Scarlett, the youngest of the White family, grew up sheltered and protected like a plant in a greenhouse.

Unfortunately, she was murdered by Noah Ashford, the son of her father’s lover.

But when she opened her eyes, time had reversed back 200 days before the day she was killed.

Thus, she decided she would use this life to avoid a meaningless death in this life by getting revenge on Noah Ashford.

“Noah, I trust you no matter who you are or where you’re from.”

‘I hate that you were born, and I hate your mother. But for the sake of revenge, I could do this kind of acting.’

Then one day, the way he looked at her changed.

“Scarlet, I only exist for you, and you’re sick because of me… I’m sorry that I love you.”

The moment she saw the love in his eyes, a cruel smile appeared on her lips. 

‘How dare you love me. How dare you.’

“Me, too.”

I will kill you then descend to hell. 

I will remove you with this hand and say, “I love you.”

I will live in the same hell as you.

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