To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 27

Translator: Shy

Editor: Ness

Caution! Trigger Warning! Contains aspects of nonconsensual acts, dubious consent and coercive acts. 



He was extremely fierce, obscene, and even skillful at it. Erel had no choice but to cry out while squirming lasciviously under his touch.

“You’re wiggling your hips. Do you like it that much?”

She was angry, but she couldn’t deny it. Her legs, which she really didn’t want to spread open not so long ago, kept spreading wider convulsively.

She wanted his fingers, which had been roughly thrusting in and out of her wetness, to plunge deeper. Whenever his skillful fingers pressed down on her sweet spot, her hips raised on their own, and a sweet gasp escaped her lips.

“Don’t moan too much. I still need to warm you up a bit more.”

Barkan clicked his tongue as he gently pressed against her bud with his thumb, which was soaked with her flowing juices. He rubbed her swollen bud in a circular motion while slowly increasing the speed. Her breath hitched and her body trembled from the unknown sensation. When she cried out, he could feel her clench on his fingers as she reached her peak.

“Ha … aaahh…!!”

Even as Erel shuddered from the waves of pleasure, he didn’t stop his caresses. She couldn’t stop herself from arching towards his fingers, which continued to tease and plunge inside of her tight, convulsing depths.

“Stop, ah! I feel… weird.”

“Oh, my. You will feel even weirder afterward, what will you do then?”

Barkan grinned with his well-shaped lips, then licked his own finger. It was something that he did in order to draw her attention and force her to focus on him, but surprisingly, her taste on the tip of his tongue was not bad.

No, in fact, it was very good. The bland but sweet nectar-like taste lingered in his mouth. The taste of an unripe fruit stimulated him even more.

“Such an erotic taste.”

Erel’s cheeks blushed when she heard his words. It was quite cute to see her turning away stubbornly even though she was struggling to catch her breath. Rather, she seemed to have no idea that such an act only encouraged a man’s sadism.

With a silent laugh, Barkan slowly rubbed his growing erection over his clothes. Erel twisted her shoulders, trembling at the sound of him pulling down his pants.

He fully intended to tease her more if she desperately pretended not to know anything. Barkan grabbed her shoulder with one arm and turned her around, then he pushed his thick hardness directly in front of her lily-like innocent face.

“You seemed like you enjoyed yourself thoroughly. Now, can you serve me as well?”

Erel had a shocked expression on her face while staring at his length. Previously, she had estimated his size based on Barkan’s tall stature and sturdy build, but this was ridiculous.

There was no way something as thick and sizable as this could fit into her body. Whether it be her lips or anywhere else.

With that in mind, Erel tried to back away with a terrified expression on her face. But before she was able to do so, Barkan grabbed her small face.

“You should open your mouth.”

“You’re a good girl, right?” Barkan asked as he pressed both of her cheeks and forced open her mouth. And, he thrust his length between her lips, which seemed to barely fit a macaron. The way her small, pinkish lips, contrasted against his dark red straining arousal, visually entertained him.

“Ha… aeeupp..!!”

Tears formed in Erel’s widened eyes. The skin around her lips and chin were stretched to the limit, as she was barely able to handle the tip.

“You’re tight between your legs and your mouth is small as well. I never thought you would have this side to you, Lady Erelle,” Barkan spoke sarcastically while forcing more of himself into her mouth.

However, Erel couldn’t even refute since her mouth was full.

“Suck it,” Barkan ordered sweetly as he lowered his red eyelashes.
Erel tried to use her lips and tongue, but she couldn’t do anything, being that he filled the entirety of her mouth, without leaving a bit of space.

“You are really bad at this,” Barkan clicked his tongue at her clumsy attempt and began rocking his hips.

The motion caused his length to move between her lips, rubbing along Erel’s tongue at an agonizingly slow pace. A low groan burst from Barkan’s throat as he enjoyed her tight, damp mouth.

“Aah… feels good.”

On the other hand, Erel wanted to cry, but all she could do was let out gasping nasal sounds, while a bitter and salty taste assaulted her tastebuds.

When he slid further into her mouth, she felt like he was entering her throat, which made it difficult to breathe. Despite this, Barkan had no intention of letting her go. The moment Erel attempted to pull her head back, he stopped stroking the back of her head and roughly grabbed a fistful of hair.

“Just know that you’ll be in trouble if you bite it,” Barkan warned while smiling violently and gripping her hair.

Then he began to move his hips wildly as if Erel’s mouth was some masturbation tool.

His thick hardness, which already boasted a terrifying size even before he put it in, grew even larger in her mouth. Whenever he roughly hit the back of her throat, she instantly began to cough.

Erel really felt like she was going to die. When that thought crossed her mind, Barkan finally pulled himself out of her mouth. Then he spoke briefly with an indifferent expression.

“Spread your legs.”

Using one hand, he pushed her down, his hand traveling down to grasp her hip and hold her in place. With his other hand, he grabbed the back of one of her knees and forced her to open her legs. Due to the differences in their physiques, he treated Erel like she was nothing but a doll.

It terrified her to be pinned under his large frame. His muscular body was so heavy that it almost felt painful. However, without giving her much time to resist, he pressed his thick hardness against her wet entrance.

“I’ll put it in now.”

When their eyes met, he narrowed his eyes and gave her a sultry look, as if he was trying to seduce her. Apart from his terrible personality, his face exuded a breathtaking beauty.

In that moment, Erel was instantly captivated by him. Taking advantage of the moment, Barkan buried himself deep inside of her with one swift motion.


Erel twisted her body in response to the pain between her legs. For a moment, she felt like she couldn’t breathe, her mind went completely blank, and the afterlife seemed to waver before her eyes. In that state, when Barkan adjusted his position, it literally made her feel like she was dying from the penetration.

“Wa….it…. don’t mov…”

She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even speak properly. She gasped sharply while gripping the sheets so tightly, it seemed as if her fingers would break. Barkan frowned as he stared down at her.

“Is this your first time? With such a erotic expression?”

There was no need for an answer. Her immature reaction and painful gasps told him that she had no experience in accepting a man.

“On top of that, you really do need a lot of care.”

It was already painful, so when Erel heard his reprimand, she began to shed tears. She had a feeling that Barkan didn’t like seeing her tears, but at this point, his likes and dislikes were the least of her concerns. Why should she care about what he hates when she feels like dying?

“It hurts.”

Erel eventually wept after she answered. Barkan gave an interesting look when he heard her complaint, which was something she had never done before, regardless of how scary or coercive he behaved.

“It will hurt more if I stay still.”

He pulled his hips back slightly as he spoke. Then a short painful scream burst from her lips due to his movement.


At this point, there was no fear of anything. She just despised him for hurting her and penetrating her body.

“I told you not to move!” Erel cried out and carelessly slapped him on the shoulder to emphasize who she was blaming.

To Barkan, it was such a light touch, that it couldn’t even be called a real slap, but it did surprise him a bit.

As he turned to look at where she hit his shoulder, he thought of something with a blank expression.

‘Is she angry?’

During that moment, Erel realized the gravity of her actions and became fearful.

Then she suddenly heard an unexpected notification.

[Ding! Barkan Harmash’s desirability has increased by 3.]

‘Why at a time like this?’ Erel thought, doubting her eyes.

“What should I do?” Barkan whispered with a gentle touch while removing the hairs stuck to her cheek


“I’m getting more excited because you’re whining.”

As he spoke, his length twitched and swelled even bigger inside of her. Erel bit down on her lip in response to the pain. She was well aware that he wasn’t normal, but she had no idea how to deal with this change of mood.

“Look into my eyes. Erelle Elorence,” Barkan demanded with a low voice while grabbing her chin.

When she thoughtlessly raised her head, their faces were close enough to touch noses. She could see the sparkle in his lustful golden eyes, framed by his long lashes, which were as red as poppies.

Then, the sparkle in his eyes began to gradually brighten, and suddenly, Erel felt her heart sing as if calling out for something or someone. At first, she thought the hot energy was hovering around her body, but she felt only coolness when she exhaled.

‘This feeling is….’

Since she had experienced it once before, Erel instantly recognized the sensation. It was the Resabre’s power that she used to block Barkan’s attack at the hat shop.

“Sebring,” Barkan whispered while gazing into her eyes, which widened in surprise.

His eyes filled with joy at the thought of receiving the most precious gift that a Resabre could give to Masaka.

“Will you do that for me?”

At the same time, Erel’s body heated up. Barkan pulled out and manipulated the subconscious power of Resabre within her.

Erel felt the energy flow like water into her body. For now, she had no choice but to accept the fact that she was a Resabre.

It was as if she was being tied down and forced to absorb his energy, which made her feel dizzy and filled her with an unknown sense of euphoria.

It was as if she was drunk on a sweetened liquor. Her whole body felt weightless and the anxiety and fear that once filled her heart gradually subsided like melting snow. Then the tension and stiffness in her hands and feet faded away.

“Now open wider,”Barkan demanded as he licked his lips.


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