To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 26

“Why me?” Erel asked, turning her head away from his touch.

Barkan poked her soft cheeks mischievously, but he did not answer the question easily. Unexpectedly, he seemed to be lost in thought, which was drastically different from his typical impulsive and erratic behavior.

“…Because it seems like a lot of fun,” he suddenly answered after a long pause.

His voice was gentle and warm, but Erel was not fooled.

“I’m a very boring person.”

“Amusement is a very subjective feeling. I didn’t know you had the ability to determine what things I enjoy.”

His hand, which was always as light and soft as a feather, gripped Erel’s slender chin tightly. Her eyes were closed tightly, but she felt the urge to open her eyes and meet his gaze.

Erel reluctantly lifted her heavy eyelids. And the moment she made eye contact with Barkan, who was straddling her body, she inhaled sharply.

“You’re entertaining enough, Erelle Elorence.”

In the blink of an eye, Barkan pinned her wrist against the bed, his lips curving into a smile. When he lowered his head and whispered with his lips pressed against her ear, her body tightened with tension.

“I think it will be especially fun to break you.”

Pure malice flashed across his innocently smiling face. His eyes seemed to be calculating the many methods he would use to completely destroy her.

At this point, Erel didn’t think she would ever be able to get over her resentment.

She closed her eyes tightly so as not to reveal the light of despair that appeared in her eyes. Then his fingers that were gripping her chin slowly trailed down her delicate neck.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to go home?” Barkan asked in a seductive tone.

Upon hearing his words, her eyes flew open. After tracing the outline of her collarbone, his fingertips paused right above her cleavage.

“You’ll let me go home?” Erel asked in a desperate voice.

She knew it was a trap, but his words were so enticing that she couldn’t stop herself from taking the bait.

The Elorence household must have turned completely upside down when she didn’t return from the trip to a hat shop with Beatrice. The family was already worried about their daughter, who was a Resabre, so they must be freaking out by now.

Erel remembered Louisa’s desperation as she searched for her after finding Erel missing from the carriage in the past. When they were reunited, Louisa burst into tears and pulled Erel into her warm embrace.

Louisa wasn’t the only one. Her older brother, Michael, and her father, Calvert, both sincerely cared and worried about her. Although they weren’t Raeyeon’s real family, they were like her own family, at least while she occupied Erel’s body.

That being said, Erel was eager to leave. She couldn’t wait to escape this dreadful mansion and wretched man and return to the warm home that awaited.

“Of course, I’ll let you go.”


“Just not now.”

Barkan was clearly playing with her.

She was so tired of his manipulation and games.

“What should I do?” Erel asked earnestly.

Then, with a deep smile, Barkan caressed the front of her chemise. It was a touch with clear intentions.

“As you know, we just met, so we don’t trust each other.”

“… … .”

“So prove it to me that you are trustworthy.”

At those words, Erel’s eyes were visibly shaking. She quickly understood what Barkan wanted, she just didn’t want to admit it.

“There’s no use in trying to dissuade me with those cute eyes.”

Barkan gently kissed her face, which was distorted as if she was about to cry. The touch of his lips was as light as a feather, but the lingering feeling was very intense.

“Cmon, you know exactly what you need to do.”

Before she could react, his hands descended, his fingertips lightly tracing a heated path along her skin, until eventually, one hand was gently massaging her waist and the other was firmly gripping her hip.

But what was more blatant than his touch were his eyes.

A pair of lustful eyes revealed the aching desire to thrust himself deep inside of her.

A gaze full of dominance that expressed the possessive urge to mark her as his, until he left red traces all over her body and her thighs were slick with her excitement.

At this point, Erel wanted to scream. She wanted to push him away immediately and leave this unbearable place. But there was nowhere for her to escape.

The safety of her family was also at stake here. As a result, she no longer had the power to refuse or the freedom to make her own decisions.

As he said, this was a game, where the winner and loser had already been decided.


Since this was a game that she couldn’t win anyway, she had minimized her losses as much as possible.

As long as Barkan continued his bizarre courtship, Erel would inevitably become his Resabre. She had tried her best to avoid this path, but she had a sneaking suspicion that things would have still ended up this way.

However, there was still one thing she could do. And that was protecting Erel’s family.

If she does nothing to defuse the situation, Erel’s family will step in to protect her instead. Considering the fact that Barkan never tolerates interference, he would definitely kill them all so he could possess Erel completely.

‘Just like that nightmare from before.’

But before that, there were pressing matters that needed to be addressed.

Erel knew she had to resign herself to her fate.

‘Yeah, this is also an inevitable part of survival.’

Although it wasn’t her own body, this was the only way to protect her family, so she knew the real Erel Elorence would be willing to understand.

Erel shuddered and gently pushed his hand away from her body. And before Barkan could express his displeasure, she began to untie the front of the chemise with her own hands.

“As expected, you’re smart too.”

Barkan willingly removed his hand and uttered words that were either a compliment or a sarcastic remark. After watching Erel struggle to take the chemise off, he stopped her hand.

“It’s pretty cute to see you working so hard, but…”

‘I prefer to tear things apart.’

Barkan grabbed the front of the chemise with both hands and tore it off at once.

The soft silk ripped and fell open, exposing the sweetly curved mounds to the cold air, raising slight goosebumps along her pale skin. She was momentarily surprised when his hot hands gently kneaded and stroked her aching breasts.

“I thought they would be small, but they’re bigger than I thought.”

Contrary to his scorching body temperature, his tone of voice was dry as if he was evaluating the products on display. Barkan relished the feeling of her creamy flesh in his hand as he squeezed and fondled her breasts a few times. Then he caressed her leg with the other hand.

“I like this place more than your chest.”

And that place happened to be between her legs, where he wanted to put his face the most. He gently stroked her soft inner thighs and then pushed her legs apart.

Erel turned her head away, biting her lips as she mentally prepared for what was to come. This was not an act the two of them had mutually agreed to do together. Although she pretended to make a deal, it was obviously one-sided, and Barkan clearly would be violating her.

Therefore, she had no reason to cooperate with this act. Erel tried to reason with herself but soon realized that it was a complacent idea.

“I may have mentioned this before, but it’s quite lovely. Maybe it’s because you were raised gently, but it’s like a flower blossom.”

Barkan parted the folds of her quivering core with his fingers to admire it. She knew he intended to fully humiliate her.

“The color, shape, and taste are all perfect, but the only downside is… It’s too small.”

He rubbed her clit a few times absentmindedly before stopping and releasing a sigh of annoyance.

“So, how am I supposed to put it in?”

Erel tried to close her legs after hearing his disapproving tone, but Barkan grabbed her ankle, which was thinner than his wrist, and prevented her from closing her legs.

“Spread your legs more,” he demanded in an overbearing tone.

Barkan’s expression was already seething with ferocious hunger. His golden eyes were full of anticipation for the upcoming action.


His thick fingers began to rub her again. Contrary to his handsome face, his fingertips were quite rough, but that made the rubbing feel even more stimulating.

Even though she found his touch to be a bit violent, Erel’s body slowly began to respond to the caress. Soon, she was slick with her excitement and no longer felt any pain or discomfort.

Erel gasped from the pressure of his fingers gently pushing inside of her. When his fingers curled and began to slowly thrust, she shivered beneath him, while biting her lip to stifle her moans.

“Do you like it? I think I said this before, but you have a very sensitive body.”

The tension in her body gradually melted away, even the slight discomfort from his fingers soon replaced with a building pleasure. When she shivered beneath him, Barkan grinned and increased his movements.

Each time his fingers slide out, Barkan felt her tighten as if disappointed by the emptiness, so there was no way he didn’t notice.

“You’re so vulgar. Look at you, gasping beneath a man while clenching down on his fingers with your cunt.”

Erel didn’t feel ashamed despite the harsh reprimands. On the contrary, she whimpered, raising her hips off the bed, and tightening around his fingers again. The feeling of his thick fingers thrusting in and out of her wetness was the only thing she could focus on.

And each time his fingertips rubbed against a particular spot, she cried out, shuddering as waves of exquisite pleasure washed over her. Erel was so wet that she could hear wet noises while Barkan continued to push his fingers into her.

He bowed his head and whispered into her ear, “You came so much that it’s flowing from you. Did you want to play with me that much?”

His teeth lightly grazed her earlobe, causing her to shiver in anticipation. Erel knew there was something seriously wrong with her head but she couldn’t think clearly.

Erel reached her peak again as Barkan whispered crude words in her ear, with his fingers buried deep inside of her.


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