To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 31

Trigger Warning (Mention of nonconsensual sexual acts.)


“Did you just ask me why I am here?” Barkan asked as he fiddled his fingers on his sharp jawline.

Erel nodded while trembling hard.


“Of course, it’s to say hello.”

‘I wish I could pull out all the white shining teeth between those lips and make him speechless.’

Erel wished for it earnestly, but unfortunately, all she could do now was deal with her slight denial of reality.

“What do you mean by greetings….?”

“I don’t believe you’re asking as if you really don’t know.”

Barkan rubbed her cheek in a friendly way while holding her hand. He stared down at her with his beautiful eyes,  using them as his honey trap.

“We were really hot together, right? I thought our feelings were mutual.”

‘No. That’s impossible.’

Erel clearly remembered that not so long ago, that affectionate face was threatening her, ordering her to spread her legs or else she wouldn’t be able to go home. How he moved his hips while pressing her wrists against the bed as she cried and he laughed ferociously.

‘I should have known this would happen when you said you’d let me go home.’

Clearly, he had intended this from the beginning.

Erel had a headache, but she had to buy some time. That way, she could find a way to avoid the incoming destruction.

“Well… I don’t think it’s the day. It was so sudden and you didn’t tell me that you were coming.”

Erel spoke while licking her burning dry lips carefully. For a moment, Barkan was silent as Erel tried to think of ways to send him back somehow.


Erel was nervous as she faced his handsome face, now completely absent of his friendly smile. She was afraid because she had no idea what Barkan was currently thinking. Perhaps he was thinking about burning down her house and killing all of her family members.

Like the fate of “real” Erel that she saw through a nightmare.

Just the thought made her quiver in fear.

“By any chance…” Barkan spoke with a serious tone, his blank expression suddenly turned thoughtful.

“Was I just a one-night stand?”


She knew she shouldn’t be caught up in his pace, yet she couldn’t stop herself from responding. Seeing Erel’s dumbfounded face, he frowned as if he was even more disappointed.

“You’re causing me to feel ashamed right now. We shared a bed, but you don’t want to greet me at your home…… How should I interpret this?”

“That’s not it… Where are you leading the conversation?”

“Then, why did you sleep with me?”

‘That’s because you threatened me!’

Those words almost slipped from her lips, but she knew Barkan would just feign innocence if she answered so. She felt so frustrated with how unfair her situation was unfolding that she could barely resist the urge to run away as fast as she could.

“When one goes into the bedroom, their feelings are often different when they come out, but I never expected Miss Erel to be this way.”

Barkan looked almost angry when he faced Erel with a serious expression on his face.

He was really talented at leading the conversation in any direction he pleased. If she lowered her guard for even a second, she would be swayed by his selfish pace, which left her feeling dead inside.

“…Excuse me, but how the hell do you describe our relationship?”

Barkan’s eyes sharpened at Erel’s refutation. His dilated pupils sent chills down her spine, but she couldn’t stand it.

“Mr. Barkan doesn’t take me seriously either.”

“Why would you think such a way? He asked back with a smile.

His disgustingly natural face no longer seemed to be displeased.

‘Rather, he seems to be enjoying our banter so much that I know it will become a problem in the future.’

But this also allowed Erel the chance to learn a bit more about his disposition.

He was the type who enjoyed teasing puppies and found the puppy’s bite cute. Puppies have small teeth, therefore their bites didn’t hurt in the slightest, so he often laugh while making fun of them.

Being treated as such made Erel very upset, but it wasn’t a bad circumstance as it allowed her the chance to speak up.

Encouraged by this fact, Erel was even more persistent.

” Mr. Barkan…… If you had taken me seriously in the beginning, you wouldn’t have taken me someplace other than my home without telling me. You know my family members would be worried about me.”

“Is that all?”

“And… before visiting, you would have asked for my consent. It’s not in my character to follow you like this.”

Erel finished her speech in a slightly trembling voice and gazed up at him anxiously.

It would have been better if he got angry with her and left. However, instead of getting angry, Barkan muttered thoughtfully.

“Hmm. It certainly makes sense.”

[Ding Barkan’s affection has increased by 2.]

A series of affection notifications made Erel’s hopes higher. If she did well, Barkan might just go away. With that in mind, Erel decided to press on a little harder.

“When you visit someone else’s house, there are manners and procedures. If you suddenly come when I am not even ready to welcome a guest, my family will surely be confused. Then it would be difficult to think of Mr. Barkan in a go……od light.”

In her family, the fact that he was a Masaka was already enough for them to hate Barkan. Having managed to turn a blind eye to that fact, Erel eagerly expressed her opinion. Barkan stared at her and replied with a strange smile.

“Courtesy and procedure you say… It certainly makes sense.”

“Yes. So for today, just go back and…….”

“But what should I do? I’ve already sent a request.”

He grinned as he cut down on Erel’s words. The moment she saw that relaxed smile, her heart sank, but she inquired further.

” Request? What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean is… I’ve already sent a visit notification to your house, Erelle Elorence, my love.”

Hearing those words, She felt as if the end of the world was drawing near. Erel stared intently at Barkan’s smiling face while hoping he was lying.

But the words from his beautiful lips betrayed her expectations without exception.

“Then, shall we go in before it gets too late?”

As soon as those words were spoken, the front door of the historic Elorence Manor opened and Erel’s family peeked through the crack.

“My dear!!”

The first person she saw was her mother, Louisa. The noble lady, who had always walked softly and quietly, ran towards her desperately. She was full of anxiety for her daughter.

Erel bit her lip as she was at a loss. Barkan and her family meeting was the worst possible situation.

In particular, the way Barkan looked at Erel’s family with an unreadable expression and narrowed eyes, made her very anxious.

Then, Louisa, who was running toward Erel, staggered as if she were about to collapse.


Erel ran forward without thinking to prevent Louisa from collapsing.

“Oh, my God, my dear… You’re safe….. Thank God.”

Louisa looked Erel over first, not caring that she had almost fallen a moment ago. Her warm hands carefully patted her daughter’s cheeks then shoulders and hair.

Before she realized it, Michael came running and asked her directly, “Rel, are you okay?”

Unlike Louisa, who was only paying attention to her daughter, his eyes were clearly wary of Barkan.

It was his first time seeing Barkan in person, but there was no way he didn’t recognize him. Barkan was a man with a striking presence.

Michael’s eyes shook as he stared directly into Barkan’s fiery and splendid red eyes.

“This person… Is he….?”

“Back away, Michael,” his father, Calbert, spoke calmly from behind. He strode forward with one arm outstretched as if to protect his wife and daughter.

Michael stepped back reluctantly when Calbert, the head of the household, stepped forward.

Then, Calbert and Barkan’s eyes met.

“Good morning, Count Elorence. I’m pleased to finally meet you,” Barkan greeted.

He was still smiling, though he seemed a bit uncomfortable, as the entire family was glaring at him with hostile eyes.

“Was it you…. Were you the one who sent me a letter stating that you were bringing my daughter home?”

Even in front of Barkan, who treated this as a mere prank, Calbert maintained a calm expression. Indeed, he was the head of a family with both years of experience and intelligence.

But this was all an illusion. Although he seemed cold at first glance, Calbert was a good father and cared about his family more than anyone else.

However, his emotions were like a volcano deep in the sea, and it would only take a moment for him to erupt on the surface.

“So it was you.”

Calbert stared silently at Barkan after angrily enunciating each word.

“The parasite who wants to suck my daughter’s vitality.”


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