To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 29

**Warning! Smut Incoming!**



Guided by his command, Erel cried out as she reached her climax. The intense orgasm left her gasping for air. In an instant, her vision turned white, and she trembled as she enjoyed the satisfying pleasure.

Barkan also wrinkled his brows and trembled. He couldn’t withstand it any longer and was swept away by the intense pleasure of her clenching around him. Burying himself deep inside, Barkan groaned in bliss as he released himself into her.

“Whew…” Barkan exhaled, smiling while wetting his lips. It was the first time he had ever been so satisfied.

In the end, Erel Elorence existed only for his sake.

Previously, whenever he saw how easily men were swayed by women, he thought it was foolish, but now he understood it.

It was worth it for such a beastly thing.

Unlike Barkan, who was full of satiety, Erel seemed ready to collapse at any moment. Her first sexual experience was shockingly intense and too much for her weak body to handle.

Her shortness of breath made her dizzy. As Erel began to fall back, Barkan lightly supported her back and held her against his chest.

At that moment, Erel felt a sense of kindness from him, but sure enough, his bad-tempered sarcasm flew in once again.

“Oh, my. You must have loved it enough to faint, right?”

Erel simply closed her eyes because she didn’t have the strength to answer. It was an uncomfortable feeling to be in the arms of such a villain, as if relying on him.

‘But what choice do I have when I don’t even have the strength to move my fingertips?’ Erel thought while resting her cheek on his shoulder.

“Is this… Sebring?” Barkan murmured to himself.

After releasing all of his Masaka energy, which had always left him in a state of unbearable pain, Barkan seemed extremely happy. Although his eyes were hazy and his body was soaked in sweat and pleasure, he also appeared very refreshed.

He was like a patient, who had taken a strong painkiller, after suffering from intense pain. With a little more exaggeration, his face seemed to glow, as if he had slept for 10 hours.

But all his serenity and satisfaction were based on her sacrifice.


On the other hand, Erel felt like she had lost some years of her life.

Barkan was a powerful Masaka, the top target character in the game, “Salvation”. Just like the saying, “The stronger the alcohol, the stronger the hangover”, the stronger the character, the greater the aftereffects of the Sebring.

Erel groaned in discomfort as she felt a surge of pain. Her body felt weakened, and the Masaka energy in her body made her hands and feet cold and her head and chest hurt.

But Barkan didn’t seem to notice. He was too occupied with fiddling with her ears, stroking her round shoulders, and waist.

“How can you be so small?”

His voice was similar to someone speaking fondly about their pet. At the same time, Erel heard the sound of ringing.

[Barkan’s favorability has increased by 2.] 

Barkan glanced down at her hand. The pink color on the tips of her pale fingers, like her eyes, aroused him, and made him want to graze the tips of his fangs against them.

“It hurts,” Erel whimpered, pulling her hand out of his grip with great difficulty.

She wasn’t small to begin with, Barkan was just too big. Her body was of normal height, but she barely reached his shoulder when standing next to him.

Barkan was extremely attractive, but his physical condition was formidable, which would intimidate anyone in his presence.

‘And this bad-tempered man would enjoy that.’

It was clear that he was superior among the blessed race, Masaka.

But, for a Resabre, this would be a tragedy.

“I’m so tired.”

When Erel inhaled deeply through her parched lips, she felt a sharp pain in her chest. She was starting to understand why the Resabres, who were subordinate to the Masakas, didn’t live long. If they did the Sebring every day, she wouldn’t even survive a few years.

Therefore, she was entitled to a price for her sacrifice.

“Send me home now,” Erel demanded as she took another shallow breath..

Hearing this, Barkan sarcastically said, “Was it that bad? As soon as it’s over, you’re telling me you want to go home.”

“It’s not like that…”

“You’re so cold. Weren’t you just crying under me because you liked how I f*cked you?”

Her cheeks heated up at his crude remarks. It was very embarrassing to be reminded of such things, but Erel didn’t back down.

“You promised,” Erel insisted persistently.

This time, she didn’t want to be dragged around by his vague words that always blur the point. Now that Barkan’s favorability has risen, if she didn’t get a certain answer out of him somehow, her chances of going home would be slim to none.


Finally, Barkan, who no longer had a negative favorability, fell into thought for a moment. Then, unexpectedly, he readily gave her the answer she wanted.

“A promise is a promise.”


“You must get tricked all the time,” Barkan said lightly while nibbling on her ear.

Every time his teeth grazed her sensitive skin, it stung. The touch stimulated a strange sense of anxiety, but Erel was overjoyed to hear the answer anyway.

Now that she had a sense of relief, her eyes finally closed. It was only natural considering that she had used up all her physical strength.

“Are you falling asleep again?”

Watching Erel yawn slightly, Barkan laughed quietly and hugged her while gently swaying her from side to side.

“It’s too early for bed,” he whispered softly.

He dipped his head and licked his lips like he was expecting another meal. She could see that he wanted to indulge in her one more time.

While Barkan seemed to have endless physical strength and endurance, she was to the point of dying. Erel trembled, pretending not to notice his lust, and closed her eyes. The remaining strength slowly left her body and her limbs went limp. There was no need for Erel to pretend anymore and she soon fell into a deep sleep.

Watching her slumber, Barkan stared at her lips regretfully and bit his cigar instead. The heavy scent of tobacco tickled the tip of her nose, but that soon faded.

“Good night.”

Although it wasn’t the relationship she wanted, it wasn’t the worst. Erel slept peacefully in a state of reassurance, hoping that she would see her home the next time she opened her eyes.

But her wish, as always, did not come true.

* * * * * * *


Barkan lowered his gaze to her hands, which were as red as a rose.

Until yesterday, his hands were as white as snow with only the tips of her fingertips being pink, something he found somewhat erotic. But now, her hands resembled a field of blooming roses.

Barkan continued looking down at the sleeping Erel with a dry gaze. He bit the tip of the cigar as usual and lit a small flame with his finger.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“She has a fever,” The pink-haired man blurted out.

Barkan gave his loyal butler a questioning look. After picking up Celo from the filth of the backstreets, he had always followed Barkan’s orders without question. In fact, it was Celo who delivered the flower wagon to the Elorence mansion.

Barkan thought that he knew Celo well since they had been together for a long time. However, it was quite unusual for him to see Celo, fully dressed in a black tuxedo, fanning Erel’s feverish body, which was brimming with heat.

“I can’t believe she fell ill after doing it once.”

“It’s because she’s weak,” Celo responded.

Barkan nodded silently as he smoked his cigar. In the past, the strong medicinal properties would have paralyzed his senses and brought about a calm, relaxing feeling, but today he was not very satisfied with its result.

It was like chewing on the impurities left in a cheap tea bag after drinking a flavorful tea. Barkan knew where his discontent was coming from.

‘It must be because I tasted the real thing.’

Erel Elorence was such a fragile woman that it seemed like she would break if you touched her. But the Sebring she gave him was so satisfying that even he was surprised.

Masakas existed to kill and destroy the Kitans, which were deadly to mankind. Therefore, their abilities were fundamentally derived from the energy of death, and darkness.

It was a powerful offensive weapon, but on the other hand, it was also a poison that ate away the Masakas’ bodies.

Although the Masakas were revered as the children of God, they were only human.

Unlike the Masakas’ dark energy, Resabres were full of life. Thus, Masakas released their death energy through a Resabre by absorbing their life force.

This was the ritual known as ‘Sebring’.

Barkan did not only hate Erel Elorence. He just despised all of the Resabres, including her. However, he had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that Resabres were special existences.

That’s because the Sebring that Erel Elorance gave him was so damn good.

‘So good that it would be a waste to simply kill her.’



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