Se-eun breaks up with Do-won, who was trying to keep their

relationship secret while hiding his own engagement. 

Five years later, she meets him, the representative of an important business.   

“Are you saying you’re no longer the old Jeong Se-eun anymore?” 

“If that’s all you need, I’ll stop…” 

“You don’t think the relationship with Shinhwa Department Store is very important.”  

Do-won wants to have her, even if he must utilize every single tool in his arsenal to do so. 

Se-eun acknowledges all her regrets and accepts his request. 

* * *  

“No other woman while you’re dating me. As you already know,

one person at a time, that’s my rule. Neither a hidden fiancée nor a wife.” 

“Anything else?” 

“Anytime I want it to end this, that’s the end of the relationship. Also, no one should know about our relationship.” 

Do-won puts down the cup he was holding and stood up. 

“Then I have to satisfy my needs as much as possible in a short period of time…” 

He grabbed Se-eun’s arm and slowly pulled her up.



He lowered his head without waiting for an answer. Se-eun closed her eyes tightly as his hard body presses against her firmly; his hot lips covered hers.  

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