To You Who Will Destroy Me – Chapter 33

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The moment she heard Louisa’s painful cry, Erel came to a realization.

After being identified as a Resabre, she wasn’t the only one in shock. The same was true of the family who loved and cherished Erel.

Unlike the Masakas, Resabres lived an imperfect existence. Most of them did not live long because their body and spirit were weak.

Even the candle of such a short life would often be extinguished in the blink of an eye by a gust of wind by the name of Masaka.

Calvert and Louisa felt heartbroken for their daughter, who had been sentenced to die within a short time. But before their shock had a chance to fade, Barkan appeared and asked them to give her away immediately…

They couldn’t stand it at all.

“I can’t give my daughter to someone like you, Masaka Barkan. The Great Harmash. I don’t want you to cling to her like a parasite, her vitality being sucked away.”

Louisa spat out each word of contempt in Barkan’s face. She did not shudder, even when faced with Barkan’s grim expression, but firmly gave an order.

“So, please go away. I never want to see your face again.”

Only then did Erel come to her senses. Her family was so angry that she didn’t have a chance to speak. They were frantically speaking in her stead as if Erel would cause something to happen if she stepped up.

Perhaps it was normal. The real Erelle Elorence was very timid and reluctant to step forward. For this reason, it was quite normal for the members of the Elorence family to fight on behalf of the youngest.

Due to this, she nearly forgot. That this was her business.

‘The real Erel has always regretted how she hid behind them, causing her entire family to be exterminated.’

Raeyeon knew this after having the same recurring dream over and over again. She remembered hearing the words of Erel’s family.

‘That dream back then.’

In the bloody drawing room, Erelle Elorence was crying over her family’s corpses, and Barkan was laughing while looking down at her. With venom in his charming lips and pure malice in his curved eyes.

“Why did he do this?”

He replied to Erelle Elorence as she cried out in grief and asked why he killed them.

“First of all, you refused my proposal, insulted me because I was from a brothel, and even insulted me by calling me a parasite that sucks on your life force”

Those were Louisa’s exact words.

So, Raeyeon knew.

She knew the dream wasn’t something she could simply ignore.

‘Oh, my God.’

Her blue eyes trembled. She couldn’t understand it herself or explain it to anyone, but she knew. That her nightmare would soon become a terrifying reality.

Erel’s face paled the instant she fully grasped the situation. Barkan, who had been silent all along, slowly opened his mouth.

“I understand the intention of the Elorence family.”

He slowly rose from the sofa and glanced over her family with dim eyes that were shadowed by the backlight.

“But if you treat your suitors this way every time…….”

The intensity of his golden eyes was magnified as he slowly stared at each person in the drawing room. It was chilling as if he was calculating in his head which one he would get rid of first and how.

“Someone might become very upset.”

“Don’t you think so?” Barkan grinned as he meaningfully spoke his last words leisurely. His face was unbelievably bright for someone who’d just been insulted.

Thus, Erel knew.

Since, according to what he said, Barkan was so ‘sad’ that he intended to make her family pay the appropriate price for it. She didn’t know what sort of thoughts he had in his head at that moment, but the scenery must be bloody.

“Then, goodbye.”

His greeting sounded like a final prayer for their souls’ repose. At the same time, a red light suddenly flashed in the quest window.

[Mission Quest: Prevent the Destruction: Stop the impending catastrophe of the Elorence family.]

It was the same quest that confused Erel the first time. Since the moment she was possessed by the game, her new purpose in life and the significance of her existence has been glowing in red.

“Wait, hold on!”

All eyes were on Erel, who rose from her seat, but she only had eyes for the dangerous man in front of her.

When Erel unexpectedly stepped forward after being silent the entire time, his cold eyes flashed with interest.

His sensual face held a question that seemed to be asking, ‘What are you planning to do?’

She wanted to take her family’s side and kick Barkan out.

‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could slap that arrogant face of his and say, ‘I will never marry you.’’

But she couldn’t.

Rejection required strength and unfortunately, Erelle Elorence had no power to reject the catastrophe that was Barkan.

Erel looked up at the overwhelming foe she would never defeat.

And then at the faces of her family, who were watching her with worried eyes.

Erel appreciated their willingness to protect her, but from a rational standpoint, they didn’t have the strength to do so.

‘Instead of just borrowing this body, I have to protect Erelle’s family.’

‘No, I want to protect myself and these devoted and loving people who were willing to risk their lives for her.’

What she needs to do now is…….

‘I have to take Barkan’s side.’

It was very ironic. It was a situation where she had to confront him in order to save her family, with no choice but to give in.

Erel silently took a deep breath. Then, clenching her fists under her long sleeves, she looked around at the faces of her family.

Quelling the drooping of her shoulders in front of their startled gazes, Erel uttered in a trembling voice.

“This marriage…… I want to do it.”


“What do you mean?!”

A bewildered look spread across Calvert and Louisa’s faces.

Barkan, who was watching with his arms folded, also seemed somewhat surprised.

His golden eyes, which always seemed mostly uninterested, widened with incredulity. The moment she saw his eyes relax, Erel knew she had made the right choice.

“I’m serious, I really want to accept Masaka Barkan’s proposal.”

As she gained confidence, her voice became even more powerful.

“Because I fell in love with him……at first sight,” Erel said clearly, hoping her words sounded sincere while holding back the urge to bite her tongue.



The door slammed shut before her eyes. Erel was not particularly flustered about being suddenly locked in her room. She figured things would end up this way, so she didn’t panic.

‘You must think I’m out of my mind.’

Even now, it was crazy to think about. But no matter how much she wants to save her family, to say she wanted to marry Barkan… Any parent would think their daughter was crazy and confine her to a room.

But she didn’t want to be locked up.

Erel knew it was useless, but she approached the door and pushed against it. Then, after the sound of a metallic click, a harsh voice came through the door.

“It’s no use. I won’t open it, so just reflect on your behavior.”


Erel blinked at the unexpected voice.

“You haven’t left yet? Why the hell are you standing there?”

Michael shut up at the nonchalant retort. She was the one who had shocked the family with her insane notions, but he still found it strange and was genuinely puzzled by her actions.

“……You’re really out of your mind. You want to marry Masaka Barkan?”

The voice coming through the door was chilly. However, she sensed his feeling of betrayal.

“I’m so disappointed in you, Erelle Elorence.”

Her brother, who always affectionately called her ‘Rel’, was using her full name for the first time.

“There’s something I can’t say.”

“Even then, you saw us trying to protect you. You shouldn’t have done that.”

Erel was a little upset at his words. But to save her family from the clutches of the wicked man, she must yield.

With this in mind, she shamelessly opened her mouth.

“What about Mr. Barkan? Has he already left?”

“He just left.”

Michael was disappointed when Erel brought up his name again, despite all the criticism. He had no idea that his sister’s actions had saved his life.

‘He went back. Thank God.’

Meanwhile, Erel was deeply relieved to hear that answer from Michael. She was immediately taken to her room, so she didn’t get to see the aftermath, but it was a good sign that Barkan went back peacefully. She could tell just by looking at the system message on her way up the stairs.

[Ding! The favorability of the Barkan Hamarsh has increased by 7]

Barkan was a ruthless man with inconsistency in his increase in positive sentiment Even after they spent the night together, the favorability had risen by only two. However, it rose immediately after her crazy remarks. It was absurd to see, but it still gave her a sense of relief.

‘Of course, I’ll have to pay the price myself from now on.’

“Listen, Erelle Elorence. You’re so scared and confused right now that you don’t understand the situation. In such a situation, you can’t fully rely on your emotions.”

Concerned about her state, Michael preached in an extremely brotherly tone.

‘But the moment I fall for his sermon, Erelle, and the Elorence family are doomed.’

“No, I’m sorry, but I’m perfectly sane, brother. And I know what I want.”


At his sister’s resolute tone, which he had never heard before, Michael unknowingly showed a sense of embarrassment.

Erel didn’t miss the chance and raised her chin like a little queen.

“I want that man.”

‘I just want to die.’


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