat?”

Do-won, who had already taken off his jacket, gestured towards a sofa on one side of the living room. As soon as she sat on the edge of the sofa, he held out a glass.


Se-eun was caught off guard by the strong aroma of the dark alcohol, but she calmly accepted the glass.

“What do you want? Go ahead and say it.”

Do-won sat on the sofa across from her and then smiled as before.

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“Are you going to say that you want my body like before?”


“You’re quite persistent. I never thought it would be difficult for you to find someone to share your bed with.”

“Of course not, but I have particular tastes.”

“Then you’re saying that I’m the only one you want right now?”

“You can say that.”

“It’s an honor.”

Despite her blatantly sarcastic remarks, Do-won only smiled.

“So, what’s your answer?”

Se-eun’s lips curved into a twisted smile.

“There are conditions.”

“Tell me.”

“No other women while you’re seeing me. As you already know, one at a time, that’s my rule. No hidden fiance or wife.”

“Anything else?”

“Anytime I want to end this relationship, it’s over. Also, no one should know about our arrangement.”

Do-won put down the glass he was holding and raised himself off the sofa.

“Then I only have a limited amount of time to fully satisfy my needs…”

He grabbed Se-eun’s arm and slowly pulled her up from the sofa.


He lowered his head without waiting for an answer. The moment his firm body pressed tightly against her and he captured her lips with an eager sense of urgency, her eyes closed tightly.

His tongue quickly pushed between her parted lips, stroking and circling around her tongue, and sucking on it roughly. When Se-eun faltered and stepped back, Do-won wrapped his arms around her tightly. Then, he kissed her more fiercely than before.

Mindlessly losing herself, Se-eun clung to him and accepted his rough kiss. As his tongue swept through her mouth, he bit and sucked on her lips, and the strength gradually left her legs. To steady herself, she threw her arms around Do-won’s neck.

When Do-won finally released her lips, he took one look at Se-eun’s flushed face, and suddenly lifted her up and started moving.

Her back touched the bed before she could even question him. Do-won looked at Se-eun with her lust-filled eyes and slowly reached for her blouse.

The buttons of her blouse flew off with a popping sound. After swiftly pushing up her bra, he cupped her bare breasts and pushed his waist against her. As his large, swollen member rubbed between her legs, the thin fabric covering her core grew wet as well.

Panting heavily, Se-eun reached out and unbuttoned his shirt with trembling fingers. However, Do-won ripped off his shirt and tossed it to the side as if he couldn’t wait for her touch.

Pressing his hard chest against her soft, curvaceous body, Do-won’s lips covered hers again as she let out a sigh and moaned from the feeling of the friction along her hot skin.

He kneaded and squeezed her breasts with the same roughness as his kiss. However, her body heated up even more at the aggressive touch. The fact that she had pushed Do-won, who had always seemed easy-going in the past, to such an extent, made her entire body feel exhilarated.

Her hand slid over Do-won’s chest. When she lightly scratched his hot skin with her fingernails, he raised his head and whispered in a harsh voice.

“Don’t rush me.”

“Why? Can’t handle it?”

In response to Se-eun’s defiant reply, He reached down with one of his hands and pushed her wet panties aside, plunging his fingers into her wet core.


A moan escaped her lips at the delicious sensation. Do-won gazed down at her with eyes filled with desire as his fingers sank deeper. He curled his fingers upwards and quickly thrust his fingers into her relentlessly.

When he lowered his other hand and slid his fingers between her slick folds, Se-eun immediately arched against his hand.  The moment his fingers pressed down and stroked her bud with a circular motion, Se-eun writhed beneath him as her moans grew louder.

As she reached her peak, waves of pleasure quickly spread over her body. In an attempt to muffle her cries, Se-eun covered her mouth with the back of her hand as she shuddered uncontrollably.

As she shivered beneath him, Do-won quickly peeled off her panties and then stood up to remove his pants and underwear.

Once he was on the bed again, he settled himself between her legs and eased himself into her tight wetness. Se-eun whimpered with need as she felt the heat of his throbbing hardness pushing inside, stretching her to the point it was nearly unbearable. However, Do-won showed no restraint and buried himself deep inside, filling her completely with one swift motion.

Do-won sighed at the feeling of his entire length enveloped in her slick warmth. When she clenched around him, he groaned in pleasure and grabbed her waist with a tight grip. He looked down at their bodies joined together and admired the sight as he slowly withdrew his glistening length from her depths until he was just barely inside. Then he plunged into her with a powerful force.

A sharp moan escaped her lips with each motion of his hips. Losing himself to pleasure, Do-won thrust into her with wild abandonment to satisfy his desires as he relished the sight of Se-eun’s tousled hair, her tear-stained face, and her chest swaying in sync with his movements.

Do-won leaned forward and captured the peak of each of her breasts between his lips. As he sucked and bit down on her nipples, a sharp scream erupted from Se-eun’s mouth. When he felt her convulse and tighten around him more than before, Do-won groaned harshly as he released inside of her.

However, while Do-won shuddered from his peak, he did not stop his movements. He didn’t want it to end. Even after pouring every last drop into Se-eun, his body was still aching for more.

When he laid on top of Se-eun and buried his face in her neck, he could clearly feel her heart pounding against his chest. At that moment, Do-won realized how much he had missed this feeling. After feeling her heartbeat, he felt as if his own was starting to beat at the same pace.

Then he felt his length throb and harden while still buried deep inside of her.

Se-eun groaned and shifted underneath him as if he was too heavy. Do-won hugged her as he rolled over until she was laying on top of him. After grabbing and squeezing her butt, he slowly rocked his hips to thrust inside of her until Se-eun trembled and began to wake up.

“I’ll do it this time,” Se-eun whispered as she sat upright, and put her hands on his chest.

“I’m not going to turn down such an offer.”

She moved against him in response, riding him with slow, deliberate movements as she lightly scraped his nipples with her nails. Then she lifted herself and rocked her hips with a rhythmic swaying motion.

This time, a deep moan escaped from Do-won’s lips.


 * * * * * * *



Heated moans flowed from Se-eun’s mouth constantly. The more she cried out, the more Do-won’s tongue moved between her legs.

“Oh…yes there…please….don’t….stop…”

As she shook her head and begged, he teased and sucked on her clit.


The moment she hit her peak, a jolt of ecstasy surged through her entire body as if an explosion had ruptured within her. She trembled as her juices coated her inner thighs. He sucked and licked her as if he’d been waiting for this moment. Se-eun was laying on the bed, her body shaking from her climax, while he devoured the juices from between her thighs

‘How long has it been?’

After arriving at Do-won’s house, the two hadn’t left the bed the entire time. He greedily coveted her body, as if he was insatiable.

Se-eun started to panic after the third or fourth round, but now she had no thoughts left in her head.

Finally, Do-won lifted his head and slowly raised his body. After lifting one of her legs and draping it over his shoulder, he thrust into her. A groan fell from Se-eun’s lips at the tingling sensation between her legs.

“Ahh, haa…haa…”

“Look at me,” Do-won demanded in a hoarse voice

When their eyes met, he reached for her left hand and laced their fingers together. Then he started moving slowly while gazing into her eyes.

From that moment on, Do-won held his gaze whenever he pushed inside of her.

As if he wanted to dominate her.

Se-eun felt her body heat up each time he squeezed her hand while demanding that she return his gaze whenever her eyes strayed. His words seemed to be a switch that fueled her excitement.

Every time he embedded himself deeply, pleasure radiated from below, and she lifted her hips to welcome his thrusts.

“Tell me what you want,” Do-won quickened his pace as he pushed into her again.


She was speechless from the sensation that radiated through her body. But he flicked her swollen clit with his thumb, adding to her pleasure.

Once again, Se-eun’s waist twitched, and her tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.  Do-won lowered her legs from his shoulders and Se-eun wrapped her legs around his waist.

His movements became more and more intense, and there was a constant squelching sound coming from the joining of the two of them. The sensation from his chest rubbing against her sensitive skin drove Se-eun to dig her nails into Do-won’s shoulder.


Her harsh moans gradually turned into sobs as she drowned in pleasure. Whenever Do-Won thrust into her quickly, her body shook helplessly. Gazing down at her with eyes full of desire, he buried himself deeper and deeper, as Se-eun raised her hips to meet his urgent movements.

Then her vision turned white, and an intense climax shook her entire body. Do-won hissed as her core convulsed and tightened around him. He bowed his head and took Se-eun’s lips in his, muffling her cries.

By the time the kiss was over, the lingering tingles from her climax were nearly gone, however, his thick member was still hard.

Do-won’s lips curved into a sexy smile at her bewildered expression.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Haven’t you had enough?”

A groan came out instead of an answer as he pushed inside of her again.

“No…I… Ah… Can’t…no… No more…”

“Is that so?”

As soon he responded, his body began to move again. It was a faster and rougher movement than before. Each time he drove into her, Se-eun raked her nails down his back and shoulders.

When his lips covered hers once again, Do-won grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed her roughly. Gripping her hair tightly, he pulled her head back as he licked, bit, and sucked on her neck.

Se-eun felt a rush of excitement at the way Do-won dominated her. The urge to give him complete control consumed her. Drunk on her desires, she tightened her legs around his waist as he pushed her to the peak of delicious pleasure.

Do-won captured her lips again, swallowing her cries as her body trembled. He groaned harshly and released inside of her.

As he slowed his movements, Do-won licked the tears that fell from the corners of her eyes. Even after her orgasm subsided, Do-won did not withdraw from her body.

“Get some rest.”

Se-eun felt some discomfort with him still buried deep inside, but as soon as she heard his words, her eyes closed slowly as if she was hypnotized. Feeling his hand gently stroking her head, she immediately fell asleep.



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