The Best of Tomorrow – Prologue

In the idol world, there was a group that caused a dance craze. A four-member dance group called Potato Pancakes. There was a rumor that the CEO decided to debut the group after eating potato pancakes.

Popular culture critics cited ‘Lyrics and group dances with the theme of peace between nature and humanity’ as the secret to the survival of the Potato Pancakes in the tough idol industry, but the secret to their success was by far their faces. They were good at dancing, but their faces were the crème de la crème. They were very popular, and even before debuting, they had formed a huge fandom.

Since their debut, there was a slogan that followed the Potato Pancakes, which was ‘4-1=0’. This meant that if even one of the group’s members left, it would ruin the essence of the group.

The fans gave the members of Potato Pancake nicknames that fit the slogan. Potato Kwon Seong-jun, Salt Baek In-hyeok, Cooking Oil Woo Hyun-sung, and Soy Sauce Seo Yoon-jae. They even joked that the frying pan was their agency.

The crisis occurred two years after their debut.

After releasing two mini-albums and their first full-length album, it was about time to release their second full-length album. Rumors began to circulate that there would be a fifth member joining.

[Are you kidding me? 4-1 = 0, so 4+1? Do you want to see the Earth explode? Is it Geun-soo?]

Kang Geun-soo was the name of the CEO of the agency. Various online communities were littered with swear words towards Kang Geun-soo. Then at midnight one day, when there was an overwhelming amount of comments saying, “If this is true, you will die,” Potato Pancakes’ second full-length album was released.

And a photo was posted on the official Potato Pancakes’ website. In addition to potatoes, salt, cooking oil, and soy sauce, there was one more person.

A handsome face with a captivating gaze, and well-defined features.

The joining of the new member had been made official.

The problem was with the second full album. When the new member joined, Potato Pancakes’ sound had completely changed. The reaction of the fans who saw the music video were abusive language, question marks, swear words, and other nonsense.

The title song was a calm ballad with a fresh love theme, with a piano performance in the intro. The atmosphere was completely different from the title track of the 1st album, which had a vuvuzela sound in the intro.

‘What the?!’

The same type of comments quickly spread on Twitter. The Potato Pancakes fan club and Potato Legend strongly opposed the joining of the new group member and changed their name to ‘Potato Battle’ and ‘Potato War’.

There were some reasonable reactions as they watched their oppas dancing and singing while whispering, “Love me, my beautiful angel.” They loved their oppas’ unique dance moves.

‘So, Potato Pancakes will become an experimental idol group. In the previous album, they showed you a passionate dance group, but this time, I wanted to present a boy band that performs perfect live performances with their heavenly voices. I’m thinking of adding a deep hip-hop influence on the next album.’

Kang Geun-soo, a successful businessman, appeared on a program and gave the following statement. On the screen, Kang Geun-soo raised his thumb and even smiled. His expression showed that everything was going according to his plan. But it was only Ryu Seon-jae who was negatively impacted by Kang Geun-soo’s plan.

[Seon-jae, if you have a conscience, get out, you f**king b*stard ㅠㅠ]

“….This is ridiculous. Who are you cursing at?!”

Dragging the mouse cursor to the lower-right corner of the comment and hovering it over the Dislike button, I clicked the mouse several times, knowing that it was only counted once. My face crumpled as I read the comments on the monitor.

For the Potato Legend, Ryu Seon-jae, was like an undying fire that signified the destruction of the Potato Pancakes. Fans cried as they cursed while saying that if they sang ordinary ballads, they would not survive in the tough idol industry and Potato Pancakes would burn out.

They cursed Seon-jae, saying that he would ruin their oppas futures.

“If you’re going to curse at anyone, curse at Kang Geun-soo, the CEO of the agency. What’s wrong with my Seon-jae?”

I turned my head and made eye contact with the person in the poster on my wall. Wearing a beige knitwear, his smiling face was bright. If it is true that cursed people lived the longest, then the 5th member of Potato Pancakes, Ryu Seon-jae, may live until the end of the world.

But I will always be his biggest fan, and he will always be the best.



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