To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 32

What kind of person was Erelle Elorence? After Raeyeon entered her body, she sometimes wondered.

Of course, there was no way for her to know. She just vaguely guessed from the way people treated her. But if there was one obvious thing…….

‘She probably loved her family very much.’

There was no way it was the other way around. Her parents, Calbert and Louisa, loved their daughter so much. Their love was enough to make them point a finger at this Masaka’s face, who was able to turn the entire royal road into a sea of fire.

“Are you out of your mind, Masaka Barkan? You asked for my daughter!!” Calbert clenched his teeth and shouted with a grim face.

Erel’s family was a noble family, so when he confirmed that his family member was safe, he showed the virtue of allowing an uninvited guest into the drawing room.

In truth, it was more like a hearing to nitpick Barkan’s actions in detail and chastise him to the bone rather than them rolling out the carpet.

Of course, Barkan was a tough guy. Michael glared at Barkan with a cold expression and spat. Calbert had carelessly interrogated him about taking his daughter and asked him how Barkan could still be so callous. Then Barkan, who had been smiling all along, calmly denied what he had done.

Still with that damn cigar in his mouth.

“I apologize for not seeking your consent in advance. However, I also didn’t expect things to turn out that way. I took Lady Erel to my home out of concern for her safety.”

He didn’t apologize or admit he was wrong, even as a matter of courtesy. Barkan glanced at Erel with his honey-sweet eyes, progressing even further with the attitude that showed no sign of remorse.

“And the reason I’m here is…… I don’t have to tell you, because you already know, correct?”

“Of course, I know.”

Calbert was so angry at Barkan’s brazenness of burning cigars in front of his face that he couldn’t speak. Michael, the eldest son, stepped up on behalf of his father, whose blood pressure had risen dangerously.

“You’re here because you learned that my sister was a Resabre, like a pet cat eagerly waiting to take a bite of meat.” Michael spat out while glaring at Barkan with a cold look.

It was the first time such a good-natured man had directed a contemptuous look at someone. Unlike his reliable physique, Michael’s tongue was as sharp as a shapeless whip.

“What do you mean?”

Unfortunately, the whip was too soft to hit Barkan. He shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t understand Michael at all. And casually, he wrapped his dark intentions in a ribbon of pretense.

“Just as butterflies are attracted to flowers, isn’t it natural for a young man like me to chase after an attractive girl?”

“That’s why you-. Are you saying you’re in love with my daughter or something?” Calbert asked with a sneer. He was so angry that he became ice-cold.

Impervious to the frosty tone, Barkan smiled and replied.

“I fell in love at first sight. Please allow me to marry her.”

This was the end of Calbert’s ability to tolerate his shameless deception. Immediately, with a bang, the antique wooden table in the drawing room was nearly smashed in half. When Calbert’s rage surged to the top of his head, he slammed his fist against the table.

“You took my daughter, didn’t send her back for several days, and now you’re even proposing to her? What disrespect!! Even if you’re a Masaka, don’t you at least keep a few your principles?”

In this case, it was a pity that Masaka was a privileged class. They were the only weapons to protect humanity from the Kitans. Therefore, he wouldn’t be punished for his wrongdoings.

Even if he killed a few people.


The table had broken with a loud noise right under his nose, but Barkan didn’t budge. His whole body was full of confidence as if nothing could hurt him as he was sitting comfortably on the sofa. Oh, of course along with the pungent cigar smoke.

“I don’t understand.”

Barkan opened his mouth in a heavy voice as he exhaled the smoke. And with a deep smile on one corner of his mouth, he continued to talk as if he was persuading Calbert.

“I don’t think I’m lacking in any way as a suitable bridegroom.”

Barkan rubbed the end of the cigar on the smashed table. In fact, his wealth, honor, and his own ability were outstanding. At present, he didn’t know why he was being rejected, but he found their tones breathtakingly arrogant.

He looked around as if he were looking at idiots who didn’t know the value of diamonds. He was a Masaka, a son of the Lord. A privileged class, who could have whatever they wanted. Erel’s family clenched their teeth as he showed his disregard towards them.

They have cherished and cared for Erelle Elorence for the past twenty years. But that bloody Masaka suddenly appeared one day and was making a shameless demand for their beloved family member to be his prey. It was disgusting to see him holding out his hand as if he was owned something, so they wanted to spit on his face.

“You really don’t know how to communicate.”

Calbert spoke after a moment of silence. His face was glaring scornfully at Barkan as if he was looking at a deafened beast.

“I am warning you. Don’t bother my daughter and never appear before us again. Then I won’t hold you responsible anymore.”

‘It would be better if you went out there and got killed by a Kitan.’

The smile disappeared from the Barkan’s mouth when Calbert continued his speech through gritted teeth.

Masakas were born for the sole purpose of killing Kitan. It was the glorious mission given by the Lord, and for this purpose, the Masakas endured the terrible pain that flowed through their body like blood. However, Calbert’s remarks insulted the entire value of their existence and were tantamount to disturbing the royal’s wrath.

Erel, who had stepped back, clearly witnessed the change in Barkan’s expression. She only watched because the atmosphere was so harsh that she had no time to intervene, but she thought it inadvisable to continue being uninvolved.

“Masaka Barkan.”

This time, Louisa, who had been sitting silently next to Calbert, opened her mouth.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to say something as her mother.”


Barkan allowed her to speak as much as she wanted. However, the last of his relaxed manner had disappeared in a blink of an eye as if it had been washed away.

“I can’t let you be because you are very rude. They said you were born in a brothel, but I guess all you’ve learned as a man is hip movement.”

It was something Colbert didn’t dare say, despite being so angry that he was close to having an outburst. Louisa, however, did not change her expression as she immediately dropped abusive language from the start.

This Masaka was famous whether one liked it or not. As a result, his past whereabouts was obviously known to some extent.

What was the saying again? You have to withstand the hottest temperature to be the sharpest knife. Perhaps that’s why most Masaka had a very difficult past. Among them, Barkan’s past was undoubtedly the worst.

His mother was a whore who worked at the lowest level in the brothel. Originally, the parents are supposed to visit the Jusinjeon Hall and report the birth of a Masaka. Then, they could receive money and a house, but for some reason, Barkan’s biological mother didn’t do that.

Barkan grew up in the hands of other whores while his mother sold her smiles to customers. Then one day, a Kitan, who broke through the city’s barrier, hid inside the least guarded brothel and ate the prostitutes.

It was the first time Barkan’s powers manifested. Although he lost his mother, he was reborn, going from a bastard offspring of a whore without a father to a son of the Lord.

As it was a dramatic rise in his status, there were many people who sowed discord behind Barkan’s back. Shady curiosity, jealousy, and malice surrounded him like a mist. And Barkan Harmash possessed a temperament that created a reason for those who hated him without any reason.

He was a villain, but he had a great charisma to win people over. As an adult, he built his own power, and before he knew it, his organization made the people, who once despised Barkan, pay for their hatred by any means.

There is a separate sun that rules the kingdom, and all the shadows that cannot be touched by the light were in Barkan’s territory. He was the King of the Shadows and the personification of revenge incarnate.

Now people didn’t dare speak ill or laugh at him. At least until now.

“……Oh, my.”

Barkan had been silent for a while due to Louisa’s verbal abuse, but he finally opened his mouth.

“I am from a brothel, perhaps that’s why I’ve become like this, but I thought a well-educated noble lady would speak more elegantly.”

Barkan leaned back as he readjusted his legs and threw out his sarcastic remarks slowly. He still had a smiling on his face, but there was a clear murderous intent in his languid eyes.

Unfortunately, it was the same for the other side. Louisa was like a mother bird, desperate to protect her child from the teeth of a curious cat.

Although she wasn’t a match with him, she had to raise her beak and kick him out with exaggerated bravado using her weak claws. For it was the duty of parents to protect their children.

“You fell in love with my daughter at first sight? With the stare of a lizard that’s eyeing a fly? Let’s stop talking nonsense.”

Louisa’s lips twitched as she spoke. It was the first time she, a gentle lady, had spoken up loudly in front of a menacing and strong man like Barkan.

“I bet you don’t even care about what kind of person my daughter is, what she likes, or what you should do to make her happy. Am I right?”

“Countess Elorence.”

Barkan called her name as if giving her a final warning. His voice was like a powder keg that was on the verge of bursting. But Louisa was trembling with emotion and didn’t stop.

“Do you know why? Because all that you want is a convenient Resabre, nothing more!”

Louisa’s voice, which had been gradually rising, had a mournful sound at the end.


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