She was possessed by ‘Salvation’, a romance fantasy VR game for women.

Although she was only a supporting character, she was also the youngest daughter of a graceful and beautiful noble family. 

The moment she began to enjoy the comfortable life and the warm love of her new family, the supreme darkness of this world permeated her life like the last apocalypse.

“Erelle Elorence.”

Barkan Harmash, the villain who would murder his first wife and annihilate her entire family. 

A man like a deadly venomous poppy flower proposed to her with a chilling smile.

“I fell in love at first sight. Please marry me.”

* * * *

‘…Oh My God.’

‘Doesn’t he murder his first wife in the future?’

“If my marriage proposal is rejected, I’ll be so upset… I don’t know what I might do.”

Floating above his head was a status bar that stated: 

[Barkan Harmash: Current Favorability -18]

As a previous player of the game, she knew exactly what it meant.

If she refused him, she knew what kind of ending awaited her. 

To survive, she had to stop it somehow. 

Before he bought about her destruction.

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