To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 28

*Warning! Smut Incoming!*


Erel was not alone in enjoying the ‘Sebring’. When her Resabre energy was transferred through their touching skin, Barkan inhaled sharply and shivered.


The powerful Masaka energy flowing through his veins, was similar to a deadly venom, torturing him with every breath he took. Sometimes he preferred to feel numb rather than feel anything.

However, all that pain disappeared spontaneously just as he received her energy. In addition, his own energy, which he always had to suppress to keep it from seeping out, gradually calmed down. Eventually, her physical condition returned to its former state.

To express his satisfaction, Barkan bowed his head and kissed along her collarbone.

“Now this won’t hurt anymore,” he whispered with hooded eyes.

It was only then that Erel noticed the absence of the pain, which had left her feeling ripped apart on the inside. She looked down at her glistening pearl-like skin and her eyes widened in surprise.

‘Is this the effect of the Sebring?’

She was awestruck for a moment until she met Barkan’s gaze and his furrowing brows. Her particularly red face made her seem angry or distressed.

While Erel’s expression turned into confusion, Barkan lowered his lusty eyes.

“I can move slowly, right?” he murmured in an irritated tone, wetting his dry lips with his tongue.

He seemed impatient and on the verge of exploding. His ferocious expression, which contained desire and lust, emphasized his incredibly dangerous and vivid beauty.

“Wait… Ahh! Aaaah…!!”

Erel felt a sense of danger and tried to pull away, but Barkan seized her wrists with one hand, firmly pressing her wrists against the sheets, and gave her a look of annoyance. Then he grabbed her ass roughly with his other hand and pushed himself deeper inside.

“Aaah! No… wait! Aaah!”

She felt like the air was being forced from her lungs each time he thrust into her.

Erel was unfamiliar with the sensation of being stretched and filled by a man’s arousal. Even when she cried out loudly, the way he plunged inside of her indicated that he didn’t care at all.

The thing that bothered her the most was how her body responded. Up until a moment ago, the penetration definitely hurt like hell, but now, rather than pain, pleasure spread from her core, gradually heating her body.

This was due to Erel’s emotions being manipulated by the Resabre’s energy. Even with that knowledge, she continued to get wet, her inner walls clenching around him each time he drove into her. Whenever he moved his hips obscenely, Erel felt like she was melting from the pleasure.

“Stop tightening it,” he grumbled while gritting his teeth and clenching his jaw. “Do you want me to cum quicker? Is that why you keep squeezing down on me?”

Obviously, he was scolding her, but Barkan didn’t stop thrusting for even a moment. It was as if he was addicted to the pleasure he received from her wetness.

“Ah, I am losing my mind. Why is this pleasure so delicious?” Barkan murmured, releasing her wrists.

Erel was frightened by the way his eyes rolled back as he thoroughly enjoyed her. Despite his excitement, Barkan still managed to notice her fear, and laughed while placing her hands around his neck.

“Will you hold me while I f*ck you deeper?”

Erel was uncertain, which is why she didn’t wrap her arms around his neck.

“You won’t touch me?”

In response to her reluctance, he increased his pace and rammed into her mercilessly, as if to punish her. Her body shook up and down like she was riding a galloping horse, which drove her crazy.

“Haa… ahh!! Slow…down!”

By the time Erel realized it, she had wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. Barkan groaned and buried his face within the curvature of her neck.

“Ah, you smell so sweet.”

Barkan did not consider Resabres to be ‘gifts from God’. Instead, he often laughed at those childish beliefs, but at that point, those beliefs started to resonate with him.

As far as Barkan was concerned, Erel was definitely a gift from God. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to experience such hot, sweet, and overwhelming pleasure.

He bit Erel’s neck without any hesitation while spreading her thighs wider, and moved his hips ferociously. He had been excited since the beginning, but now, Erel’s unique Resabree energy aroused him like an aphrodisiac.

As a result, Barkan was completely intoxicated and his body was humming from euphoria. He never thought Erelle Elorence had the capacity to sexually entice him to such a state.

“Aht… slow down… Aah! Aaaang!!”

When she clumsily wrapped her arms around her neck, it was obvious that she was not trying to be seductive. However, her innocent whimpers and moans in his ear were driving him completely insane.

Furthermore, contrary to the hesitancy of her upper body, her lower body was continually squeezing and drawing him in, as if an invisible hand was stroking his length.

Barkan savored the exquisite sensation that washed over him each time he sank into her slick wetness. Whenever he did this, her thighs trembled, and she squirmed beneath him, which only increased his desire even more.

“If you push up your breasts, I will suck on them for you.”

“No… no…” Erel tearfully pleaded, shaking her head, but Barkan couldn’t care less.

He lifted her body while they were still entangled and changed their position.

Erel was now straddling Barkan while facing him. His sturdy lower body and his strong thigh muscles were very menacing.

But what she found the most threatening was his throbbing erection, which was buried inside her. Grabbing her ass, Barkan started sliding her up and down his length. Whenever he did this, Erel whimpered and squirmed as the wet sounds grew louder.

“Stop, aaah…!!” Erel sobbed while arching her back.

However, rather than stopping, Barkan did not miss the opportunity to dip his head and captured one of her nipples between his lips.

The pleasure was already intense thanks to his constant thrusts, but now that he was sucking her nipples with his extremely hot mouth, the intensity increased tenfold. When he teased her nipples with the tip of his tongue and gently bit down, Erel felt like electricity was flowing through her body.

“Based on your cute reaction, you seem to enjoy having your breasts played with.”

“No, aaahht! N, no…”

“No? What’s that supposed to mean? Each time I bite down, you shiver and tighten around me,” Barkan taunted with a smile, while licking and biting her other nipple with his red lips.

Erel’s attitude of being stubborn until the very end only served to stimulate his desire to fully conquer her. Barkan wanted to keep pressing her until she could no longer deny it. He wanted to push harder, make her scream in pleasure and go completely insane.

“Does it feel good when I f*ck you like this?”

“Aah, I…wait! Ah!!”

“Tell me how good it feels. Say it now.”

Whenever Erel avoided or refused to answer him, his thrusts became more violent, as if he was trying to punish her. Therefore, she had no choice but to give him the answer he wanted without any hesitation.

“It… feels good…. good….”

Barkan smiled gently, seemingly satisfied with her response and slowed his pace. Then, he kissed her teary eyes in an attempt to soothe her.

But his eyes told a different story, his unwavering gaze revealing the desire to devour her entirely. Barkan leaned back to admire the sight of his thick hardness, which was slick with her juices, sliding in and out of her tight depths. The imagery reminded him of how Erel would moan erotically each time he touched her there. Eager to hear her make those same sounds again, he slid his fingers between her wet folds.


When his fingers touched her bud, a moan burst out from Erel’s lips, and for a moment, she felt like her body was melting away.

‘If this continues, I will surely lose my mind.’

“N…no… Please….don’t touch it,” Erel begged, desperately grasping his wrist.

However, it was simply impossible to completely block Barkan’s large fingers as her hands lacked the size and strength.

“Please…stop.. Ahhh! No!”

Ignoring her pleas, Barkan pushed into her again while simultaneously teasing her swollen bud. Her moans gradually intensified, as if he was toying with a button that controlled her cries.

“You keep saying no, but you’re enticing me with your sweet moans,” Barkan scolded while playfully biting her shoulder, seemingly punishing her for lying.

However, Erel was more preoccupied with trying to push him away and block his fingers, rather than refuting his words.

But it was all in vain.

The rock-hard muscles in his shoulders and back were evidence of his ridiculous strength. So much so that her fingernails hurt from scratching him.

Overwhelmed by their difference in strength, Erel began to struggle even more desperately. Taking advantage of her lack of strength, Barkan wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down his length, until she enveloped him completely. Then he began stroking her sensitive bud once again.

“Aaah! No! Stop…please….aah!!” She sobbed, pressing her face against his chest.

Erel thought she was going insane from the sheer ecstasy. Barkan thrusted into her fiercely while simultaneously caressing her bud gently. At that moment, she was seized by a rush of sensations so intense that she started to shudder uncontrollably.

“Are you going to cum?”

“Aaah….no…more. I…can’t… Aaah!!”



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